Saturday, January 28, 2006

Boondocks: Dr. King Would Blast Niggers, Relocate to Canada.

If you are like me, you don't know what to think when you read a press release from Rev. Al Sharpton, president of the National Action Network, especially when it has to do with something on TV or in a movie. You don't know if this is Rev. Sharpton going out in left field or if it's something worthwhile.

That said, I hesitated to blog on Shartpton's demand that "Boondocks'" creator Aaron McGruder and the Cartoon Network apologize for airing an episode titled "Return of the King" and promise not to air it again. In the episode, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. awakens from a coma after 32 years and let's Black people have it. He calls Black people "niggers" and moves to Canada.

Anyway, I was skeptical but then I watched the episode. (I encourage you to stop reading this blog right now and click here to watch the video clip.)

Here's the entire text of Rev. Sharpton's press release.

Cartoon Network must apologize and also commit to pulling episodes that desecrate Black historic figures. We are totally offended by the continuous use of the 'N' word in McGruder’s show. While I can appreciate Mr. McGruder and his achievements, this particular episode is over the line. If we don’t receive an apology, we will picket the corporate headquarters.

Cartoon Network's response.


Two days after Rev. Sharpton issued his press release, Cartoon Network renewed "Boondocks" for a second season.

I've run out of time for commenting on this but don't want to keep it in my "draft" folder. I'm publishing it now so that you, my faithful readers, can offer your opinion. Time permitting, I'll finish my thoughts on this controversy. Until then, check out Black America Web's version of the story by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

On the page with the video clip, check the link of the Nightline interview with McGruder. Nate, you should provide that link also. McGruder has some interesting points to make and has no apologies for his cartoon - as it should be. This is still America - he is allowed to say what he wants short of yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater. Oh, I forgot - black men in this country can only speak if they don't offend Revs. Al & Jesse...

Nick said...

Aaron McGruder is an absolute genius. This episode was brilliant, just like the rest of the series. It should be noted that McGruder's cartton world doesn't spare anybody anything-- its not like it paints a flattering picture of white people, or any race for that matter. One of the many things I love about the show and the comic strip. I think Sharpton totally missed the point of this episode.

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

This cartoon was right on target; Dr. king would turn in his grave if he could see how the black community has squandered his legacy. You ruined the bus that Rosa got you to the front of. Murdering, gangs, drugs, deadbeat dads, single mothers, dealing, males that can't keep their dicks in their pants, robbing, stealing, thieving, school dropouts...the list goes on and on. You don't have to worry about "the man" trying to kill you off, you're doing it yourselves. And almost no one in the Black community is willing to speak out against it. The Coz did, and now the Boondocks. Anyone else care to step up?

There was one passage in that clip where 'Dr King' sounded like he was describing you to a 'T' Nate!

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

the delegate with the white fist said...

And while certain people, like Sharpton, wants to criticize Boondocks, those people need to bring back to the front of the line the degradation of much older degradations that's still going on.

For example, the picture of Aunt Jemima. Remember how whites used to have her picture on the pancake box dressed like master's housekeeper (housenigger is the word whites used.), sort of like, I forget her name, but that black female plus size movie star, who played the role of a housekeeper (remember, housenigger.) dam, what's her name, uh, I think it was Hattie something, but anyway, people know who I'm talking about, remember that picture? And then, blacks protested the then picture of Aunt Jemima and the company of the Aunt Jemima products, I think the main company was located in South Africa, but blacks even went as far as not buying the Aunt Jemima pancake mix and the syrup. And then, the company posted a more modern time picture of Aunt Jemima on their products. She looks like a housekeeper (housenigger) with the Marriott hotel uniform on now.

Go to the grocery store and take a good look at her. Take a real serious good look at her. I'm trying to tell you something.

Aunt Jemima still is a slave brought in from the field to work in master's house, only now master has got her some updated housekeeping clothes on. And blacks bought into this trickery by whites. They called off the boycott of Aunt Jemima products and commenced back to buying Aunt Jemima products.

Now, think about it. Aunt Jemima is the same housekeeper (housenigger), only with different clothings, but same mentality.

