Friday, April 03, 2009

Cincinnati NAACP Attorney Christopher Finney: Affirmative Action/MBEs Breed Racial Intolerance!!!

Christopher P. Finney

The Ku Klux Klan's position on affirmative action, quotas and "reverse discrimination":

The Klan is strongly opposed to the insane policies that discriminate against White people in favor of unqualified and lazy niggers. We shall abolish affirmative action and minority quota systems. (source)

A few days ago, in "Finney: No Equal Opportunity For Blacks," I told you, my faithful readers, a few things about Christopher Finney -- the man Cincinnati NAACP PRESIDENT Christopher Smitherman recently appointed to serve as the Cincinnati NAACP Attorney.

  • There are no Black attorneys employed at Finney's law firm -- Finney, Stagnaro, Saba & Patterson Co., LPA. (source)

  • Finney has a history of opposing equal business opportunities for Black people and he fought to prevent the City of Cincinnati from ensuring minority-owned businesses and Black workers got their fair share of contracts and work on some of the largest projects ever financed, or partially financed, by the city.

Quite naturally, some of you expected the Cincinnati Black Blog to provide proof of Finney's sordid history. Well, we always intended to provide that proof and we do so now.

We have obtained a written statement from Chris Finney's law firm that outlines their position on affirmative action, quotas, set-asides, and racial preferences. The letter was written by David R. Langdon, who was an attorney with Finney's firm at the time. (David Langdon has his own law firm. His clients include Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher aka "Joe the Plumber". Although David Langdon is no longer in business with Finney, they do still work together on special projects, including COAST/NAACP ballot initiatives. Why do you think the NAACP pushed for Proportional Representation when it would've hurt the Black community?)

The goal of Langdon's statement was: "to address the detrimental effect of affirmative action policies on race relations not only in Cincinnati, but throughout the United States." What detrimental effect? RACIAL INTOLERANCE. PREJUDICE. GENERATIONAL HATRED!

From the statement:

Affirmative action policies--whether quotas, set-asides or preferences--by their very nature, breed racial intolerance. As a society, our conduct and behavior, and, to an extent, our attitudes and prejudices, our (sic) driven by our laws. You see, laws that create preferences based on race or gender alone inevitably result in governmental discrimination. In order to prefer one, government must discriminate against another. And with every instance of discrimination, there is the potential for literally generations of racial intolerance, prejudice and hatred.

Finney, through Langdon, makes clear their belief that the City of Cincinnati's attempts to award subcontracts to certified minority and female owned business enterprises on the Ft. Washington Way project was, "in a word, unconstitutional."

What's more, according to Finney's law firm, awarding contracts to MBEs represents some sort of reverse racism which makes white people angry and resentful toward Blacks. Whites blame Blacks for their failure to win contracts.

Langdon illustrates his point with an example of a poor white guy who spends countless hours preparing and working and re-working the numbers in his bid only to have the contract snatched away and given to a Black guy who submitted the second lowest bid. (For some reason, Langdon doesn't address if the Black small business owner in his example spent countless hours preparing his bid or if he is an "unqualified and lazy nigger," like the niggers mentioned by the Klan in the statement posted above.)

Here's the illustration:

Suppose several subcontractors bid on a particular demolition project for Fr. Washington Way. The lowest bid for the project is submitted by a small business owned by a white male. The second lowest bid is submitted by an equally small business, but this one is owned by a black male and is certified as a minority owned business. Because of the City's set-aside requirements, the minority owned business ultimately is awarded the demolition contract. While City Council may pat itself on the back thinking they have remedied years of racial discrimination in Cincinnati, what it has actually done is quite the opposite. The demolition contract was awarded to a business not because it submitted the lowest bid, and not on the basis of its qualifications as a demolition contractor, but solely on the basis of the race of its owner.

Now I ask you to consider, what do you think the white male owner, who spent countless hours preparing and working and re-working the numbers to enable him to submit the lowest bid, is thinking as he stands there, helpless and empty handed, without work? Will he blame City Council? He should, but he probably won't. Will he get involved in government and work to have the laws changed? Doubtful. What he will do is cast his anger, resentment and blame toward minorities. Plain and simple. Racial intolerance and prejudice has now set in, and will slowly develop into racial hatred and bigotry. And it does not stop with the owner. It inevitably spreads to his family, his friends, his employees, his emplyees' (sic) families, and so on. Out of one single act of discrimination, generational hatred is born.

Now, this may be an extreme example, but it is a very real possibility. That is why it is critical that, just as we abolished slavery, we must now abolish all forms of preferential treatment based on race, ethnicity or gender.

Forget for a moment that the position advocated above by Finney's law firm mirrors that of the KKK and focus on the issue: the NAACP is calling for a mass, mass, mass demonstration next Wednesday at Cincinnati City Hall, the purpose of which is to pressure the city to award more contracts to minority- and women-owned businesses. The NAACP supposedly supports an MBE program, which, at least as I understand it, gives preference to minority contractors and sets aside a percentage of work for minority firms. The obvious problem with Sillyman's stated goal is: the Cincinnati NAACP Attorney has a documented history of opposing MBE programs, set-asides, affirmative action, and every other effort to provide equal opportunities to Black workers and Black businesses.

