Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dirty Deters Done Donating To Dumb Smitherman And The Smithereens

Oh, boy! Let's dissect this story.

The title is "Deters halts his office's donations to NAACP". Based on the title, it's safe to figure that the Enquirer's stenographer -- old no-good pro-Deters Kimball Perry -- is going to explain why Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters will no longer be taking money he takes from drug dealers and giving it to Christopher Smitherman (usually referred to on this blog as The Sillyman) and the Cincinnati NAACP, right? Well, a journalist would give readers the facts. But Kimball ain't no news man. He's paid by the Enquirer to write whatever Deters tells him. If you read the story, there's no explanation of why Deters decided to halt his office's donations to the Smart-Mouthed Little Punks (aka The Smithereens).

The Cincinnati Black Blog has been following The Sillyman ever since he stepped foot on the public stage. That's right! We've had our eye on The Sillyman for a long time, since way back in 2002, when The Sillyman was cozying up to dirty rotten former Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken and had the Cincinnati Post referring to him as "local spiritual singer Christopher Smitherman". (source) We've never stopped watching him and reporting on his antics.

Last fall, we published a blog entry titled "Is Dirty Deters Buying Black Votes?" that detailed the dirty, possibly illegal exchange of money from Dirty Deters to The Sillyman and the SMLPs/Smithereens. We followed up with this story.

To tell the truth, there really wasn't anything new in the Enquirer story, except Dirty Deters making it official that he wouldn't slide drug forfeiture money to the NAACP anymore. Kimball didn't explain why Deters wouldn't give the money. He didn't say whether Deters would donate money to the NAACP from other funds.  He didn't say whether Deters would support the NAACP getting money from the City of Cincinnati or the Ohio Attorney General. He didn't say whether Deters would keep sliding money to any of The SMLPs/Smithereens, like Hope Dudley -- the DNegro leech who founded UCanSpeakForMe and makes a living profitting  from her son's murder.

We've got a few things to add to the story.

It sure looks like The Cincinnati Black Blog and our dear sister, Dr. Janaya Trotter, were right about Dirty Joe buying Black votes and support! Deters gave $25,000 to The Sillyman and the SMLPs/Smithereens/NAACP all joined in in attacking Dr. Trotter. Now, according to the headline, Dirty Joe won't donate to the NAACP any more. Why should he when he's already got what he paid for? What John gives more money to a prostitute when he's already had sex with her? Who buys a cow when it has been used up and can't produce any more milk?

The Sillyman, his SMLPs/Smithereens, and the NAACP must feel like fools. I imagine The Sillyman must feel like a woman who pulled down his underwear, let Dirty Joe run up in him with no condom or vaseline, bust a big one, let out a big burp and a fart at the same damn time, then rolled over, put his clothes on and left with no kiss goodbye, no I love you, no thank you, and no see you later, maybe. Dirty Joe used and abused The Sillyman. He treated him like a cheap prostitute. (Hey, that reminds me, have you ever read the Citizens Against Joe Deters Blog? The blog's author claims prosecutor Joeseph Deters actually did pay a prostitute to have sex with him in a car.) The Sillyman and his crew are a bunch of damned fools!

The good news is, now that Dirty Joe has stopped making payments toward the purchase of the NAACP, maybe the NAACP can resume tracking the gross disparity in prosecutions in Hamilton County. Maybe the NAACP can finally get around to asking why the unindicted white murderers of Jason Brown from La Salle High School haven't been charged with any crimes, i.e. murder, conspiracy, counterfeiting, using criminal tools, obstruction, tampering with evidence, or even buying and possessing drugs.

Some people, including us here at The Cincinnati Black Blog, have been writing letters to federal and state law enforcement authorities, asking them to look into the shakedown and kickback activities of The Sillyman and his gang. Could the declaration by Dirty Joe that he's haulting his office's donations to the NAACP be a sign that he is finally about to do his job and indict Smitherman and/or the NAACP? Or could it be that Deters got notified by state and/or federal authorities that they are about to indict Smitherman and/or the NAACP, so now Deters has to distance himself from the criminal enterprise?

We are going to keep asking this question until we get an answer from local, state, and federal law enforcement. If former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. can all be brought up on criminal charges, why can't The Sillyman?

Is it because The Sillyman has friends in high places like Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Pat DeWine, whose father, Mike DeWine, is Ohio's Attorney General? Is Mike DeWine holding back on indicting The Sillyman because he knows that Pat wants to be appointed to a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court and they think indicting The Sillyman might generate a backlash from the Black community? Is the Attorney General putting politics ahead of his duty to enforce the law? Isn't it true that Ohio's Attorney General has a duty to make non-profit corporations like the NAACP comply with the law? Of course it is. So explain how the non-profit NAACP was able to take money they received from donations and give it to COAST for political activity?

The Cincinnati Black Blog has been following and reporting on The Sillyman for over a decade now. We provide you, our faithful readers, the unfiltered, unvarnished truth. You don't have to worry. We will never succumb to pressure from whites or scared colored people who think we should lighten up on The Sillyman. If he had listened to us, he wouldn't have taken the tainted money. What does it profit a man to gain $25,000 but lose his soul?!


General Nikki X said...

To answer your last question:

Nothing. If the SMLP had no soul to begin with.

Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation!

General Nikki X said...

Nate's last parting question was: "What does it profit a man to gain $25,000 but lose his soul?!"

My answer: Nothing. If the SMLP had no soul to begin with.

Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation!