Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Did Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby Get Away With Murder?

Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby

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New! Earlier today I filed a complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court asking them to investigate the conflict of interest between Donald W. White and Robert Scott Croswell III. They should lose their law licenses just like Michael Nifong down in North Carolina did. Click here to read the complaint.


New! DONALD WHITE PROSECUTED JERRY BITTNER IN 2000 FOR ACCIDENTALLY LEAVING HIS DAUGHTER IN A CAR WITH WINDOW SLIGHTLY ROLLED DOWN. (Scroll down to bottom for the latest.) How was it child endangering and involuntary manslaughter in 2000, but not in 2007?!


This is wrong!

Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby won’t be charged in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Cecilia Slaby, who was left in a car for eight hours amid searing heat Aug. 23, prosecutors said this morning. (source)

This is how the "justice system" treats upper-middle class white women.

But, it ain't over. You won't see CNN's attack dog, Nancy Grace, tackle this issue; I will. Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby must be held accountable for the death of poor, little, 2-year old Cecilia Jane Slaby.

The people of Ohio have an obligation to make sure that the decision by Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney Donald W. White doesn't stand. To that end, I call on Ohio's chief legal counsel and law enforcement officer, Attorney General Marc Dann, to step in and take this case before a Grand Jury. He, most likely, won't handle the case, but he can make sure that a special, independent prosecutor is appointed.

I am also asking the Ohio Supreme Court to suspend the law licenses of White and Slaby's attorney, R. Scott Croswell III. The basis of this request is that Croswell is a Clermont County Commissioner. White and Croswell have, or at the very least give the appearance of having, a conflict of interest in proceeding forward on this case.

Here's the problem. Counties in Ohio are governed by a three-member Board of County Commissioners. The Department of Jobs & Family Services is responsible for investigating and initiating action against parents accused of child abuse. This county department answers to the Commission.

The Prosecuting Attorney is independently elected. By law, the prosecutor represents the Commission in all civil legal issues. Said another way, the prosecutor serves as the Commissioners' attorney.

After Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby killed her child, she hired County Commissioner Croswell. (See, "Mom 'still in shock': Lawyer says it was accident that doesn't equal a crime.") Again, Prosecutor Don White works for Croswell. And the Department of Jobs & Family Services answers to Croswell.

So, today, surprise... surprise... Croswell's lawyer, Don White, comes out and says he isn't going to charge Crowswell's client, Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby. And, to my knowledge, the Department of Jobs & Family Services (yeah, the same one that gets funded by Croswell and answers to him) never launched an investigation into this incident. Therefore, they never took action to protect Slaby's other child, a 5-year old girl.

Let's hope Slaby doesn't get busy and need more doughnuts before the weather breaks. There might be another child simmering in the hot sun! I'm worried about another Cecilia Slaby. Let's also hope none of the kids at Glen Este Middle School have to ride in Slaby's kiddie cooking machine.

I'm so tired of people making excuses for white-on-white crime. Don White isn't protecting white kids who get killed by their parents.


Update: On the same day that Brenda Slaby roasted her daughter, another upper middle class white couple from St. Louis -- Dr. Beth Ann Kozel and Russell Knutsen -- did the same thing! The cops in St. Louis haven't charged them with a crime. The difference in St. Louis versus Clermont County is that not long ago a Black daycare worker, Delea Payne, the director of the Happy Go Lucky Daycare, accidentally left a 2-year old in the backseat of a daycare van and was immediately arrested and charged with Child Endangerment, even though the child wasn't harmed. The daycare lost it's license and was forced to close. (source) By bringing criminal child endangerment charges against Payne, the cops knew Payne's ability to make a living would be impacted. The same thing is true for the white doctors from St. Louis. And the same thing is true about Brenda Slaby. No one can tell me that she would still have a job as a vice principal if she had to face child endangerment charges. Not only don't the cops and prosecutors want to put white people in jail, they don't want to hurt their ability to make a living. When you are poor or Black, that concern isn't there. (For more information on the two St. Louis cases check out "Lawyer alleges bias in handling of cases of children left in cars." Also read "When babies die, our compassion seems to match parents' stature" in which columnist Slyvester Brown, Jr. takes a look at more cases of child endangerment, including what seems like a blatent injustice in Florida.)

Update II: You will probably hear about this tonight on Channel 5. The rest of the lazy, white media doesn't seem interested in accurately reporting on developments in this case.

In 2000, Clermont County Prosecutor Don White prosecuted Jerry Bittner and his wife Bonnie Bittner for child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter. Here are the facts as taken from Ohio v. Jerry Bittner.

On June 23, 1998, Jerry Bittner, his wife Bonnie, their infant daughter Serena Bittner, Jerry's mother Joan Bittner, Jerry's two children from a previous relationship, and Bonnie's four children all lived in Joan's trailer in Goshen Township.

As you can surmise from hearing that so many people lived together in a trailer, THEY WERE POOR. Jerry was working two jobs to support his family.

That afternoon, Bonnie and the children took Joan to work, went to a hardware store, and returned to the trailer at about 5 p.m.

At 6:30 p.m., Jerry came home from work to see his children before leaving for his second job. Not seeing Serena, he inquired as to her whereabouts.

It was then discovered that Serena had been left in the van in the driveway.

The temperature that day was eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit.

Except for the front passenger window which was opened one to two inches, all the other windows were closed.

Serena was very hot, sweaty, clammy, and pale. She was "whizzing real bad" and "breathing hard." To cool her off, Jerry had Serena and Bonnie take a lukewarm bath together. According to Jerry, following the bath, Serena was no longer whizzing and sweating, showed no signs of distress, and drank a bottle of formula.

Jerry and Bonnie talked for a brief moment about whether they should take Serena to the hospital, but decided instead to wait and see. (Because of their prior involvement with county social services agencies, which resulted in the children being temporarily removed from them twice, Jerry and Bonnie concocted a story that Serena's heat illness had been caused by her being left unattended on a bed where she covered herself in blankets and became overheated.) Jerry did not go back to work that evening in case they needed to go to the hospital.

Although Serena looked fine after the bath, she was still warm. Her temperature was then taken. Her temperature registered 101.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bonnie called a twenty-four hour nursing service for advice. The nursing service advised them to give Serena "Tylenol for the fever," which they did. Serena thereafter fell asleep.

At about 9 p.m., Serena felt warm and she was given more Tylenol. During the course of the evening, she drank more bottles of formula and slept on and off in Bonnie's arms. Jerry testified in court that Serena slept more than she was awake, and that when she was awake she would just lay there.

At about 2 a.m., Serena started shaking and stopped breathing. Jerry began performing CPR on Serena, which prompted her to throw up formula, and 911 was called.

Loretta Burns, a paramedic with the Goshen Township Fire Department and E.M.S., was dispatched to the scene and arrived there at 2:30 a.m. Despite several attempts at reviving Serena, Burns never detected any vital signs in the child. Serena was eventually taken to the Bethesda North Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The coroner ruled that the cause of death was hyperthermia due to exposure to excessive heat.

Don White sought and received a one count indictment of Jerry in March 2000 on one count of involuntary manslaughter in violation of R.C. 2903.04(A) and one count of child endangering in violation of R.C. 2919.22(A). Bonnie was indicted on the same charges. (source)

Jerry took the case to a jury trial. At the conclusion of his jury trial, Jerry was convicted as charged. He was sentenced to a one-year prison term for the child endangering conviction and to a four-year prison term for the involuntary manslaughter conviction.

Update III: WLWT-TV (Channel 5) has obtained a copy of the police report and it says that this wasn't the first time Brenda Slaby left her now dead 2 year-old in the car. (story link)

BATAVIA, Ohio -- A police report indicates that Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby left her 2-year-old daughter alone in a car on previous occasions prior to the girl's death.

News 5's Brian Hamrick said the Union Township police report on Cecelia Slaby's death said that Nesselroad-Slaby left the girl in a car on "numerous occasions", including at least once in the week prior to the girl's death.

Hamrick said that the report indicates that investigators talked to current and former workers and discovered that Nesselroad-Slaby left the girl in the car while she was at the Compass School in Mason.

Hamrick said that some of the reports were documented, while others were not.


Anonymous said...

Nate you should stop worrying about middle class white women in Clermont County and whether justice was or was not served and instead starting worrying about all the kids being brought into the world in the ghetto by all these babydaddies running around fathering kids into a world of misery and despair. How about them?

Anonymous said...

How did she return to her car 5x, once to move the car and not look in the back seat? I understand the hatchback, but when I get into move a car I look in my rear-view mirror....this is where you lose me...

Anonymous said...

Even though I agree with 99.9% of everything you say it's rather stupid to casually toss in the race card. (Race has absolutely nothing to do with this)

I have also made it my personal mission to try to get Involuntary Manslaughter charges brought.

By definition Involuntary Manslaughter (an unintentional killing that results from recklessness or criminal negligence, or from an unlawful act)I believe the simple fact that as a parent her primary responsability is to her children. So simply forgetting about them would be a basic form of recklessness.

Nate Livingston said...

"Even though I agree with 99.9% of everything you say it's rather stupid to casually toss in the race card. (Race has absolutely nothing to do with this)"

I disagree. Race has plenty to do with this. Brenda Slaby's race and economic status are the two reasons she isn't sitting behind bars right now. Her white skin is the reason the white media, especially the evil Deborah Dixon from Channel 12, is making excuses for her. You see, white people often feel sorry for white people who kill other white people. They say the crime was a "tragic accident". So, a white woman shoots her husband in Kentucky; the white media spends days doing a profile on her telling us how good a wife she was. A white boy kills two of his "friends" while doing twice the speed limit; the white media (and white community) step in to explain that he just had a lapse in judgment. And now a white woman broils her kid to death and the media tells us its an accident. With whites, accidents happen. With Blacks, everything is a crime.

"I have also made it my personal mission to try to get Involuntary Manslaughter charges brought."

Sorry, I don't see how this is Involuntary Manslaughter. There has to be another underlying crime for that.

ORC Sec. 2903.04 - Involuntary manslaughter.

(A) No person shall cause the death of another ... as a proximate result of the offender’s committing or attempting to commit a felony.

(B) No person shall cause the death of another ... as a proximate result of the offender’s committing or attempting to commit a misdemeanor of any degree, a regulatory offense, or a minor misdemeanor other than a violation of any section contained in Title XLV of the Revised Code that is a minor misdemeanor and other than a violation of an ordinance of a municipal corporation that, regardless of the penalty set by ordinance for the violation, is substantially equivalent to any section contained in Title XLV of the Revised Code that is a minor misdemeanor.

Slaby caused the death of her daughter, but the death didn't come as a proximate result of her committing another crime.

I'm interested to hear more about your theory.

Anonymous said...

Nate, I'm a middle-class, suburban, college-educated white man approaching the age of 40. I've read your blog many times, and often I disagree with you. When I was in my 20's, I felt black people were totally the victims. Throughout my 30's, my mind changed and I've leaned towards "personal responsibility" and it seemed hard for me to believe that the angry young black man in inner city Cincinnati could possibly be a victim. But this baby-killing incident has made me rethink things again. Surely everybody agrees that what this woman did was unintentional, that she did not purposely kill her baby. However, it is, without a doubt, total negligence, and it resulted in the death of an innocent child. I thought surely justice would prevail and she would stand trial. How wrong I was. This is an eye-opener for me, because I would be willing to bet money that if this woman were black, she would be barbecued by the officials and media all the way to jail. This is so blatant, so obviously a race issue, and I'm with you 100% on this one.

Anonymous said...

Did OJ Simpson getting off have to do with race, Nate? Or was it because he was a rich, famous man?

Anonymous said...

I' a white, middle class, educated mother of a four year old. And, I'm absolutely DISGUSTED that this monster is free. I am also a very ANGRY clermont co. resident and and sick and tired of the incestuous nepotism that exists in our county. I also come from a law enforcement family that knows a great deal about this heinous situation and know that the police are livid that this woman wasn't charged. Don't let Don White convince you the police didn't do their jobs...they did, very well, and they want her convicted. I can't help but agree that if she was black or hispanic, drove a beater car and lived in the projects that things would be dramatically different. Mr. Don White would then make sure to make public comments on the situation and warn about leaving yor kids in the car. I surely hope if I'm ever a victim of a crime it doesn't happen in Clermont. I'm not confident justice would be served.

