Wednesday, November 01, 2006

News Spreads About Kim Hale's Criminal Connection

The "mainstream" white media doesn't mind publishing negative reports about Dale Mallory and his family, but they won't dare report on supposedly tough-on-crime Republican State Representative candidate Kimberly Hale-McCarty (aka Kim Hale) and her husband's -- Christopher Hanson McCarty's -- conviction for public masturbation. (See, "Kim Hale's Husband Convicted Of Public Masturbation".)

Several independent media outlets -- The Whistleblower and The Cincinnati Beacon -- have picked up the story, however. (link, link) Over at the Cincinnati Beacon, the Dean of Cincinnati is asking Kim Hale to answer a few tough questions.


GOLDBERG 10YR RES. said...

TRUTH - Mallory has never been convicted of a crime. Kim, on the other hand, is shady at best and corrupt at worst.

Do you have to be convicted of a crime to be a criminal???

TRUTH - Kim's husband, Christopher Hanson McCarty, is a convicted criminal. In Hamilton County case number 92/CRB/25088, McCarty was convicted of Public Indecency for engaging in public masturbation. Kim and Christopher live on Dayton Street, in the West End, they have 2 children, and Kim has done nothing to keep him away from the schools located in the West End.

Kim's ability to do a great job for the 32nd has nothing to do with this!!!!!!!!!!

TRUTH - Kim owns the blighted and condemned building located at 835 Bank Street, in the West End. (See, "Republican Kim Hale Is A Slumlord!")

You are a liar sir. or should i say midget?

The blighted property you speak of was condemned before Kim bought it.
The reason she bought it was that there were drugs, thugs, etc. in that building and the city would do nothing about it so Kim bought the building to board up and thus reduce crime in the west End!!!!!

I believe there never was any intention to rehab the property but if city link had gone through she probably would have made a nice profit on the property considering that it is located across the street from city linc. But as we in the West End all know Kim stands for more than just what she can put in the bank unlike you and yours ( DALE Mallory)…….etc.