Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dirty Joe Deters Dumping Wife of 28 Years?

Sylvia Hendon, Robert Hendon, Melissa Deters

For months, our anonymous snitches at the Hamilton County Courthouse (probably NOT The Whistleblower's Jim Schifrin or 700WLW's Bill Cunningham or Darryl Parks -- who was recently fired by Clear Channel, but NOT for telling The Cincinnati Black Blog about Dirty Joe) have been pestering The Cincinnati Black Blog to tell you, our faithful readers, about the dirty doings of Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters (affectionately known on this blog as "Dirty Joe" Deters). We didn't want to do it.  We wanted the lazy, local, worthless white mainstream media to do their job.  But we have heard your pleas and know you can't wait any longer for us to publish this information! We firmly believe that the people have a right to know what's going on.  Why shouldn't they know what these public people are doing.

The fake blonde pictured above on the left is Sylvia Hendon. She's an elected judge.  Many people believe she's an arrogant white racist based on her record.  She spent decades as a judge on the Hamilton County Juvenile Court, where she over-punished Black children and over-protected white kids.  She's now a judge on Ohio's 1st District Court of Appeals in Hamilton County and a major part of the conspiracy to undermine Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter.

Dirty Joe wanted power. He wanted money. Sylvia had it. Just like in the mafia, Dirty Joe figured he'd gain power by marrying Sylvia's daughter. And he did.  It worked. Sylvia has opened doors for Dirty Joe. She is credited with helping him become Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party (a position he used to consolidate power over the courthouse to the point that no one could run for judge as a Republican unless they went through Dirty Joe), Hamilton County prosecutor, and Ohio Treasurer.

Did Dirty Joe ever really love Melissa or did marry her because of her money and family connections? We'll leave that determination up to you.  For years, our friends over at the Citizens Against Joe Deters blog have been spreading the word that while in Cleveland (or a suburb of Cleveland) Dirty Joe got caught utilizing the illegal services of a prostitute. Our snitches deep inside the courthouse tell us Dirty Joe and Melissa haven't really been a family for years. His marriage is a fa├žade. Dirty Joe has numerous reasons for staying married to Melissa: money, power, reputation. And how will Dirty Joe deal with an angry and embarrassed Sylvia Hendon (a woman some people at the courthouse call the wicked witch from the westside)?!

Dirty Joe has found a new chick that'll get him into a family with more money and open doors to possibly more power.  Multiple sources have told The Cincinnati Black Blog that DIRTY JOE IS SLEEPING WITH STAN CHESLEY'S DAUGHTER!!! Dirty Joe has told poor Melissa Deters, his current wife, she's got to go!!!

Why would Dirty Joe dump Melissa Deters? Why would he risk angering and humiliating Sylvia Hendon? How will the so-called "family values" Republican Party react to the news? (They already know. Future blog entries will be devoted to original reporting on steps being taken by the GOP behind the scenes.  They involve Christopher Smitherman/The Sillyman double-crossing Charlie Winburn.) Here's why.  Dirty Joe is, effectively, running the law firm built by Chesley. By marrying into the Chesley family, Dirty Joe is in line to inherit millions when Stan dies.  Even while he's alive, Deters has the potential to make more money and obtain more power by being in Stan's family. Remember, (here at The Cincinnati Black Blog we love Judge Susan Dlott, so our comments aren't meant to take anything away from her) Stan is friends with President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and prospective future President Hillary Clinton.  Dirty Deters has ambitions.  Would he switch parties and become a Democrat if it resulted in him being appointed to a lifetime federal judgeship?  What if it meant him being a Congressman or Senator? Or what if the tide turns in Ohio and becoming a Democrat would help him become Governor? Even if he doesn't use his new family connections for political gain, he's still going to make more money (minus the money he gives to Melissa Deters from the divorce) by running the lawfirm that Stan built.


Anonymous said...

You ought to take a look at who Tracie Hunter is playing with these days. It isn't one studley, it's two studleys. Both married. Both have portrayed themselves as pillars of the black community. This Deters story is really old news. Really old. It's been talked about for over 2 years now.

Anonymous said...

Cecil and?

Anonymous said...

Your whole blog seems like a plodding, ignorant, racist, waste of time. I can only surmise that this is the work of a jaded young man, typing away in his Mama's basement.