Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is Dirty Deters Buying Black Votes?

Dirty Deters Is At It Again

The Cincinnati Black Blog is committed to bringing you stories that the local lazy mainstream white media won't touch. The chief law enforcement officer in Hamilton County is the Prosecuting Attorney. That man, Joesph T. Deters ("Dirty Deters") is a crook who has been investigated by a grand jury for campaign schemes and bribes. (Here's one source.) The Cincinnati Black Blog has been told that Deters offered to pay $25,000 to Cincinnati City Councilmember Christopher Smitherman (affectionately known on this blog as "The Sillyman"), and in return for the cash, The Sillyman is allowing Deters to speak at the Cincinnati NAACP's annual Freedom Fund Dinner!!! We are also told that The Sillyman told Deters that because of the cash payment, The Sillyman will work to convince his brainwashed followers to vote for Deters. [You may remember The Sillyman doing something similar a few years ago. He essentially took money from Steve Chabot and had the NAACP endorse his Congressional bid.] Here's how one of our sources, Da'mon George described the nasty deal over on Facebook:

So Joe Deters is going to give the local NAACP 25thousand dollars. I've never heard of him donating anything to any organization associated with folks like me. My Spidey sense tells me that Janaya Trotter has a real good chance of being the next prosecutor for Hamilton County. Do your part to support this lady!!! Certain groups are extremely over prosecuted here. I'm saying it will be less prosecution, but at least we can feel its more fair! Donate, Volunteer, ask her how you can help! Opportunity presented itself and we must act NOW!!!
We think Da'mon's observation that Janaya Trotter has a real good chance of being elected prosecutor are correct. We think people should donate money, volunteer time, and ask how they can help. Here's a link to Dr. Trotter's campaign website.

CAUTION: Deters and his crew are experienced dirty fighters. If they get desperate, they'll do everything they can to make the campaign about race. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN. THIS ISN'T ABOUT RACE. The deal between Deters and The Sillyman is about buying votes. Deters and The Sillyman just seem to think Black people will sell their votes and that it's ok for Black people to sell their votes. That's the only thing racial about this. You, my faithful readers, are smarter than the average blog readers. You know what Quid Pro Quo means. And you know a pay-for-votes scheme when you see one. Now, if some Black politician, say Charlie Winburn, paid Mary Kuhl and Melva Gweyn $25,000 to speak in front of the white audience at their annual Westwood Concern meeting, you better believe the Cincinnati Enquirer and the rest of the lazy local white media would be all over him.


Anonymous said...

Smitherman is a fool and his ego is leading him astray. I bet Deters and these other GOP bedfellows of his are setting him up. I'm sure the feds are watching his activities. If he's using the NAACP as a pay-to-play/shakedown organization, he'll become Cincinnati's own Kwame Kilpatrick.