Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why Do White Men Get Raped In Prison?

The source of this blog entry ("Who Rapes In Prison?") is almost 2 years old but it's still good enough to make my point which is: white people send Black boys/men to prison and protect their own by keeping them out of the prison system (for example, Andrew Warrington) but they are really setting white guys up to be violently attacked and raped if the day ever comes that they get sent to prison.

From the article.

In a 2001 report published by the liberal Human Rights Watch, a researcher named Joanne Mariner disclosed facts the mainstream media have long ignored or denied: There are more men raped in the United States—about 90,000 every year—than women—a mere 40,000. Most of the male rapes take place in prison, and good many of them are interracial, with blacks and Hispanics searching out and raping white men. [No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons]

The stories the report recounts, described in a 2002 article in the newsletter American Renaissance, are graphic and repellent. "I had no choice but to submit to being Inmate B's prison wife," one white convict said. "In all reality, I was his slave.… I determined I'd be better off to willingly have sex with one person, than I would be to face violence and rape by multiple people. The most tragic part to this is that the person I chose to 'be with' has AIDS."

Another white prisoner in Michigan reported that the black inmate who "claimed me as his property" "publicly humiliated and degraded me, making sure all the inmates and guards knew that I was a queen and his property. Within a week he was pimping me out to other inmates at $3.00 a man. This state of existence continued for two months until he sold me for $25.00 to another black male who purchased me to be his wife." Those are only a couple of the less lurid stories from the Human Rights Watch report.

[I had no idea this was happening to white guys in prison, but it explains why the Cincinnati Enquirer's Peter Bronson took an interest in the subject and wrote several columns about prison rape. (See this and this.) Why does Peter care? Because white guys are suffering. Does he care about addressing the injustices in the system which causes Black guys to suffer? Nope.]

Black people have spent decades complaining about how unfair the "justice" system is. For the most part, our concerns have been ignored. White people protect each other at every step in the criminal justice system. But racism and injustice has a way of coming back to haunt some white guys. By sending so many Black boys/men to prison, Blacks have, in many states, become the majority population. They run the show. Prisons have become integrated. So, when a white guy gets sent to prison, he can't hide from the Blacks. These poor guys wind up suffering because of the actions of people who share their same skin color.

Why do I bring this up? Because the day will come when the white Mulligan's murderer gets identified. This guy has been protected by the witnesses who haven't come forward. He has been protected by the cops who, even though they know who did it, won't give out his name or description. He will be protected by the judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. But if, by some miracle, he winds up in prison, he'll catch hell for all that protection he's received. It's not right, but it's what's happening.

Why not treat all people fairly? Why not reintroduce equality into the justice system? My guess is the reason we won't see an end to the inequality is because it benefits most whites and they don't see any reason to have a system that is fair. But when their son, or father, or nephew gets into a prison situation that turns ugly and violent, who's to blame?

[Also see, "Jailed blacks 'protect each other.'"]


Anonymous said...

"This guy has been protected by the witnesses who haven't come forward. He has been protected by the cops who, even though they know who did it, won't give out his name or description."

Great! Could you provide your sources please?

Anonymous said...

Nate, you sound like all the racist assholes that posted about Chanel Jordans murderer being protected by people not being willing to come forward.(And yes black people can be racist too!)

I'm white and don't like the injustice in our justice system. What do you suggest I do?

Not all white people benefit from this or like it. Most don't have any control over it. The ruling elite keep poor whites and blacks at each others throats with racist blame, meanwhile we all suffer and pay the price for the policies that benefit the few.

Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Oh hold on here. You mentioned that Warrington kid. Let's mention a black murderer here who's now in the safe haven of a mental ward, because he was declared "incompetent" to stand trial - that Myrick whack-a-doo who snatched his baby daughter, claimed she had the devil in her & killed her in Inwood Park. Some news sources were stating that he had raped his daughter before killing her. Which is no surprise.

So, let's just even out the playing field here. That's the difference between the honkies & the blacks. Honkies will readily admit to the whackos & trash in their midst. Blacks won't do that.

cincygrrl70 said...

