Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tracie Hunter: Still Doing The Devil's Work

A few days ago in my blog entry "Traci Hunter Goes Un-Christian on Marva Collins" I told you about WCVG radio station Tracie Hunter's (aka The Devil Lady's) interrogation of Marva Collins and her husband on her radio talk show. During the show The Devil Lady was asked by Mrs. Collins if she had any relationship with the fake Cincinnati Marva Collins schools. She said no. Then she was asked if her mother or other family members had a relationship with the schools and she again said no. The Devil Lady was lying!

On Monday, The Devil Lady had Cleaster Whitehurst-Mims on her show and Ms. Mims said that The Devil Lady's mother had in fact been a volunteer at the school; had donated large sums of money to the school; and had even donated The Devil Lady's baby bed to the school. Why did The Devil Lady lie about her relationship to Ms. Mims and the local school? Because she has a bias in favor of Ms. Mims and against Mrs. Collins.

In between the interrogation of Mrs. Collins and the lovefest with Ms. Mims, The Devil Lady spent hours responding to fair-minded people like me who heard the show and couldn't believe how nasty and unprofessional The Devil Lady had been toward Mrs. Collins. The Devil Lady claims that she has been a journalist for over 20 years. She claims she treats everyone the same during interviews on her show. Bullshit! The Devil Lady won't ask certain questions of her favored guests or people with whom she wants to advertise on WCVG. The Devil Lady recently interviewed David Pepper and didn't ask him one tough question. Her reason why became clear at the end of the interview when she begged Pepper to spend money with the radio station during the next campaign. I've heard The Devil Lady interview Damon Lynch III, Alicia Reece and many others, and not only did she fail to ask them tough questions, she wouldn't let callers ask them questions.

But when The Devil Lady doesn't like you, she will say mean things about you, or let her devilish callers say them. Within the last two weeks, I've been given tapes of WCVG shows where one of The Devil Lady's jealous, retarded, weave-wearing callers was allowed to publicly accuse a prominent attorney of cheating on his wife and being seen by her coming out of hotels with women (how they would know is another question?) and even personally attack me. (The Devil Lady should be thankful I didn't file a lawsuit against her ass.)

The bottom line is The Devil Lady is a fake and a phony who has two sets of rules, neither of which are Godly. Tracie Hunter is doing the Devil's work.

Update: Yesterday at City Hall a dear, elderly Black woman pulled me aside and asked me to apologize to The Devil Lady for expressing my opinions in this blog entry and "Traci Hunter Goes Un-Christian on Marva Collins". I told her no. Nothing I've said is inaccurate. If these things hurt The Devil Lady's feelings, perhaps she should think about how her actions hurt other people's feelings. I challenged the elderly lady to contact The Devil Lady and ask her to repent to God, apologize to me, Mrs. Collins and her listeners, and atone for her wrongdoing and only then to come to me with her concerns. As long as the FCC allows these local radio stations to broadcast, I'm going to exercise my right to listen and tape them (or get tapes from someone else), and comment on things I like or dislike on this blog. If The Devil Lady and her supporters don't like my comments, they don't have to read this blog.

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