Nate Livingston said...

Both. Now what's your point?

Anonymous said...

I think the big story that is missed in all this race baiting, is that once again, our knee jerk government has killed 450 babies a year for no good reason. Before the government required babies be in rear seat loactions (due to a so-called risk of being harmed by air bags) there were almost no babies left to die in the back seat. Now its about 450 per year. And why? I bet there weren't a dozen infant deaths from air bags before they changed the rules. And, they could have put in a switch for momma to throw if she had an infant ion the front seat anyway.

Anonymous said...

this is messed up. I'm a white guy and a CPD officer. This lady cannot "accidently" leave a 2 year old in the car for 8 hrs. I really hope something comes of this case cause there are other facts that we are not aware of for sure.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Even if we assume this really as an accident, I'm worried what kind of precedent the no-charges approach takes.

So what if someone really wants to get rid of their kids? They can just pretend to "forget" about them?

That's outrageous!

Anonymous said...

I came to this blog for the first time in a few weeks specifically to see if Nate was going to blog about this Clermont County case.

Thank you, Nate. You did not disappoint.

Wow is Nate RIGHT ON here.

Are you seriously going to tell me that if an African-American woman from Avondale had left her child to bake to death while she went to work and "forgot" her baby that Prosecutor Joe Deters wouldn't bring a charge. Are we joking? OF COURSE HE WOULD.

Would Don White? OF COURSE HE WOULD. He's a conservative, Republican "law & order" guy. Don White BLEW IT on this one.

There is a racial component AND a class component, too. But, if white people can search their hearts, they will know that had a black woman done this to her child, she would be demonized by everyone and charges would be brought without ANY delay.

I depart with Nate in one area. Scott Croswell is doing his job and any perceived conflict there is non-existent. I understand the connection between commissioner and prosecutor, but county commissioners are part-time jobs and those people need to work. County Commissioners Dewine, Portune, and Pepper are all lawyers and they can practice before judges (who's budget they set, etc.) and against prosecutors (and often do) on a regular basis.

I think attacking Croswell gets you away from the very well-made argument that white Brenda got away with a crime!

On a related note, I was listening to Bill Cunningham shortly after the woman in Delhi executed her 2 children and then committed suicide. Some of the calls coming into the show expressed some level of sympathy for that murdering lunatic. A "good mother" they called her. She was "sick."

That Delhi case is yet another example of white, racist attitudes! Had that woman in Delhi been black, I can GUARANTEE that not ONE SINGLE call of sympathy comes into Cunningham's show.

Sometimes, the "race card" is overplayed-even by Nate. But, sometimes racism is so blatantly obvious that whites should see it, appreciate it, and remedy it so we can continue to form a "more perfect union."

Keep speaking your truth Nate!

Mark Miller said...

Last night I saw Smitherman on TV talking about a girl being sentenced who chained her pit bull wrong and suffocated it. This morning I can't find it mentioned anywhere.

Let's see if I understand this correctly...
A black woman who accidentally kills her own dog is now facing jail,
while a white woman who accidentally kills her own toddler won't even be charged.

No wonder they spiked the story. The scales of justice are clearly way out of balance.

AFSister said...

As a white woman, and one who abhors the use of the "race card"... I have to admit that race and social status had a LOT to do with her skating the law in this case. It pisses me off beyond believe that she's going to get away with murdering her baby!

I don't care what color your skin is, what religion you subscribe to, or what job (or lack of) you hold.... if you kill someone like this, you should be prosecuted!

It pains me to say that I honestly do believe that her race and social status has something to do with the lack of charges, but I do believe it. It sickens me to think about how little she thought about her baby, how she died, and that the mother will not pay for the crime other than her own personal grief.

Anonymous said...

Black people also seem to feel sorry for black people that commit crimes. Otherwise, you wouldn't perpetuate the "no snitching" policy. This woman should be in jail yes. If anybody, anywhere does time for a mistake, then she should be the first in line because her mistake was pretty much unexcusable. But so should all of those that don't make a mistake but intentionally beat, molest, burn and rape their kids--whether they're black or white. They shouldn't get off the hook because they don't have a good job or they don't have an education. If you can't accept that the woman that committed suicide and killed her kids was sick, then you can't accept poverty as an excuse for giving kids to your boyfriend to slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Your racial rant takes away from the truth of what happened. An adult killed a child, by accident or purpose, charges must be filed.

Keep your fucking racial idioms out of it if you are actually concerned. Otherwise you are just another disgruntled racially motivated moron.

Anonymous said...

Nate, I agrre with you and encourage you to go after Mr. White and have a state investigation of the Clermont County Prosecutor's office. Go get 'em!!

Anonymous said...

Evidently She did this quite often.

A police report indicates that Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby left her 2-year-old daughter alone in a car on previous occasions prior to her death.

News 5's Brian Hamrick said the Union Township police report on Cecelia Slaby's death said that Nesselroad-Slaby left the girl in a car on "numerous occasions", including at least once in the week prior to the girl's death.

Hamrick said that the report indicates that investigators talked to current and former workers and discovered that Nesselroad-Slaby left the girl in the car while she was at the Compass School in Mason.

Hamrick said that some of the reports were documented, while others were not.

The report indicates that investigators were pushing for a child endangering charge. Prosecutor Don While said Tuesday that he would not prosecute Nesselroad-Slaby in the girl's death.

Hamrick is still going over the report and will have more later today on News 5 and WLWT.com.

Anonymous said...

Check 5's Web site. Slaby'd left her kid in the car before.

Kevin LeMaster said...

I don't know any white people who excuse this behavior.

* Ms. Nesselroad-Slaby will be run out of her job by parents of the children at her school, provided she is not institutionalized first. The baby killer will be unable to find a job in education anywhere unless she moves far, far away from here.

* The prosecutor will be looking for a new job.

Nate Livingston said...

I talked to quite a few white people on 700wlw who excuse Brenda's behavior and the Cincinnati Enquirer has set up a message board where white people are lining up to excuse it.

Cherokee chief said...

There are a lot of truths in the previous posts.A very good one by the Dean of cinti. (Can one be 100% sure this child was not left in the car intentionaly? It would be very difficult to argue that "class" doesn't doesn't have something to do with charges not being made. I see this woman as being totally married to her job and the child was either a mistake or a status symbol for her. In any event leaving here for 8 hours ( or 1 hour for that matter) is surely negligent. I know Scott Croswell and he is a fine attorney and an ak guy. I know Don White and he is a mediocre prosecutor. Crosell being a commisioner and White being a prosecutor could be a conflict of interest. Try as you may this woman will never be charges, and if she were, their are enough brain dead sympthaziers out there that she would get one on her jury and walk. Grin and bear it guys. The justice system (?) as the rest of our governments suck.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I read about 5 saying she's done this before! This is all making me ill! I didn't even know them and I can't stop grieving for that child! That poor baby Cecelia!

Nappy said...

Nate what exactly are you trying to proof here? How many black kids got shot down in the ghetto last year by the KKK or whitey? You're major problem is you worrying about somebody else instead of the home turf bro.

Anonymous said...

If this was about race, Liz Carroll, who really had no evidence against her except the bogus press conference, wouldn't be doing life. All the material evidence pointed to David Carroll and Amy Baker. It's about class, status and connections. Kind of the same as Brandy getting off after slamming into somebody on the freeway and killing a mom. And Bill Cosby and R. Kelly both avoiding rape charges despite overwhelming evidence. And instead of charging Eric Clapton when his baby flew out a 20 story window, everybody felt sorry for him. Class & status. Not race.

Anonymous said...

Nate, I found your blog while surfing the internet for this story. You have some very good points.

I also totally agree with you, and I am white. My dad,(who still lives in Cincinnati), is livid. So am I. A woman "forgot" that she had a 2-year old in the car? Give me a break! It's ludicrous and if the "justice" system doesn't land hard on her with both feet, then it's wrong.

You don't "forget" a 2-year old, I don't care if the kid is sleeping. You don't go through a pregnancy and labor, and then "forget" you have another human being depending on you for survival.

I'm about ready to sharpen my pencil for a blistering "letter to the editor" at The Enquirer, but I wonder how much good it would do.

The whole thing is absolutely vile.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing has nothing to do with the race card, but it definitely has to do with who you know and if you have status. Had that been any person that did not have money and status and paid off the county commissioner, be they white, black, red, yellow or green, they would have been charged with manslaughter or at a minimum with child endangerment. We all know there are no such things as "accidents" in the eyes of the law anymore, unless...... your name is Slaby or if you have status. If I recall correctly, there was a 2yo child that went out a locked door of a house and was wandering around while the parents were sleeping and they were charged with child neglect and endangerment, simply because they didn't wake up and hear that child go out the door. AND I am sure if that child would have died, they would of been charged with some serious crime. Isn't that how poor little Marcus Feisel got pulled out of his home too, he kept wandering outside? Look at Liz Carroll, she got more of a punishment than an evil person who burnt that sweet little boy's dead body and then helped throw it into the river and if you ask me, that is a monster and yes the same kind of monster that would wrap a child up and lock them in a closet and stupid enough not to care if the child died. There is just really something wrong in Clermont County, something seriously wrong regardless of race, it is all about the status. It is very sickening and makes me glad I am no longer raising children in Clermont County. I hope the parents at Glen Este are outraged and refuse to let this woman be responsible for their children. She obviously need not be responsible for anyone's children. I give anyone the benefit of the doubt to make a mistake, but this was blatant disregard and we all know that if we were the ones that even made a small mistake with our children social services would be at the door hounding us like wolves and even if you left your child in the car while you paid for gas and a cop saw that, you would be sited. So, we all see the writing on the wall here and SHAME ON YOU DON WHITE, SHAME SHAME. Just remember when there is no justice on this earth, there is a God up above and no one can escape his justice, not even Don White or the other prosecutors who let child killers (YES and that includes neglect/remember little marcus was left in a closet to die, he was not violently murdered, he was left in a closet to die an awful death, just like poor little Cecilia died, the manners of death are very similar indeed), except here, there was no cover up and burning of the corpse and then throwing it in the river, but wait, Liz didn't do that, Amy Baker and Mr. Carroll did!! So if Liz is in jail for life, where is the justice for little Cecilia?? If the other teacher wouldn't have found Cecilia, do we really know how this would turned out any different? So, is the message in Clermont County? What a crying shame!!

Anonymous said...

Nate, while I wish that Jerry Bittner case could be used to nail Don White to the wall, it's not the same thing. They didn't immediately seek help, and lied to the cops about it. If they'd called 911 immediately and told the truth and still got prosecuted, it'd be a fair comparison.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this ass. principal who is in charge of other children should be fired. I would not trust her with other children. Obviously she does not have her priorites in order, she is driving a nice mercedes suv, she could remember the doghnuts, but not her child that is pathetic. If i were the judge, i would put her in a vehichle for 8 hours i the same heat, i hope this haunts her for the rest of her life, there is no excuse for her behavior, and this shows such little respect and regard for that child and how it suffered. This is murder no matter how you look at it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a white upper middle class woman who has four children. I agree with you entirely that the justice system and the media totally favor white people. Look at the differences in sentencing. Remember the white woman (Carla Faye Tucker I believe) who slaughtered people and then became a Christian and people faught her execution because of this? Mind you I am a Christian also. She deserved the same sentencing and punishment as any other murderer of any race. It's a class and race thing and I am disgusted by it. We have so many black men in prison for drug related crimes yet we don't have any of the white middle and upper class people who PURCHASE the drugs from them in prison. This woman who neglected her child in the car not once but twice deserves to be charged with this crime.

Anonymous said...

Nate, I just wanted you to know that I am an educated white middle class 27 year old mother and I totally support everything you say. I hope you can be the beginning of getting this overturned and making sure this woman pays for what she did. She got away with murder and because of our society, I sadly believe that if this was an african american woman, or even a white woman who was driving a beat up car, they would have been arrested and prosecuted that next day. I will be there behind you every step of the way to make sure this woman pays. I'm so sick of hearing she was a good mother, how can people still say this? Does anyone remember how horrible of a death Cecilia endured? Where is the justice for Cecilia? Please keep posting....and if you create any rallys or protests, I will be right behind you in line.

Anonymous said...