Anon, you hit the nail on the head! Amen - been preaching it for years but no one seems to be listening.

Funny how all this fighting about racism is going on and yet the biggest employer in the city (UC) is buying up half of the Clifton/Corryville area. Going to make UC exclusive and corporate on the taxpayers' dime. Displacing neighborhood folks and going to turn a once eclectic neighborhood into Rookwood Commons for rich students. If you can't afford their new dorms (which will be a requirement for attendance), then your kids can't go to UC. So, eventually, only the rich will be able to afford even public education.

And yet, we are debating whether or not a shooter was black or white. Heck, (s)he was a criminal period. Maybe we need to make Huxley's "Brave New World" mandatory reading for all high school freshman.

Anonymous said...

"I had no idea this was happening to white guys in prison,"

Are you nuts?! Or just being disingenuous? You didn't know all the usual jokes about going to prison and ending up as somebody's girlfriend so you get protection or extra cigarettes or something else?? Where have you been, and what kind of lofty company do you keep?

And of course the stereotypical "joke" is some great big black guy with a couple centuries of payback to deal out goes after a white newbie on the block.

More realistic is the breakdown of gangs in prison along racial lines, one group being no more or less violent,racist and horrible than the other - what a race to the bottom!

And let's face it: it ain't Sunday school, it's a prison even if it is young black men who are disproportionately becoming the new criminal population because of perpetual and unending social problems. "He was always a good boy.....".

Nate Livingston said...

Anonymous Wed Jan 18, 09:05:42 PM EST

Of course I knew men (and women) were being raped in prison. What I didn't know was that (1) more men are raped every year than women, (2) white men are being targeted and raped by minorities in prison, and (3) Blacks in prison are sticking together, at least to some degree, and protecting themselves.

I would've guessed that the number of female rapes far outnumbered the number of males rapes in this country every year. All rape is bad, but I think this shows just how sick this society is.

Having never been to prison, I would've guessed that whites were raping whites, Asians were raping Asians, etc. If I had to choose a race that was engaged in prison violence, including rape, I would've guessed the white race. My guess would've been based on the violence I've seen from whites while serving in the military and on my understanding of American history.

I never would've guessed that Blacks, who seem incapable of sticking together in the Black community, would be sticking together in prison.

You can call me nuts or anything else you want to but I didn't know, and I bet there are a lot of people who are right there with me. How would the average person know these things?!

Anonymous said...

Here's the Sexual Violence Reported by Correctional Authorities for 2004:

Don't black criminals form gangs at a much higher rate? Obviously it helps your chances in prison if you have friends there already. I also think regardless of race, the nature of the crimes and the criminals will determine what happens. For example, tree-hugging pot smokers in for possession may not fare well when mixed with violent offenders who also happen to be in for possession. If we outsourced our prison system to Russia (hey, we outsource almost everything else), I don't think black gangs would prosper as a minority there.

"But when their son, or father, or nephew gets into a prison situation that turns ugly and violent, who's to blame?"

I'll go out on a limb here and blame the fathers of the black criminals who raised (or didn't raise) sons who grew up with a gang/mob mentality. I'll blame the Civil Rights Movement for providing the basis for desegregating the prisons. (Some prisons had/have policies trying to keep gangs and/or races seperate. Some of these policies have been challenged for being "racist" and the weaker inmates have been thrown to the wolves in some cases.)

White people know you have to get "prison big" and take steroids and start a serious workout schedule during your trial so by the time you go to prison you won't look like a victim. I hear tattoos help too.

Anonymous said...

"If I had to choose a race that was engaged in prison violence, including rape, I would've guessed the white race."

I'm sooooo shocked, I never would have expected you to say that. You are such a racist and a bigot. You see racism every where but in the mirror.

Anonymous said...


"Are you nuts?!" was just a manner of speaking. No incivility intended.

