Sunday, June 01, 2014

Investigation: Should Taxpayers Pay For Cranley's Overseas Family Reunion IN JORDAN?!

John Cranley
EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION. John Joseph Cranley IV is the mayor of Cincinnati. Back in 2006 he married wealthy Gold Star Chili heiress Dena Beshara David. Dena and her family hail from the Middle East. More specifically, Dena's parents were born in Jordan. Dena still has family in Jordan.

Dena and John Cranley are filthy rich!!! That's why The Cincinnati Black Blog was hesitant to believe the anonymous tip we received from one of our faithful readers telling us that Cranley is preparing to go visit his extended family in Jordan and HE EXPECTS CINCINNATI TAXPAYERS TO PAY FOR HIS PRIVATE FAMILY REUNION!!!

I still remember when COAST, the Republicans, and the lazy, local, mainstream white media in Cincinnati made a big deal about Mayor Mark Mallory taking a few overseas trips for a legitimate purpose: recruiting foreign business investments in businesses located in the city. The Mallory-haters have done virtually no critical reporting on Cranley.  The nine people elected to serve on City Council have a fiscal duty to protect taxpayer funds. They're supposed to be watching Cranley. What are they saying and/or doing about this? Seems like nothing.

The Cincinnati Black Blog will continue investigating this story....


Debbie R said...

I could care less about race.. It had nothing to do with this... If he is vacationing on the taxpayers' fine, it needs to come out! Please do investigate .