Oh, I know what's going through people heads now, after I said, ''...different clothings but same mentality.'' People are saying right now, ''That's the same thought that the Nation of Islam said about the police, when comparing the police with the Ku Klux Klan.'' And those people are right! The Nation of Islam had printed in their weekly paper, ''The Final Call'', a picture of a Klan on the leftside and on the rightside a picture of a police. And right below those pictures was the words, ''Different uniform, but same mentality.'' Which is true, the only difference in the Klan and the police is the uniform. But they both have the same racist mentality.

But I say that the police uniform nowadays is the Klan's license to brutalize and kill blacks at will, and commit perjury in court, and get off freely or very lightly. Isn't that right, Judge Ralph E. Wrinkler? Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Somebody play the Franchize Boyz, ''Oh I think they like me.'', but replace the word ''like'' with ''hate'', so that now you understand why the America, like Bush, doesn't care about black people.

But back to Aunt Jemima. So the only difference between the two pictures of Aunt Jemima is the uniform, but still they both have the same slave mentality and fear of whites. So, since there's really no difference between the Aunt Jemimas, both are still degrading black women, while whites make money from the degrading products, like whites did Sarah, who was paraded around Europe, naked in a cage as the ''Beast From Dark Africa.'',
Sharpton needs to call for a protest of Aunt Jemima products, if he's serious about the degradation of black history. And why stop there. He needs to call for boycotts of the pictures of the Lipton tea man and Uncle Ben's rice man. If he's serious. Other than that, he doing the Boondocks thing for publicity and government money.

Another degrading subject that needs to be brought back to the front, are the words, ''negro'' and ''nigger''. The words are different in spelling, but they mean the same. ''Negro'' is the Portugese word for the color black. That's what the Portugese called the africans, and the word continued so even during and after slavery by them, and blacks have continued to call themselves this ''N'' word, negro. The word ''Nigger'' is difficult to dissect. But I can say this, that it may have came from the Latin word ''niger'' for the color black. And of course, thinking of Latin, you have to bring in the spanish people, who may have contribute to the creation of the word for black, which was used to degrade blacks that the spanish people had as slaves too. People have heard of the war between the french and spanish people here in North America. Yeah. Those are the same spanish people that had africans as slaves in North America. Oh yeah. The country Spain owes reparation to blacks here too. But back to the word ''nigger''. In my opinion, the word ''nigger'' came from the dutch people who had africans as slaves and populated mainly the southern parts of Africa with the so called jews (Poland). Remember the slave company called something like ''The East India Dutch'' or something to that effect? But anyway, the dutch people called the africans ''nikker'', which in the dutch language means black, and so, that's what they called us, and that's what blacks learned to call themselves. Review the movies ''Roots'' and ''Roots-The Next Generation''. Notice the similarity of the words ''nigger'' and the dutch word ''nikker''? They both have twin letters, but are spelled different, but mean the same, even mentality.

But once again, blacks bought into the trickery of whites by letting whites trick them into thinking that the ''N'' word ''nigger'' is a degrading word, while the other ''N'' word ''negro'' isn't.

What the fuck! Both ''N'' words are just spelled different, but they have the same meaning, the same mentality. You can actually say that whites have just ''clothed'' the words differently, but if you ''remove'' the ''clothings'', they both have the same degradation. And yeah, you have heard Sharpton call blacks ''negroes''. Sharpton needs to bring these words to the front, if he's serious about degradation of black history.

After all, whites still call us these degrading words. I remember that on applications, blacks had the choice of checking off ''negro'' as their race. Wonder why they got rid of the word from applications? Because whites knew that certain blacks would learn that the word ''negro'' was just as degrading as the word ''nigger''.

The problem is, that blacks haven't learned that yet. Even in the Cincinnati Public Schools, where you would think that teachers would teach blacks not to call themselves the degrading word ''negro'', the teachers and principals are using the words themselves, even calling blacks that degrading word.

Somewhere, somehow, someday, blacks eyes will be open to the trick of the whites concerning both ''N'' words.

Now, of course there are those people who want to weasel their way out of bringing these degrading subjects to the front, by saying some crap like, ''Why don't you do it?'' or ''It's already been done.''

Please. Is this the best that they can do? Is it?

I have already brought it to the front by speaking of it here and elsewhere.

