Sunday, April 09, 2006

Is Tender Mercies Breaking The Law, Too?

If you let one person break the law, you might as well let everyone do it. I've been reminded by reading the comments in the several blog entries about Kimber Fender and the public library violating the City's loud noise ordinance that Tender Mercies also blasts loud classical music from time to time. This practice of breaking the law apparently started when Charlie Luken's ex-wife Marcia Spaeth (pictured above) was Tender Mercies' president & CEO.

Some of you don't like me talking about white people who break the law and the Cincinnati Police Department's refusal to enforce the law against them. Too bad.

Some of you also didn't like my example of Kenneth Lawson blasting music from his Elm Street office. For you, I've got another example. I was hanging out in Corryville the other day and noticed a lot of rowdy white kids. (The kids probably were not related to the alcoholic mentioned in the first paragraph above.) Anyway, I realized that a Black barber shop sits right across the street and the white kids seemed to be driving business away from it. For the sake of argument, let's say there is an exemption in the loud noise ordinance that allows the library, or any business, to disregard it if the reason they are blaring their music is to keep undesirable kids from "loitering" -- which isn't illegal in Ohio -- in front of the business. Do any of you think the cops would let the barber play loud hip hop music? Do any of you think the reaction from whites would be the same as it is for the library? The answer to both questions is no. White people would demand a stop to the music. And the cops would comply with the demands.


The Dean of Cincinnati, Part Deux said...

Neither the Library, nor Tender Mercies are breaking the law. Your little friends, who get their kicks insulting, assaulting, and shooting at white people are breaking the law. Just like you have broken the law, you fucking criminal.

Anonymous said...

What makes you expect laws to be enforced?

The United States is becoming Aztlan due to negligence in enforcing immigration law.

My neighbor (who happens to be black) lives on the corner and technically jaywalks every time he gets his mail because he crosses the street too close to the corner without crossing at the actual corner.

If things go ridiculously unenforced and ridiculous things go unenforced, what makes you think laws are reliably enforced anywhere in between?

Truth is if every law was enforced, the country would grind to a halt and fold in upon itself and die. Can you imagine if I reported my neighbor every day and the authorities responded every day? Then there would be the vast resources needed to catch and track every tax evader, litterer, etc. Somehow I doubt those "protesters" in Los Angeles had a permit to march in freeway traffic, but I haven't heard about them being arrested...

You want to see laws not being enforced? Sit at an intersection with a stop sign or two with a moderate amount of traffic and see how many cars come to a full and complete stop instead of just slowing down a bit while coasting past the sign.

You can complain about every law not being enforced every time as soon as you report every lack of enforcement every time. Good luck simultaneously witnessing millions of violations a day 24 hours a day.

As far as the cops doing what white people want, I think in many cases the reverse is also true. If you treat cops with respect, cooperate with them, and show your gratitude, they just might perceive you as being more cop than criminal. Constantly accusing someone of bias, racism, and incompetence while also threatening them with a wide array of legal actions helps no one.

Learn from Goebbels and change the lies you are telling. Your message seems to be, "whites/cops/lawn gnomes/etc. are racist, therefore they should treat blacks better". This message is illogical at its core. Why would any racist seek to aid those they despise? If you keep telling every white/cop/lawn gnome/etc. you meet that they are racist, aren't you worried that they may _become_ racist under the weight of your repeated lie?

By the way, how is the gun permit coming? Can't be a proper black man without a gun, can you?

Talk about how white people can break the law without consequence all you want. All you'll do is convince white people that they can get away with things, and convince non-whites to allow whites to get away with things.

Are you going to be so hellbent on seeing every transgression of the "weed" law enforced? (I will assume not.)

To actually get around to answering the questions... The comparison is a bit off since the library is somewhat larger than your average barber shop and wouldn't warrant the same power sound system. Hip hop is also not comparable to most classical music. The library isn't playing Prussian Blue songs, after all. I think whites would be ok with jazz or hip hop that didn't have any references to killing, whores, pimps, drugs, gangs, rape, guns, asses, obscentities, or slurs against _any_ race.

(I went to and couldn't find any lyrics that I'd want a child of any race exposed to. Are you suggesting you'd rather expose small black children to hip hop than classical music?)

If the library was blasting white power music roughly as offensive as hip hop, then whites would demand it stopped.

Cosmo said...

OOO! I found some songs on that site. Here is one: "Keep ya Head Up" by 2pac. How bout, "changes"? Wait, what about "until the end of time." Of course, you have to consider Twalib Kwali, Common, Mos Def, A tribe called Quest, and Nas. I mean Nas is studied in universities for his lyrical content- just like classical! golly gee. You didn't look to hard on the site, did you?

Anonymous said...

You've got your nerve comparing the Libary & Tender Mercies to that black-owned barber shop in Corryville. And you claimed the rowdy white kids were across the street. I've noticed you have failed to fully explain their rowdy behavior. Were they calling the guy in the barber shop racist names? Conducting racial profiling? Making racial threats?

At the Library & Tender Mercies, the hoodlums, black & White are right there, in everyone's face.

You know, you really need to give it up.

Anon 12:02, that gun permit paper is a faded memory. You can count on that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Channel 5 reported on their 11pm newscast that there was ONE complaint about the classical music at the Library. A police spokesman said that they investigated, and the music was 'well below the levels of the noise statute'.

Wrong again Nate!

Anonymous said...