I also need to add that everything I know about this subject (Thank God!), I got from our popular culture. ie: movies, news reports/exposes,etc. I guess, somehow, some way, I just knew it.

Thanks for your military service and btw, George Carlin (another bit of our popular culture...) has a recent riff on our nation being "a warlike people" and goes on to cite how many conflicts we've begun or engaged in, in our short history. He's hilarious and skewers the (of course, white) forefathers, while also reviving the old Freudian cigar metaphor too.

Anyway, stay outta jail. That's my advice.

proud blackman said...

lower class whites have less rights than any other race. do a google search for help for white people and see how many results u get do a search for blacks/spanish etc and see how many results u get.look into how many things and programs there are for the naacp youll find lots when whites start an organazation its concidered racial when others do it its thought of as good for thier ethnic background anyone with the right political connections can get off. look at kobe look at oj not to mention all the other people with money . the bottom line is its not what u know its what u have . whites in prison are usually subjected to being taken advantage of because they are white and only for that reason when whites go to prison its usually for non violent offenses so the others take advantage of them including the guards because the other groups pay guards to look away. the bootom line is if any person is sent to prison black or white for a non violent crime the system puts them in the same block as murderers rapos and just plain pigs.i have seen young white men brought to prison and the blacks always try to do something to them no matter what the guards try to do to stop it . even worse is what they do to thier own i ve seen young black men so called gangstas come to prison and they are befriended by other blacks and late at night around 2 am you here that first scream of pain from thier so called friends penitrating them its something u cant get out of your head whether they are white or black the prisons need to be reformed so they dont put a non violent offender in the same housing unit as an animal . ive been thier and i know this first hand and by the way it works the same way in prison as it does on the street if u have it they will take it so die before u give it up

Anonymous said...

well well i thought it only happens in the caribbean it seems that it happen all over not just blacks raping the whites but both colours do tha same dawn thing

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate fact is that many men get raped in prison regardless of color. Prison is filled with angry men who are a danger to society and to each other. The cure for prison is education and intervention for families in crisis.

Anonymous said...

Every square inch of a prison should be monitered by cameras. Every square inch. NO PRIVACY. Cells, yard, rec room, showers, every square inch. You
catch 'em on camera you just start prosecuting and piling those years on. And anyone who is convicted is made to wear a pink prison suit with HR across it. 'Homosexual Rapist'. Because that's all they are. A man who has sex with another man is a homosexual, period. A man who rapes is a rapist. Period. You get a blojob from another man, you're a homosexual. Period. Those fags have defined it as something else 'macho' when it's not. They're homosexuals and rapists, period.

Anonymous said...

You are a typical fucking nigger. You say this: It's okay to rape white men because black men are treated within an unjust court and prison system. That's a great theory you posit, but let's remember that you people cause your own issues. You kill each other, while claiming rap is an expression of your communities and their struggles. Sadly, just as rock and roll created rocker youth when exported to Moscow, rap exported from LA ruined numerous so-called ghettos. Detroit was heavenly until you guys took it over. It can't even function. Perhaps white men should rape black women to make up for all the free money your bastard factory nigger whores steal from us hard working white people. Then again, she'd have the baby for a bigger check. And why do you people smell so bad? Why can't you learn and absorb information? C'mon, how high are your IQ's compared to the rest of humanity? Facts are facts. You guys are all no good.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You are a complete dumbass. I hate all black people that say all white people are racists and that they are unfair to black people. The justice system is by no means perfect and their are certainly some rascists within it but by no means is the justice system completely against one group. And are you seriously suggesting that white people getting raped is because of karma. That white people started this. That is complete crap. Slavery ended quite some time ago so please stop acting like it was yesterday.

Nathaniel Livingston, Jr. said...

You are the dumbass. What Black person has ever said that ALL white people are racists? I've certainly never said this. Why don't you tell the truth: you hate all Black people. Period.

I re-read my blog entry. I never said or suggested -- seriously or otherwise -- that white people are getting raped because of karma.