Sharpton wants to be everywhere in the media, so he has the connections to widely talk about these degrading subjects, and not just the Boondocks. Unless he's like Ross Love's radio station, ''The Buzz'' 1230am WDBZ, which talks about opposing the ''N'' word, but Lincoln Ware, Jeri Tolliver, Jay Love, Ken Anderson, and Nathan Ivey calls its callers the other degrading ''N'' word, negro, and therefore, Ross's radio station is fronting about opposing degrading words as the ''N'' word, nigger, while uplifting and honoring the other degrading ''N'' word, negro.

And as for the statement, ''It's already been done.'', the degradation is still ongoing. Therefore nothing has changed, and needs to be. Just as the 1960's boycotts and marches ended, and nothing's changed to seriously improve blacks situation in dealing with the now highly intensed racism, and there needs to be some serious changes even if it means another civil revolution, blacks need to just come out in extra full force and rebel.

Whites rebel against blacks, so what's up with blacks giving them the big payback? Don't talk about overcoming, if you're just singing slave songs, instead of being combatively active like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Ida B. Wells, Pistol-packing Harriet Tubman, and other like Nate Livingston, Monica Williams, Amanda Mayes, and so on. Please. These are the true soldiers. Like Stokely Carmichael said, ''How you going to overcome, if don't overrun?''

Hey Gleason, you dumb punk. You're too dumb to accept my challege that I issued to you. Now I'm offering you another one. Let's do this debate at U.C., free to the public. Oh, that's right, you're anon. Scared to face the black man you talked about. You're just like the b*tch I thought you were! Maybe you're that CIA by the name of Joseph Steger, so he told me. I'm no sucka. I knew then that name was fictitious for security of him.

Black power every hour!

Anonymous said...

This McGruder guy is really tasteless.
I can't even imagine kids watching something like that. Never mind the word niggah, since that's all over the place in rap and hiphop; but to presume how someone of the Rev. King's stature would react to today's social ills, is in really, really bad form. I do think viewers should react strongly and turn that s*** off and don't buy what the advertisers are selling.
Beyond that, I'm not sure Al should be using his time for something like this. He's a self promoter, that Al, but he has inadvertently done some good from time to time.

God....I just watched it again and my skin crawled. Hollywood types are so.....self absorbed and arrogant.

Xpatriated Texan said...

I understand why some people would be upset to hear Dr. King say, "Nigga". However, I hear absolutely no condemnation of the athletes, rappers, movie stars, and other celebrities that use it continually. When I worked with inner-city kids from Miami-Dade County, I forbid them to refer to themselves in that manner and taught them to say, "I'm a black man."

Interestingly, they quickly became virulent activists among their peers. They learned that they could, indeed, remain black and still live an ethical and upstanding life.

It doesn't solve the problems of racism and lack of opportunity they face, but I do believe it's a step - a step where they consider themselves to be men (first) who happen to be black rather than someone whose entire life is defined by racism initially imposed upon them by others.

In the interest of honesty, I have to say that I am a white man and cannot possibly understand exactly what it was like for those young men to be who they were where they were. My primary goal, however, was to teach them who they could be and where they could go.

Great blog. I'll try to stop by often.


Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

Four more black males shot in Cincinnati in the past 24 hours. One of them, a 13 year old boy, is dead. He had 2 guns on him when he was killed. Another one, a fourteen year old, was shot and wounded. He had been released from jail 24 hours earlier, and was packing a gun when he was shot. All of the suspects are black males. More black on black crime, more death and destruction. There is a malignancy growing in the black community. It needs to be removed.

Yet some like Nate & Nicole Davis (the real name of 'nikki x')claim that there is no such thing as black on black crime. They claim it is all an invention of the 'white media'. At least there are a few black men in this town that recognize that there is a problem, and they marched through OTR today to draw attention to the problem. They need more men to join with them. Many more.

Are you paying attention Nate, Nicole and Terry Summers? Well, are you??

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Anonymous said...

Terry Summers, why don't you get an education? The black actress was Hattie McDaniel, & she died a wealthy woman. Miss McDaniel was no dummy kitchen mama. Apparently, you have no clue as to the other roles she played as an actress. So much for your black history.

