Saturday, November 11, 2006

2007 City Council Preview

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The 2007 Cincinnati City Council election has already started. Here's the Cincinnati Black Blog's update.

  • Jim Tarbell is term limited. Some Charterites are trying to convince Tarbell that he should leave Council early and give his seat to another Charterite, perhaps Dawn Denno. If Tarbell refuses, the Charter Committee risks losing his seat, and Charter will only have 1 representative on Council.

  • Jeff Berding and Leslie Ghiz have been in office for a year now. The Council hasn't accomplished a thing. So, Berding and Ghizzy have apparently decided to run on an anti-Mark Mallory platform. In the blog entry "Mallory: `Stand at ease.'" Enquirer columnist Dan Klepal explains how Berding wants to change the rules (the same rules he was cautioned against adopting) to take power away from Mayor Mallory.

  • I'm hearing that Westwood Concern is so disappointed with do-nothing Cecil Thomas, they've decided they aren't going to endorse him again.

  • Even though Ghizzy keeps fighting and disrespecting the Republican Party (she endorsed David Pepper) she has apparently convinced the Party to limit their endorsments to her, Chris Monzel, Charlie Winburn and no more than 2 other people. In an act of revenge, Ghizzy has told Party leaders that she will not run on the ticket if it includes Sam Malone.

  • Malone isn't the only person interested in a comeback. Minette Cooper, Christopher Smitherman, and Alicia Reece all plan to run in 2007. (Our sources tell us that John Cranley went to his Democratic comrades on Council and asked them to appoint Reece to his seat if he beat Steve Chabot. That's why Reece worked so hard on John's behalf, and was giving interviews from his "victory" party. Plus, Reece wants to challenge Chabot in 2008 and saw first hand how John worked with the national Dems.) Of course, Reece always keeps more than one option open. I hear Reece has asked Governor-elect Ted Strickland to give her an appointment in Columbus, perhaps on the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

  • You heard it here first. Cranley is not going to finish his term. As soon as the City of Cincinnati passes it's budget, Cranley is going to step down early. Westsider Steve Driehaus will be appointed to take Cranley's place. Cranley would take Driehaus' place in the General Assembly (I've also heard that Cranley wouldn't mind switching places with Cincinnati School Board member Melanie Bates and serving with his mom, School Board President Susan Cranley).

  • The following people have either expressed interest in running or been courted as candidates: State Representatives Catherine Barrett and Tom Brinkman, Jr., Melanie Bates, Tom Jones, WDBZ radio personality Emanuel Livingston (my younger brother), Damon Lynch III, Paul McGhee, Victoria Straughn, Eric Wilson, Pete Witte, and Wendell Young. (Update: A commenter says Brian Garry already announced his candidacy. CityBeat reports that Greg Harris has thrown his hat in the ring.)

  • Fanon Rucker isn't going to run for Council; he wants Strickland to appoint him to replace Judge William Mallory, Jr. who is moving from the Hamilton County Municipal Court to the Common Pleas Court.


Anonymous said...

Enough is enough with the musical chairs and recycled candidates. Where are the fresh new candidates? Those that have already served as council members in the past, need to move on. They had their turn, let some new people in. That's what's wrong with this city, we keep electing the same ol, same ol.

Anonymous said...

Steveecia Reece is the last thing Cincinnati needs.

Alicia Doesn't Live Here Anymore said...

Brian Garry announced his candidacy months ago.

Nate Livingston said...


Thanks for the information. I didn't know Brian had made up his mind, but I guess that might help explain why he was standing in front of my polling place on election day passing out literature for the Dems.... I like people who "pay their dues" by working for the Party before asking for the Party's endorsement.

Anonymous said...
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Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

Very interesting info in this post, Nate. Thanks! This is what blogs are far. I can add that I got a call last week from an automated pollster, asking if I'd support Winburn and Malone. So they're doing a little more than just talking about a run.

Anonymous said...

Brian Garry has already announced that he is going to run- he was also outside the Amos event a month ago. Only thing, he is going to get "dinged" on his business cards and other literature for the same thing that got Pepper in trouble in his mayoral race- he needs to add a "FOR"- so that his car reads "Brian Garry FOR Cincinnati City Council".

Nate Livingston said...

Anonymous 11:03

Can you read!? There is already a comment about Brian Garry announcinh his candidacy and I updated the blog entry over the weekend. In the future, why don't you READ before you TYPE.

Anonymous said...

In response to "Nate Livingston said"- Yes, I can READ. Can you TYPE? Can you SPELL? See announcinh [sic]. You need to take a valium.

My only purpose in writing that comment was to state that his business cards illegally imply that he is already on council. That is all.

Relax (g)nat.

Anonymous said...

It's time to pack up & leave. I'm sick of the parties re-using the same old worthless political whores who never accomplished anything the first & second time around.

Smitherman was a given right out of the gate when he got his ass kicked last November. Boy couldn't get his mind wrapped around the fact there's winners & losers.

It's been out there since early Summer that Minette Cooper was going to run again. Of course, Loudmouth Reece would follow, with Charlie Winbag close behind.

Brian Garry has been out in public paying dues for a long time. Worked outside the polls with him in May & it was only a matter of time before he'd publicly announce he'd run.

The business of Cranley & Driehaus switching is a rumor & that's been out there since the Summer. It was part of the "what-if" question & answer. There's no solid base to this.

Damon Lynch XX can forget it, as can Smitherman, Cathy Barrett & some of these other joke junkies. What's been posted here is only a recycling of names. It's what's been out there since last November. Old, regurgitated news.

There's other names being floated, along with putting the 2 main political parties on due notice. People are fed up & will take action.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what a city council member makes?

Anonymous said...

It's public information. Go on the city of Cincinnati web page and type "salaries" in the search que. I would leave the link but I dont know if that is allowed here. Around page 35 and 36 is the city council members pay scale, city manager etc.

Anonymous said...

What about Sean Holbrook, he is a young guy, but has been out there the last few months working his butt off.
I know he is sort of unknown right now, but after seeing him out a few times, I believe he will find himself on the council.