Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ATBWT: The Black Fist Denouncements

Kizzy without the horse hair and makeup. Boy is she mad!

In today's episode of As The Black World Turns, we see that our dear sister, Black Fist General Brigadier General Nikki X, has held back for as long as she can, but, after taking more than most mortals could stand, finally was forced to let loose on the Black community's two, lonely, worthless, pathetic, obsessed, troublemakers -- The Bus Driver and Kizzy. (See, "THE BIGGEST LOSER(S)".)

[Update: My sources tell me Kizzy won't be polluting the airwaves this week because her cable TV show has been suspended! We shall see. If this is true, the Dean of Cincinnati did a good job and deserves our applause.]


Anonymous said...

My friend The Fur-man told me that when he saw JR she looked like a cross between a stuffed beach whale and the good year blimp with makeup on!
I agree with you she needs to not consume so much time worrying about exercising her freedom of speech and start exercising her fat ass!
How old is she anyway? I asked The Fur-man and he said 49 or so.
I love that picture. It looks exactly like her the last time I saw her at the station.
Kabaka Oba is a 100% grade a joke no questions asked!
Here's a Scoop for you:I have an inside source close to *Mr. Tieger that beleives Kabaka Oba's criminal witness intimidation case will be re-opened soon upon the direct request of *Joe Deters.

*Seth Tieger is the Hamilton County Prosecutor assigned to Kabaka Oba's criminal case.

*Hamilton County Prosecutor Joesph Deters is pushing for this case to go forward despite the witness not showing up the first time. He feels the intimidated witness was once again intimidated.

Hell people are charged and convicted of murder everyday in this country although no body or bodies of the victims were ever recovered.
Stay Tuned.

Anonymous said...

Where have you been? Rolland sent an unsolicited spam letter to folks who have Yahoo!Mail. It's a done deal. Tyler Meyer yanked her for the improper solicitation of funds, which is in violation of Norwood Cable TV policies & the FCC regs.

My thanks not only goes to the Dean of Cincinnati, but many other people who helped out, including "Sockeye", who hand delivered papers to Norwood's Law Dept. & talked with Norwood City Council folks.

Now is the time to focus on the Time Warner channel to see what rules will be broken there. For more info, Sockeye put the entire spam Email on Dean's blog.

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

Who, exactly, is 'the Black Fist' anymore? It was never more than five people to begin with; with the bus driver & kizzy out, Terry Summers resigned as "the delegate to the black fist" some time ago, it looks like Nicole Davis is the lone member.

What's the sound of one hand clapping......

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Miss Trina said...

reginald van gleason iv is nothing more than a joy rolland sympathizing fool. He comes on other weblogs and post nasty things about you and your children mimicking exactly what joy rolland has said about you word for word. And he does the exact same thing to General Nikki X. So Nate please escort that asshole from your site. His rhetoric is tired anyway. I enjoy your blog as well as The Black Fist Blog both give information to the black community we would not get anywhere else.
I agree with both (yours and General Nikki X's) views regarding "ATBWT" & "The Biggest Losers"!
They (kabaka & joy) have sank to new all-time lows!!! I'm embarrassed for the both of them for they are not smart enough to be embarrassed for themselves especially kabaka he USED to have some credibility in the past as for as activism (in my opinion) when he and General Nikki X were in the same Black Fist.
Joy on the hand is just a waste of humanly flesh!

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

On the contrary, 'Miss Trina',

I do not support Joy Rolland or the bus driver, nor have I EVER said anything about Nate on other sites and I especially have never said anything about his kids. That is strictly out of bounds. Please identify the posts where you allege that I have made these comments. You are clearly trying to bait Nate.

What I have said in the above post I stand behind; that infighting has destroyed once was "the Black Fist", and that Nicole is now the lone member. At it's peak the Black Fist never consisted of more than 5 or 6 people to begin with. I suspect that you know this already Nicole, err, 'Miss Trina'.

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Van Gleason goes, so goes Terry Summers, the guy attempting to be a white fist.

I'm certainly not embarrassed for Michael Bailey or Joy Rolland. Neither one had an ounce of credibility, other than providing comedy relief at City Hall.

I've also heard the story swirling around that the witness intimidation case was going to be re-opened. I'd like for them to get with that lady who had her child snatched from her by Bailey, & used as a shield when the cops explained to him he was under arrest.

Anonymous said...

