Sunday, October 16, 2005

Unite Cincinnati Endorsements

One week from today, on Sunday, October 23, 2005, Unite Cincinnati Political Action Committee will release our endorsements for the Mayor of Cincinnati and Cincinnati City Council. Those endorsements will be posted on the Cincinnati Black Blog, distibuted to our email list, printed on flyers and mailed to voters through a mass mailings, and advertised through commercials on radio (and if funds permit TV commercials).


Anonymous said...

You're raising money illegally (if you're raising any at all). Unite Cincinnati is not a PAC and the Ohio Secretary of State's Office has no record at all of its existence.

Go to,102&_dad=porthope&_schema=PORTHOPE and search for Unite Cincinnati. It doesn't exist!

Nate Livingston said...

Anonymous Ignoramus!

I've already told you this about 6 or 7 times. Unite Cincinnati PAC isn't required to register with Ken Blackwell's office because we don't deal primarily with Ohio elections and/or issues. For the same reason we don't have to register with the Federal Elections Commission.

How many times are you gonna say the same stupid thing?

And, yeah, Unite Cincinnati is raising and spending money. Anyone interested in sending a donation should address it to:

Unite Cincinnati PAC
Post Office Box 14977
Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-0977

Anonymous said...

Any hints as to who you may be endorsing?

Shannon said...

I left this on your Oct 4th post.. but I figured I would post it here as well.

As someone with darker skin (you'll understand why I am phrasing it this way in a second) would you prefer to be called an African-American or Black? I have heard varying views on this... especially given the nature of both of these "names" or descriptors. One view is that the correct term would be Black because AA relates to those Americans who are descendents of Africa, which can be both people of white skin color or darker skin color. Another view, is that AA is the correct term.

In your opinion, which would you prefer?

Anonymous said...

Shannon: I think more appropriatly do they wish to be called Africans or Americans? The rest of this country ( the extreme vast majority) does not refer to themselves as German american, Irish American, Italian American, Jewish American, etc. If you do not wish to be know as an American then refer to yourself as African. I could refer to myself as a native American but I am not my grandparents so I just say I am an American although I am not always proud to be anymore. (cherokee Chief)

Anonymous said...

I'd like one name that would encompass Caribean, African, light and dark skinned persons. How about "persons of color?"

I can't devote a millisecond of attention to tryin to figure out where these people come from and how they want to be catagorized.

Perhaps it would be best if they just settled for "Americans," rather than any of the silly alternatives.

But being an English American, I guess I don't have a vote.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Nate Livingston has raised enough money to do a large mailing, much less radion and not even close for TV. Everyone should know that to do a mailing of say 40,000 pieces costs about $16,000. Radio is ineffective when only a few stations accept politcial advertising. TV needs at least $75,000 to be even marginally successful.

So, come on Nate, tell the truth, you only got enough money for crappy photo copies and volunteers to deliver them in maybe the West End and Avondale. Right?

Anonymous said...

If the last anon post is indeed the case, does that message still not get out to the masses. and if crappy photo copies, the last I knew, paper, ink and electricity were not free.

Thanks for the hard work Nate!!!

Nate Livingston said...

Pepper Puppet

You sound nervous and you should be!

First, Unite Cincinnati already runs a website at Pepper's people didn't think we could or would set it up but we did.

Second, the script for Unite Cincinnati's radio ads (we have more than one) is complete. Studio time is reserved for Tuesday morning. Our commercials should be running on at least 6 radio stations by Thursday morning.

The notion that radio is ineffective because only a few stations accept politcial advertising is false. (If radio ads are ineffective, why is Pepper doing them?)

Unlike Pepper, however, our ads won't just run on Black radio stations, they'll run on white stations, too. We firmly believe that there are enough good white people in Cincinnati who'd be willing to help us defeat Pepper if they knew the truth about him. We are going to do our best to make sure they know the truth.

Third, not only do we have money for radio, we have raised more than enough to do at least one large mailing. Unite Cincinnati has a bulk mail permit and we intend to use it. We have mailing lists from the County Auditor and the Board of Elections. The point is, we are geared up and ready to move into phase II of our campaign to defeat Pepper. Mail is an important part of our campaign. We intend to do mail.

Fourth, I never said we absolutely would do TV. I said we will do TV if we have enough money to do it and we think it is a good use of our funds. We know how much it cost to do TV. Only time will tell if we have enough money to place ads on TV or if we even want to do so.

Finally, any decent campaign has a grassroots element to it. The photo copies you call "crappy" are effective.