This woman is a f*&%#ing idiot. That's right. An idiot. You forget you have a 2 year old after going back to the car multiple times? She had a history of doing this with BOTH girls time and time again and was reported on my responsible adults who were in shock? And this little helpless 2 year old cooked in 115 degree heat for 8 hours finally expiring of suffocation and heat stroke? And it was an accident? This woman and her ass*%#$ husband should be sterilized. These two degenerates should never have procreated and must have their 5 year old absolutely removed from their home and not be allowed to ever have children again. I'm absolutely seroius. Their remaining child is in dire straits if she remains under their care. And this dumb bi*%$ch should absolutely serve prison time for at least a year. Unbelievable that a fat middle class white woman just "forgot". WTF? Sterilize the two of them NOW and save any more possible children of theirs from potential "accidental" homicide.

Anonymous said...

You know what? Let's put this woman in a locked car for 8 hours when it reaches 120 degrees where she CAN NOT get out and just watch her from the window saying "we forget how to unlock this car...we forget how to unlock this car...we forget how to unlock this car...are you hot? sorry. we're dumbasses and don't know how to unlock the car....are you suffocating now? sorry...we are forgetful and don't know how to unlock the car" until she expires and then justice will be served. sound like a plan? and explain to her husband and remaining 5 year old that we didn't remember how to unlock the car we had her in and oopsie doopsie, she died. i think that's a fair punishment/judgement. how about you?

Erica said...

Who are all of you people to judge. I know this woman well and she was fucking amazing.

People are so quick to judge and want to punish. Don't you think that living with this on her shoulders for the rest of her life is punishment enough??

You all act as though you would NEVER make the mistakes that others make throughout their lives. We ALL make mistakes... some just cost us more than others.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand how admitting you left your child unattended for over 8 hours does not constitute negligence? Especially since we have proof that she was warned (school principal) & reminded (school newsletter). This is even worse than leaving your child in the bathtub with the water running!

Has child services been notified to open a case against the family? This mother has admitted to making a fatal mistake with her child, what about the other children in the home? Will we read about them on the news as well?

Finally, how can anyone working in children openly admit they "forgot". This is not a character trait I would desire in the faculty of an elementary school. And as someone in a leadership position this woman needs to realize she is a role model for these children - she needs to accept responsiblity for her actions.

I do pray for her and her family, this must be the most horrible tragedy they will ever go through. My heart especially goes out the husband/father who is probably very confused and distraught. We must always remember not to judge - let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. But we must also hold our government to some standards. Since White prosecuted the couple in 2002 he should also prosecute Brenda fully.

Jill said...

Nate and all your commenters - this is an excellent discussion, full of great points.

The only thing I don't see here, and I haven't seen anywhere is discussion of the underlying behavior: how it is that people - of whichever race or class - are thinking it's okay to leave a child.

Application of the law is absolutely ripe for being examined and villified and fought over.

But let's not forget that regardless of what the legal system and law enforcement decide to do or not do?

We still have to contend with how it is that these cases happen in the first place. Solving the prosecutorial issues won't do a thing to stop people from leaving their kids in their car.

What will? Isn't that a huge chunk of what we should be thinking about - in addition to what you've raised here, Nate?

Anonymous said...

I must also point out that this has nothing to do with race. Take a look at today's top headlines. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/09/06/police.dog/index.html
a white cop was charged when he killed his police dog, after leaving it in a hot car. Let's work together. If you want true equality, don't even start a "Black Blog" This is simply a bad job on the part of Don White.

Anona said...

Privilege and perfect people have an out everytime. Class and race has everything to do what happened and why charges were not made for child endangering.

Anonymous said...

"I can't understand how admitting you left your child unattended for over 8 hours does not constitute negligence?"

It is negligent. Don White said so on the Today Show this morning. But it's not automatically "reckless", which requires that she a)knowingly left the girl in the car and b)knew that doing so was dangerous.

She certainly knew b), but if Don White can't prove a), she walks.

Child endangering requires recklessness.

Anonymous said...

If I hear one more time how "Great of a Mother" Brenda Slaby is I'll be physically ill. For this lady to go the entire day with that little kid cooking in the car means that NOT ONCE THROUGHOUT THE DAY did this child cross her mind. Poor Cecilia was somewhere waaay down on the list after jobs, meetings, and doughnuts.
I agree that race, and class are factors here. Come no folks, you have to admit that if Ms. Slaby couldn't afford to hire Don White's boss as her attorney, if she drove a 1975 woody wagon and worked at Walmart she wouldn't be charged? They would jack up the jail and stick her under it! Give me a break..

Kevin LeMaster said...

NATE: I talked to quite a few white people on 700wlw who excuse Brenda's behavior and the Cincinnati Enquirer has set up a message board where white people are lining up to excuse it.

How can you tell if someone is white from a message board?

I have looked through the four pages of the message board so far, and not only is race not being mentioned at all, but the posters are overwhelmingly vilifying this woman.


Anonymous said...

I am a white male 43, graduated fron Glen Este. I don't believe anything has to do with race. It's the same old Clermont County judicial system, the little clicks in Batavia. If this woman worked at Walmart she would have been charged. The police recommended a F3 child endangering. This child was 2 years old. Mom had to put her in the carseat & buckle the carseat. She backed in, moved & went inside the car up to 5x. How can you forget that you put the child in there? She didn't forget the damn donuts. Her life is not any busier or her time strained more than other parents. What a joke! Maybe with some national attention people in Clermont County will wake up & see that this counties judicial system is biased. Not to mention that other county departments need evaluated.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this woman got away with this! When I first read about it in the paper, I was dumbfounded! That wasn't the only time she ever "forgot" her baby in the backseat of her car? What kind of mother is she? She's a murder, accident or not, she should get jail time for this. And her 5 year old should be taken away from her. So sad, what's wrong with people today?!?

Basette said...

Ok, I'm watching the footage from the interview conducted about 1 hour after the incident, and I cannot understand the manner with which the "detective" conducted the interview. Not once did he ask any pointed questions to ascertain her relative culpability; everything he said was from a sympathetic standpoint, "No one thinks you did this on purpose..." WHAT? What happened to the detective's duty to ascertain a level of culpability? This footage certainly strengthens the "good ole boy" theory being raised here. Something just does not smell right about this.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to this woman and i think it's justice that she NOT be punished by the law. She is living her own hell and will for the rest of her life. As a mother of 3 I have *almost* forgotten a child before- things are hectic, you have so much to do, and especially if the child is sleeping or quiet. Now i have always remembered in the nick of time and my heart skips a beat thinking what could have happened if I hadn't. I have had dreams since i was pregnant with my first child 7 years ago that i have forgotten my baby somewhere and in the dream when i realized I had left the baby all day alone- oh, thats the most horrible feeling. I feel such grief for both the child and the woman and the rest of the family. This woman didn't just leave the child intentionally to go to work. In that case - yes, prosecute her. Leave the woman alone. (And give me a break about the race thing.)

Anonymous said...

There is a disproportionate number of minority children in foster care. See e.g. R.B.Hill, Ph.D Race Matters Consortium. This "tragic accident" would not have happened had the child been a poor black child because had a poor black woman been observed by the day care center leaving the child unattended on prior occasions, children's services would have removed the child and likely proceedings for child neglect would have been initiated. The prosecutor said this woman will have to live with her mistake the rest of her life - do not all the poor black parents who are prosecuted for child neglect and endangerment not also have to live with their mistakes as well as the punishment the state gives them? For any minority that was prosecuted under similar circumstances in Clermont County, perhaps you should sue for a violation of your civil rights under a theory of selective enforcement due to race. Nate, if you would go to law school you could accomplish much more than you can with blogging. You have already had the benefit of training by at least two brilliant attorneys (I will let you ponder who). You may not be able to change the hate in their hearts, but you can cause them pain in the pockets.

Anonymous said...

You had my total support, but your argument has lost considerable credibility with me, your race card being played habitually needs to be sidelined if you want to drum up any kind of serious support. So here is the big question, is this noise about skin color or about that poor child who lost her life? If by any chance you are going to turn this into race I will look elsewhere to give my support.

A caring mother said...

I dont care who she is .... how much she makes a year .... the fact is she forgot about her 3 year old girl! What mother goes 8 hours not thinking what there child is doing ? where they are? if there ok ? THERE IS NO EXCUSE! basically it sounds like she put her job before her kids! This story has got my attention! She is getting by with killing her child. I mean oh my god she returned what 3 times to the car didnt see her child or the top of the car seat ? Dont forget she has left her kids in the car by them selves before. She should have at least had to pay a fee but no she got by with out going to jail or anything. Sure we forget sometimes but i remeber quickly thats cause i think about my child 24/7 sure this is my opinion but being a mother IM OUTRAGED! she was a careless mom and she has to live with what she did the rest of her life and i live in amelia and thats another reason why this hits home i mean WOW poor little girl its such a shame!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this woman is getting away with murder!!! I don't care how busy you are, there is absolutely no excuse for forgetting about your child for 10 minutes let alone 8 hours! This woman clearly has left her baby in the car so often that it became second nature. Besides stopping for doughnuts and leaving the baby in the car, how many other stops did she make that day? What confuses me as well is the video channel 9 showed of Slaby with her car backed up to the school doors and unloading the doughnuts. You can see every parking space right next to the building was empty...so why did she move the car out into the middle of the lot instead of parking right there? Also, did the baby make absolutely no noise all morning? My 2 year old chatters constantly. Slaby was going to a meeting to see co-workers she hadn't seen all summer. Did no one ask how her family was all day? Did she not think about her baby all day? Did the babysitter not try to contact the family wondering if the baby would be coming that day? It doesn't make sense! If the mother was working at McDonald's and driving a junker there would be no question that mother would be charged with murder. I can see forgetting to pay a bill, or buying milk, or going to an appointment, but to forget your child while she blisters and melts in the car is beyond my level of comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Slaby is not a very common name.

"Judge Lynn C. Slaby is the Senior Judge on the Ninth District Court of Appeals. Governor George Voinovich appointed Judge Slaby on January 5, 1995...

...his wife, former State Representative Marilyn Slaby"


Anonymous said...

"Mother Outraged By Verdict That Daughter's Killer Is Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity"

Here is a black woman who has also not gotton justice for her child.


Logan13 said...

I'm responding to the post by Erica left earlier yesterday...
Erica said...
"Who are all of you people to judge. I know this woman well and she was fucking amazing.

People are so quick to judge and want to punish. Don't you think that living with this on her shoulders for the rest of her life is punishment enough??

You all act as though you would NEVER make the mistakes that others make throughout their lives. We ALL make mistakes... some just cost us more than others. "

I absolutely 100% do NOT think that "living" with what she has done is punishment enough...not by a long shot...
Here's the issue with that theory...she HAS the rest of her life and her daughter Cecilia does not.
I know that I have made mistakes in the past and will continue to do so...I will never, however forget about my kids...much less for eight hours.
Look - if I have to run into the gas station for a pop...I bring my son in with me. I live in a nice safer neighboorhood and I still wouldn't "chance it". Aside from what's discussed here, there's a risk of someone taking your car, hitting it, etc...
You asked who we all were to judge? We are parents...On top of that, it looks like those whose job it IS to judge aren't doing so.
She may have been amazing to you...and yes everyone does screw up, but everyone also has to pay the legal consequences for screwing up.
As for being quick to punish...her daughter is dead. As far as I see it, any punishment she receives for what she did (and didn't do) is far less than the punishment her daughter paid.
You may have felt a certain way about her...that she was amazing to you...but amazing people do not forget their child for eight hours! I don't care if she was black, white, or purple...she needs to be held accountable. What she did is horrific, and no child should be left in her care, whether they're hers or not.
You said that some mistakes "just cost more than others"...
hers cost a child her life. Can you imagine what those long hours waiting for her mommy must have been like? Comparing what she did to someone forgetting to pick up the milk on the way home is inexcusable...

Anonymous said...