I hadn't really thought about it, but if we look at the situation honestly, white people did start it. White people kidnapped Africans and brought them to America. Once here they not only killed and beat us, they raped our women. So, yes, if you want to know, white people did start it. That said, I never excused or justified the horrible situation.

Crisstti said...

Nathaniel, the problem with your theory is showed in this:
"[...]white people did start it. White people kidnapped Africans and brought them to America. Once here they not only killed and beat us, they raped our women. So, yes, if you want to know, white people did start it."
What is that about "white people" and "black people"?. It's a generalization that, in my opinion, does show a degree of racism. "White people" didn't do anything. People who were indeed white did those things. None of those people are alive now. SO you really, really cannot somehow blame anyone who is alive now, just because of the colour of the skin.
And the ones who are to blame for the rape of people in prison are the ones who commit the rapes. no one else.
That doesn't mean I don't understand your point about white men being put in a disadventage situation because they are a minority, and that is probably partly because of a degree of racism in many people in the justice system. That still doesn't mean that the blame for the rapes is somehow not of the rapists themselves.

(I think maybe you should read the Human Rights Watch report itself, and not only that racist website's comment).

Those kinds of generalizations about "whitle people"; "black people" or any other group are so inacurate, unfair, just take the focus away from the real issues, and the source of so many problems...

Anonymous said...

That's the saddest part, since segregation is illegal more and more white men are being housed with the black homosexual predators. A person's true colors come out when they are in a position of power and it becomes clear in prison what unfettered freedom will do to the average black man.

Kevin said...

"white people did start it."

You are a racist Natea nd you make me sick.

I'm white and I don't owe you anything. Understand me? NOTHING!!!

You were never a slave and I have never owned a slave!

I'm NOT fucking responsible for what people with the same skin color as me did in the past!!!!

How dare you! How dare you imply that something is my responsibility because of my skin color!

You saying things like "white people started it" clearly shows you think mostly in terms of skin color and blame white people for things that happened before they even born.

Do you get that? Do you understand that? Or are too fucking racist?

Anonymous said...

I want ot report your ass I juust havent figured it out yet you sick fucking bastard.

Anonymous said...

First of all your probably gay and like white men. How are black guys treated unfairly when they commit murder. How are they treated unfairly when they rape women and rob people and a lot of them treat their own color harsh.So stop with the bullshit you hateful bitch. This just goes to show how ignorant you are because your filled with hate. By the way last time I checked white men get treated just like black men.

Anonymous said...

Your talking about 3 or 4 different topics all at once which makes this blog not make sense. All colors get raped. So you should really go get checked for mental health issues because it seems as if you have some. Oh yeah the same white people you dawg out might be the same white people that have an opprotunity to help you.

Your racist and your teaching others to be racist and I would be careful if I were you because most white people are not racist.Which might create some drama.

When black adults teach black children that all white people are racist that means some one taught you to be judge mental and racist.

Well anyways everyone knows that black people are racist too. So let's celebrate and put those to groups together and you so they can kill each other. So we can stop racism once and for all.

Oh yeah I bet you've been raped before. HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Why should white people be kind to black people if all they are going to do is call us racist. I don't give a crap about what happens to you black people because you could careless about what happens to white people. You want someone to care about you but you can't care about others? it seems as if you were neglected by your mother and emotional abused.

Well no one's stupid and we all know your not gonna post this because your blog backfired on you.
Stupid Bitch

Anonymous said...

Nate --

I was living in New York when the World Trade Center was bombed and 2000 people lost their lives and so many more lost their loved ones. There was a natural inclination among many progressive New Yorkers to appreciate the heinous actions of the hijackers as understandable responses to various injustices believed to be perpetrated by American industry overseas and support of Israel by our government. As humans we look for the source of things. I also think nice people generally see other people as essentially like themselves. It is difficult to put oneself in the shoes of someone willing to kill so many people so indiscriminately.

So I see why you believe that black men raping white men in prison is understandable in light of various injustices you see in the system. You are imagining the perpetrators to be essentially like yourself, are you not? Perhaps you see them as having a legitimate vengeance against ill-treatment in the outside world, both because you see them as rational and because you acknowledge ill-treatment in the world.

