Sunday, June 01, 2014

Investigation: Is Pete Witte A Tax Cheat?

Pete Witte. Tax Cheat?
EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION. Pete Witte is a respected Republican businessman. When he talks, the lazy, local, mainstream white media listens. So, can this anonymous tip sent to the Cincinnati Black Blog be true?
I heard you mention Pete Witte's name on the Buzz today and I think it is about time someone exposes him for what he really is. It seems that all he can do is complaint (sic) about where tax payers' (sic) money is being spent when he hasn't paid taxes on his commercial property in 20 years. He has property under his name on West 8th St and Glenway Ave. He also bought the old Marmers (under another a business name) building across from his property on Glenway but never paid poor old Mr Marmer a penny. And he hasn't paid taxes on that build (sic) since day one. How does Dusty Rhodes let him get by with this. And why does the news stations give him so much time? Is it common to give such a dead beat that much respect.
Lots of good questions and intriguing issues here.

I think Pete Witte is still associated with Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA). If he really hasn't paid property taxes on a piece of property he owns, wouldn't this be a problem with him remaining a part of CMHA?

The Cincinnati Black Blog will continue investigating this story....


Anonymous said...

I have the property records from Dusty Rhodes website. I would love to attach them to show everyone that this guy is at least 5 years behind on his property taxes on each of the three properties he owns. This is not to mentioned the previous 5 years prior to those that are delinquent were sold to a outside collector. The other property he owns that isn't in his name is under Prehistoric. This is the old Marmers Shoe store. He hasn't paid poor Mr Marmer a dime.

Anonymous said...

Pete Witte no long sits his fat ass on the CHMA Board. Not that he accomplished anything.

On that Prehistoric/Marmer's building, Witte paid that $18K+ under a foreclosure A1200522. Current amount past due $3,246.14

His W. 8th property was certified delinquent in 2011 & he currently owes $11,932.35.

His Glenway property was also certified delinquent in 2011 & he owes a bundle - $27,023.13.

You know, if he really W-O-R-K-E-D at his business, he'd be able to pay his debts. But we all know how he likes shoving his nose up the dirty asses of the politrickans. Never liked him, never trusted him, & I've cut off a bunch of idiots who still bow down & lick his fat ass. You know he's now in the pocket of the Streetcar people. No kidding.