Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Axinar: Joy Suffering From Cordrazine Overdose?

Most of you, my faithful readers, don't watch the nutcase's cable TV shows. I haven't seen the show she did on September 11, 2006 but I've heard about it. Then, this morning, I read the following blog entry which was published by Axinar. I laughed out loud which reading it, then thought that my readers might enjoy reading it too. So, here it is....

It looks like none other than Joy Rolland (who apparently is now calling herself "Joy Rolland-Oba") stopped by this afternoon to plug her cable show on an Axinar's post about Star Trek, of all things.

Yes, I started scratching my head too.

Now, yes, I have blogrolled productions of Joy Rolland in the past and will probably continue to do so in the future. This does not mean that I "endorse" her in any way, shape, or form, any more than I "endorse" La Shawn Barber's occasional thumping or Ariel's near-daily threats of self-immolation. They are all up there because they are interesting, they catch my attention, and, in the broadest possible definition, have some level of artistic merit.

This evening she appeared live on Time-Warner Cable Channel 24 at 7pm.

The show started out with a very strange audio-only portion and then she began prattling on at some length about how Kabaka Oba's funeral was not handled properly - that it was a Christian funeral and Kabaka wasn't a Christian and that Kabaka wouldn't have appreciated the flag, amongst other things.

She at least acknowledged that "funerals are for those left behind," and, yes, I'd have to say that Kabaka's funeral was for his family and the public at large and I think at least they appreciated it.

She said that Kabaka didn't lead your typical "Nine To Five" life.

This is true. He had an interesting life. He had a life of IMPORT, but, hon, much like my Old Man picked up some VERY bad eating habits from my mother, based upon this last hour I've spent listening to you, I think Kabaka's picking up your - how shall we put this? - presentation style - got him a one-way-no-transfer-required ticket into a pine box.

She went on at some length accusing the staff and talent of WDBZ, and specifically Lincoln Ware, of being "assassins" and "murderers".

Hmmm ... could Joy Rolland be suffering from a cordrazine overdose??

Joy did say she DOES approve of the "
Elesha YisraEL Show".

Glad to hear she approves of SOMETHING.

And, yes, I hate to admit it, apparently I spent SO much time in Northside growing up that, the longer I watched this show, the more I became convinced that I may actually have been experiencing an impure thought about Joy Rolland.

Yes, I need my head examined.

Although, I have to admit - this woman is quite a "heartbreaker" in every sense of the word. She is striking. She is a powerful speaker. And she ruins the whole package by being a loose cannon who makes people angry enough to kill.

How sad.

She called Ted Bailey a "wild monkey" and a "gorilla".


Real nice.

For those of you from Malaysia, comparing someone to a primate is WAY over the line, and, were Joy Rolland white and making such comments, within moments an angry mob would have pounced upon her and flayed the flesh from her bones with abolone shells.

She also called Ted Bailey a "n*gg*r" - FOUR TIMES - the third time, to be specific, a "black-*ss coon n*gg*r" (as opposed, I suppose to the "white n*gg*r" she called him the second time).

I don't even think I have to EXPLAIN the kind of beatings that can result from the use of that word.

She called Howard Beatty a "filthy, half-breed, East-End, slothy beast".

Yep ... Joy must watch Star Trek. However, she must have completely forgotten Spock's line, "Frankly, I was rather dismayed by your use of the term 'half-breed,' Captain. You must admit it is an unsophisticated expression."

On the other hand it looks like we have found in Joy Rolland the undisputed QUEEN of the "unsophisticated expression".

She also called Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Nobert Nadel a "Cracker-ass Judge".

For those of you from Malaysia, a "cracker", loosely translated, is an "arrogant, overbearing person of predominantly European descent".

She also referred to Howard Beatty's lawyer "Crack-head Kenny Lawson" ...

I hate to admit it - but this was the first time I found myself seriously questioning the wisdom of the First Amendment.

Yikes ... this show is actually frightening.

Apparently Joy has not learned from Rush Limbaugh to always properly collect the "stack of stuff" before going on the air. She apparently got wind that there was an article in the Cincinnati Herald (that's the African-American answer to The Cincinnati Enquirer for those of you from Malaysia) saying something to the effect that, for the history books, they are trying to separate the memory of General Kabaka Oba from "extremists" such as Joy Rolland.

Joy went on to explain, "The General slept with this extremeist every night."

Uh, sweetheart, you have NO idea how idealogically opposed I have been to certain young ladies with whom I have regularly shared accomodations. [[Wicked, lecherous grin]]

She said that the Beatty family SMELLED like "assassins" and "drug dealers".

Uh ... hmmm ... precisely what DOES an assassin and/or a drug dealer smell like?

Yep ... I think this particular broadcast has a fair chance of getting Howard Beatty time served ... straight up ...

She also seems to have a REAL problem with the Beattys being of mixed ancestry.

Uh ... is anyone else thinking it would be a good bet of credits against navy beans that, although Joy would appear at first glance to be a bit darker in complexion than the Beattys, that, like the rest of us, she almost certainly has CONSIDERABLE European and Native American ancestry?

She then went on to accuse Nate Livingston of fathering - get this - 100,000,000 babies to whom she believes he owes child support, with at least one of these 100,000,000 children having a white mother.

Uh ... Joy ... y'all HAVE heard of
Loving v. Virginia, haven't you?

And, what, precisely, is a "'Bootleg' Baby Mama"?

Apparently she's got it in her head that Nate Livingston killed Kabaka. Apparently she "fronted-out" the poor little devil in front of the courthouse.

She said she had Nate in tears ...

Well, she had ME in a cold sweat and she was just playing in a Media Center window in the upper right hand corner of my screen ...

She ended the show with a moment of silence in rememberance of the "Lower Ninth Ward" Katrina victims because apparently she can't handle any more 9/11 anniversay and/or Marcus Fiesel coverage.

Seeing Joy Rolland quiet is really remarkable.

And anyone who thinks otherwise is lifeless and dead ...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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EG said...

Let me try and explain it to you like this: which of the victims do you think the black media covers?


But the black media is a joke? Of course it is. So why should the white media try and be more like the black media?

See the problem ...?


Anonymous said...

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