Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Justin Jeffre Endorses Stephanie Dumas

Stephanie Dumas

The Cincinnati Beacon has the story.


Cincinnati (OH)—Justin Jeffre withdrew from the Hamilton County Commissioner race today to throw his support to candidate Stephanie Dumas in the May 2 primary election.

"Rather than mount my own campaign,” Jeffre said, “I want to use my resources to help candidates like Stephanie Dumas get fair treatment.”

“I’d also like to reach out to candidate David Pepper: let’s pull together to help a solid, experienced candidate get a fair shake. Let’s get Stephanie Dumas elected.”

Jeffre accused big media of unfair bias in election coverage, citing the failure of local media to report on the “experience gap” between Stephanie Dumas and her opponent, former city councilman and mayoral candidate David Pepper.

“Big media keeps the candidate coverage minimal. Since very little information is disseminated about the candidates’ qualifications or voting records, most voters cast ballots based purely on name recognition. The press is not doing its job getting the real choices out to the public. I want to help change that.”

I like Justin Jeffre's appeal to David Pepper to get out of the race and help the real Democrat, Stephanie Dumas, get elected. People who want to help Dumas can do so in a number of ways.

  1. You can email Dumas at knowledgeispower@cinci.rr.com or dumas@dumas2006.com and ask her what kind of help she needs. (That's what That Deborah Girl did. She contacted Dumas and is now volunteering on her campaign.)
  2. You can visit Stephanie's campaign website at www.dumas2006.com to see upcoming events or how to donate money. (Update: I just checked out the website and this information isn't on there. Some people have been critical of Stephanie's website. Why don't you people who know about web design volunteer your services and fix up Stephanie's website. You know she doesn't have a lot of cash. At the very least, help her establish a paypal acount to take online credit card donations.)
  3. Go to one of Stephanie's fundraisers. That Deborah Girl has informed me that Stephanie is having a fundraiser in the near future at Jordan's Crossing. (I don't have the info handy but I'll update this blog with it later.) Stephanie needs money to win this race and she doesn't have a fortune 100 company behind her or the local Democratic Party. She's got to do it on her own. She can win if we help her. Always remember, a million people are more powerful than one guy with a million dollars.


This seems like a good place to laugh about the Son of P & G stealing Mayor Mark Mallory's themes from the Mayoral campaign and trying to use them against Phil Heimlich. In this recent story in the Community Press, David (1) accuses Phil of presiding over a chaotic County Commission and (2) says that he is the candidate who can bring people together. Yes, he stole those themes from Mayor Mallory. I can't believe he had the nerve to say this:

"The number one attribute I can bring to the county is the ability to get all people from all walks of life, all parties, working together...."

Dude, please! When did you ever bring Cincinnatians together? You didn't. Not during your last campaign which was nasty and racially divisive. And not during your 4 years on Council in which you attacked many but accomplished nothing.


Anonymous said...

Stealing from Mallory? Come on, Nate. Like it's impossible for their to be two chaotic bodies of government in the region? Phil Heimlich's dictatorial rule over the commission has got to stop. Dumas is a terrible candidate who couldn't even do something as easy as interview before the nominating committee. That's why the party's not going to endorse her. She was free to interview and chose not to. What does that say about her being "the real Democrat?" Those committees are made up of loyal party activists, but I guess they don't matter to FORMER Mayor Dumas.

Anonymous said...

"Past performance is a good indicator of future behavior." by Mark Mallory.

Let's look at the two democratic candidates in this race. Stephanie Dumas supports economic development through grass roots efforts by helping small business people succeed. David Pepper supports ED through the trickle down approach. Give tax breaks and subsidies to big corporations and trust them to create jobs for people.

Dumas has been a child advocate for over thirty years. A licensed social worker she exhibits a caring that is genuine. Pepper is a lawyer, trained to argue for the person that is paying the bill. He will argue either side depending where the money comes from. His speeches always begin with "thank you" and how much he cares for Cincinnati. His feined concern for people is transparent.

The Democratic party has been hijacked by phony people pretending to be interested in people, like Tim Burke. If his concern was for people he would never take a house from an 80 year old woman that wants to spend her remaining years in a home she has lived in for fifty years. If the party endorsement is so important that they must crush people to succeed, who needs them?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pepper was in a better position to know about the chaos at cityhall because he helped create it. Dumas is a great candidate with a lot more experience than the weak Former councilwoman. We all know the hamilton county democratic party is lead by Tim (steal your grandmas house) Burke and they collude to help get corporate brats the positions they want because they can't earn it on their own.

They didn't tell MAYOR Dumas about the meeting.

It's funny that a republibrat like David Pepper would be blogging about Dumas not being "the real Democrat". The word for today is privatization or "managed competition" as corporate lawyers like to call it.

Go raise some money asshole, you're goimg to need it.

That Deborah Girl said...

She was free to interview and chose not to.

You do not know this and I think you are probably the same person who posted something like this on the Beacon. What do you all do? Go around from blog to blog and spread the same misinformation?

