Sunday, July 10, 2005

Klan Returns To Cincinnati Suburb

The Cincinnati Enquirer has the story of how the KKK is again distributing their hateful literature in Hamilton.

Robed and hooded Ku Klux Klan members distributed white supremacist literature in a Hamilton neighborhood late last week in a city where a 9-year-old girl was raped June 19, allegedly by a Hispanic man.

Similar fliers were distributed a week earlier in another neighborhood.

"There's really not a whole lot we can do about it legally," Sgt. Mark Thomas said Saturday, noting the content of the fliers is constitutionally protected free speech.

Protected free speech? Does that go for everybody?

Luken (R) points to his KKK friends (L) whom he has given special protection.

The response from Hamilton officials reminds me of one reason why Black activist in Cincinnnati declared Mayor Charlie Luken our enemy and engaged in a 5 year "no justice, no peace" movement designed to make Luken's life miserable at City Hall and in public forums. (I know many of you don't like the campaign, which has at times escalated into activists bombarding Luken with derogatory -- but constitutionally protected -- words which just happen to be the same words Luken allowed the Klan to use at their Fountain Square rally to attack Black people, and that's just too bad. If you don't like what we say, just ignore us.)

Let me back up for a second and explain what Luken did. He invited the Klan to Fountain Square, rolled out the red carpet for them once they arrived, and then let them threaten and insult African Americans at a rally calling us Niggers, Coons, Porch Monkeys, Baboons, and a host of other names. When the things the Klan said (using fighting words) moved our brother, Minister of Defense Abdul Muhammad Ali, to fight, the cops arrested him and protected the Klan members. Luken continues to defend the Klan's right to free speech and advise people who don't like their speech to ignore them, but he doesn't practice what he preaches. When African Americans do something Luken doesn't like in a public forum, he has them removed from the public place and arrested.

The ACLU under Scott Greenwood's leadership, has never fought for Black activists who've had their First Amendment rights trampled on, but he did defend the Klan. Unfortunately, local white judges, including U.S. District Court Judge Susan Dlott, U.S. Magistrate Judge John Hogan, and Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Guy Guckenberger, all seem to think that this double standard is fair and permissible.

So, whenever you see the Klan in Cincinnati, or one of her suburbs, remember why they feel comfortable here: the Mayor of Cincinnati invited them, Greenwood filed a lawsuit for them free of charge, Cincinnati judges protect them, and Cincinnati cops defend, and roll out the red carpet for, them.

I wonder if the person under the hood in Hamilton distributing KKK literature was, maybe, Charlie Luken himself?


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I remember some time ago, when you were in court for causing a so-called "disturbance" at council.

I remember you uploaded video footage to this blog, too.

The issue seemed to be Luken not following procedure for calling a "quorum."

I wonder sometimes if stories like that need to be more publicized. They are the kinds of details which substantiate your claims in a post like this one.

Anonymous said...

Don't placate him, Dean. Nate's a damn liar. Nobody "rolled out the red carpet" for the Klan, and in fact, council passed an unconstitutional ordinance taking control of fountain square for the so-called holiday season in order to satisfy Nate and Private no class Kabaka's racist asses. Nobody at city hall wants the klan down on fountain square, but just like your dumb ass can stand up at forums and shout at the wind, these guys can, too. Fuck them for what they say, and fuck you for lying about it.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I am not placating anyone. I was wondering the outcome of Nate's trial.

I remember the reports, that he was yelling racial slurs at Luken, or something like that.

According to him, this was on public space during public time. It would then be free speech just like the Klan's.

Accordig to Luken (or what I remember) he had called for a "quorum," which means council is in session and the public space rules change.

Or something like that.

I remember seeing video footage. It seemed to me that Luken did not have the right, at that time, to call a quorum. In which case, Nate would have been arrested for using raial slurs at the order of a guy who says racials slurs (on behalf of the KKK) are protected by free speech.

Look, I have had my ugly run-ins with Nate like anyone else. But here is what I know also to be true:

*The merits of any single idea should exist separate from perceptions of the thinker's personality.

*A bad idea yesterday does not mean all future ideas are also bad.

*Someone can personally insult you, ridicule you in pubic, and still have a good idea. As with the first point above, all ideas should be judged on their own merits.

I am concerned about racism. I think we live in a City that suffers (as does most of our culture) from unchecked institutional racism. Nate's blog is about the only place that attempts to address these issues.

Even if he calls me a racist at any chance he gets, this is still a place to encounter ideas about unchecked racism. And that is important work, no matter what you think of the worker.

Anonymous said...

These are all fighting words if I've ever heard them. Either none of them are or all of them are. I tend to think all of them are fighting words because they caused a fight! So why the double standard by city council. I don't know. I'd hope its not racism. I hope its just a matter of someone not wanting to admit when they have made a mistake. In either case its fucked up.

brian said...

I'm proud of the kkk for what they and I believe in.Look at our country,we're being overrun by black,fags,mexicans.Our prisons are 80% full of black people because all they do is whine about how they need to be paid for what their ancetors had to do.Well back then that was how we survived and they should just be happy that they are here.I know alot of us would change that if we could.So preach on friend of the kkk.

Anonymous said...

What are people's feelings on this highschool baseball fight on Monday? There were allegations of racism, though unproven. Here's my take...
I find that african americans should be more upset with the people of their own race who continue to use these kinds of things as an excuse to be violent. That sounds harsh, but it's not meant to be. There has been one or two people say the N-word was used, but no one who will give their name. And the police report says racism wasn't involved. However when this kid found himself in a sticky situation, one he brought on himself, he simply falls back on the race card. Hell, why wouldn't anyone believe him, right? It's pathetic, and does more damage than Charlie Luken being politically correct. Sometimes you need to look in the mirror.