Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Iris Roley Helped Get Sam Dubose KILLED!!!


Mr. Dubose was unarmed when he was shot IN THE HEAD by University of Cincinnati cop RAY TENSING.

Why didn't Tensing use a Taser to subdue Dubose instead of a firearm to execute him?

There’s a reason.

In 1997, LORENZO COLLINS -- a 25-year-old man with a history of mental illness -- escaped from UC Hospital. Collins ran. He was captured. 15 cops surrounded him. He panicked. He picked up a rock. Two of the cops – one from CPD and one from UC – both fired twice, hitting Collins three times. Mr. Collins died.

Law Professor KEN LAWSON was practicing law in Cincinnati in 1997. He took the case. Lawson and city activists fought to change procedures for dealing with the mentally ill. We got a mental health response team. We also pushed for alternatives to firearms. We forced UC and CPD to put Tasers on cops. Tasers aren't NON-LETHAL but they are LESS-LETHAL than guns.

In 2011, a UC cop deployed a Taser and killed someone related to Nurse Iris. As part of a settlement, UC agreed to pay $2 million to Nurse Iris' family and suspend the use of Tasers by its cops. Nurse Iris' family was represented by greedy, blood-sucking,  ambulance-chasing lawyer AL GERHARDSTEIN. As far as we here at The Cincinnati Black Blog can tell, Gerhardstein never went back to get Tasers or some other less-lethal weapon for UC cops.

The Black community has a bad case of Political Syphilis!!! Syphilis leads to PARALYSIS, NUMBNESS, BLINDNESS, and Dementia. During the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, Nurse EUNICE RIVERS helped trick Black men into believing they were being treated for syphilis. They weren't. They were being studied to see the effects of untreated syphilis in the Negro male. Cincinnati's Nurse Iris is part of the problem, not the solution. Our community needs to get treated for this infection before it's too late.

After 15 years, the reforms we gained after Mr. Collins' death and as a result of Collaborative Agreement I should have been expanded. This should have happened long ago.

- UC cops patrolling the streets and neighborhoods in the city should be subjected to Collaborative Agreement I Law.

- A mental health team should've been sent to Madisonville when TREPIERRE HUMMONS was allegedly acting like a man with mental health issues. Mr. Hummons should NOT have been gunned down like a mad dog in the middle of the street -- right in front of his mother!

- The Citizen Complaint Authority should have subpoena power. Right now, CCA is dysfunctional. They don't exercise the powers they already have. The problem is no one can push for full staffing of CCA or pressure them to do their jobs with Nurse Iris, her greedy ambulance-chasing lawyer and handler Al Gerhardstein, and the rest of the $58 Million Shakedown Schemers attacking you. We believe CCA's new permanent executive director, KIM NEAL, deserves a chance to prove herself and whip CCA into shape. We will keep you, our faithful readers, informed.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ban Bestiality In Ohio. Stop Dwight Patton From Sexing Goats!!!


During his WDBZ radio talk show, Lincoln Ware discussed the issue of BESTIALITY. Apparently it is LEGAL TO HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS IN OHIO.

Jahuti (slave name Dwight Patton) called in. Dwight has been having a very public nervous breakdown. Last week he admitted doing all sorts of terrible things -- smoking crack, beating women, and more. Some of these admissions have been documented on our Founder & Publisher's personal Facebook page. Some of the allegations have been published here on The Cincinnati Black Blog.

We wondered if today would be the day Jahuti CONFESSED he didn't just live with a goat, and slit the goat's throat in front of a group of TERRORIZED LITTLE KIDS. People have said he had a sexual relationship with that goat. (This may have been during the time he was smoking crack cocaine.) We thought Jahuti might finally come clean so he can move on. He came close.

Jahuti admitted he considers himself a "BEAST". The Bible says: "For as a man thinketh in his heart, SO IS HE." BRUCE JENNER thinks in his heart he is a woman named Caitlyn so he is; RACHEL DOLEZAL thinks in her heart she is Black, so she is. If Jahuti/Dwight Patton thinks in his heart he is a "beast" then he is.

As long as Bestiality is not against the law in Ohio, we guess Jahuti feels it is no one's business if he has sex with another beast.

We Disagree. And We Strongly Urge You, our faithful readers, to Hide Your Pets!!!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Did Dwight Patton Steal $100K?

Most of you -- our faithful and highly educated reader -- have no idea who Dwight Patton is so we'll tell you.

Patton is credited with single-handedly destroying the Cincinnati Black United Front after Rev. Damon Lynch III turned leadership of the group over to him and Iris Roley (known on this blog as Nurse Rivers). 