Funny, at psycho-Kroger's off Mitchell Avenue, I see plenty of black folks putting Aunt Jemima in the carts & taking her home. Uncle Ben & Sylvia, too. If you don't like it, sue the manufacturer. It's that simple.

BTW, your friend Nate made "house niggers" a coined term. Don't blame it on the white folks.

Seeing that you're dissecting "N" words, you forgot another favorite - "nigra" & "neegra". And one can be white & be termed the "N" word. There's plenty of them running loose. Shiftless, lazy & dispicable.

And Reginald is so right on - Dr. King is no doubt spinning in his grave that no one has paid attention to what he had to say, nor have they passed it on to the next generation - the dope dummies born in the late 70s & 80s. Reginald covered all bases once again!

Summers, no one is interested in your idea of a debate. You have nothing worthwhile to say. It's aleady been said, so get over it. Spain, the Dutch, no one owes blacks reparation. You fail to realize that the greedy black chieftains in Africa saw lucrative deals in selling off their criminals to the white folks looking for cheap labor. Get your reparations from the ancestors of the money hungry chieftains & stop your feeble threats at extracting money from the white folks. Get a job. Get a life.

Nate Livingston said...

Reginald Van Gleason IV

Consider this your first, last, and only warning. I'm not going to tolerate any more of your foolishness on this blog.

If you don't want to have your comments rejected, demonstrate some self control and stop crossing the line. If you don't know where the line is, or can't stop yourself from crossing the line, just take your shit somewhere else and stop commenting here altogether.

Nate Livingston said...


I got the point and am sure Rev. Sharpton got it too. That doesn't stop me from being offended by the cartoon.

I'm beginning to think McGruder is a punk. Do you think he'd ever have an Iman using profanity in a Mosque? Do you think he'd ever have Malcolm X come back and eat a pulled pork sandwich, say "fuck it," then go get with a white woman? Do you think McGruder would offend the Jews? We will have to disagree that McGruder doesn't spare anybody anything.

Nick said...

I'm dissappointed especially that people are taking a small clip and using it out of context.

In the course of that same episode, McGruder makes it clear that King would be treated like absolute shit by white people today, an issue that needs to be raised as his memory is continually homogenized by mainstream culture.

I especially enjoyed King's observation of being used on McDonald's trays and iPod billboards, his calls for pacifism in the face of terrorism (just as he did during Vietnam), and his call for a new political party.

I really think just taking that couple minutes and watch it is pretty misleading. In the end, the episode has a positive ending: African Americans mobilize, asserting themselves by dealing with problems within their own community AND demanding just and equal treatment. McGruder says at the end "The Revolution Happened." Hell, Oprah gets elected President.

I think McGruder's a gifted voice, a little too smart in this age of base intellects and extremism. He refuses to deal in absolutes, something you should consider as well, Nate

Anonymous said...

Nate,why are you jumping on Reggie? His post was timely & poignant. I want to cry when I read about 13 year old children armed with guns dying on our streets. Reggie praised the marches that took place in four neighborhoods today. Have you? And he is right, we need more men to turn out for these events and take a stand against the violence.

He also called you out for your repeated statements denying that black on black violence exists and/or making light of it.

Yet you let that crazy fool the delegate/Terry post the most ludicrous, unintelligent, foolish statements with out saying a word to him. Your bias is really showing Nate.

Anonymous said...


1) van Gleason IV makes a cogent point, albeit with a smug, not-my-problem, attitude. It's his way of not having to participate in maintaining his "free society" or making sure everyone is adequately protected, fed, housed, clothed, educated and given medical care.

In short, it's the same attitude behind the street, "Well, I gots to git mine", and you wouldn't want to be in a life boat with either one - but you might as well let him post - I don't think a blog has ever killed anyone.

2) But it has driven a few people nuts - Delegate: calm down! You've got one life, you DON'T have to live it as a blond, but you might as well be happy. Turn that s*** loose. And finally,

3) McGruder. Nate, you got it right. Again, I say, those Hollywood types know exactly which side their bread is buttered on, and know just which buttons they can push so that people will think they're edgy and cool (like putting words in a dead icon's mouth). They live in a constant state of anxiety about what new upstart will replace them (just like advertising exec burnouts who get put out to pasture at 40).

