Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Justin Jeffre's Home Burglarized?

It's become standard operating procedure for candidates seeking political office in Cincinnati to somehow become victims of crime. Its so commonplace that I don't believe the stories anymore.

David Pepper was robbed and kidnapped (I can't even type that without laughing out loud); Christopher Smitherman's campaign office was vandalized with a brick thrown through the window; Jim Tarbell was physically attacked and assaulted and recently threatened with a [butter?] knife; Sam Malone's car paint was "keyed"; and Bobbie Stern's home was burglarized (the grand old lady actually chased the burglar away).

Add Justin Jeffre to the list of crime victims. According to this report from WCPO/Channel 9:

Mayor Hopeful Jeffre's Home Burglarized

Police are searching for a burglar who broke into the house of a former boy band member turned mayoral candidate.

According to a police report, someone broke into Justin Jeffre's Clifton Heights home on Monday night and stole several thousand dollars in video and music equipment.

That included a VCR, stereo, laptop computer, digital camera and a trombone.

Jeffre, 32, is a former member of 98 Degrees along with fellow SCPA grads Nick and Drew Lachey.

Jeffre is also running for Cincinnati Mayor.

I'd like to know if the police report states whether Jeffre had a burglar alarm? Was it activated? Have the cops responded to his residence before? Are there any suspects? Does Jeffre have any enemies? Where were Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson? Is VH1 sorry they didn't send a camera crew to follow Nick around now? I hear the Bravo Channel had huge ratings for their new show "Being Bobby Brown", I wonder if Jeffre watched it? What does he think about Whitney Houston? Does this have anything to do with the emailed press release I got from Jason Haap yesterday announcing that Justin Jeffre has agreed to meet with local blogger on July 27th?

[Hat Tip: The Cincinnati Nation.]

Addendum: A commenter reminded me that I failed to include serial crime-victim Nick Spencer on my list. Besides The Son of P & G, Jeffre, and Mistah Malone (they call him Mistah for a reason) the other alleged crime victims are Charterites. Is this part of their strategy for keeping people on Council? They sure aren't fighting for good, clean government anymore.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Well, if someone robbed (or pretended to rob) Justin Jeffre because of my press release, then I'm very sorry to all the victims — either real or imagined.

I thought it would make sense to meet with Jeffre after meeting Mallory since Mallory mentioned being impressed with Jeffre.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about Nick Spencer. He's been victimized at least 1 million times by now.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that Justin Jeffre filed a false police report, and pretended to be robbed, so he could hype up the big meeting with some bloggers later in the month?

Where do you come up with this stuff?

Nate Livingston said...

Jason. I was joking about your press release and the upcoming meeting having anything to do with Jeffe's reported burglary.

Anonymous#1. Good point.

Anonymous#2. I'm saying I don't believe that all of these Council and Mayoral candidates are really victims of crime. I think some of them make these things up to get sympathy from voters. I never said he filed the report so he could hype up the upcoming meeting. If anything, he did it to get his name in the news and hype up his almost-nonexistent political campaign.

Anonymous said...

Well chums, Justin was robbed - and he is pretty bummed out. He lost some irreplacable items.

I am involved in his campaign - and I am charged by Justin with interviewing the suspect. Justin is interested in why this guy was motivated to rob him, despite the fact that heirlooms were taken. I think that is kind of admirable. More as it develops - and keep up the fight, Nate.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to victims of crime and political office I remember walking by Steve Chabot's office in Westwood one evening many years ago - and seeing what might have been a bullet hole in the front window. Perhaps it wasn't a big deal - maybe a non-bullet hole - or perhaps Steve didn't report it because it would infringe on someone else's Constitutional right to bear arms.

I remember the insensitive remark I made to a group of people watching the proceedings in the minutes right after Reagan was shot. Nancy Reagan once commented that she kept a gun, either on her person, or in a bedside table. It wasn't a dangerous situation, because it was only an "itty bitty little gun," or words to that effect. My insensitive remark was, during the first few minutes of news coverage around the event, that the President wasn't in a dangerous situation, because he was only shot by an itty bitty little gun.

I'm ashamed of my insensitivity.