After he ran all the members away, Patton began to publicly attack Rev. Lynch and CBUF's Chief of Staff, Juleana Frierson, accusing them of stealing money.

For the last few weeks, Patton has been telling a story on WDBZ/The Buzz -- Cincinnati's Black talk radio station -- that we at The Cincinnati Black Blog believe deserves addressing. Patton says he was chosen to hand-deliver a $700,000.00 check to lawyers hired to represent CBUF for work done on what is now known as Collaborative I. The problem is, according to numerous news reports at the time (and court records) the lawyers only received $600,000.00. (For example, see this and this.)

If Patton is telling the truth, from the time he was trusted to deliver funds to CBUF lawyers to the time he arrived, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($100,000.00) DISAPPEARED.

Judge Susan Dlott appointed CBUF to represent all Black people in the city. On behalf of Black people, The Cincinnati Black Blog wants to know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE $100K?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Deters Pay-to-Play Scheme Sent to Ohio Ethics Commission

Who's The Crook? No, Dirty Joe. It's You!
Joseph Theodore Deters is a crook!!!

Kimball Perry (known on this blog as KimNOBalls), Dan Horn, Jody Barr and the rest of the lazy, local, white, racist, so-called mainstream media protects disgraced former Ohio Treasurer and current Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters. Because we believe you, our faithful readers, have a right to know The Truth, we bring you this Exclusive Cincinnati Black Blog report, explaining how Deters is BREAKING THE LAW by using his office to punish his political enemies and funnel money to his buddies.

Not so long ago, Deters was one of the most powerful Republicans in the state of Ohio. He was the elected Ohio Treasurer. Insiders thought he was on track to become Governor of Ohio or maybe even President.

Joe got greedy. His former chief of staff and fund raiser Matt Borges was indicted and pled guilty to participating in a pay-to-play scheme. The Special Prosecutor considered indicting Deters for his role in the pay-to-play scandal but Deters ultimately evaded justice. The scandal forced Deters to flee Columbus and hide out in Cincinnati. (State Republicans have made Borges Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party!)

Evidence presented to the Ohio Ethics Commission today supports the idea that Deters (who is known on this blog as Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters) is personally involved in another pay-to-play scheme -- this time it involves shifting money from Hamilton County taxpayers to the deadbeat's benefactors. This pay-to-play scheme could result in criminal charges being brought against Hamilton County's top law enforcement officer.  Any investigation might also implicate Cincinnati lawyers, county commissioners, Cincinnati judges, and even Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor.

Deters is accused of using his office to bring bogus criminal charges against his political enemy, Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie M. Hunter.  In addition to being a lawyer and elected judge, Hunter is a Christian minister and Church pastor. In the epic battle between good and evil, Tracie Hunter is one of the good guys.  Dirty Joe had criminal charges filed against Judge Hunter in retaliation for her filing a grievance against him with the Ohio Supreme Court's Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Perhaps worse than misusing his office and power to pursue politically-motivated and vindictive charges against Judge Hunter, Dirty Joe's hand-picked Special Prosecutors gave him lots of money and gifts before getting appointed. They both contributed to his political campaigns. They both gave him personal gifts. In return for gifts and money, Dirty Joe used his office to give Robert Scott Croswell II and Merlyn Shiverdecker a no-bid contract. So far, that contract has resulted in County Commissioners Todd Portune, Greg Hartmann, and Chris Monzel taking $500,000 from taxpayers and giving it to Croswell and Shiverdecker. (For more information, read "SCANDAL! Deters Steered $500K Tax Dollars To His Divorce Lawyer's Firm.")

We want to make sure we don't move on too fast. We want you to get the point. Croswell and Shiverdecker both gave Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters money and gifts. In return for the cash and prizes, Dirty Joe used his office to get them a no-bid contract. That contract has already resulted in payments of $500,000.00. Yes, A HALF MILLION DOLLARS. And it's YOUR money.

Dirty Joe's wife, Melissa Hendon Deters has had all she can take so she's filed for divorce! Deters is represented in his divorce by Gregory L. Adams. Adams is a partner in Croswell & Adams, CO. LPA. This law firm has two partners. The second partner is Scott Croswell -- the same guy appointed based on Dirty Joe's recommendation to be Special Prosecutor. So, when Hamilton County forked over $500,000 to Croswell & Adams, they were giving it to the law firm that represents Dirty Joe in his divorce. Dirty Joe's divorce law firm is being subsidized by Hamilton County taxpayers.