Of course, even while recognizing this, I see most of their stuff, because.... we're in the last days, brothers and sisters, and yet, being too worldly to sit in church all the time, I have to keep track of my empire's decline.

McGruder, leave MLK alone. You aren't man enough to spit shine his shoes.

Anonymous said...

Yeh Terry Summers should have his ass kicked off this blog. He types out a zillion words saying nothing at all.
Go get a job boy!

the delegate with the white fist said...

I can't get a job because my black skin color and natural african hair disables whites from looking beyond my outward appearance, instead of judging me by the contents of my character (Remember, America loves the ''Dream Speech''.) at interviews on the ''colored only'' side of businesses.

I groom myself to a perfect ''T'', I wear clean, freshly pressed, and nice looking business 3 piece suits at interviews, but whites still view me as one of the ''Boondocks'', and discard my applications and on that alone, after the interview is over, after smiling, shaking my hands, and saying that my application will be passed on to the next phase of the interview (trash can).

Maybe I should change my name to ''Boon'' and go sit on the ''Dock'' of the bay and watch the tides roll away like Otis. Actually, I'll be watching all of America's promise of liberty, justice, and freedom for ''All'' roll away from blacks and tidal wave into the rich and whites hand.

And since you anons are so worried about me having time to be on this blog, obviously you don't have an education, life, and a job too. Birds of a feather, flock together.

Yes, my name is Terry Summers. That's what my mother named me. So let me educate you anons and others like Gleason about the name, since you love it so much, then you'll respect appreciate me having that name.

Let's begin with the first name ''Terry''. It's a shortened version of the Greek name ''Theodore'', which means ''Gift of God''. So America, Bush, and all you ''Terry Summers'' name craving anons who don't like me (I love you. You know the Barney song. Sing it with me. ''I love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too.''), you need to thank your god, yes a lower case ''g'', anyway, thank your god for giving you such a hellraiser as myself for a gift. Obviously that's just how much your god thinks of you and loves you. I'm your blessing in the form of a curse for your sin. Now do like Cain in the bible and bitch about your gift from god.

Lastly, the name ''Summers''. Notice the plurality of the name. Yeah, those hot ''Summers'' on master's plantations, where thousands of newborns and children of slaves died of heat exhaustion and starvation, while master's babies were busy sucking on some yoo-hoo milk from the black slave girls who lactated.

I need my african culture back that America kept denying me through public schoolings. ''Summers'' were seasons of sadness, sorrow, rape and murder of slaves.

If my mother had her ancestors' motherland cultures back then, she would have given me an asian-afro name. But it's all good. Because my court date to have my name changed to an african name is approaching.

Well, now that I have educated you anons and others who hate me, you have passed my lectured course with flying colors! Now go burn the American flag!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, I think the reason no one will hire you is because of your terrible attitude; you are a real hate filled asshole with a chip on his shoulder. you blame everyone else for your problems but take no responsibility for your own actions or your own life. We all have to suck it up and act decently at work, whether we want to or not, black, white, yellow, brown and black. If you don't you get fired, or don't get hired at all.

I will be interested to hear Reginald's point of view. He is usually spot on!

Anonymous said...

If Reginald gets "kicked off" & that whacko Summers continues on with his senseless diatribes, then everyone has proof positive that not only is Nate a racist, but also if anyone doesn't "cotton" up to his point of view, they are also on his target, regardless of their race.

Besides, Summers doesn't even own a suit. The last time I saw him in Room 121 Court House, he had his ghetto clothes on & hadn't taken a shower. Face it, not only is he not looking for a job, he can't get one. The police have him on a short chain for some questionable proclivities. What's he doing? Sucking off the whites & blacks who work for a living. After all, he's in Section 8 housing out in the Terrace. Go figure.

Reginald, speak out man. I like how you tell the truth & don't ever stop!

Reginald Van Gleason IV said...

I think that Terry would still be unemployed if he were lilly white; a jerk with an attitude is a jerk with an attitude whether he is black, white brown or yellow. Of course all of those criminal convictions don't help either.