Yes...I would like to know how many people in this school district would feel safe with this woman accompanying their children on field trips, being responsible to take children to the bath room,etc.
She obviously has her head so far up her own a** that she cannot see what she needs to do.
I am furious that she is walking around free.
Remember people-enough of our society stood up and fought and got Amy Baker into jail and into court, we gotta get some justice for this little angel that did not even have a long enough life to make a mistake.
Brenda, dont be a coward, and liar and hide behind your own shame-stand up and take the deserved justice you need to take.
Do something right for your daughter.
We forget to close the curtains,we forget to take out the trash, we forget to pick up the drycleaning-we dont forget about a child.
You should and will be stripped of every aspect and right to work with children.
Your so called friends are defending you,but let me ask them all this...
"Will you ever led Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby drive your kids anywhere ever from this point forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????"
I doubt it,and if you do,you are as careless and reckless as she is.
This was no an accident.
This was the act of a cold screwed up priopities of a piece of sh*t woman.
I have 3 little boys and I drag them EVERYWHERE-I mean everywhere.
I constantly look in the back seat and do a head check and make sure they are secure.
I hope they take the remaining child you have, you lots your card to being a Mother the moment you said you forgot.
You got out of your routine.
Who the f**k has a routine with small children.
I am lucky if I can take a shower or sh*t somedays,so dont talk to me about routine, or even the pressures of the day.
I pray to God you are never given the opportunity to ever porcreate again, and you lose what you have currently.
God is the ultimate judge.
You spit in his face when you abandoned and neglected one if his precious gifts he gave you.
You know, in the 2 to 4 minutes you left her alone those other times, she could of been abduted by some child molester?
Then the focus, like it is now, would be on something else.
YOU should be put in your Mercedes SUV and made to suffer the same way you made your daughter suffer.
I hope you believe in God, and if not,you better bring him into your life soon,because you are going to need him for this.
And dont be a coward and kill your self.
Haven't you done enough damage already.
Your so called friends can kiss my a** and the rest of society's a**.
You are going to get your due justice on this.
If not here on earth, then in the hereafter.

Paul said...

I would venture to say that you have set a record for germane and interesting discussion on this very, very important matter. I thank God that this is America and just cannot cause the death of a child and pretend that it was an "accident". This was clearly a "incident", a deadly one, involving the death of an innocent,defenseless and precious baby, and the mother is wholly responsible for the child's death, without debate. I am applaud that Don White has elected to defame our great system of justice by not pursuing "justice" of this child. And, for those whose vision and perception has been compromised by there has been an attempt to surpress the 'real' facts in this case. There God for this blog and other media outlets there will not let this crime and how it has been 'mishandled' go unchallenged. This is why this sad matter is an "incident". For those who continue to use the word "accident", let keep in mind that whenever a criminal is caught they always employed the "L and D" defense(lie and deny) or when this doesn't work they claim "accident". I submit to you all this Mrs. Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby is a "child murderer", attempting to get away with it, with the assistance of the demons in high places. To leave a two year old child in a car, trapped in this unbearable heat to suffer like that is comparable to a crucifixion, without a cross, but the back seat of a car to suffer and die unmercifully. I saw the movie "Last Temptations" and I cried and I am crying out for "justice now" for "a light" that God sent into this world that has been exstinguished in such evil,insane,terrible and inhumane circumstances. "Inorder for evil to prevail all that it takes is a few good men to do nothing".


Anonymous said...

I am a white American woman currently living in Botswana, where I am obviously the minority. I have to say, you seem to be quite a racist. I have never met an African that is as racist as some African-Americans. Many of the people here have lived in the U.S. for a while, attending college. They aren't racist. Moreover, do you know of the tragedies that are occuring in Africa right now? I'm assuming the answer is no. If you did, you wouldn't be so worried about the white middle class Americans. You would be worried about the African people.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break - there can never be an issue to come up that is a human issue - you always have to make it a black and white issue. Maybe that is the reason why race continues to be a cause of division in this country...because you always have to make it about how you were treated unfairly (not for any other reason obviously than because you are black.) Get a life! Until people such as yourselves start thinking as human beings and not as white or black human beings - justice and life will never be even handed. You are the cause of this type of racial divide as well...maybe think about that before making your next issue a racial issue.

Dale said...


An Associated Press analysis of more than 310 fatal incidents in the past 10 years found that prosecutions and penalties vary widely, depending in many cases on where the death occurred and who left the child to die — parent or caregiver, mother or father:

•Mothers are treated much more harshly than fathers. Though mothers and fathers are charged and convicted at about the same rates, moms are 26 percent more likely to do time. And their median sentence is two years longer than the terms received by dads.

•Day care workers and other paid baby sitters are more likely than parents to be charged and convicted. But they are jailed less frequently than parents, and for less than half the time.

•Charges are filed in half of all cases, even when a child was left unintentionally.

Anonymous said...

If Brenda had been Shaquana & been Black her Black behind would be rotting in jail period!!!

"Police: Mom left child in car three other times" read it for yourselves.


This woman had a history of leaving this baby strapped in the car.

It's quite ironic now that her baby's dead she's on "administrative leave" but when her baby was alive she just HAD to be at work....ironic!

Some people should never be mothers. Being a good mother is a full time job. If you have children who aren't old enough to go to school and you're sitting on your butt at work right now someone else is raising your child. Are they doing a good job?

I'm not blaming women perse but the United States is so far behind every other country. Every company that employs women who have small children should have a ONSITE child care facility.

I have to say this too how could her child be so quiet she didn't know it was in the car? Something's rotten in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

I am a white male in my earlier 40's a father of 5 and a grandfather of 6. My wife and I had our children young. I am also a resident of Union Township. As my son attends the school the Mrs. Slaby was the assist. principal I have had the opportunity to have had dealings with her. I do not think she is the saint she is being portrayed to be. I find her to be very self absorbed. I do not believe that she did this with intent but I do believe she needs to be held accountable for her actions. The dictionary definitions of negligence and recklessness are basically identical. In closing the general mood of the local community here is one of disbelief that there is no action being taken. I guess it really is who you know.

Anonymous said...

This is not I repeat not about race and to say that it is shows just how racist you are. To be child endargerment there must be intent. There is no intent proven here. To be manslaughter someone must be killed in the act of doing another crime. Since there is no crime here it can not be manslaughter. This was a horrible accident. Should we charge every parent that has a child die in an accident as result of a mistake they made? What if a child drowns in a swimming pool that he gotten into without his parents knowledge? What if a child dies in a car accident that the parent caused? What if a child is burned to death while playing with matches? It should not matter how horrible the death is but rather the intent. This women intended to take her daughter to the sitters and not leave her in the car. Unlike the black women in North Carolina whom left her 1 and 4 year old in the car while she went to work for a double shift with a few battery operated fans and some food and drink thinking that was OK. Then returned to the car many hours latter to find them with weak pulses and instead of taking them for medical attention drove home. I don't see her on your site. Or how about the black cincinnati father whom killed his baby girl by repeatedly smashing her little head on pavement in order to get revenge on her mother. He got off on "innocent by reason of insanity" Why is he not on your site. I think it is because they are black. The question here is not what would the police have done if she was poor and black but how would you have reacted if she was poor and black?

Anonymous said...

So per Don White according to Ohio law, she had to have been reckless in leaving Cecilia in the car. It seems to me that the prosecutor's argument would be in any other case that it was reckless because SHE put her in the car and SHE KNEW that child was in the car. It isn't that someone else put her in the car and she never had knowledge that the child was in the car. THIS IS THE MOST ABSURD THING THAT WE AS A COMMUNITY ARE SUPPOSE TO SWALLOW. So if the Carrolls would of said they forgot they put Marcus in a closet, they would of walked and not felt compelled to cover it up? What is the difference if you leave a child to die in a closet versus a car that probably reached 180 degrees that day. Well then the Clermont County CPS better be giving back a whole of lot of children to the biological parents, because I assure you there were a lot of children taken out of their homes for neglect for similar or equivalent circumstances that obviously happened in this case and they need to let a lot of people out of jail that were charged and jailed for the same type of offense. So, if I am driving along and forget what I am doing and turn left in front of somebody and kill them, I am not guilty of manslaughter because I forgot I was driving and just went on autopilot and turned and caused someone to lose their life? ABSURD! That would never fly in any court. I agree with the previous blogger, this woman has to be related to the supreme court judge, Lynn Slaby. There seems to be a lot of pull going on here, absolutely ridiculous!

Klopzi said...

When it comes to a child dying to due to neglect or abuse on the part of a parent, I don't think we can judge these people by normal law.

This should be life in prison, no trial, no jury, nothing. When you go out and kill your defenseless child, you no longer deserve to live.

Nate Livingston said...

"This is not I repeat not about race and to say that it is shows just how racist you are. To be child endargerment there must be intent. There is no intent proven here."

I'm sorry to have to disagree with you, but you are just wrong. Note: not only do I disagree with you, so does Don White.

This comes from Answers.com: "In many systems of law, criminal guilt requires not only that an act was performed ... but also that it was performed with an appropriate mind-set."

Ohio law recognizes several "mind-sets" -- the most serious is purposely, then knowingly, recklessly, and negligently.

Child endangerment doesn't require a conscious decision to intentionally or purposely or even knowingly engage in criminal conduct as you are suggesting. Instead, the appropriate mind-set for child endangering is "recklessness."

What does that mean? Well, Don White points out that recklessness is defined in Ohio Revised Code 2901.22(C). "A person acts recklessly when, with heedless indifference to the consequences, he perversely disregards a known risk that his conduct is likely to cause a certain result or is likely to be of a certain nature. A person is reckless with respect to circumstances when, with heedless indifference to the consequences, he perversely disregards a known risk that such circumstances are likely to exist."

The question is: Was it reckless for Brenda Slaby to leave her child in her SUV and forget about her after being warned many times about the consequences of doing so, including being warned on day before the child's death? I say it was reckless! But forget what I say, this question should have been put before a judge or a jury and they should have decided.

Anonymous said...


(According to the U.S. Department of Health, more children are injured and killed every year by women/mothers than men/fathers)

Matt said...

You can't possibly claim that this is a case of racial discrimination; you don't offer a valid point of comparison. You don't give an example of a black woman being treated differently under the same circumstances. There's no evidence to support your position that this woman is not being prosecuted because of the color of her skin.

I do, however, believe that our society and the media tend to (sometimes outrageously) paint an all-too-soft portrait of women who commit crimes. Even in cases of a woman murdering her husband in cold blood, the media attempts to sympathize with the woman, presenting her as the victim instead of the male. I think it would be a much more accurate assessment to say that this is a case of the media and justice system's tendency to turn a blind eye to women who commit heinous crimes.

Alf said...

I know you'll never approve this comment but I think that YOU'RE the racist and a bigot. How about you stop spewing YOUR racist bullshit. If you really think blacks are still treated unfairly then why don't you help to improve there station. Basically SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting.

Kevin said...

I watched the video of her interrogation and arrest. She is surprisingly calm. The crying seems a little forced to me. I'm not syaing she did it on purpose, but she certainly doesn't seem to be that upset. Maybe she had been given a sedative or something.

For me, I wouldn't be able to talk, breathe, remain upright, see, hear, understand anything if I had caused the death of my daughter (who is now 1 and a half). I can't even fathom the pain I would have. This lady was not showing that pain.

Anonymous said...

Because of deaths like these in recent months, it is now state policy that we, as child care providers, must call the parents if they do not arrive within 1 hour of their scheduled arrival time. I understand that doing so could save lives in situations like this one, but since when is it our responsibility to check to make sure that parents don't forget to drop their children off at daycare? Soon we will be required to call them to make sure they didn't forget to take them inside with them when they arrive home, as well. As far as this particular case, I am deeply saddened when I think of what that poor child went through in the moments leading up to her death. I also pray for the Slaby family that they will somehow be able to get through this, especially for the sakes of the daughter and step-daughter that still remain.

Anonymous said...

I'm not taking the time to read all of these comments.. maybe nobody will take the time to read mine either...

Anyway, there IS a difference between these stories.

1) in the cases of the parents, the kid died. In a day and age when we can't even afford to keep low-life losers in jail, why would you put an otherwise law abiding mom in jail?

2) the child care people should be glad they have the option to just be penalized for endangering a kid (whom the parents trusted and paid to take care of) as opposed to having killed the kid.

When an organization makes a mistake like this, it's a deal breaker for them business wise... and that manifests in penaltys/fines/etc. You want the negligent daycare facilities shut down, which is exactly what happened.

3) that said, I can appreciate the double standard that exists in many situations.

NickName said...