As of today, thousands of Cincinnatians, especially Westsiders, have been educated about Pepper's San Francisco values.

Hundreds of voters also know about Pepper's dictatorial plans to bring Chicago style politics to Cincinnati.

Thousands of Christians know about Pepper's vote to subsidize the Know Theatre and their anti-Christian bigotry. Because of us, you might even see a big-name televangelist come to town to denounce Pepper!

Pepper has to pay people to support him. Unite Cincinnati has no problem getting volunteers. Pepper has crossed a lot of people and they haven't forgotten.

Anonymous said...

You tell'em Nate. Most people don't want their truth dressed up, because that is deceiving and fake.

Get the message out by any means necessary.

The Smoke Eater said...


How foolish you are in your remarks about Pepper, as you say, "Pepper has to pay people to support him."

The vast majority paid a dime for supporting Mr. Pepper and his plans to turn Cincinnati around into the good story that it is meant to be.

Now, will you stop advertising that false notion that everyone is on a Pepper payroll.

As Always,

Peter Deane

Kent said...

Thousands of Christians know about Pepper's vote to subsidize the Know Theatre and their anti-Christian bigotry. Because of us, you might even see a big-name televangelist come to town to denounce Pepper!

Now being an actor myself, I am particularly concerned about this. You only mention the Know Theatre. Is that the only theatre company that was considered for a subsidy? What about The CBTC, or any other group in the city? I know they all get funding from the OAC and the Fine Arts Fund.

Josh said...

I'm looking forward to your endorsements Nate. Do your thing.

Anonymous said...

Nate, Nate your fans all await...
Who do you support for Mayor and City Council Candidate(s)?

Again, do the damn thang!

Anonymous said...


whitey norwood redneck said...

hi nate, why is everything about race with you? p.s. i am a scottish/irish/english/american, but, i say i am an american. why can't every reasonable person, and idiot in our country call themselves american. many people who call themselves african american, have never seen africa. so why do they call themselves african american? please stop the race baiting, you piece of media trash. you should listen to 700 wlw if you want the real story, not air america "the jerry springer network". p.s. god bless willie cunningham, you need to go on his show so he can make you look like a total idiot.

Anonymous said...

white norwood redneck

most forms we fill out in this country don't have just plain "American", job appliactions, medical forms all sorts of documents ask for your race, and in a perfect world being "American" would be just fine, but why are we constatntly asked before are met or seen about color?

whitey norwood redneck said...

i agree anonymous, race should not be a factor, the person with the best credentials should get the job. i think they do it, because of a law passed in the sixties, when the equal opportunties bill passed to stop white people from being racist, and hiring only white people. it is meant to show that businesses are not being biased. if you think it is wrong, maybe we should repeal this law that protects minorities. i am astounded, that you would say such a goofy thing, don't you know african-american history?

Anonymous said...

That's right race baiting. yeah black people should go the 700 WLW where we can be refered to as "Kizzy"' "Toby" and "Kunta Kente" from Roots and told to like Massa Bill Cunningham's boots...Nah...DON'T THINK SO!

Or be talked about as if we were still on the plantation...

While most who call themelves African-Americans have never seen Africa, there are also those who refer to themselves a Italian-Americans (But have never been to Italy or Sicily), or Irish-Americans who have never been to Ireland. But no-one complains about the latter two.

Oh here is a good one Native-Americans (How did the Indians become Native-American here in the land were, once upon a time, they were the ONLY Americans)

On all sorts of applications and official forms you are asked to identify your color before you are asked to verify your character, qualifications or your identity. African-American is printed by the word race.

African American is not representative of race, it represents heritage.

Anonymous said...

It may seem goofy to you, and I know American history and African-American History (which is not taught in schools) quite well.

Your statement is an indicator that you have missed my point, which is African-Americans is what we were labeled by races of others as a much less offensive choice to being called n****rs, coloreds or blacks.

This may come as a suprise, but black people or not black.

But people love to toss around labels and in keeping with history those same folks choose not remember that they did it.

whitey norwood redneck said...

anon, can i call you smitherman, or michael bailey, or are you nate? african history is not taught in american schools, because it is not american history. if you are talking about western history, they teach alot of stuff that does not include a lot of countries, but egyptian history is taught. what great historical event happened in ethiopa, or zambia? what did the africans invent, or do? they did nothing until they were blessed to be in countries such as the u.s. or the u.k. p.s. it was a colored person that invented the term african-american, not a white person. negro-american was also invented by a black person.