Isn't it also possible that rapists are just hardened criminals who would rape and kill and harm no matter what societal injustices exist? Isn't it possible that black men raping white men in prison are nothing like you, fell into crime because of their own desire to cheat and overpower, and merely band together because they have common interests and common desires to inflict pain and suffering? Do you honestly feel that the rapes would stop if societal injustices came to an end?

Hugo said...

Nate clearly is one of the many racist blacks who just won't leave whites the heck alone. This isn't 200 years ago, and although racism STILL exists in America (and the rest of the world) today, I find it quite disturbing that blacks can be so hateful, cruel and ignorant towards whites, who for the most part have changed in attitude and behavior, while denying the fact that they are racists themselves.

I am hispanic, grew up in a mostly Jamaican neighborhood. People here in Canada are a lot more open than those in America (blacks get along with whites). However, when I went to the US, I noticed that many whites attempted to start conversations or simply be friendly to a black individual, only to be treated like dirt because the black is too close-minded! It's pretty stupid in my opinion. It's this attitude that will hold back African-Americans. I have met many educated blacks who are not like this, but even they tell me that they the blacks who act that way.

Why can't people just open up their minds, both whites and blacks? It seems like blacks go on and on about racism and their past, yet they themselves are transforming into that which they supposedly hate. Prison is only an extreme example of this, though that is obvious to all.

mark said...

My interpretation of your premise is this: Cause and effect. Statistics imply that most sexual assaults in American prisons are perpetrated by black and hispanic inmates, the victims being white. A predominately white and racist judicial system is disproportionately sentencing minority races to incarceration, creating a racially inverted prison demographic. Therefore the sexual assault committed by minority prisoners against white inmates is an inadvertent result of racial bias in our judicial system and this may be ironic.

I could certainly be misinterpreting your intent. I found your blog to be interesting and believe that it raises alot of very poignant issues for consideration, however I disagree with the conjecture as I interpreted it. Correct me if i am wrong. I would enjoy discussing your perspective as long as I am sure that I have it right.

J Burner mercksalot@gmail

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is so sad that there are still people like you out there who think they're saying something intelligent when in fact they have no idea of what they're speaking of. It seems the only race that ever gets labeled as racist is the whites...I've heard black athletes speak about whites in the locker room putting them down or saying something negative about their race and everyone having a nice laugh...if a white said that they would be fined and at the very least labeled as a racist...I'm so sick of every black person acting as if they have no opportunities in this country...bullshit...blacks have access to every program available..if a black wants to go to college all they have to do is apply and more than likely it will be paid for..the problem is the blacks don't want to better themselves all they want to do is either be a rapper or an athlete..if they can't do that then they sale drugs...they can't fathom that they can't all be famous and be "players" they rob and steal and rape and murder...they destroy our peace of mind and every community where the majority are black then you will see destruction...they care nothing about themselves or their people or their neighborhoods. Not all blacks of course, but so many of the young blacks are out of control...It's not that white's are afraid of blacks...when a white couple walks down the street late at night and are approached by a group of young the know what's going to happen...they have a mentality that other races do not seem to possess....and it is getting worse everyone can label me as a racist...bigot...which I am can say whatever you want about whites...that's just your observation...mine is one wins until people take responsibility for their on actions...I grew up in a terrible environment...yet I have never been to prison or raped or robbed or murdered anyone...sick of the excuses.....

Anonymous said...

Just found your page you're an ignorant hate preaching racist piece of shit. Just get a backwards swazi tattoo.

Anonymous said...

all you guys in hear talking trash would be the ones to get it

Anonymous said...

@Kevin, you're right - you never owned a slave, and no black person living today was ever a slave. But what you are not acknowledging is that, even though it was your ancestors who had slaves, our present day black communities still suffer from the ramifications of that period. The thing is, no magical leaf has been turned over and everything is not all good. My friend, I say this to you with an open mind and still yet respect; RACISM is alive and well and unless you are the target of it, you will never understand how it affects us repeatedly.

