Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pepper Flip Flop: Executive Mayor

I've been awfully busy the last few days but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post a few comments on David Pepper's flip flop on whether the City needs to adopt an executive mayor form of government.

FLIP - Back on June 8, 2005, David Pepper said he supported an executive mayor.

First, lines of authority need to be clarified at City Hall. Whether or not a show like COPS should be allowed to film is clearly an executive, not a legislative, decision. This means Council members can say whatever they want about the issue, but it also means the administration can respectfully disagree and move forward in whatever way it deems best. One reason I support the proposed "executive mayor" form of government that is before my law committee is because having 10 direct bosses is simply not working, and can send the administration off in every direction with little time to complete some of the most important work the City faces. Having one executive elected leader, with a separate legislature that serves as a check on the critical issues that are legislative in nature, is far cleaner than what we have now.

FLOP - In September, David said he opposed an executive mayor system. More specifically, on September 11, 2005, the Cincinnati Enquirer published a chart wherein David was asked:

Should Cincinnati adopt an executive mayor system, abolishing the position of city manager?

David answered:

No. The current system gives the mayor substantial powers to push for change and end council bickering. They haven't been used - I will use them.

If we had a decent media in this town, they'd point out David's flip flops.


the delegate said...

Pepper is fip-floppin', because he won't be able to stand the heat in the kitchen, that is the new kind of mayor's seat of authority.

I say, ''Just Don't Add Pepper''.

The Smoke Eater said...

Just eat your egg the way that Columbus politicians want it.

Plastic and hidden away somewhere... filled with the coins of hard earned pensions.

I say, give me my egg sunny-side up and don't forget the Pepper.

Anonymous said...

Two morons heard from: racist delegate and mentally ill smoke eater.

Mallory will win, but no thanks to the views of these two.

I say, vote for Mallory, but don't look for any good reasons here.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I second that.

O Felix Culpa said...

Smoke Eater is pro Pepper, you idiot. Anyway, Pepper didn't lie about it and blame the Enquirer. It would be consistent with his philosophy, since he is running as a New Strong Mayer, and Mallory is running as a Old Weak Mayor of 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Nate, speaking of flip-flops, are you going to file a complaint against Child-Beater Sam Malone for using a cop in his commercial?

Anonymous said...

Pepper was a weak councilman who has failed to do right by the citizens. His paid and mindless supporters would have you believe that if you give him a promotion, he'll sudenly be strong and do the right thing. He's got to many strings attached and not enough character to do that.

Where are the polls?

Anonymous said...

ere's one for the smoke eater:

Two firefighters are buttfucking in a smoke filled room.

The fire chief walks in and says "What the hell is going on in here?!"

The Firefighter says "well sir, this man has got smoke inhalation."

The Chief says "why didn''t you give him mouth to mouth"

The Firefighter says "How do you think this shit got started?

The Smoke Eater said...

Hey, you have to have a sence of humor... that's not my style but I did laugh.


Anonymous said...

Pepper is going to win by a comfortable margin. Want to know why? Although blacks are 38% of the City's population they largely do not go out and vote. They are too busy getting stoned, high or drunk, fucking some 'ho, or listening to some (c)rap to give a shit. So much for the man holding them down. They are the only ones holding themselves down. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King got them to the front of the bus but then they pissed all over the bus, filled it with garbage, painted graffiti all over it and then carjacked it. Time to pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps folks, er, I mean 'bros.

Anonymous said...

Pepper is little homo bitch. Electing him mayor will result in turning City Hall into a giant gay bar, with fudge packing in every toilet stall and ditch digging in every office.

Squeaky voiced gay guys will appear in management positions and only show up on Friday to get their check before heading down to the Dock for some man to man dancing and rutting.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Dean of Cincinnati said...


Though is sponsored by The Dean of Cincinnati, participation is in no way limited to Cincinnati only. If you agree with the principles below, you should join our movement in your own locale.

* Because our local democracy is ineffective;
* Because our City government exhibits ineptitude;
* Because there are consistently unsatisfactory candidates from which to choose;
* Because poor city leadership perverts true democracy;
* Because city change will only come about through inspired people;

I promise not to vote in the 2005 local election, instead working for thoughtful democracy.


* Jason A. Haap, MA, The Dean of Cincinnati
* Steve Scott, Teacher and Photographer
* Dominic Santoleri, Conservative Pundit
* Andrew Niemann, Consultant
* Wesley Dempster, Philosopher*

*Wesley Dempster's support of Local Refusal is contingent.

Anonymous said...

Yea guys, don't vote. That'll show em! Seriously, if you don't vote then you have no right to bitch about the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Dean, if you're not voting, why did you endorse all those shitty candidates?

Nate Livingston said...


What does any of that bullshit you posted have to do with David Pepper's flip-flop on executive mayor.

I struggle with allowing you David Pepper clowns clog up the Cincinnati Black Blog's comment section with your foolishness. Don't be surprised if your comments between now and Tuesday get deleted if they aren't relevant to the topic being discussed.

The Smoke Eater said...

So much for the truce you offered me...

But I'll stick to it.

Love ya, Nate.

As Always,

Peter Deane

Is deleteing someone Godly or unGodly?