Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cincinnati Herald Tries To Help Jim Clingman Coverup Crimes

Kiah Clingman
Some of you know the notorious crook James E. Clingman from his younger days when he went by the name of Slim Jim Clingman, Male Catalog Model and Private Dancer.  [Yes, our sources have seen pictures of Jim Clingman striking a pose in various cheap catalogs. We've considered publishing some of those pictures and may do so at the appropriate time.] We bring up Slim Jim's past as a male catalog model and private dancer because it goes to show that he will do ANYTHING FOR MONEY.  That's why he is now and forever will be known on this blog as The Conman.

Remember when Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters gave the Cincinnati NAACP $25,000. Here's a link to refresh your memory. Christopher Smitherman (The Sillyman) said the money would be used for programs aimed at combating infant mortality and HIV-AIDS. The Conman -- the NAACP's 3rd vice president  behind the 1st and 2nd vice presidents...oh ... wait... those ladies are no longer active with the organization -- went on 1230am - WDBZ/The Buzz and stated over and over again that the money was mostly used for college scholarships. The Conman didn't tell the Black community that the NAACP used a portion of their income/assets to help pay college tuition for his daughter, Kiah Clingman.

It is illegal for an officer of a tax exempt organization to use the organization's income or assets for personal gain.

According to this story in The Cincinnati Herald, Kiah has received a scholarship from The Lagrant Foundation. You, my faithful readers, are smarter than most people so you understand that the story in The Herald is designed to throw everyone off track and make you believe that since Kiah got one scholarship legitimately it somehow means the NAACP did nothing wrong by giving her money too. The timing of The Herald story is no coincidence.

Money forced Deters to resign from the Ohio Treasurer's office in disgrace. Deters didn't learn his lesson. The Cincinnati Black Blog has called for an investigation of this situation. We'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

One thing for sure..she's cute as hell, so I'll give her a pass on this one.

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