One wonders how long the Smart-Mouthed Little Punks -- who worship Sillyman like their god -- can remain silent about what he has done, or even worse, continue to defend his choice. I'll say it again, the SMLPs are too brainwashed to think for themselves. They've turned into a bunch of hero worshipers who care more about defending their dear leader than defending the Black community. No Jewish organization would have a Nazi as their lawyer. And they wouldn't have a lawyer with a history of fighting against their interest. The Black community shouldn't stand for this.

Lastly, members of the LGBT community are outraged over the appointment because of Finney's purported anti-gay positions and his work against special rights for LGBT people. They are doing all they can -- letters, emails, blogs, articles -- to spread the word all over the country and build moral outrage, and they are organizing and building pressure to have the appointment recinded. People keep asking how the NAACP or Black community would react if a white LGBT group retained a racist member of the KKK as their attorney. I've got a better question: what will the Black community do now that the NAACP has appointed as their lawyer a guy who shares the same positions as the KKK?

Click here to read the entire statement.


Anonymous said...

Another success for COAST. You have the naacp leading the charge for inclusion of black owned businesses, and a mole (Finney) on the inside totally against giving a fair shake and a fair share to these same businesses. Guaranteed failure. How has it gone so far? Chaos. Mayhem. Finney's putting together the strategy so the businsses fail, COAST wins, Cincinnati takes a step backward and the naacp scratches their heads wondering what happened. Call it like it is. The National Association for the Advancement of COAST People.

Ted Berry said...

Nate, This revelation is very, very because it is factual. Let me attempt to dot these lines here. Chris Finney is the Klu Klux Klan without the sheet, but with a law degree. It has been the belief system of the Klan that has ran city and county government for years. As you have clearly and factually pointed out Chris Finney is racist to the core and believes in the inferiority of Blacks. Does the this effects Blacks in Cincinnati, Ohio and the quality of life and good health in Cincinnati. Yes, is truly does! Here's the evidence. Cincinnati, Ohio has the highest level of "concentrated poverty", then any city in the State of Ohio and in the tri-state area. Cincinnati has the highest level of unemployment for young African-American males in the state, per capital. The same holds true for high and college stats also. This is also the same in jail and prison statistics. This isn't just some one time event, this is the history of this city. This is the culture that we live in and the institutions that fuel this city is contaminated with forms of racism that makes South Africa and Rhodesia's apartheid systems looks like the "fair deal act". We are denied access to the same quality of life and good health opportunities as whites in this city, while having Blacks in key positions in city government,i.e.,mayor, city manager,safety director and city council. Without real power they are only pitiful objects of the contempt that serve at the whim and pleasure of those in charge of the culture and institutions of power and influence. Recently, the city revealed that the city did 650million dollars in business contracts for the year of 2007 and out of this large number of dollars, only $270,000 were awarded to Blacks in this city. Doing 'Jim Crow' in the South there is no record of Blacks doing the terrible in the worst of times. This is illegal and highly immoral-politically, economically, socially and govern mentally. This reality has created a maddening impact on the mental, emotional and social health of all Blacks in this city. This is why our communities are on the verge of total collapse, our schools are run down, our youth detentions are over-full, our jails are over-crowded, the level of violence and crime is at a all time high. Hope has been eroded. Life has been evaporated in our communities, there is the constant present of death with every single breathe. This is a modern day "holocaust" and the Black community have become the Jews. If this is allowed to continue, without immediate rectification. Heaven help is all.

Anonymous said...

Hole in one. Thank you, Nate.

Anonymous said...

purported? It's documented.

CincyCapell said...


You hit it out of the ball park with this one. Great work!!!!!

ThatDeborahGirl said...

Oh wow. Nate's back. Really back. *breaths sigh of relief*

This is....ok, I guess I have a question. It seems you're accusing Smitherman of being in collusion with this travesty but could he maybe, at worse, be an unwitting pawn? You know me, always trying to look for the silver lining but damn, this is ugly and obviously based in fact. At best it makes Smitherman look, to be kind, a tad bit incompetent. At worst he looks like a buck dancing Uncle Tom puppet on the white folks string.

Either way, damn. Just damn. So onto the solution. Who should the NAACP hire as their new attorney? And uh, obviously & preferrably a firm who represents the "C" in NAACP. But why wasn't this immediately obvious to Smitherman & Co. to begin with?

Anonymous said...

The National Association for the Advancment of COAST People should first worry about how to get rid of an incompetent, corrupt president instead of the mayor. If there's a good president you don't need to worry about whose the legal representative. COAST will leave the NAACOASTP when Smitherman does. He's been the only willing to do their bidding.

San mateo dui lawyer said...

Quite naturally, some of you expected the Cincinnati Black Blog to provide proof of Finney's sordid history. Well, we always intended to provide that proof and we do so now.