Note: This is Miss Trina I couldn't post under my name because apparently I've typed the wrong password or something. Since this my first time ever commenting on a blog I have to get the hang of this.
On to my comment:
I don't save post reggie van whatever you call yourself especially ones like the filth you've been posting. I do have a life and don't sit around watching weblogs all day as apparently you do. This is my first time ever posting on any blog.
"Baiting Nate"? And use the same tactics you've been using on other weblogs and this one? Naw I don't think so. And whose "Nicole"?
I didn't sign in anonymously or as Nicole. I used my name you idiot. If we are to beleive you are really "reggie van whatever" then why are you questioning that my names not "Trina"? My name sounds more likely to be real than yours, I'm sure the folks out there would agree. Plus I don't have a loooong history of attacking black blogs and black women who stand up for their race. So whose attempting to "bait" whom. Show me a post where I signed my name as Nicole and not Trina. You can't since I've never posted before.
I'm not the one attempting to use a weak tactic like (in my best baby voice) "It ain't me Nate it's her" so you don't get kicked off this site.
And by the way, Why is it that most of your post are about The Black Fist but especially about General Nikki X? Who are you really Reggie? Or are you really joy rolland?
Simply asking the question. Because it seems I've heard her refer to General Nikki X as "Nicole". Is that where you've gotten that name from Joy, err reggie?
One more thing reggie, err Joy, Are you saying you've never posted anything about cruel and off limits about Nate or his family on other weblogs? Are you saying you don't post bullshit on The Black Fist Blog where General Nikki X has time and time again repeatedly warned you not to or you were finished there also?
If your answer is "NO", you're a fuckin' liar and I will not be personally addressing you again. For you are a waste of rhetorical time. And my time is oh so valuable.
Get a life racist then have a nice Day.
Not bad for my second post hey?

Anonymous said...

I don't know where the Fur-man got his info, but the Court records say JR is 30, 5/29/75. However, these records are notoriously wrong, given the lies people tell when in criminal trouble. But she looks every minute of 49!

On 05TRD58449, which was a motor vehicle violation, not 1st degree murder, as was over dramatized in that Joy's a criminal & wanted, she was picked up yesterday & timestamped in 2/7/06 11:38. She's due back in Court on 2/14 at 1PM.

So much for the psycho-theatrics at the Commissioners Meeting this morning.

You go, Reginald! I have never, ever heard you criticize or ridicule anyone's children or their life mates. Never. We're talking integrity & scruples here. Where this "Miss Trina" is getting the bibble-babble is beyond me. I'd like to see her document where you have stated poor remarks about children & mates.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that "miss Trina" said that she "I do have a life and don't sit around watching weblogs all day as apparently you do. This is my first time ever posting on any blog." Yet she says that she has read all of these posts that Reggie is supposed to have made all over the place. Anyone else see a contradiction here? Towards the end she sure does sound like Nikki X doesn't she?

I think that someone is telling a fib here.....

Anonymous said...

Nate Livingston wrote a full story on how the "ralph cramden and kissy" try to sound like Dr. khalid Muhammad (and can't even get that right). If miss trina sounds like Nikki X then I'd say that was a compliment. You people need to get over and grow up. Deal with the original post and stop attacking Nikki X every chance you get. She has supporters I'm one of them.
BTW:Usually a "fibber" would spend his or her time searching for fibs.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this blogasphere!!! what do you people do? just sit around all day watching each others words and try analyse them?
I happen to like the black fist blog but I get so tired of stupid jerks like the ones on this blog thinking they are some sort of experts on just about everything and probably couldn't fight there way out of a wet paper bag!

the delegate with the white fist said...

To all on this blog.

Reginald Summers Van Gleason IV is a Blackfist member.

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

Not bloody likely.

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Anonymous said...

More than likely, Miss Trina is Terry Summers' baby mama. She was finally given permission to use the computer because Summers had to go out in the Terrace & make a few bucks. It's still close enough to the first of the month, when all the no-loads are still flush with cash.

I don't believe Mr. Van Gleason would tarnish his reputation associating with the Black Fist. Like he said, there's only 1 pair of hands running that operation.

the delegate with the white fist. said...

Anon, you're such a dumb ass. I don't need to go out to Winton Terrace to make a few bucks, it's my residence. Reginald Summers Van Gleason IV protested with us on the corner of Winneste and Dutch Colony Drive.

Unfortunately, low i.q. people as yourself didn't do your homework and failed horribly.