Contrary to your statement, Nancy Grace DID indeed attack this issue, and was LOUD and CLEAR - and pretty angry, too...she feels that the mother should DO TIME...guess you missed it, heh?

Anonymous said...

I live in Chandler AZ, a town SE of Phoenix, and it is AGAINST THE LAW TO LEAVE EVEN A DOG IN THE CAR windows down, cracked or not anytime except in the dead of winter, and even then, you'd better not be far away, and you had better have your windows open a goodly amount. Whatever this woman is, she is not responsible and is probably a sociopath or psychopath. The law often doesn't know how to deal with these types, so they get away with NEGLECT or even MURDER. Bottom line, it sounds like the DA isn't doing his/her job...

Anonymous said...

You have got this all wrong this has nothing to do with race at all it is all about class, if this would have been anyone else NO MATTER WHAT RACE, they would have been hauled off to jail immediately. Let me give you another example, how come ALL THESE PEOPLE IN CLERMONT COUNTY are getting charged with child endangerment and their children aren't even harmed or in danger. In 2000, I myself was prosecuted by Donald Whites office for Child Endangerment for leaving the keys in my car and my 4 year old child rolled my car 2 feet and did not harm himself or damage anything, but I was charged for not watching my child closely enough 5 feet from my door and irresponsibly leaving my keys unattended in the vehicle. No that conviction should be overturned since that was not intented it was a mistake, if you go by Mr. White's version of the Ohio statute.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Nate, good luck

CincyJeff said...

I'm late in responding here, but I totally agree with the positions taken by Nate Livingston and Christopher Smitherman that this case stinks! Just like with the Chad Metzcar situation, another innocent person is dead because a white person's selfishness, yet we see loads of white people lining up to make excuses for their actions. Something is wrong here.

Obviously not all white people are like this. I'm not, for one. Just as all blacks don't run dog-fighting rings. But it's ridiculous when a black woman spends 14 more days in jail because someone else's dog died on her property than a white woman who leaves her own baby to bake to death. Michael Vick will spend a year in jail (fine with me) for killing 8 dogs. But if he was white and killed a human in Clermont County instead, he'd already have gotten off.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a mother has her child out of her mind for 7-8 hours I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and none of my 14 is out of my mind for an hour ever, let alone that long. Did her dear little girl not cross her mind for a second during that time to wonder what she was doing and then think about where she was? Seems funny to me I cannot believe that. I believe that whoever is responsible for her not being charged in this baby's death is also guilty. As I watch her in the video it makes me sick her twisting around in her chair and saying all these things basically about herself, if it were me I would have died from a heart attack or be in the police dept. bathroom putting a end to it all. I always had my kids on my mind and never forgot them for one minute my youngest is 36 years old and I still keep track of all of them. What kind of a mother does this? If you slap your kid you can go to jail and she can kill hers and walk. There is something wrong with this picture. WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT STAND STILL FOR THIS AND DEFEND THIS BABY RIGHT TO HAVE HAD THE LIFE SHE RIGHTFULLY DESERVED AND HER MOTHER TOOK AWAY.

Tired of the Corruption said...

It's really quite simple: we are brainwashed as a society to believe justice is equal. It is not! There is plenty of empirical evidence to support this. Class matters (race is a part of class)! We are loathe as a people to admit class even exists in our egalitarian democratic society!

I believe this case and White's abuse of his prosecutorial discretion highlights all of the other perceived injustices done by his office. The people of Clermont County are tired - and finally someone from the outside has pried up the rock and shined the light and now the creepy, crawly, Republicans are scurrying for cover.

As a Clermont County resident I can't thank you enough for filing the complaint! Thanks Nate!

TOTALLY PO'D said...

Well THIS CASE MADE IT ON NANCY GRACE! She can be quite the bulldog and I hope she sinks her teeth in deep and gets to the bottom of the injustice happening to children in clermont county. Poor little Marcus Feisel still has one of his murderers not being charged in his death either! I'm sorry but those little charges in KY don't amount to crap, she should be sitting in prison for LIFE! DON WHITE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS COMMUNITY WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE THIS BS! The FBI profiler on there said this case may meet Munchausen Syndrome, in other words, this may have been on purpose. It would explain a lot wouldn't it???

ALSO, DID ANYBODY ELSE NOTICE THAT DON WHITE SAID ON THE TODAY SHOW TO MATT LAUER, "this woman has now lost another child" WAS THIS A SLIP OF THE TONGUE??? What other child did she lose???? If this is not the first child of hers to die in her care, THAT SHOULD BE A BIG RED FLAG and this woman should not escape justice. This story is all over the national media, mark my words, a lot will come of this. I am very curious how much cash crossed the palm of Scott Croswell from the Slaby's and if the Supreme Court Judge Lynn Slaby is related to her, I am sure he is somehow related to her husband, Gary Slaby, no doubt. The Marcus Feisel case left this community sickened and saddened and really questioning the judgement of Don White, Woody Bryer and Joe Deters, but this on top of poor little Marcus is screaming for something to change. I think I am going to go be sick.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that this entire thing happened because this woman (who is supposedly a responsible adult for children) did not have a mindset that was centered around her child and had a habit of leaving her child in the car unattended. It never behooved her that it was not a safe thing to EVER leave a child in a car. This was a pattern with her. Can you imagine the number of times this family has left that baby in the car while they ran errands, shopped and God knows what else???? FIRST RULE OF HAND ANY RESPONSIBLE ADULT KNOWS is you don't ever leave a child in a car unless you are standing right there. Wouldn't the more sensible thing for her to have done was call her babysitter and tell her that she had 80,000 doughnuts to pick up and that she needed to drop Cecilia off a little early? Why was it such a big deal that she couldn't have dropped her off 10 minutes early? RIDICULOUS!! Who would want to go to Busken and buy all those doughnuts knowing you have a toddler in the car anyway? And not only did she make 5 trips to her car once she got to the school, how many times did she have to walk past little Cecilia to load the doughnuts at the bakery? I am sorry, I don't get it!!! I dont get how any mother can forget her child. I think this woman has some serious issues and I wonder if there have been past instances where children have been neglected in her care, whether it be her own or someone elses. No one but someone who is on drugs, drunk or has had some serious brain injury forgets their children. How do you go to work and your work be centered around the care and education of children and not think of their children, especially babies, for God's sake, this is freaking common sense. What makes it worse is that it was also her career to be responsible for children. If I were to be that absent minded in the caring of children, I would be conscious of that and know that I am not competent to be taking care of children and I would never want the responsibility of any children whatsoever knowing that I am absent minded and cannot even remember that I put my 2yo in the car seat and strapped her in and never freaking dropped her off. I wonder, does this woman have vision problems also? How does she NEVER see this baby in the car seat, even when she went back and forth multiple times to the car, but a person parking next to her sees the child right away??? The situation is an awful one and then the way it is being handled, or not handled I should say, is deplorable. Her actions clearly speak loudly that her child was not of her first concern, her behavior screams that she was not a mom that took precautions to not leave the child unattended in the car and her pattern was not to even call and check on her own children. This my friends is what led to little Cecilia's demise, unless it is something that none of us want to bear hearing and that is she did do this on purpose and has kind of a mental defect and if that is true, her other child is in grave grave danger. Her friends can say all the BS they want, but the facts speak for themselves. May God have mercy on her soul.

Mark said...

Wow. Yes, this is a sad and terrible story, but we have absolutely no evidence that race has anything to do with it. On the other hand, your constant race baiting - as well as the fact that you proudly capitalize the ethnicity "black" while leaving "white" in lower case - show that if anybody here is to be branded a racist, it's you.

I suggest that you perform some serious introspection before continuing on your crusade. First cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly enough to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

Anonymous said...

In the other cases when she left her daughter in the car, was it when she was dropping off another child at school? If so, then she knew and wasn't forgetting about her daughter. I know there are many parents who drop one child off and leave the other in the car for a quick drop off. I am just curious about the findings in the other reported cases. I am a preschool director and many parents do leave there babies and toddlers in the car while dropping off. I have actually made an issue about it because I feel some leave their child a little too long. A quick drop off is one thing, when they linger around in the preschool for many minutes, it concerns me greatly.

I know that she never intended to forget her child, however, I am concerned that it is becoming too easy to leave a child strapped into the car seat. As inconvenient as it may be sometimes, just get in the habit of always taking your child out! Then once that becomes habit, it'll also become habit to look in the backseat, even when your children are not there. A quick glance is all that's needed. It's like putting on your seatbelt. Once you get in the habit, it becomes just a natural reaction that you don't even realize you're doing.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who believe race or class has nothing to do with charging and the administration of justice, read Donald Black's The Behavior of Law (1976). It should definitely make you think again.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing but a tragedy, regardless of race. My heart cries for anyone that goes thru this.

I too cannot imagine forgetting my child in the car, but as Jesus said, I cannot cast the first stone. All of us have been warned of stuff during our lifetime we thought either was trival or non-issue only to be nailed by our actions. Maybe not on this grand of scale though. The difference is, we suffered alone. She must suffer in the public spotlight for who knows how long. When will healing begin?

C'mon peeps, let's leave race outta this, heck everything for that matter. Christ died for ALL of us, race won't matter in heaven.

Joe Harvey said...

You know, O.J. accidentally left his wife and Mark Goldman dead, because he accidentally sliced their throats, because he accidentally forget he had a giant, sharp knife in his hand, because he accidentally caught them together after he had been accidentally spying on Nicole, because he had accidentally had grown jealous and enraged durinmg their marriage, because he was accidentally a famous millionaire and superstar, who accidentally got away with double murder because the L.A. County Prosecutor's Office fucked the case up! Just like Don White accidentally just didn't care that this was no fucking "accident". In Ohio Law there is a 'complicity statue' that says if one gives assistance to anyone violating the law in Ohio, then that person can be charged with the same crime as an accomplice!

Joe Harvey

Anonymous said...

Slaby is white and I am white.

Slaby is an idiot and should be prosecuted with any and all possible charges. Black, white or green, Slaby is a criminal and a killer and should be treated like a killer. The class issue here is so obvious it's sickening. If Slaby was a welfare mother, white or black, she'd be behind bars now and for many, many years to come. But she's s school principal. She has high social status and responsibility.

And the fact that she is a "responsible" person should hold her to a higher standard and makes me wonder if this might not be a case of premeditated murder. Who in the world "FORGETS" their infant child? It kind of makes you wonder if any insurance policies had been purchased for the victim.

If nothing else "forgetting" her child proves that the child was an inconvenient event in her life. A hassle she would rather forget about and go to her job. Far less important than her job. Throw the kid in the car like she is taking out the trash. Pathetic.

THe only thing more pathetic is anyone trying to make this a racial issue. It's simply an American class system breakdown. The upper class rules regardless of color. The only color that matters in America is green.

Anonymous said...

I am the daughter of the prosecutor, Don White. I am a democrat, i live in San Francisco. I have 3 kids. I have to say something here Nate- MY FATHER IS NOT A RACIST. You do not know him, none of you do. Is he is a conservative republican, yes, thats a a family issue- two republican parents with three democrat kids. My father is a loving, caring, open-minded man however. I am well aware that racial prejudice is everywhere and it sucks. My best friend from age of 16 is a black man and believe me, ive seen it surround him constantly. My dad grew up in walnut hills -in what i consider to be poverty and worked incredibly hard to get thru law school and have a stimulating career. He understands and has extreme empathy for people in desperate situations. But listen to me as i say that i dont believe for a second that if the woman in the same situation was black or hispanic, Don White wouldnt follow the law and his gut instinct and evidence. I am 38 years old and Ive watched my dad throughout his career and he is not anything but honest and forthright. What you see is what you get. I dont deny that with other people, who knows, there probably would be cause to say exactly what you are saying, but NOT with my dad. Bill Cunningham is an absolutely absurd idiot. LIving in SF, you dont see this racial discord that you see in Cincinnati. Its sad isnt it? 2007 and still a bunch of idiots and their prejudices...

Anonymous said...

