Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shuttlesworth: Images of Courage

I'm very glad to see this story in the Cincinnati Enquirer about the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a living legend and hero who still lives in our city. I can't add much to Cliff Radel's story except to note how proud I am to be able to say that I know this man, have marched with him in downtown Cincinnati, and have sought his counsel on numerous occassions. Rev. Shuttlesworth is accessible and generous with his time and advise.


Anonymous said...

"My last sermon is March 19," Shuttlesworth said. "But I'll never retire from speaking out about human rights and justice."

Only difference is now Shuttlesworth speaks out against gay rights:

The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, the great civil rights leader, took a prominent role in the campaign against the repeal effort, saying the repeal effort would amount to "special rights" for gays and lesbians.

Right, "special rights" like the right to marry whom you choose. Anybody out there old enough to remember miscegeny laws? Back in the day, the white majority didn't want blacks marrying whites. They used the same argument that Reverend Shuttlesworth now makes against gay rights.

Give Rev. Shuttlesworth his due for his past good work, but lending his name to Phil Heimlich's campaign to defeat Article XII was a career low.

When is a leader of the black community going to have the backbone to demand that the community confront its own anti-gay prejudices? In my opinion, when it comes to gay rights, the black community is, absurdly and ironically, more backward than even white Republicans.

As for some of the anti-gay items which I've read on this blog, try substituting "black" for "gay" in such posts. Perhaps you'll get the message.