Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cincinnati Black Blog Only Media Outlet Accurately Covering La Salle Coverup



Today, the Cincinnati Black Blog filed an Application Requesting Permission to Broadcast, Televise, Photograph, Record Courtroom Proceedings in the case of State of Ohio vs. Dierres Lee (Case No. B 1301194) and announced our intention to appear at the next proceeding in the case on April 30.

The Cincinnati Black Blog has obtained copies of the 911 tapes made on the night of the shooting death of La Salle High School student Justin Brown. The 911 tapes raise questions about the official version of the story given to the lazy, unquestioning Cincinnati media. One caller reports hearing shots fired from more than one gun. Were Justin and his La Salle buddies armed with guns? Was Justin gunned down during a gun battle? How do we know one of Justin's pals didn't shoot him? Isn't it possible that Dierres Lee was defending himself against a gang of armed bandits!?

Another 911 caller reports Justin was shot in the face, not the head as has been reported by the white media. The shooting happened on a cold winter day. The media has reported, without question, that Justin and the La Salle students were inside a vehicle (presumably with the windows up since it was cold outside) and attempting to flee the scene. So how did Justin get shot in the face? The Cincinnati Black Blog INTENDS TO RELEASE THE UNEDITED 911 obtained from the city and transcripts of the calls.

The Cincinnati Police Department rushed to judgment and refused to investigate the white La Salle students. Where is the couterfeit U.S. currency reportedly exchanged before the shooting? Where are the drugs? Where are the weapons? According to public records obtained from the city by the Cincinnati Black Blog, the city never notified the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Justice Department, or any federal or state law enforcement agency about the counterfeit currency ring operated by the thugs from La Salle.

A curious, diligent, non-biased media would ask why? The Cincinnati Black Blog has learned that Justin Brown's uncle is a high ranking official within CPD and HE TOOK PART IN THE INVESTIGATION (and possibly removal of evidence, ensuring that crimes committed by Justin's school chums were covered up). Despite this obviously problematic participation, CPD never asked for an outside, independent investigation of the shooting and other crimes by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office or Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

The Cincinnati Black Blog's investigation has revealed that Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters filed a Motion for Non-Disclosure in Dierres Lee's criminal case on April 15. What's the purpose of the motion? To protect the La Salle kids and shield them from public ridicule?

The Cincinnati Black Blog contacted the Hamilton County Coroner's Office and asked for a copy of Justin's autopsy report and/or toxicology report and were told that these reports are never provided to the public or the press until after conclusion of any criminal proceedings. Of course, this is false. The Cincinnati Black Blog has compiled dozens of instances where Black homicide victims had their toxicology results released only a few days after their death. The Cincinnati Black Blog was told by the Coroner's representative that Deters insisted they not release this public information. Why? For years Black people have said the white media reports toxicology reports on Black people as a way to demean them in death. The mainstream white media has aided Deters in ignoring all crimes committed by the white La Salle kids. Additionally, WHITE MEDIA OUTLETS WCPO AND THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER have sued Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie M. Hunter supposedly because they believe the press has a responsibility to publish the identities of kids engaged in criminal activity; however, Deters has given protection to the white La Salle kids who were, according to numerous media reports, engaged in criminal activity and NO WHITE MEDIA OUTLET HAS SUED Deters or Judge Melba Marsh.

The Black community continues to be outraged over what they see as blatant inequality in the criminal justice system. Racial tensions are high. PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED THAT VIOLENCE MAY ERUPT IN THE CITY!!! The white media historically misses signals that Blacks are moving toward a state of unrest. For some Blacks, violence seems to be the only thing some in the white community understand. Just today, after months of racial insults, Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Timothy Burke was forced to openly call on Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou and all Republicans (including NAACP president Chris Smitherman) to stop attacking Black women using racially-charged code words like "incompetent".

For more than 10 years, the Cincinnati Black Blog has engaged in original news reporting of stories that otherwise wouldn't be covered by biased mainstream white media outlets. Our coverage will continue with original reporting on the Dierres Lee proceedings. The next hearing is April 30. The Cincinnati Black Blog will be there.