Don White is following the Ohio LAW.
there is no proof that this woman was reckless. that she knowingly left her child in the car. Yes, she should not have left her kid in the car when going in to get the other child at school, obviously. No shit.
noone denies that. idiotic. true. BUT this time, the woman did not realize her child was still in the car, she didnt think, oh ill just run in school for 7 hours and she'll be ok. SHE IS HUMAN and forgot she didnt drop off the child at the sitter. days blend together. working, kids, stress of the almighty american dollar. she fell prey to it and its not anyone's right to decide she needs any more suffering than she will have for her lifetime. its not our right to say she is a bad mother or person bc she chose that lifestyle. It was a horrific accident. it could happen to anyone. has your 12 yr old son hang out in a mall unattended? if he was kidnapped by some freaky pedofile and raped and killed, is this your fault as a parent, should you be crusified and sent to jail for not knowing he was in danger? hey malls are breeding grounds- didnt you know? whatever, all of you self-righteous people need to evolve and re-evaluate your vengeful spirits.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you all are finding all these white sympathizers for Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby. I haven't met any. I am a white, 37 year old mother of twin boys and one on the way. I think she should be strapped into the back seat of that oven and left to bake the same way.And why do so many reporters and investigators keep saying, "no one thinks she did this intentionally"? If what I'm reading is true - that this .. woman... returned to her vehicle five times, once even to drive it to another location, I have no hesitation is saying that I believe she did it on purpose! I believe she was tired of being a mother to a two year old! I'm sickend. I'm also confused at the statements I've read that suggest her actions do not fit a specific crime. How about negligence, child abandonment, child endagerment, injury to a child topped off with capital murder. Not manslaughter, capital murder because this child died at the fault of her mother while the other above mentioned crimes were in progress! First, I wish this had never happend. Second, I wish it had happend here in Texas where we would be hanging her from the highest tree without regard to her skin being white, black, brown, pink or purple! - Carla

Anonymous said...

if this had been a black child, it never would have happened!. No way you could load a car with doughnuts and have a black kid sleep through it!

Quoted from a BUZZ caller

Anonymous said...

Before you can interject race into this sad case, first you must look in the mirror. It is blatantly obvious that you play the race card even when it doesn exist (as in this case). Perfect example is the URL for this site: http://blackcincinnati.blogspot.com/2007/09/has-white-woman-brenda-nesselroad-slaby.html

Why was the word "white" even necessary here? How about "human being" or simply "woman."

heaveno777 said...

A perfect recipe for future murders of children. An accident is justified based on a few simple words, "I forgot." The burning question for me is, "How much is the insurance policy worth?"

Anonymous said...

I can see where this may look like a race issue but lets be real people!!! Does it really matter? The fact is this, this woman has left her child in the car alone on numerous occassions and did so on the day of her death. Repeatedly getting in and out of the car and never once noticing she was back there? You cant be serious! How do you forget your child? How do you get so busy with your life that you forget her? It is ludacris that no formal charges are being filed....Who stands to gain the most from this not gong in front of the courts??

Nate Livingston said...

if this had been a black child, it never would have happened!. No way you could load a car with doughnuts and have a black kid sleep through it!

Quoted from a BUZZ caller"

Wow! Somebody read The Whistleblower.

You get an "A" for cut and paste and a "F" for originality.

Anonymous said...

I remember having a 2 year old. They can often make you question whether or not it's too late for an abortion. I am married to a younger man who wants another kid. I'm not so sure. Being a white, professional woman, I am pleased to have been afforded the information as to where I can go (Ohio) and in which manner I can resolve problems with any future unplanned or unwanted 2 year olds.

Sarcasm aside (and I absolutely know this is not the time nor place and I apologize for that), I absolutely believe this is a class and a race issue. I also know, however, as the "system" is run by the whites, if you are going to be allowed any credibility, PLEASE don't play the race card. Keep it on the social/class level. The race issue tends to make my people a little defensive.

This is so far beyond fucked I don't even know what else I can say... Go Nate!

Anonymous said...

Let us remember (there is a word that needs to be used more frequently) that none of us was present for either the Slaby case or the Bittner case, therefore we do not know all of the details. I'm going to guess that most here are not lawyers, or have no background in understanding the law. The difference here is NOT the socio/economic or race issue, but the fact that in the Bittner case, they did NOT take the child immediately to receive medical attention and did attempt to mislead the authorities about circumstances surrounding her condition. Those facts weren't present in the Slaby case. Do I agree with the prosecutor's decision? I'm not sure. I do find it very difficult to believe that someone who has been described as a 'mother of the year' type could get in and out of her car that many times, back up to the school door, open the hatch in the back and never see that child in the car seat. It also amazes me that sometime during the day, she apparently did not remember that the child was still in the car, indicating that she probably didn't think of her at all. That is probably the most unbelievable part of this event. I don't believe she purposely left that child in the car to die, but to not have a statute that addresses this kind of situation leaves the door wide open for someone who does want to be free of obligation to his children to leave them alone in a hot car and 'forget' them. There should be a statute that states that no living thing is to be left unattended in an automobile (van, truck, etc.) for any reason, and the penalty should be stiff. kidcarenmom

Anonymous said...

If this is a race issue, then maybe it should wake up those of races other than white, inspring them to achieve, as other people of color have done. I have paid for all of my education and belongings through hard work, and THAT is how you become self sufficient and respected.

Anonymous said...

I'm white and I'm PISSED.

Actually, my thoughts have entered a radical realm of saying that these negligent, white assholes should be held to a HIGHER standard and be treated even more harshly! Many of the "lower class" and minority people being prosecuted today did not have the benefits of a two-parent household, education, luxury transportation, couseling, childcare, family and community support and financial security of people like Brenda Slaby, and now she gets the benefit of being allowed to get away with murder!

Appears to me as though another self-absorbed dumb ass is going to skate because of her privilege. I do understand her suffering and believe she deserves every bit of it and then some. She should not be allowed contact with children (her others should be taken away) and she should be given a very sharp razor and left alone for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but this have everything to do with race. It's all about how rich you are and how established in society you are. It really pisses me off that everyone's treating this like an "accident"
Regardless if it were an accident or not, a child died and she should be held responsible for it period!
What if this were a black teacher in Clifton or in Over the Rhine who left her 2 year old daughter in the back seat of her van while she was preparing for school that same day? Do you HONESTLY think anyone would give a damn about how much of a good mother she is? Absolutely not! They'd prosecute her in a heart beat and nobody would give a shit because she was inner city trash isn't that right?
It's stories like this that make me greatful I chose a Journalism degree

Kevin Kinney said...

Hey Jackass, your little opinions count for shit. I know Brenda, her husband, daughter and step-daughter. Her actions or inactions killed her little girl. She has to wake up every morning knowing that.
Who the fuck cares if she wakes up in her home or jail? That's something she'll remember forever.
What's a jail term compared to that?

The fact she wakes up every day proves she's stronger than me.
And you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you think the only difference in the Slaby and Bittner case is finical status.
Maybe you choose to ignore the fact that once the Bittner's discovered their daughter sweaty and whizzing in the back of a hot vehicle, they did not call 911 or take her to the hospital, instead they put her in the tub, called a nursing service (which btw indicates they saw a problem) and gave her tylenol.It appears they were more concerned about the consequences for themselves because they forgot their daughter than they were worried about proper medical care for the child.

Nate Livingston said...

"I'm not sure why you think the only difference in the Slaby and Bittner case is finical status.
Maybe you choose to ignore the fact that once the Bittner's discovered their daughter sweaty and whizzing in the back of a hot vehicle, they did not call 911 or take her to the hospital, instead they put her in the tub, called a nursing service (which btw indicates they saw a problem) and gave her tylenol."

I'm curious to know what difference any of that makes. Both children died as a result of their parents accidentally leaving them in a hot car. In one case, Don White says this isn't reckless. In the other case, he says it is. What difference does it make what the Bittners did after they realized that they left their child in the car?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nate for exposing the corruption in Clermont County government. I am not elected but work for an elected person out here. For obvious reasons I can't give you my name. The system here is corrupt and it mainly centers on Don White and Scott Crosswell. For years they have been buddies going on trips together and socializing. A lot of people out here even think that somehow White was connected to getting Crosswell to be the attorney for Brenda Slaby. This isn't the first time someone suspected this buddy buddy scheme. A few years ago I heard that some of White's lawyer friends who had actually worked with him for many years joined up to complain to the Ohio supreme court judges about his conflicts. He runs a private law practice on the side and some of the cases he and his fellow office lawyers handle are connected to cases his prosecutors are in court for. I know this because I talked in person to one of the lawyers who was involved in the complaint. I have also talked to respected high rank police officers out here. They think White is crooked to the bone and says that no one in the law enforcement area trusts him at all. One chief told me a few years ago that he was thinking about filing a complaint about White for something he did in one of his department's cases to refuse prosecution because the guy who was arrested was one of White's clients for something else. I also know and have talked to people who are elected out here and they also don't like White's shady behavior. No one who knows him much respects him and a lot of people thinks he can't be trusted at all. I read the comments here from his daughter and if they were for real I feel sorry for her. She has a view of her dad that is not the same as most others. Maybe it's a good thing she lives away from here so she doesn't know the truth. It will be interesting to see what happens with your complaint and if the news reports about it. You should send them a copy of it. If you don't maybe I will. It's about time someone did something about this mess so the roaches like White and Crosswell have to come of their dark holes.

Mother of 2 said...

I absolutly can not believe this women is FREE! I am a young mother 24 and I have 2 children 7 mths and 2 years. I can not really believe she didn't see that baby. All I see when I look back is car seats. They need to remove her other daughter and fire her a**. She's not a mother we NEVER forget our children. That poor baby never deserved that. Her status and her money got her where she is. There are people in jail for there animals and THAT ANIMAL is free. Rediculous

Anonymous said...

Class should play a deciding role in this tragedy. I am white, and I would want the poor black, brown, red, green, or redneck prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law - because they are POOR!!!!

Poor people deserve far worse treatment because they are disadvantaged, and besides that, the disparity between rich and poor can be easily explained by the fact that poor people do stupid shit far more often than their rich counterparts - that is probably why they are poor to begin with (or a contributing factor).

laura m said...

I have been to a few of these web pages and this one has been the best so far. I am glad to read about someone doing something about her not bieng charged .I am a white mother of 5 yr and 13yr old kids.I'm sick of people defending this woman. She left her kid in a car!!!! Come on already! My husband and I work 60 to 70 hrs a week and our schedules change by the minute.Don't give me that forgot CRAP!!!! I completely agree with nate and I also believe the social status of this woman had alot to do with it.Now I not saying I've never left my child in my car to go pay for gas I think anyone who does say that is a liar. We are all busy and try to save time where we can. So what she has to live with what she's done, THAT'S BY NO MEANS PUNISHMENT. THIS WOMAN NEEDS TO BE CHARGED WITH SOMETHING !!! All of you that feel sorry for her and sympathize for her need to get a grip.All of you that think justice has been served need to be sterilized to prevent you from having children becuase you are not good parents and don't deserve to reproduce!!! This whole thing is completely un*#$*#$*believable.

Debra Virden,RN,SANE-A said...

