Friday, December 16, 2005

Black Fist Denounces Brokeback Mountain

Black Fist Brigadier General Nikki X has published a blunt, scathing blog entry on the movie "Brokeback Mountain" and the Black Fist's stance on homosexuality.

According to General Nikki X, the Black Fist's stance on homosexuality is as follows:

Let me make this perfectly clear before I even get started: "The Black Fist" has always OPPOSED PUBLICLY AND OTHERWISE the practice of homosexuality.... Here at "The Black Fist" it is 100% totally understood "Homosexuality is Unnatural, Disgusting & Abnormal" and I haven't even mentioned morally wrong by the guidelines set by "The Creator", in "The Holy Scriptures" know as 'The Bible".

Here's the Black Fist's position on "Brokeback Mountain":

I'm hearing this movie Brokeback Mountain is a movie (in short) about 2 homosexual white men (cowboys) porking each other up in the wilderness. Period. That's it. What is this abomination really about? Seems like Brokeback Mountain is a historical document because the white male in AmeriKKKa is known for his nasty, deviant, sexually predatory, abnormal filthy ways of "expressing" his [white] "sexuality", whether it be with little children, forcefully taking sex (rape) from the opposite sex and/or forcefully taking sex (rape) in homosexual ways and in some more startling bizarre but quite normal (in the whitemans' culture) that little filthy practice called: "Beastiality", which means "having sex with animals". Yes, I'm sorry to have to be the one to bring it to the forefront but the whiteman loves to have sex with fucking animals! How fucking sickening is that?!?

Is there a point to the Black Fist's blog entry? Yes. Go read the entire blog entry and you'll see General Nikki X's point. You may disagree with it and may think it unwise to express her views in such bold terms, but this is an opinion that deserves to be heard. That's why I've linked to it.


Kent said...

The only thing I disagree with so far is the actual picture. I don't know where this picture came from, but those two actors were not the ones in the film. So trivial as it is, that was inaccurate. I will have to read the rest of the blog to determine if I feel it's on point or not.

Andrew Warner said...

That picture you used for the movie is funny as neither Colin Farrell or Josh Hartnett are in the movie.

trevor_moonbow said...

This does it! Time to use the heaven hotline dailing up the almighty, he needs to thin the herd.

Anonymous said...

Andrew--you're such a kiss ass to Nate that you are willing to overlook his giving play to a bigoted screed against gays?! Very sad.

General Nikki X said...

Thank you Nate for the link to the "Brokeback Mountain" movie trailer.
I watched it, it's about 2 & a half mintues long. And I'll tell...
That was some sick shit man!!!
The 2 actors who play the lead are: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenthal, but who cares. Hollywierd is getting even Hollyweird-er.

So Nate isn't George W. Bush still a self-proclaimed "cowboy" who likes to go, er, "riding" with, er, "friends" in the wilderness from time to time???

You know me, Brigadier General Nikki X, I'm just raising the issue and asking the question.

Peace to all of your "Cincinnati Black Blog" readers.

p.s. Thanks for the link to where your readers can read my blog entry entitled:

Nate Livingston,
Thank You for Reading "The Black Fist Blog" & encouraging your readers to continue to do the same. And I, in turn I will continue to encourage all my readers to continue reading "Cincinnati Black Blog"!

Let's continue to "enlighten" Black Cincinnati & others together, Huh?!?

Anonymous said...

Although I don't care about homosexuality, because what people do in the privacy of the bedroom is their business. This is crossing the line. Keep your personal business in the closet. Regardless of anything homosexuality is not and should not regarded as a publicly acceptable lifestyle. I will never be offended by this movie because I will never see it. But this is a part of the slippery slope and amerikkka is sliding downhill. Do as you please in your bedroom, but put homosexuality back in the closet where it belongs. It should have never seen the light of day in the first place.

comello said...

A powerful poem by a freind of a 13yr old black kid who committed suicide over this issue:

Anonymous said...

Plenty of black men on the down low....

I think the movie is definitely the product of the Hollywood "Velvet Mafia", though.

Andrew Warner said...

Anon 6:25,

I don't support any of this gay bashing and find General Nikki X's entry rude, offensive, and ignorant.

I am disappointed to see that Nate Livingston is trying to spread the hateful message that Nikki X put out on her blog.

The gay community doesn't deserve all this hatred. Like everyone they are just trying to be themselves and be happy.

Anonymous said...

