Sunday, March 10, 2013

Where's The Autopsy Report On Dead La Salle Student Justin Brown?

The Cincinnati Black Blog is here to ask questions that the lazy, local, mainstream and alternative white media won't.

Today, we are asking a very simple question: where is the autopsy report on Justin Brown -- the white La Salle High School (some people are still spelling it LaSalle) who reportedly went with his friends to buy drugs from Dierres Lee -- using counterfeit U.S. currency and got shot in the head during the drug deal gone bad. Was an autopsy performed on Justin Brown's body? Did he have drugs in his system? If so, what kind of drugs did Justin Brown from La Salle High School have in his system? Marijuana? Cocaine? Heroine? None of us know because we haven't been provided with the autopsy report.

Why would the Cincinnati Black Blog ask this question and risk alienating some of our white readers? Because we are here to provide perspective and balance. We are here to push you, our faithful readers, to think about things you wouldn't otherwise think about. We are also here to push the media, especially the Black media, to do it's job!!!

We want you to think about this... every time a Black person is involved in a shooting, it doesn't matter if they are the victim, or if they are a young person, or if they are a "good kid," the cops and prosecutors release the Black person's autopsy to the public and white media.  They make sure to tell everyone if the Black person had drugs in their system. They do this all the time and every time. Here's a story written after George Zimmerman unjustifiably shot Treyvon Martin and the cops released Treyvon's autopsy report to the media.

Now, some of our friends in the media don't like us to raise questions about them or the lousy job they're doing. We don't care! Why hasn't the Cincinnati Herald asked for the autopsy report? What about WDBZ (1230am / The Buzz) and their outsourced news department? Should the mainstream white media ask for this information? Of course! They'd ask if the victim was a Black kid. (Well, actually, they probably wouldn't have to ask. The cops and prosecutors would voluntarily provide the information.) Since no one else seems willing to ask, we here at the Cincinnati Black Blog will do it. We are sending a media request for information to local law enforcement. We'll report our findings.