To those who argue that blacks overpopulate the prison system because we are simply 'BAD' in society - well either you are painfully naive, or just racist. My husband, a white man, was pulled over here in GA not knowing his license was suspended. He had a bench warrant for an unpaid ticket that he thought was settled years ago. Anyway, he had his children with him (from another marriage) and not only did the officer not take him to jail, he allowed him to call someone to pick up the kids, and the officer allowed him to park his car in a shopping mall for 48 hours until my husband promised to pay the ticket. On another occasion, I was pulled over by an officer, yelled at and told I was speeding even though I know I was not but did not refuse the officer in anyway, but I was literally harrassed, made to perform DUI tests and I dont drink, and in the end - the bastard never wrote me a ticket. He just wanted to harrass me. Even though I love my husband, my honest opinion is that he should have gone to jail. I did not even have to point out to him, because he discovered himself, that being white comes with a type of privilige that nonwhite people dont get. So when you see the jails overpopulated with blacks, dont assume there are not just as many whites, if not more who have perpetuated the same crimes. They just did not get the same sentencing.

Anyone who refutes this, you are welcome, but please present your facts in a respectful, organized way. Otherwise, your comments mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

I find this HILARIOUS simply because these animals are in PRISON, prison people! This isn't some university, oh no, this is a hell house with people who ended up there for a reason. White, black, purple with pockadots who the hell cares if they are raping each other. It's probably why they ended up in prison to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this correct. Because white men are protected in society they deserve to get raped in prison by black men???? Also, if they are in prison, then they obviously weren't protected. This is the most ignorant blog I have ever read. Don't forget the black men in prison had to committ a crime to get there just like the white men, and any other man for that reason.

Anonymous said...

I like you how explicitly pick a few cases to support your point of view yet when making broad all encompassing cases like "have been complaining for decades" you provide no proof. You are a racist my friend. Enjoy your life because you have earned a place as a lesser human being because you spend you life judging others.

Anonymous said...

When black men rape other MEN, they are engaging in a homosexual act. They are gay. They are homosexuals. The white man they are raping is the victim and is not gay, as he does not want it. I do not understand how black men can get by with raping white men and think they are "macho". I would be embarrassed to be part of the statistics that black males are clearly a part of. 90% of prison rape is black men raping white men. How disgusting is that? There are other ways to be "macho". How about stabbing someone? Or maybe stealing their belongings? Punching them? Going in their cell and throwing everything all over and vandalizing his property? But rape? Raping another man makes you gay. I have nothing against gays, I have everything against gay black men raping white men and claiming they are straight. I would rather hear about a white man being stabbed 50 times than a white man being raped. No one, black or white deserves to be raped. I will do my best to raise awareness about this issue.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add that you sound like a racist Nate. You have no problem mentioning what white people do wrong but you fail to mention what your own race has done. It was your own race that sold your own people into slavery. Slavery still exists in Africa today and guess what, it is mostly blacks owning blacks. And what about genocide? There are countless stories of blacks killing their own people in massive amounts. There are plenty of white people who are discriminated against everyday. Whether it is people of another race treating them disrespectfully or social organizations that leave out white people, white people suffer too. There are organizations and groups to help poor blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc. but you don't see a group catering to just whites. Why is that? I guess white people are not people? I guess white people don't have fathers in prison? I guess white people don't struggle to feed their families? White people don't grow up in single parent homes? Let's keep it real and include all the "facts" in your articles.

Anonymous said...

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jayjay said...

Actually i believe that a lot of blacks are put in jail wrongfully and unjustly and police are very racially biased in situations where blacks actions are viewed negatively and whites tend to get a warning or a deferr for foolish behavior almost condoning to it.

Anonymous said...