I've read and re-read Nate's post and the "review" at Black Fist. What IS the point of the "review"? As a white gay man I'm probably at a disadvantage here. I try my best to always avoid bigoted homophobic Black separatist hate screed, which may explain why I'd never before encountered the Black Fist blog. But Nate's blog is always a fun read, so I followed his lead to the review.
Please -- I need some help here. All that comes through to me from the "review" is hatred and bigotry. Is there some kind of right wing code decrypter that a person could use to decipher the latent messages buried inside NIKKIX's Black separatist hate screed? Give me the damn decoder ring! I really want to know: What's the point?
P.S. to NIKKIX: I know Rev. Shuttlesworth. I might even presume to say Rev. Shuttlesworth is a friend of mine. Your separitist/segregationist hate rant defames his life and his work. Shame on you for defiling his name, his life and his work. Say what you want. Think what you want. Hate who you want to hate. But leave the good Reverand to speak for himself. Bitch.

Nate Livingston said...

I actually don't oppose the movie, object to it's release, or care if people go see it or not. Furthermore, I disagree with the Black Fist's position on the movie because I don't see this as an attempt to compare the gay lifestyle with being Black, or see this as gays trying to force non-gays to accept their lifestyle as mainstream. So I can't speak for the Black Fist or answer what the point of the review was. I linked to it because this is the Cincinnati Black Blog and I suspect Nikki's position is shared by a fair number of Black people. For that reason, I think people reading this blog should know what's being talked about.

Andrew Warner said...

Nikki X's post is nothing but hate and unwarranted discrimination.

People like The Dean keep trying to help other people see the Black Fist's point, but it is impossible when they just keep spewing such hatred in every direction. Any shred of what they are trying to accomplish is lost when they persecute other minorities in such an unforgiving way.

Brian G. said...

I hope this type of hatred is not shared among a sizeable portion of black people. That would be very disappointing.

General Nikki X said...

What's really "diappointing" is white people who think Black people are STILL SLAVES without an opinion, independant thought and/or action from what the white race would deem "suitable" and God forbid a Black person especially a Black WOMAN would have the wherewithall, intelligence & "COURAGE" to speak truth to power without the "fear" of what whites think of what she is saying.
If all you good so-called Christian white people feel my blog entry was "gay-bashing", "offensive" and "hate-filled" then stay the hell off "The Black fist Blog". I did not advocate the killing of one gay person, did I? NO I did not.
But when your fine "killer cops" kills an unarmed Black man UNJUSTIFIABLY where is the outrage from the white community like the outrage you whites have shown against me? I'll tell you where, you, the white community is "absolutely null & void"!
I have a RIGHT to say what I think about that homosexual cowboy movie, the gays and or anything else I deem will enlighten my community, The BLACK community! Nothing I said in that entry was a lie. White people do have sex with animals & children. It's a historically documented fact. And sex with children, now come on people, it is running rampant all throughtout The Catholic Church so go holler & make noise at your catholic priest you allow to "service" your sons' not a Black Woman who has only said what others are too AFRAID to say, "Black or White" OK?!?
The Black Fist Blog,
It is geared toward "The Black Community" but of course, everyone can participate and comment EXCEPT a certain idiot who is foever banned and that idiot knows who he is.

In my first blog entry titled: WELCOME TO THE BLACK FIST BLOG.
It is clearly spelled out in no uncertain BOLD TERMS what "The Black Fist Blog" is about, will be about and what it won't EVER be about.
And furthermore white racist who call me names and the like, well, I hate to break it to 'ya but...."It won't stop me from printing the truth nor Will it stop me from running The Black Fist Blog the way I want to run it. PERIOD!

You white people have "Willie Cunningham", "Mike McConnell", "Sean Hannity", Brian Griffin's "Cincinnati Blog" & "The Cincinnati Enquirier" .
Stop crying about The Black Fist Blog when all of the above are 100% racist media so-called outlets that you white crybabies love, cherish & uphold as "The Gospel"!

And to the clown who "claims" he is a "friend" of Pastor Fred Shuttlesworth:
Pastor Shuttlesworth is a friend of mine too, you silly ass dork so talk what you know and know what you talk. And everything I said about him on my blog is 100% true. Review the tape of the commercial during the time he OPPOSED THE SPECIAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT ON THE BALLOT AT THAT TIME.
Fred Shuttlesworth made that commercial NOT Brigadier General Nikki X, so sorry your "friend" was AGAINST gays having "special rights" and he say it PUBLICLY ON TV and I reprinted what he say on the internet. And he did have scars on his face and a knot on his head, so how am I "disrespecting him"? I'm not imbecile!!!
And I didn't even have to resort to calling you a "BITCH" now did I?
No I didn't. You bitch!

Thank Nate & Thanks to everyone who reads "The Black Fist Blog".

Brian G. said...

Good thing Brigadier General is the lowest general rank in the military.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is wrong! PERIOD!

