Monday, September 25, 2006

"KKK" Painted On 2 Cars

So, Vivian Young, who is white, wakes up on Sunday morning and finds the letters KKK spray-painted on two of her cars. According to this Cincinnati Enquirer story: "Young hopes it was a juvenile prank. But she worries it could be a serious threat by someone in the neighborhood who doesn't like the idea of more black children living here."

I'm suspicious. According to the story, "KKK" was painted on Ms. Young's car and on a car belonging to her African American neighbors. That's when Ms. Young took action. "Young was shocked. She called police, took photos of the damage, then scrubbed the offensive marks from her vehicle." I'm no paint expert, but how do you scrub spray paint from a car? The other reason I'm suspicious is because it looks like the car pictured above needed a paint job anyway. Will the City of Cincinnati or the Ohio Victims of Crime Fund give Ms. Young money now that her car has reportedly been vandalized?


Anonymous said...

I feel sympathy for the KKK in cases like this. Odds are someone who has no connection with the KKK co-opted their name to do this. I can't imagine any Klansman would ever do this... its just too "black" to vandalize property by spray painting on it.

You're suspicious because someone choose to use the word "scrub"... get a grip. I'm no expert either, but I'd get a rag and soak it in something to loosen the paint and um... scrub. There is even a product named "Scrubs" which is exclusively meant for removing graffiti:

She's got the 5 children of her black stepdaughter living with her now and you want to attack her? Where are the black father and mother in this? Heck.. this is her _stepdaughter_ so somewhere out there are three or four black grandparents who aren't willing or able to take in these children.

EG said...

We need to be brutally honest about today's black youth. They're not like the young people you and I grew up with.

The young people we grew up with didn't consider gold teeth a status symbol. We weren't proud of our crap-shooting abilities. We did not brag about how many "niggers" we had killed or knocked out.

This weekend I videoed some middle-class black kids in one of Nashville's nicest black communities. The houses here start at $150,000, the cars in the driveways all $35,000 plus. The parents all civil servants and professional.

But look at their kids. Would you want kids like this in your neighborhood?

Thanks to BET the parents have no control over them. These kids shoot craps in front of the $200,000 homes. They crank up their 1000 watt in-the-trunk speakers. Their own parents are afraid of them so is there any wonder everyone else is?


Anonymous said...

I believe, if I'm reading the story correctly, that the car in the picture was owned by the neighbor, who is black. Maybe I'm naive, but I'd hate to think that she not only did this to her own car, which she claims has affected her grandchildren, but to back up her story she did it to her neighbor's car as well. Than again, maybe I really am too naive about what people will do for a little attention!

Nate Livingston said...

Anonymous #1

I'm not suspicious because someone used the word "scrub," I'm suspicious for a variety of reasons. My problem with the paint removal story is that I doubt you could scrub spray paint off your car. At the very least, it seems like you'd scrub off the original paint too. That said, I admitted that I'm not a paint expert.

Nate Livingston said...


What is with you and BET!? Everyday you've got something negative to say about Black people and some blame for BET. Do you really think a cable TV station has that much power?

Anonymous said...


I'm still trying to figure out what your rambling had to do with the story....

Jacksongirl said...

Oh....Ricland. I am sure you're a very nice person but please and I'm not being facetious. Please tell me what in the world BET has to do with this story about the KKK or about those so-called wayward children in Nashville? It would seem to me that you answered the question as to who should be held to blame in regards to those children in your very own posting...the parents. Who cares if they have what you alluded to as expensive homes and cars...who cares when they've successfully raised the next generation of inmates and miscreants. And afraid of their own children, please! Those people have lost their minds.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous feels sympathy for the kkk?? are you really kidding me right not? thats because you're probably a rediculous idiot bigot who has no life and has never stepped foot out of your white trash trailor park

WHITEknights said...

Good to see the KKK standing up for our race. you blacks have naacp, uncf, black panthers etc. We have the kkk so shut up about all of this stuff. Its only fair that whites have the kkk.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is this: the problem with this city is young blacks. It's as simple as that. If you cannot comes to terms with that, or you choose to deny it, you are either dumb or naive. If you choose to ignore it - go ahead - but know this: it's never going to get any better until these scumbags are swept off the street.

There are only two realistic solutions: 1) incarcerate and educate every black under the age of eighteen until he or she can speak English and pass an SAT, or 2) scoop all blacks off the streets and shovel them into forced concentration camps, Nazi SS-style.

Or perhaps, dig Charles Bronson out of the grave, set him loose in Over The Rhine/Avondale/Lincoln Heights, etc. and let him to go work.

Other than that, there is no hope for this miserable city.

Can you imagine how peaceful and pleasant a world this would be without young blacks? We can only dream...

"All the animals come out at night - whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick, venal. Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets."
- Travis Bickle