I am 34 yr old white male. When I was 22 I was sentenced to 5-15 yrs in Michigan prison system. My 2nd day in population changed my life for ever. I was cornered by a black man and there were other whits near but they did nothing to help. I was 5'7 140 pounds vs a 6'3 235 muscular black man. At that time I became his. I gave him oral sex when he desired. When he was transfered to another prison I was handed to another black man. I remained in a relationship with him until my parole. 99% of all rapes were because the white inmate was over powered and other whites did nothing to help. I was protected by these men and unlike others I was never pimped or traded. I performed oral sex sometimes as many as 6 times a day. I was never raped anal. Until whites stick together stories like mine will continue.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm white and went to prison.when I was 18 years and stayed till I was 22.. the only people that were raped while I was there wanted to be raped! Majority of blacks in that environment could be homosexuals though cause its just in there nature.. I would definitely consider rapeing your dumbass though, people like you stir up a lot of hate in people.. so fuck you and all the black prison fags!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad im white n protected! Don't have to worry bout them nigger fags! Stupid Ass motherfucker who wrote this!

Unknown said...

So how come, a white guy outside of prison doesn't get any action in a pedominately black neighborhood. I've put on booty shorts.... t-shirts that said I was looking for it, etc. MOst I ever got was threatened with an ass-whoopin. Black men only gay for the stay?

crnorman said...

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look at it this way, before blacks had equality, when white people treated them badly, for the most part they acted fine, polite, quiet, good niggers, now they think they have something to say so they always yell it at the tops of their llungs,
white pride world wide

Anonymous said...

I can certainly relate to this since I am white , and yes I was raped and made into a punk in jail/prison. The underfunded prison system is overcrowded with dominant blacks who dominate and control what goes on there. The whites are looked upon by the blacks as weaker, less physical , without gang affiliations, and the sometimes blue eyes and pale white skin and lesser builds are desired very much for sex.

Basically with the poor presence and indifference of guards , coupled with being in a cage with no escape, surrounded my dominant blacks, lead to me being gang ass raped hours after I was locked up. Once this has been done, I was lucky enough to get transferred to pc for my body to heal. After that, where ever you get sent in jail/prison, there is tremendous coersion, violence, or beatings if needed making you to submit and become a sex slave.

Imagine being a black there, and every day your getting blow jobs and cramming a white ass full of cum.

Thats why.

Anonymous said...

If I understand this writer correctly, he faults white people for what happens to the white inmates in prison since white people lock up black inmates and therefore put the whites in danger. No mention of the disfunctional family structure that turns out so many black criminals in the first place.
So, we are to believe that it would be better to leave black criminals on the streets where they can prey on the rest of society - not just white inmates in prison?
This is the kind of logic a degree in "Black Studies" gets you, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Another stupid NIGGER thinking his 6th grade education earned him some credit.

I just got out of Prison.. Noble here in Ohio. And White guys ARE NOT getting Raped in there by NIGGERS.. the way it REALLY IS.. from someone who just got out and not just some internet bitch NIGGER writing a blog on it and never been... is the Blacks are the dirtiest people in population. All of the sex with men on men are from black on black in there. Its sick to have to watch the shit, grown ass NIGGER MEN, acting like Women. Thats the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

alot of these folks on here obviously have never been in prison!!! im white and yes ive been in prison and honestly its not rape in many cases! alot of white men do just as i did entering prison. just get smart and soon as you get there go find the biggest and baddest black man in there hit your knees and offer your services yes you will become his property right then and yes you will be pimped out but the main thing is you will never be abused or raped as long as you do as he says!!! ive did this and witnessed many others do the same and i can say our time in there was a cake walk as bad as you think it is and you can call me a fag if you want buti was very happy to be a prison wife and wud do it again if in prison i will recomend it to any white man locked up!! i was looked after and taken very very good care of!!!