I read the entry at the Black Fist Blog and I never seen where Nikki X tried to say this movie made an attempt to compare the lifestyles of gays to the black community. Did I miss that?

Her entry was nothing more than a reminder of the sinfulness of homosexuality and advice to all moral people, to keep themselves and their families away from it. That's it.

The gay community deserves MORE HATE than it's getting now. It would be so awesome if God destroyed them like He did with the people of Sodom and Gomorrah!

SG said...

People who are so offended by what others do in the privacy of their own homes are pathetic. Read the Bill of Rights. Everyone has the right to be who they are, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as long as it doesn't impede on the rights of others, and, no, your neighbor being gay doesn't have shit to do with you.

I hope all you homophobes have gay and/or lesbian children, and tell them often how much you hate them. Hate is nothing more than a cover up for your own insecurities and the fact that you can't stand up for yourself NOR are you strong or independent or smart enough to be the person you really want to be.

agirloutthere said...

Maybe you think homosexuality is wrong, maybe you think it's alright for you or for others, but why all this hate for people?!?!!

You don't like the movie's premise? Don't go. You want to comment on the movie? I think you should watch it or read a manuscript, so you can intelligently comment on what the message is or isn't. I don't know much about it (just the obvious) and I don't think I'll be watching it, but I don't plan on slamming a group of people over it.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent, fact filled, thought provoking dialogue/opinion is what people respect, Nate. Why share a profanity filled expression of someone's hate for another minority on your blog? Agree or Disagree with gays. Isn't hate what you are fighting against?

Anonymous said...

ain't that a bitch! when somebody can call General Nikki X a bitch no one stands up and says she has a right to her opinion and disrespecting a blackwoman is wrong but when Nikki X herself responses back and calls that person who called her a bitch a bitch then Nate is questioned on why he's letting 'profanity'laced hatred on his blog.
that's why what Nikki X said was so true cause whenever it's 'profanity' against gays or lesbians its wrong. but when it's 'profanity' against black people it's ok by gays and lesbians.I'm so sick of gays and lesbians thinking they are so special when they are nothing more than perverts!
you keep doing yo thing Nikki X, fuck them 'bitches'!

Anonymous said...

To Brigadier General Nikki X,
Being a white male, it is hard to listen to some of your comments about my race and our history and practices in the past in this nation, but I agree with you in principle on some matters. I do not however, agree with your reckless hatred towards other human beings. I understand if your personal, political, philosophical, or religious beliefs lead you to believe that a practice is wrong, although I would disagree with you that this is the case with homosexuality, but you cannot so recklessly ignore that they are human beings who deserve our love and support. THAT is the message of Jesus... to love your neighbor as yourself... and to love your enemy. If you truly believe that Jesus would have hated these men and women, and this movie, then I think you may want to reread your Bible... with a bit more of an open mind.

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way... On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
- Arundhati Roy

Doug said...

It's sad when some blacks engage in the type of stereotyping they claim to oppose. I am a white man, and I can assure you that I have never had homosexual relations, raped a woman, raped a child, or had sex with animals. To suggest that any of these behaviors is typical of white men is as racist and offensive as any stereotype I've ever heard. Also, I have no intention of seeing this sick movie.

Anonymous said...

How sad so many people miss the point in this life. How sad someone who is black can be so full of hate and intolerance. The sad part is Brokeback Mountain is about people denying who they are and living a false life that has ramifications on their happiness and the lives of those they live the lie with.

I don't deny the hardship blacks have gone through. BUT DAMN if i'll listen to the HATE from a "Bigot in Black" who doesn't know a damn about what it means to be gay. We don't wake up one day and just decide. You really think people would want to deal with the crap (like posted here) just because, oh, Hmmm... I wanna be gay. Grow up. We're tired of the hate and won't tolerate it anymore.

Anonymous said...

You're entitled to your own opinion about homosexuality. I'm not going to get into a debate with you about that because you're trying so hard to be something you're not, one can only laugh. General Nikki X? What are you the general of? A Blog? You should really re-exam your life and the delusional position you've created for yourself in your non-existent movement. Okay, so you bitch about Amerikkka and a couple thousand people come online and agree with you everyday encouraging your false sense of "revolution". Then what? You go to your 30K job for Corporate America and talk about the "plantation" or some grassroots organization and pride yourself on "keeping it real"? What are you really doing? You're so caught up in playing a role that's you've created that you've become nothing more than a laughable character making a parody of your own movement.

General Nikki X said...

Hhhhmmm, but I got you thinking & talking didn't I "anonymous"?
Not bad for a "parody".

Thanks for reading this entry & Thank You For Reading The Black Fist Blog!