It was inspiring to see the four neighborhood marches against violence this weekend. When people make a stand against crime, dealers and thugs in their neighborhoods they can accomplish more than the police ever will be able to.

To Anonymous 07:26:52 AM, I may be 'smug', but I certainly do contribute to the "free society" with the hefty amount I pay in taxes. Between income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes I spend over 50% of my income in taxes. All I can say that what ever I 'git' I have earned it through my own hard work. I had to make my way through college by working in fast food restaurants then as a bellboy & doorman in a hotel. Years of hard work have yielded a decent life, and no one ever gave me anything, nor have I ever asked anyone for a handout. I am a self made man. I suspect that Nate is a self made man as well, and I do respect that a great deal. even if I don't agree with his politics.

-Reginald Van Gleason IV

Anonymous said...

This is anon. 7:56 etc/

van gleason: Tax is tax. Don't know what the colorless, lackluster pols are doing with it and don't want my own personal contributions ($$ or hard work) filtered through the government anyway. I want to see people, live with and around them, and borrow a cup of sugar.

Sure, sure, sure, we all worked our way up - I slung hash at Frisch's as a teenager; as Chris Rock says sarcastically, "I takes care of my kids...." we're all supposed to do certain things without a pat on the back and STILL have time to extend a hand because there will always be someone who just can't or hasn't yet(a bad attitude is damage just like broken leg).

You saw the Delegate in public, and didn't shake his hand??? Invite Delegate out for a non-alcoholic beer will ya? And sheesh, pick up the tab and expect him to treat in return when he can.

All this is fantasy, but it's (arguably) the only way. Forgive 7X70 the Bible says. Give until it hurts.

This is highly personal, and I'm sorry if I take this too far away from the political - as I said you had the right observations about the crime scene.

the delegate with the white fist said...

Yes. You anons and Gleason did just what I said, ''...bitch about your gift from god.'' When will you ever learn. I'm so politically addicting to you, that you keep coming back to me for more fixes and don't even know that I'm fleecing you everytime. What suckers. What suckas!

Deal with the subject of this portion of the blog, fools! But you can't because you are just as much of a ''Boondocks''.

Anonymous said...

Aaron is the man. I'm from Macon, Georgia and I'm livid at the behaviour of African-Americans. I know what's it is to have a cross burned on the front lawn by pagans who profess to know G-D. But to see how our people are doing the same things. Black homos and lesbians(I'm not mad at em), brotha's in prison, brotha's not taking resposibility and raising their kids and marrying. They are acting in reverse of what the Torah commands us to do. Blacks in Germany, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Malaysia are prosperous because the do what G-D says. They also stress family, education and community. We let Hip Hop and foolishness dominate our cultural landscape. And we have the arrogance to blame the white man? The white man isn't taking away your jobs, heck, he is trying to save his own dupa. I'm studying on the West Coast and brothas living around these latinos and asians and don't even speak their language. I speak it in others as well, because you have to adapt. Blacks have failed on three fronts, Faith, education and economics, and that's why MLK would flip in his grave and he's up in Heaven peeved. I'm loving Vancouver, BC or Stockholm Sweden right now. If I'm going to pay taxes as an entrepreneur, I want it to go to something that makes sense.

the delegate with the white fist said...

To anon who spoke of blacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Blacks are doing what God (White Jesus) say, because they have been scared into submission to do what ''massa say'', ever since Hitler and his military went into Africa and murdered and raped over 6 million africans, compared to the so called 6 million of jews he ordered executed. Just as black men here in Amerikkka have been scared into submission of the police, no matter what the police say or do, including target practising on black newborns, like the one murdered by the cincinnati police, as the baby was being held as a hostage.

By the way, anon, why you didn't mentioned that the Netherlands use the words ''nigger'' in their preschool and so on education, to enhance ''whiteness''. This goes for Belgium too. Oh, you didn't think I knew, huh? For those who don't believe me, read the book titled, ''Blacks In The Dutch World'', and you will also read about the so called jews who forced africans from their tribal lands and turned the very dark tribes light skinned through forced pregnancy of raping african girls.

It's a ''Boondocks'' thing that people got to understand. Black power every hour!

Anonymous said...

that´s right mother fuck@ is game over