Anonymous said...

you whine about white people "kidnapping africans" and bringing them here as slaves, well that is the best thing that ever happend to you. Now you are in this beautiful country called america, drinking colt 45 and koolaide, wearing jordans and fubu, and eating popeyes, in stead of wearing a lion skin in your hut while your throw spears at zebras and shit on the ground...oh yeah no matter where youre at you people are savages, raping and murdering your own people at outrageous numbers, so yeah thank my white slave owning ancestors for putting bags on your peoples heads and throwing you on a boat, and then breeding to be the best workers possible so now 200 years later you can become tupac shakur or OJ simpson and actually make some money so spend on nice tvs and big rims, fuck an IRA forget child support but you can afford some nice shoes.

Anonymous said...

I seen a lot of people fucked in there. But it was dudes that looked like women rich guys an privileged people with soft body's. I never heard someone say I'm gunna fuck a white dude today. It just so happened to be a white dude that never worked a day in his life. That has jiggly booty an small tits. you talking about a concrete lawless world. You can't keep a knife out of a man for more then a couple days. I seen tough white dude named kenny he said no one was fucken him. Two months later I seen Rollen Jones bend him over in the library an full force foot strocks to kennys white pink ass as kenny grabbed both side of the book shelf.

Anonymous said...

I am a white guy, and have never been to prison. I do however often fantasize about having a black guy hold me down, and bang my ass really hard. I think it would be so HOT! I think I am not alone in this. Most gay or bi white guys all really want a black man. Its true, most just wont admit to it.

JOdion said...

I acknowledge thay institutional racism had a generational affect, but I absolutely refuse to concede to guilt for things I did not do or choose to benefit from. Isn't it funny how people conveniently forget the hundreds of thousands of whites who have died in the name of ending slavery and genocide? When you only portray us as a people who have caused injustice, slavery and war it is defmation to suit your racist agenda. There's no justification for rape just as there's no justification for the system allowing it. You can't have it both ways, and it's incredibly wrong for you to assume the majority of whites would prefer to see blacks out of sight out of mind incarcerated.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing my attention to this important research on male on male prison rape by Human Rights Watch. I just spent an hour reading through a bunch of inmate testimonials and related materials in the report.

Those testimonials and other information provided by researchers make it plain that 1) prison rape is widespread, around 20% of all inmates in prisons AND jails are sexually assaulted, 2) there are a lot of factors that influence which inmates get targeted, such as differences in age, physical build, and aggressiveness, and also race, 3) men and teenagers of all races can and do assault and get sexually assaulted in prison/jail, and 4) similar patterns are found in prisons around the world.

Nate, as much as you try to connect the dots for us, and however satisfying it might feel to point out that racism hurts white people too, I think it's unlikely that your comments on your blog about the failure of white protectionism in prison settings would bring a sudden crisis of conscience upon lawyers, judges and lawmakers around the nation, most of whom come from relatively privileged backgrounds and most all of whom are heavily dependent on the status quo to feed their families and their self worth, in order to bring about the change you want to see. It's a complex dynamic with many moving parts.

In fact, whites in this country have always been divided along class lines, and racial animosity & privilege has been used throughout our history by the establishment folks to drive the wedge in deep and keep the lines drawn. By and large it's the economically disadvantaged of all races who suffer the most in our society, but the blinders are on.

Changing the dynamics in prison will take the efforts of many committed persons of conscience, regardless of race.

Anonymous said...

I think it's shame to see how many people are uneducated bigots in a place like the US. I do laugh and feel ashamed as an American to see how stupid Americans are when I'm in Europe! I'm happy I got out of this forsaken racist place but still it keeps haunting me! Can we still claim to be the most advanced nation in the world! I think it's bullshit!
Learn your history, all people here are immigrants whether white or black except for the native Americans who were the rightful owner of the land! So having someone saying Africans should go back to Africa is senseless! What if the American Indians said everyone should go back? I tired of people who have privileges and use them to oppress others and when the others strike back, all they can do is use violence and oppression and the stupid racial slurs because they can't argue or engage in a constructive conversation! There's a black man in the Whitehouse for god's sake! This kind of behaviour is what's dividing this society and why of all nations we're the one which has psychos killing innocent children in schools or people in church! I don't think our forefathers envisioned our society to be like this! God bless the United States of America!