For whatever reason that she was unable to interview before the Nominating Committee Stephanie Dumas will be appearing before the Hamilton County Democratic Executive Committee, tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22, 7:00 pm, Norwood Community Center, 1810 Courtland Ave.

The fundraiser Nate mentioned is a Meet the Candidate Event, Fashion Show & Tea on Saturday, April 1, 3PM - 6PM, Jordan's Crossing, 7030 Reading Road.

I did join her campaign after reading about the Enquirer's lack of coverage here. Everyone has been very friendly, kind and it's nice to be involved. I have met Stephanie and I think she is very down to earth person. She has a great sense of humor but underneath it all she means business. I'm proud I volunteered and I thank Nate for presenting the opportunity.

That Deborah Girl said...

Dang it, tickets for the Fashion Show & Tea are $10.

Alicia Doesn't Live Here Anymore said...

Justin Jeffre endorses her: that seals the deal!

I'ma voting for Stephanie Dumas!

Anonymous said...

Now I am no "Nate Livingston" fan, but you are right on the money, Stephanie needs our help!

That being said, Nate you seem to be "ignoring" the bullshit going on, and I applaud you for it. You are not and have never been on my person's of choice list. But because I dislike Donald Shabazz more than yourself, along with his strong will to undermine people, I will inform you that over the past few days, he, Victoria, Kabaka, & Crazy Lady J.R. have been meeting at Waif and you have been the topic.(Along with a few others)

Now I am no fan of Kabaka neither, he was framed up and was lucky to get out of it with a few scratches. He is however, losing his credibilty, along with community support.

My best empirical reference is his relationship with Smitherman. After I saw them pass each other about a month ago and barely say two words, I ask Smitherman about it. His few words were something like this; "I dont know what is going on with the General. Myself, his sister, and even his attorney tried talking to him about he and J.R., her blog, and the non-focus on issues. He responded very defensively, and I was apopletic at his response toward us." I think we all know how "prim and proper" Smitherman gets. He just couldnt believe the way the "bus driver" reacted to him. Get this, he told me the General then gets on radio and hollars and screams that no on will come between he and Joy, no one will bring dissension or disruptions and some more bullshit!

Conclusion, Kabaka had support during his ordeal,he made a 250,000.00 bond no 10%. Now, it appears he is left standing with no one but J.R.
We can all say for sure that Smitherman was standing up for him during his ordeal, to a certain extent.
Be careful fooling with Donald though, he is a snake in the grass and likes to orchestrate underhanded things. He is known for some dirty shit, even over at Waif. Donald has been legally advising the folks at Waif for sometime now, (while sleeping with Victoria) Donald is an asshole, and he thinks he knows every fucking thing. My question: If he knows so fucking much, why didnt he know how NOT to get disbarred?


Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask her why she didn't interview if you're working for her? I think people would like to know. If she can't even do that tiny little thing, how are we supposed to expect her to run a real campaign?

And it is Former Mayor, not Mayor. Just ask Former Congressman McEwan.

Anonymous said...

David we already know why MAYOR DUMAS didn't interview and so do you. As was written before, dirty dems like Tim (steal your Grandmas house) Burke didn't let her know when it was because he's a little corporate asshole like you. Stop hating on the Mayor because your Daddy couldn't buy you that title.

She earned it you little prick. Now drop out before your pitful political career is completely over.

Anonymous said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but this isn't David. What's wrong with FORMER mayor Dumas? Couldn't she pick up a phone and figure it out for herself? That committee met more than once, and it probably would have met again (though why, I don't know, since she has no chance of winning) to interview her after the filing deadline. She's going to be laughed out of the meeting tonight. Just watch.

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

Stephanie Dumas doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning against Heimlich. Cranley has a chance, albeit a small one. Areas like Green Township & Anderson are solidly repug and will likely vote for the scumbag Heimlich.

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Stephanie Dumas said...

You just don't get it. The reason why I was not heardat the Exec. Comm. was because the Democratic Party told me not to run. Because I did not get out the race like they had been asking me to,they spanked my hand.In their opinion a real Democrat would not run against another Democrat. The question here is who is the real Democrat. This happened to me once before in Forest Park when I was told how to vote and I refused. See what happens when you have ethics, my faith is not in the Party but in the people.

Anonymous said...

Pepper is the million dollar loser that will get stomped even though he's a republibrat.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding. Dumas, Pepper, Cranley? These names might as well be Mohammed. Hamilton County voters are gonna kick these stupid Cincinnati DemoRats to the curb, like an empty 40 in a brown paper bag. And when Portune gets his chance, he's going to the curb too. The only reason he's there is that he ran against a bona fide crooked moron.

Soon, the County Commission will be back to normal, white and Republican.

Anonymous said...

Stop posting lies, Dumas. You were heard at the executive committee meeting. Ask anyone who was there. They heard you twice. Once before you got no votes for an endorsement, and the other time when you threw a hissy fit at the end.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous David, you are a lying and just because you put anonymous in front of your name doesn't fool us. You're never going to make it David. Get out while you still can, I warned you last time and you didn't listen. Your daddy can't save you.