Saturday, July 09, 2005

Son of Sam Got "Whooping" In 2002. So What!

Another day brings another story about Sam Malone's bad-assed, disloyal son. This time the Cincinnati Enquirer has a story "Son says Malone hit him in '02" which explores allegations in another email allegedly sent from the kid and his troublemaking aunt, Melinda Wreh, to the media. Here's the essence of the story:

Malone's son called his father a liar in an interview with The Enquirer on Friday and in an e-mail he wrote to WCPO-TV(Channel 9) on July 1, detailing the 2002 allegation.

"He knows about this abuse with a belt. It was at my old school,'' the e-mail states. "I went to school with the bruises and showed them to my teacher. ... The school call 241-KIDS and they took pictures of my right leg where I had a cut for a very long time.

"My dad soon pulled me out of the school and I got another bad whooping,'' the e-mail continued.

Yeah. So what? Sam gave the kid an ass "whooping," he went to school crying, the school called 241-kids which investigated and found nothing wrong, no criminal charges were filed, but the kid -- like many adults who've commented on the lastest little butt whipping -- didn't get the message: the State of Ohio allows parents to whip an unruly child, so don't act up if you don't want to get whipped.

I'm starting to the trouble with Sam's son is that maybe Sam didn't whip him enough! I mean assuming the kid calls 241-kids everytime he gets a whipping, and the last whipping he got was in 2002, maybe Sam was being too lenient for 3 years instead of doing his duty to administer consistent and stern discipline to this obviously bad kid. As my parents used to tell me, it probably hurt Sam more to whip his son than it hurt his son.

The media is wrong for keeping this going. [Note to Malone: sorry about calling your kid bad but I have to call it like I see it. And enough already with the lame statements. Where is your worthless lawyer to speak on your behalf?]


Anonymous said...

So, your philosophy is that a rape victim deserves it if she's wearing a short skirt, right?

Anonymous said...

With any luck Malone's kid won't turn out as bad as Damon Lynch's kid did, but I'm not optimistic. When a kid knows he can escape discipline anytime he wants by sending emails to the I-team, criticizing his dad on tv, and letting his relatives use him as a weapon against his father, how can we expect his to receive the discipline he obviously needs?

Nate Livingston said...

"So, your philosophy is that a rape victim deserves it if she's wearing a short skirt, right?"

Where on Earth did you get that from? My philosophy is that a kid deserves it if they're acting badly enough to warrant it. They aren't victims.

So, is your philosophy that a kid who doesn't go to class, fails every test, and doesn't turn in assignments deserves a passing grade. Or if the teacher gives the kid the failing grade they deserve she is turning the kid into a victim?

Anonymous said...

Nate, you claim to know the situation involving Chris's mother's death and how Sam actually came to get Chris...did you ever stop to think that maybe Chris doesn't want to be with Sam?
Here is a kid who Sam basically ignored for most his life, took him from his step-father and brother in less than 24 hours after his mother's death, and never let him have contact with his family in the 3 years since her death. Never gave the boy any counciling to help him deal with her death. He is acting out in a way that is saying that he doesn't want to be with Sam. Granted, this is not the best way to go about it but what other avenues does he really have?
Your comments of Sam being too lenient to an obviously "bad kid" shows your ignorance to the entire situation that you claim to be in the know of.

Anonymous said...

"And enough already with the lame statements."? A member of city council has been caught obviously lying and that is your response? Where is your verbal assult that you would normally launch at any other prominent figure that was caught decieving the media and public?
I can respect your views on the child and even Sam's right to beat his child, but to not call Sam out for an outright lie is a poor showing, Nate.

Anonymous said...

Why would you think Nate would show any regard for the truth?

Anonymous said...

I don't know the facts of the case, however, I find it sad that whipping is so common in the black community....often with a belt. I once heard a black PHd social worker and give a talk about how tragic it was that those who have been abused often repeat the behavior and violence. How awful that the children of slave grow up and use 'the belt' on their own children! The social worker's thesis was that the black community should wake up and realize they had adopted the 'masters' methods on their own children. Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a bad kid only a bad parent. Where do think kids learn their behavior? I was hit with a belt when I was a kid that left welts and bruises on my body. It did not teach me discipline. I was taught that my parents did not care to take the time to work things out with me or understand me. They would rather just hurt me. A parent child relationship is a two way street. Its not just about how the parent feels. It did not make me respect them infact the disrespect grew. If Sam Malone's child retailiated with a belt against him the child would be put in a detention center. So why is Sam Malone allowed to do it to his son? Violence such as this is an indication of the parents failure to communicate and listen. Sam Malone choked his mother and now he is hitting his son. This is an obvious cycle of abuse.

Monica said...

Proverbs 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. Or in the words of my great grandmother Amanda Taylor..."the rod is for the fools back. That is good enough for me. That philosophy worked for my grandmother, my mother, myself and my children. Ergo my great grandmother raised productive citizens, my grandmother raised productive citizens with the exception of my favorite uncle Reggie who strayed but returned to the fold. (We all have an uncle Reggie) :-) my mother raised productive citizens all high school graduates, all college educated, and all employed. I am raising five children three of whom are high school graduates, the remaining two are still in primary schools. All of the graduates are either in college or headed in that direction in the fall. Here is a tip: my babies did not get where they are by mommie bribing, explaining, cajoling and basically rolling over for them. Sometimes I had to spank them, sometimes I could just talk. But I would rather I whip them with love than have a police officer beat them to death, shoot them dead or choke them to death. This is a reality within the black community. I do not expect garden variety white folks to understand nor do I care if they do or not. AS far as Sam Malone goes I agree with Nate his son is clearly out of control but its nothing that a "come to Jesus" meeting would not cure.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those kids who would not learn a thing unless it was beaten into me with a switch. My mom and aunt would get a little green stick, the real flexible kind, and thrash my bare penis with it until I complied. No sir, butt whippings would not do it for me. And I'm glad they did it or I would be in jail or dead today.