Unfortunately, this country has historically given children second-class status; THe ASPCA was the first entity to bring an outcry against child abuse(Yes an animal rights group!!) Look at the historical punishments against child abusers, which usually amounts to maybe 2-5 years jail for involuntary manslaughter against a child, as opposed to 5-25 for the murder of an adult. Our laws to protect the little ones are in need of serious revision. This woman left her children alone in the car repeatedly. The odds of this tragedy increased with every episode. She made a habit of this behavior, she CHOSE TO CONTINUE THIS BEHAVIOR, therefore she deserves fitting punishment! We, as a society, must hold ourselves accountable, as well, for allowing antiquated child protection laws and values to remain in place. Our present pre-occupation with self and self-needs often override our fundimental responsibilities to our family, and our neighbors. We"overlook" our children in many ways, and are paying too dear a price. WAKE UP!! YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUR FIRST RESPONSIBILTY!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe she is not being charged with anything...
she "forgot"??? that is blatant NEGLECT!
And I have NEVER left my kids in the car, to pay for gas or ANYTHING.... and that is not a lie.. to the person who claims anyone saying such is lying. If I don't want to drag everyone into the gas station, I pay with a card at the pump. B
Bottom line is you don't "forget" you put you kids in the car. For the record I am "white" and do believe that if she had been black/poor she would go to jail .. that they are buying the "I forgot" is beyond my ability to believe. That you can use that as an excuse for killing your child is beyond reason.
It was Neglect, if not downright MURDER.. why do they buy this as fact? I watched the video's .. both the interrogation. (if you could call it that with the guys saying over and over, "we know you didn't do it on purpose.") and the video of her at the school. Not buying her story. Not at all. I am sickened that she is walking around free. Someone needs to protect her other children.
When you become a parent you are RESPONSIBLE for them. If you cannot remember that you just put a baby in the car, you should not be allowed to have kids.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Brenda Slaby chose not to change Cecilia’s diaper before leaving the house (as detailed in the police report) is evidence of the fact that the neglect of the child began before she had been placed in the vehicle only to be forgotten after Brenda Slaby changed lanes at Eastgate Blvd and drove to Busken Bakery rather than first transporting her 2 year old child to the child care provider’s home. Brenda Slaby’s reasoning being she felt it was too early to drop off Cecilia at the sitter’s home. This certainly indicates that Brenda Slaby had the time to change the diaper Cecilia had worn during her sleeping hours before she left the home. Brenda Slaby admitted to investigators that “she never thought of the child from the point where she changed lanes at Eastgate Blvd. and headed for Busken Bakery rather than Cecilia’s sitter’s home. A baby wearing a soiled/wet diaper will cry when they are in need of a diaper change. However, Brenda Slaby would have us believe that Cecilia did not voice any discomfort. The fact is, Brenda Slaby gave no thought to her child’s needs when she made the choice not to change a diaper that no doubt had been soaking wet.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing has sickened me. There has been so many bad things in Clermont county it's like they are hexed or something. I know things get busy, but a normal caring person would have had it nagging at the back of their mind that they had forgot something. Many times I have thoughts of OMG what did I forget to do? It is strange that the babysitter didn't call to see where she was. It is strange that she supposedly didn't cry from a wet diaper. The thing that has bugged me the most was the interview they showed that she had with the police... All I kept hearing was , "What am I supposed to do? How do I live with this? how do I go on?" everything she said seemed to show her having pity on herself. Not once did I hear her say. "OMG My poor cecilia what have a I done to you?" it was all ME ME ME with her.
I don't think her color had anything to do with this. It to me is more of a stature issue. It did happen in a Merceds SUV,, not an old beat up Bronco. I would love to get ahold of this so called woman and beat the crap out of her. How can she say it was an accident? I think they need to do an autopsy she could have drugged her with something to keep her quiet while she ran her errands. It's a sad world when doughnuts are more important than children!
Burn in Hell Slaby!

Anonymous said...

Nate -

While I often disagree with many of the things you write or say, I have to back you 100% on this one.

The woman should have to face a jury, plain and simple. The prosecutor should have recused himself at a minimum.

If I'm distracted, run a redlight and kill somebody, I'm going to jail. This woman deserves no less.

Please don't let this issue die.

Kevin K.

Ethno-Sectarian said...

Top comment:

Nate you should stop worrying about middle class white women in Clermont County and whether justice was or was not served and instead starting worrying about all the kids being brought into the world in the ghetto by all these babydaddies running around fathering kids into a world of misery and despair. How about them?

Whatabout them? The only people who complain about the Babydaddy system are whites. It seems to be working just fine for blacks.

You zionists (that is what you are) must have your hand in everything. I view blacks who take away money from the DC war machine as a GOOD THING. I will support human-welfare over corporate-welfare or war-welfare any day. Whites need to get in on the game, whites need less financial "responsiblity", whites don't need to think of the bills in order to decide on having children, it's unnatural, un Christian, and anti-life; in the superior black system motherhood is cherished. This Feminist career bitch, probably a Ayn Rand reader, put her job before her kid, and her kid died. Motherhood was the least of her worries ahead of acting like a rational sterile man, feminism, a disease steming from judaic zionism, (notice the hyphenated name characteristic of jews) must be repealed. Death to feminism, hail natural goyish society.

Brad Loomis said...

The Bittner's case had something that the Slaby situation did not. Documented history of neglect, filed with CPS(Child Protective Services). Along with that, they were found to have lied about the happenings. OK, we do not know if Ms. Slaby lied or not, hopefully we will reach that answer. I do, however, think that because there were earlier instances of Cecilia being left in a car alone(hopefully documented), that should have been enough to charge her with endangering. I feel that Mr. White has done us a great disservice due to the fact that investigations were not thorough in my opinion. I sent Mr. White an e-mail sometime between 9/10/2007 and 9/13/2007. I have yet to get a response. I am losing faith in our legal system...I am white.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should stop spreading rumors on how she murdered her 2 year old, and spend more time getting the cases JUST like hers re-opened (not the one where they LIED about the girl being left in the van)

Justice isn't charging the white mother with murder for accidentally leaving her sleeping child in her car. It's making sure other parents who really forgot (and weren't doing drugs or drinking) get justice!

Angry, bitter, grudge holding BLACK men give ALL black men a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I also agree race does have something to do with this.
But charging the white mother with murder to get 'even' is not the answer.
Go back and open up the cases brought against poor blacks, or even rich blacks that are JUST like this one, and get justice for them!
Stop adding fuel to the fire! Not all white people are bad. I got beat up by blacks all through jr. high school, and I did not instigate the fights.
Should I forever claim racism every time a black person offends me? Should i be afraid of all blacks?
Practice forgiveness. Do what you can to change what you can change, and let God handle the rest. Justice will be served on judgement day.

Anonymous said...

Her punishment is this: She is going to either commit suicide because of the guilt, she will commit suicide from the shame and
no one will ever look at her the same again.

White people I know do not excuse her behavior. She should be charged with neglect. She didn't leave her kid out there on purpose. It doesn't make sense, and her first reaction was that of someone who was shocked and broken.

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily agree that race was the driving force behind this issue. Admittedly, though, I am white, and it's "easier" for me to say that... What I do believe the driving force is behind this issue is money - having the dollars to hire Croswell as her attorney is what, so far, has saved her negligent a$$. Whether the fact that she's white or not playing into whether she got the job she has to be able to afford the attorney is another matter entirely. In other words, if a black, hispanic, asian, etc. person had the money to buy Mr. Croswell (Yes, I used the word "buy" intentionally here - Slaby "bought" her freedom) I believe they would have a good chance of getting off, too...albeit probably not as good of a chance as the rich white woman.
I agree with all of the other posters that talked about how she went in and out of her car 5 times, and never noticed the baby... That high-class Mercedes SUV wasn't that big...Anyone with a heart and two eyes could have seen that little baby in there.
Additionally, it's obvious that being a rich white broad has nothing to do with your parenting skills - the little baby was found in soiled diapers from the night before. One wonders if the baby was even alive when put in the car?
While this could be made a white/black rich/poor issue (I'm not at all saying it ISN'T), what needs to happen first and foremost is that justice is served for this little baby who died an angonizing, excruciating death...I hope we as a community do not lose sight of that.

Anonymous said...

So b/c Jerry Bittner was charged, Brenda should, too? Maybe it's the other way around- Jerry SHOULD NOT have been charged if it was found to be an accident/mistake, just like it was for Brenda. Being charged and going to jail would do no good, but make all of you happy. I bet Cecilia would not want her mom to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

every blog speaks to the issues so succinctly but I cannot help but wonder if Cecilia was alive when her mother put her in the carseat and promptly "forgot" about her, over and over and over?

Since this follows in the wake of Marcus Fiesel and since Mrs. Slaby has a previous police record of leaving her child in the car three times that we know of, somehow this story seems a little fishy-something else is being omitted.
Why is the justice for the Carroll's different than for Mrs. Slaby?

Anonymous said...

Where is WHITECINCINNATI.COM? This entire site is abhorrent! The people who manage this site should be jailed for HATE CRIMES! Shame, shame shame on all of you.

Anonymous said...

I am a graduate student who just bought a new laptop.

I wouldn't even leave my laptop in the car because of heat

....not even a lipstick

....surely I wold not forget my 3-year old niece.

She needs to do time. I don't care if it's already "on her shoulders" "something she has to live with"

Sometimes you might have to pay for your stupidity.

Signed, a white chick in norfolk

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

right on

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how to start up a Cincinnati white blog? Then we can talk about all the BLACK FOLK killing there own and how the black folk want to bitch about where they live but continue to destroy it! Talk about how in 2007 everyone wants to say all us white people are racist pigs.....but in reality it is the black man or shall I say the black folk who are just as racist if not more!! I was born and raised in the city went to Hughes and Taft yes one lil white girl did not work so well in my day but I made it I made the decision to make the change and move up out of the ghetto and to be able to raise my kids with integrity and power let alone they do not have to worry about being shot because they are white! So you all can say naa that don't happen well think again it does it is just not all about us middle class white people the way I look at it is get up out of the ghetto and maybe just maybe you have a chance
From an angry White Irish woman!
I love all but all who don't love me because of my skin well don't hate on me change your insides then your heart will not hate the white!!!

Anonymous said...

I completley agree that it is ridiculous that this lady got away with murder and I can see how it may appear to be in issue of race from a different races prosepective. However, I am a white woman also and if I left my 2 year old son in the car to ROAST I would get ROASTED just like a black person. Trust me I am not well off...simply trying to get to middle class and they would fry my white ass!!!! This is your black blog and more power to you...kinda funny how the white lady earlier ask how she could get her white blog....whose more educated here?? I just know that the major factor is economic class as oppose to race. I am 100% for sure I would be in jail right now but we will never find out because I'm not that stupid to leave my flesh and blood in the car!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Livingston, I really never thought about the Slaby case as being a race issue. Probably because most of the people in the suburbs are white. You could count on one hand the number of black kids in my kids school all the way to graduation. But, it certainly is a "class" or "socio-economic" issue. If Brenda had been the school cook, janitor, busdriver or even a secretary she would have been charged. Certainly, if she had been black she would have been charged. Don White, the Clermont County Prosecutor declared this a "tragic" accident before the police report was even completed. The Union Twp. Police recommended that Brenda be charged. The police report was hand delivered to Clermont Co. Prosector Woody Breyers home on a Saturday. Breyer called White, Don White said no charges, Breyer informed the Union Township police that the case was closed. No drug testing, no psych evaluation, no Grand Jury. Mr. Livingston, that child was slow roasted like a turkey at Thanksgiving. She was left for 8 hours in a car at over 100 degrees. There are a lot of people angry about the "IN YOUR FACE" bias handling of this case. I knew before I ever laid eyes of this woman that she was, of course, white and more importantly, had money. The first thought in my mind was if that had been me or the cook or janitor or the babysitter, we would have been crucified! If it had been a box of kittens or puppies, someone would have gone to jail. That's the way it is out here. We know it. We hate it. We just don't know what to do about it. There is one woman trying desperately to get signatures on a petition to send to the State Attorney or someone. But, it's like pulling teeth. Not too many people want to put their name, address and phone number on a petition against the County Prosecutor (who controls the Police) and the County Commissioners. I am certain that she would appreciate your help. Just for the record, Mr. Livingston, I am white, single, have raised 2 children without child support or welfare, work in an office during the day and up until about a year ago I worked in the evenings and on weekends cleaning and cashiering. I did whatever I could do 7 days a week and still made less than $40 grand a year! I agree, Mr. Livingston, had she been black she would have been crucified. I also know had she been ME she would have been crucified. Either way, it's wrong. BTW, notice WLW's Bill Cunningham won't even talk about Brenda Slaby much? He sure went after Amy and Liz. They are all white, Mr. Livingston. So, what is the difference?