P.S. General Nikki X won't be "re-examining" her life anytime soon since I have all of you wonderful folks out there just like you "anonymous" stay up all day & half the night "re-examining" my life for me :-)
Wow and I'm not even important....."Right"?

Anonymous said...

I am from the UK and stumbled upon this thread while looking for negative remarks about Brokeback and I found this a one of the most homophobic racist site in the world! I see the USA still leads on many fronts. There seems to be a lot of hate of others, wasting your energy that could be used in a more positive way. As the the film it about a love story first and the rest is secondary.

One final point, if you refer to the World Health Organisation and African charities websites the you would know what the central African States think the cure for AIDS. It involves babes and I'll say no more that than. I will say the this pratice is due to the unfortunate ignorance of the rural ppl of some parts of Africa. I know that there are awlful things that go one in the rest of the world cause by both white and black so think about what your saying as you are casting the first stone!

General Nikki X said...

Ok, I'm Thinking...Hhhhmmm.
Thought time over.
Homosexuality is still wrong.

Thank you very much.

KAD said...

Nikki X, I was going to respond to you as a resonable human being, but it's obvious you're a fucking idiot who would neither understand nor accept truth. I don't like fags any more than you do, but if you think white people are the only ones who can be sexual deviants, then you must be living on another planet all by your lonesome.

Anonymous said...

What I find disturbing is that all this denial going on in the community--they are as many black men who are gay as any other race. If that was not the case, there would not be all these problems about men being on the down low.

It is time to wake up and realize that homosexuality is biology not choice and that tolerance is not something that should be kept only for black/white issues, but for all human issues.

Anonymous said...

I see no difference between The General and Lester Madox, a bigot is a bigot is a bigot...and just because your a hip black dude doesn't make you any less a cracker. And learn from history. If there is even one minority group in America that is denied equality, then no minorty group is safe. The Black community has yet to understand this one. sorry for the brutal honesty, but it's time we cut through the BS.

Nina said...

The Black Fist article on "Brokeback Mountain" reminded me of the violent racism I see on my home reservation in MN. Indians tossing around racial slurs while being followed by white people in stores (oh, the irony). I'm always deeply saddened when I hear my aunts and cousins talk about "Mukks" (the Ojibwaa word for "black" is "mukkwa", so "mukk" is similar to the word "nigger"). I got the same feeling when I read the blog. I find it extremely sad when one discriminated minority bombs on another. One of my best friends is a black, gay male and a huge fan of Cornel West, Toni Morrison, and bell hooks. He would be deeply saddened to read these statements from a black power activists.

On a personal level, I also feel extremely offended. As a person who self-identifies as queer, postings like these are something I would expect from Neo-Nazis and Republicans. Not any sort of activists of a discriminated group. Not too mention that I am a teenager and this makes me terrified to grow up and enter into this world of fear and hate.

Anonymous said...

fuck you, you nigger piece of shit... where do you get the write to talk about gay people like this. you're a fucking minortiy so instead of tearing all the minorities apart why don't you stick together? why? because you're a fucking piece of shit. and as for "the devil" you will not find the devil in the white man... white has always represented purity and goodness, where as BLACK has represented filth, dirt, scum, the devil, evil, hatred.

and as for gay people being "abnormal" or "weird" where the fuck do you get off? i am a gay man and i feel completely normal with the man i am in love with. there is nothing weird about it... we were simply born differently than you. in the same respect you were born different than me. we're all different and i dont know why a fucking piece of shit nigger minority feels that they have any right to spread this kind of hate.

if black people spread hate like this they will never become accepted into modern society.

the thing you have to realize is this. the world is ruled by rich white men, some of them gay, some of the jewish, some christian... but, not by black people. maybe instead of spreading hate messages you could try to work with the people in this world... well, unless you want to be beaten for being black... if that's what you want... i suggest you head to texas.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I am a gay white person and that I don't even understand what all of you are arguing about. Homosexuality is something that gay people including myself can't help, and is not only shared by white people, but also by black people. If you ask me, I think that from the black people I know, theyre more intelligent than any other race if you listen to them. This movie has nothing to do with race, and I dont even see why it was brought up. African-Americans were faced with discrimination for such a long time, and still even today are. Everybody including whites, is disgusted by the plantation owners and the way black slaves were treated. One day, gays are going to be as accepted as blacks are today, and in that day, people are going to look back on everyone who mistreated them, blacks and whites alike. My question for you who discriminate against Homosexuals is, do you want to be remembered and put in the same category as white plantation owners who discriminated against blacks because of something they couldnt help?

Anonymous said...

Gen. Nikki X and all other hate mongers of any race really should separate themselves from the rest of society. Go build your own fascist paradise.