Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: The Buzz

Let's start with The Good:

Johnathan Love of WDBZ-AM (1230) "The Buzz of Cincinnati"

This morning the Cincinnati Enquirer had this:

C-Span airs local radio show today

The C-Span cable television network will broadcast the Lincoln Ware Show on WDBZ-AM (1230) today, part of a weeklong series of talk shows from the nation's battleground political states.

The show runs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the station, which is targeted toward Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's black community and known as "The Buzz."

Ware has been hosting the talk show on WDBZ since 2000.

For the last few weeks I've just been running during the morning hours and I'm usually not able to listen to the radio. Today was different. I was able to hear a lot of Lincoln Ware and Jay Love as they simulcast their show this morning to a national audienc via C-SPAN. They took calls from all over the country. They sounded a little nervous at first (both of them were talking really fast) but after a few minutes they were doing a fantastic job! They sounded extremely informed and professional. I was proud of them.

The Bad:

Cheryl Love

As good a job as Jay and Lincoln did on air, the C-SPAN visit highlighted a few problems.

First, Lincoln Ware used a call from Alicia Reece as an opportunity to accelerate her ambitious desire to be Ohio Secretary of State. The plug, like Ms. Reece herself, was tacky! Lincoln just can't stop promoting his friends. It's unprofessional but the station won't stop him from doing it.

Second, too bad WDBZ's cheapskate owners Ross and Cheryl Love (Cheryl is on the afternoon "Sister Speak" show as Cinnamon) won't stream the show and enable people from all over the country to listen. For all of the out-of-town people who've never listened to the Buzz before today, and might want to listen in the future, the message is: too bad.

Third, as good as Jay and Lincoln did (and I know Jeri Tolliver deserves credit for hooking it up) the station has to know when to stop patting themselves on the back. 3 hours after C-SPAN left the building, the talk show hosts were still talking about themselves. Pure overkill.

By arranging appearances for him on CNN, MSNBC, and now C-SPAN, it seems like Jeri Tolliver is constantly promoting Lincoln Ware. Take for instance the Enquirer story mentioned above. I'm not sure where they got their information from but did you notice it didn't mention Jay Love? I did. Rather it's Lincoln Ware promoting his website or his television show, an awful lot of stuff he does, with help from Ms. Tolliver, doesn't help the station, it helps him.

On the other hand, Jay's mother, Cheryl, is always trying to promote her baby boy, Jay. I hear Cheryl wants Jay to get noticed by Air America. (Maybe that's why Jay made that crack about Air America being boring, hoping to get noticed.) Now, Jay is much better than when he started in radio years ago on the WIZ, or even when he started hosting a talk show on the Buzz. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing this local boy go national, but the constant pushing by Cheryl gets on my nerves. It's like the mother who wants her kid to be a model and is always off on the sides pretending the kid really wants to be the star .

The Ugly or the Forgotten:

Then there is the forgotten show - "the Prime Time Sports Show" with hosts Eric "ET" Thomas and Wayne "Box" Miller. They don't get any play from the station or the mainstream media. Last Sunday I was watching Channel 9's "Sports of All Sorts". The show's host John Popovich had as guests the Enquirer's Paul Daugherty and 700WLW's Andy Furman. They were discussing Monday Night Football coming to Paul Brown stadium after a 15 year absence. They showed clips of ET and I wondered, "now, considering ET is now co-hosting the 'Prime Time Sports Show' and Channel 9 is showing footage of him playing in the last MNF game, why wouldn't you invite this guy on the program"?

I watch "Sports of All Sorts" nearly every Sunday night, and I think I've seen ET on the show once. I can't ever recall seeing Wayne "Box" Miller on the show. I could be wrong. But if I'm not wrong, I wonder why Popo doesn't have them on more often?

On a sidenote, last Sunday's SOAS was mediocre. Daugherty was boring. Furman, as usual, was informative and entertaining, even if he did seem a little out of his element. (There is always a question about whether these TV sports talk shows are meant to be news or entertainment?)

The Point:

The Buzz did a great job today of promoting Jay and Lincoln, but failed to promote the station or other station personalities. The owners missed an opportunity to convert one time listeners into long-term listeners because they don't stream and the station has a weak signal. Once the C-SPAN cameras left, they didn't know when to stop and moved into overkill. Finally, the Buzz has been operating long enough now that it ought to spend time promoting more people than Lincoln and Jay. I think they should focus on promoting the hosts of the "Prime Time Sports Show".


Blamelessone said...

Who are you, Nate Livingston, to put down J Love, or any family member of his family, especially his mother. It seems as if you're one who take the Love's family kindness for weakness no matter which member of this beautiful family you're trying to put down. Well let me ask you a question. How did your mother feel about you? There are so many fans for J Love, including you and your whole family. He did have the best talk show here in Cincinnati at 1230 am WDBZ radio station. As far as J Love being his mother's baby, you tell me, what mother would'nt be proud of her son being the best. Yes he is, as far as, radio talk show host are on WDBZ the BUZZ of Cincinnati. J Love was the best, and unless he comes back to talk radio, there is going to be many years that will pass before the world get such another gift that we had here in Cincinnati, with J Love hosting his own talk show. I pray and hope that Air America picks him up too.

Blamelessone said...

Yes Nate Livingston who are you to put down any member of J Love's family, especially his mother. Yes J Love was the best talk show host that 1230am.WDBZ, THE BUZZ of Cincinnati had. How did your mother feel about you? What mother would'nt be proud of her son being the best talk show host on their self envented, radio show. I remember when J Love promoted you to become a City Counsel Member. No I was not tuned into talk radio at that time, but to remember the TV ads, especially the news story when you were knelled down on your knees, in front of oncoming traffic, praying I guess to be voted into counsel, I can also remember J Love's voice promoting you at that time. Yes his mother is very proud of her son. I hope and pray that Air America picks up J Love as a national talk show host too.