Anonymous said...

this so called "parent" Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby should be prosecuted to the maximum. any parent who is a proper parent would have had their child on their mind before anything else in the world. a meeting, doughnuts? please, this is neglect!!!! & for the state to rule "it was a mistake" & a mistake is not against the law, that is so wrong! this woman was negligent & deserves to be severely punished, i am a parent & would NEVER, EVER FORGET MY CHILD. I HAVE NEVER, THOUGH HIS FATHER HAS ON AT LEAST 2 OCCASIONS, I HAVE NEVER & WILL NEVER. ANYONE WHO FORGETS THEIR CHILD SHOULD NEVER HAVE ACCESS TO ANY CHILDREN AT ANY TIME IN THEIR LIFE. I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR THIS SO CALLED "PARENT"

Anonymous said...

race has nothing to do with thie decision not to prosecute this woman. someone mentoned a white kid killing two of his friends when he made a lapse in judgment, but he was sent away for a year for this, so you cant honestly tell me this is a racial issue. a baby is dead yes, but america move on. keep this from happening again. start a crusade.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with race. Why do we always assume if a white person gets away with something or if a black person is shot by police its about race. Honestly i think it really has more to do with class. Look at O.J. Simpson. He is a wealthy black man. He got away with murder. So why dont we stop playing the race card so much.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad, and despite the ruling, this woman has been punished enough; she will never be the same. Peace to her and all of her family. May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

Anonymous said...

applaud your actions. I don't believe it was an accident. Let's ask all the mothers out there. How often do you think about your childen, where they are and their safety. Once every 5 minutes? Once every 15 minutes? Once an hour? Do you honestly believe that she went 8 hours without giving her 2 year old the slightest thought? This would be impossible for anyone with the cognitive capacity to maintain an assistant principal's position and remember the #@#*ing donuts for that day's meeting. The prosecuting attorney's satement that she "Didn't know that her daughter was there." Suggests that she had reason to believe that her daughter was somewhere else. She didn't. The fact that she puts on a good performance doesn't impress me. She should have resigned her position if she were really remorseful. "I deserve to die, but I want to keep my job" is ridiculous! She got away with COLD BLOODED MURDER.

Anonymous said...

"With blacks everything is a crime."

Tell me how this is true when OJ got off clean after killing his WHITE wife?

Anonymous said...

Nate, THANK YOU for this. Race and socio-economic status have EVERYTHING to do with who is charged and who is not. And listen to me- I am a white woman! I am so tired of hearing people make excuses for upper middle class whites when the same person who is poor or of a different race would be sitting in jail for the same thing. If I can realize this as a white person, why can't others?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby should be charged. I do not think she knew of a danger or was aware that she forgot. It is not her fault. She is human. She deserves human compassion. I think in the case of leaving your child in a car where we are all aware of the dangers, then responsible.

Anonymous said...

This had to do with social and economic status, and nothing to do with race. The poor white woman on welfare and the poor black woman on welfare would have both been charged with murder. OJ Simpson is also an example of someone who had social and economic status and got away with murder. You're blog is filled with hatred. Instead of complaining, get off your computer and help others. Have you taken a walk through the ghetto lately? Drugs, gangs, unemployment, babies having babies, atrocious living conditions. There is so much you can do that is productive to help the blacks instead of spewing racial hatred on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Seriously some of the people who have spoken in this blog are ignorant!!!

Yes, I am a white woman and It makes me absolutely livid when I here complaints about people getting away with crimes just because they are white. Of course I think she should have been charged with something, but I do not think any of this has to do with race. I think it's ridiculous when people play the race card, it's an easier way to put the blame on someone. Shut up about your race and quit with the it's not fair bs. Black people have the same rights as white people, if not more, these days.
I am not rasicts nor have I ever been racists. It just pisses me off when black people think that we still owe you something, we don't owe you shit, so shut the fuck up. Also, whoever wrote "But, it ain't over," seriously... learn some grammer,it's suppose to be, But it's not over, thanks.

Amber P. said...

It's a bit odd how this Brenda is appearing on Oprah.
Seeing as Oprah is a African-American woman. It's not a race siutation. Try not to make yourself look too stupid.

Anonymous said...


I first became aware of the Brenda Slaby situation today on Oprah. I googled her name and one of the first posts to come up was your forum. I read your diatribe and your racially motivated slant and decided to do some research. Apparently, the law works in differenty ways, in different cities with different results. NO ONE IS TREATED DIFFERENTLY DUE TO THEIR RACE - that's the consenus I have come up with. They are charged, tried and punished more to do with the circumstances than the color of the skin of the parent.

I read that infant/child related deaths have occured more frequently since parents are now required to place their children in the back seat as opposed to the front - therefore making it entirely possible to forget that they are there. The deaths due to the switch in car location is substantial.

Black or white, rich or poor, these instances have increased. The jail terms are longer for women than for men, because women are supposed to 'know better'. Some people get probation, community service, parenting classes. Others spend time in jail. Just where do you come up with the correlation that white parents fare better than black parents - with this one case??

There are still racial lines being drawn in the sand every day - mostly by angry black men like yourself. At issue here is the death of a child - many deaths. Concentrate on making this NOT happen in the future. Save all babies from this fate - black and white and GO GET SOME ANGER MANAGEMENT! It's the 21st century... you were born here - not in Africa.

Anonymous said...

This woman clearly did not kill her baby. Quit being so judgmental; it could happen to any one of us.

Anonymous said...

Its not just white people who are taken sympathy on.

ITS JUST WHITE WOMEN and women in general have it much easier when the off somebody. period.

Momof4 said...

I am a white, graduate school educated, well traveled, nursing/homebirth/attachment parenting mother of four. Krispy Queen should have been arrested at the donut shop, as I'm certain she left her daughter outside. I have not worked since my eldest was born, fourteen years ago!! Children need to be at HOME, with a PARENT. NOT transported all over town and left with strangers!! Ladies, if you cannot take care of your children, don't HAVE any!! Our children deserve to be treated like the precious, priceless miracles they are...not discarded in the back seat like a Coach purse.

I read EVERY posting as my three year old napped. I have NEVER left my chldren in the car for ANY reason. Shame on those of you who do!!

Fairport, NY

Anonymous said...

Yes, she did get away with murder.
Too bad she didn't leave a dog in the back seat - the dog would have been saved after it started barking! People choose to have children - they need to choose to put them FIRST!

Anonymous said...

Okay Nate - how do you continue your rant now, when Casey Anthony is being charged with 1st degree murder charges in the disappearance of HER daughter, Caylee Anthony??? Is this white, middle class woman getting better treatment because she's WHTIE AND MIDDLE CLASS?? NO! She's been found to have enough evidence against her by a Grand Jury that she willfully and intentionally harmed and/or murdered her own child. Where is the evidence that Brenda Slaby willfully and intentionally harmed or murdered her child?? Casey Anthony's daughter was missing for a month BEFORE SHE EVER TOLD ANYONE!!

We're talking about two women, both white, both middle class who got or who are getting what they deserve. No race card here, Nate. Brenda made a mistake that she will live with for the rest of her life, a tragic, and unfortunately, a too common mistake (read up on how many kids die in cars) She does not need to be in prison for murder - not because she has some money or because she's white, but because she didn't intentionally kill her daughter. Casey Anthony, fabricated an abduction, which she never reported to the police, carted around her dead daughter in the trunk of her car for God knows how long and refused to assist police. This woman should sit on death row, not because she has some money or is white, but because she DID intentionally kill her daughter.

Do you get it now??

Anonymous said...

I am a white person and I think it is an OUTRAGE that Ms. Slaby is walking free. She should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

This is the most racist, ignorant blog I've ever read. By the way, did any of you see Oprah interview this woman? You are comparing her to other situations without knowing all the facts from either. This is exactly why convictions should never happen in the court of public opinion. Shame on you Nate Livingston for being exactly what you hate. You perpetuate hatred and ignorance. It's so sad to me.

Rodney said...

This is the first time I have read a BLOG. I agree that this a very hateful place. Everyone is so quick to judge. There is only one true "JUDGE" and when Brenda finally meets "HIM" she will be judged fairly. I for one am going to stay away from Cinncinnati for fear of doing anything to UPSET NATE!!!!

Keith S. said...

I was thinking about starting a White Blog and complain about black people but then it dawned on me that that would define me as a racist.

Grow up. If a black man in America can be President then your pathetic racism rantings only makes you look more and more like a narcissistic fool.

Some blacks in America have redefined racism. The only publicly acceptable form of racism is black against white. Racism is racism and it is always ugly.
Black History Month, Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP (oops, can't say "colored" any more), BET, replace any of these with "white" and their would be riots. It is so sad to see descendants of real victims become the very thing that they fought. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Nate, It is unbelievable that you feel this way. It was an accident PERIOD.

These parents will stand before God one day to be judged, not you.

Race has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

The Brenda Nesselroad Slaby case isn't much different than Jodie Edwards from the Cincinnati area leaving her eleven month old daughter in 2008 in a minivan all day to die. Like Slaby, no charges were filed. People are outraged and say how can they just forget their kids? What you have to remember is that while these women try to claim they were involved, attentive mothers they were not. They were part time mothers more interested in their careers. Dont get me wrong, I working mom can be highly attentive, but Slaby and Edwards were not. That is how they forget that they left the kid in the carseat. It is tragic and results from the selfish pursuits of the mothers. It should be punished with manslaughter or the like.

Anonymous said...

Life is very overwhelming. This was just a fatal mistake. Poor woman. It was usually the father the one who used to drop the girl to the babysitter. He asked her to do it that day (the first day of school) because he had a dentist appointment. She forgot she had the girl. It can happen. People are so fast to judge.

Anonymous said...

Brenda usually dropped Cecilia off at the babysitter's house on her way to school, around 7:30 am. The babysitter lives in Union Twp, near the school. Gary usually dropped the older daughter Allyson at the Compass School in Mason on his way to work, around 8:30. Are you seriously suggesting that Gary made it his habit to race his wife south on I-275 every morning to drop Cecilia off next to his wife's workplace, then go home to bed for an hour, then get up and drop off the other kid? What dental appointment? What is the dentist's name? When was this supposed appointment? This is the first time they've told THAT story. I suppose when you give the culprits a year to hatch up new stories.......

Anonymous said...

Slaby's opening a donut shop!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I have found this blog!

Anonymous said...

Since we are on the issue of race and law, I would like to extend this a little further to convictions.{Yet no individual has been executed for the rape of an adult or child since 1964, and no execution for any other non homicide offense has been conducted since 1963. Louisiana is the only State since 1964 that has sentenced an individual to death for the crime of child rape; and petitioner and Richard Davis, who was convicted and sentenced to death for the aggravated rape of a 5-year-old child by a Louisiana jury in December 2007, see State v. Davis, Case No. 262,971 (1st Jud. Dist., Caddo Parish, La.) (cited in Brief for Respondent 42, and n. 38), are the only two individuals now on death row in the United States for a non homicide offense.}
Don't get me wrong, I am not defending these men. I believe that all pedifile should receive this treatment because I believe that they have brought death on a child. But the way that the justice system tries to justify with reasons why pedifiles should not be executed would make you think otherwise. The legal system has ways of making you think it would be better for the child if you would not kill their attacker because the child would feel guilty and the weight would lie on the child for the death of the attacker. Things such as that.
Now, I am going to pull the race card!
Why haven't any "WHITE MEN" been executed or put on death row for the brutal rape or heinous molestation crimes?
People we know that this is happening! I know that there are not only 2 black men in all of Louisiana that have done this!
You wanted an example of RACISM IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM! EAT IT UP!
SOCIETY REAPS OF RACISM! The justice system needs a change! It has not changed! It will not change until our mentality changes. We need to face reality, and know that RACISM EXISTS!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of one's feelings about Jerry Bittner or Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, it is unfair to compare these cases and inaccurate for you to ask "How was [accidentally leaving a child in a hot car] child endangering and involuntary manslaughter in 2000, but not in 2007?!"
In the case of Ms. Slaby (PS, what an unfortunate name), she accidentally left her child in the car and upon realizing this, went back to find that the child was dead.
In the case of Mr. Bittner, he went back to find that the child was ill but still alive. The family attempted to take care of the child themselves and when she later died, they made up false story of what happened to her. At Mr. Bittner's trial, medical experts testified that had the family sought medical attention for their daughter she would likely have survived her ordeal without complications. Hence he was NOT prosecuted just for accidentally leaving his child in the car, but for consciously deciding not to seek medical attention for his sick child and then for conspiring to lie to the police about it (even training his other children lie to the police for him).
These are both terrible cases and I would think that no punishment can be greater for either of these parents than the simple knowledge that their own errors caused their own child's death. But to say that one case led to prosecution simply because of race is unfair in light of the very different circumstances of the two cases.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what reality YOU live in but cooking your child (slow roasting) makes you an epic fail of a mom point blank! ! She should be jailed like any other criminal. What makes her so special that she can say oops I forgot and "accidentally" kill her child and still be considered a great mom? ? ? ? Really? ?