Who PROSECUTES the PROSECUTOR when he breaks the law? Today the Ohio Ethics Commission was asked to bring Dirty Joe to justice. We pledge to keep you updated.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Shiverdecker Defended Cop Who Beat Handcuffed Kid

Merlyn D. Shiverdecker
At first glance, you might think the man pictured above is Adam West -- the old guy who played Batman from 1966-1968 and who is the voice of Mayor Adam West in Family Guy. It is actually Merlyn D. Shiverdecker. We've written about Shiverdecker on this blog before. We've even named him Merlyn "The Evil Magician" Shiverdecker because he's known to practice a sort of evil, black magic in Cincinnati courtrooms. This guy is mean, evil, nasty.

We aren't surprised he was handpicked by Joseph Theodore Deters (known on this blog as Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters) to persecute Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Marie Hunter. Judge Tracie Hunter is a Christian minister. She used her elected position to defend and protect children ... All Children but especially BLACK CHILDREN ... from harm.

We want to remind you, our faithful readers, of the time when Shiverdecker defended a cop who was CAUGHT ON CAMERA beating up a kid!!!

According to this Cincinnati Enquirer story, city prosecutors charged Forest Park police officer Todd Halusek with transporting a teenager to the 2020 Auburn Juvenile Jail and once there "putting his arms around him, lifting him up, slamming him to the ground and pinning him down." The BEAT DOWN was captured on the jail's video security cameras.

Merlyn defended the cop. He admitted Halusek used force. But he urged a jury to engage in JURY NULLIFICATION -- find the cop not guilty even though excessive force was used.

President Bill Clinton signed The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 into law. That law authorizes the U.S. Department of Justice to review the practices of law enforcement agencies that may be violating people's federal rights. (source) It is no secret that Cincinnati leaders are collecting stories of children abused by law enforcement officers working for Hamilton County and the Juvenile Court. They are petitioning President Barack Obama's DOJ to enforce the law and conduct a pattern and practice investigation of the Juvenile Jail, the Juvenile Court that runs it, and the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office. This case of abuse is one of many that have been provided to DOJ. 

The lazy, local, mainstream, brain dead, white, racist media has people like Kimball Perry (known on this blog as KimNOballs) to tell their version of the story. The Cincinnati Black Blog is here to present a balanced alternative to them.

We urge those of you who believe in GOD and The DEVIL to think about what has been presented here and choose sides. Whose Side Are You On? The Christian Minister who PROTECTS KIDS or the Demonic Persecutor Who DEFENDS CHILD BEATERS?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Report: CPD Helping Smitherman Cover Up Family Abuse

In the email posted above, Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black denied a report published on our founder and editor's personal Facebook page stating the Cincinnati Police Department responded to a call for help received early this morning from someone inside the home of Councilmember Christopher Smitherman (known on this blog as The Sillyman). Or did he?

Multiple sources have told The Cincinnati Black Blog that police responded to The Sillyman's residence early this morning.  They have given us an approximate response time: between midnight and 2 a.m.  They tell us this morning's call was domestic violence-related.  They tell us there have been several previous incidents of family violence.  In all instances, our sources tell us the cops avoid writing any official report, they destroy records, and they shield The Sillyman.

Why Mr. Black or CPD do this? Well, The Sillyman is not just any ordinary Councilmember (already a position of power). He heads Council's powerful Law & Public Safety Committee. In a real sense, The Sillyman IS THE CHIEF OF POLICE'S BOSS. In the last few years, the city has fired the city manager, the city's top lawyer, and the city prosecutor.  The Sillyman is a vindictive twerp. Think about what he'd do if this story had come out as soon as it happened. Think of the retribution that would've occurred if he had been arrested and plastered on TV screens this morning during a court arraignment.

We trust our confidential news sources and have agreed to protect their identities.  We do this because we want them to speak freely and because they only agreed to speak if we agreed to shield them.  Our sources are, understandably, afraid of retaliation from The Sillyman, Mr. Black, Mayor John Cranley, and Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell.

We believe Mr. Black AND our sources may all be telling the truth.

Let's examine Mr. Black's statement:
Contrary to the statements expressed in your March 19th e-mail (below), the Cincinnati Police Department has confirmed that it has not received any domestic violence-related calls for service to the Lenox Place home of Councilmember Smitherman at any time during the Smitherman family's residence at that location, including no calls from early this morning. Your allegations of a domestic violence report at the Smitherman residence, this morning or in the past, are simply incorrect.
Upon close consultation with the Cincinnati Police Department, it is my understanding that the only responsive police records of any kind during the last five years regarding that address relate to the following: a 2011 police run for a reported burglary at the home, two police calls related to suspicious vehicles near the residence, and one police call related to a home alarm malfunction at the Lenox Place residence. Those are the only times that CPD have been called to the home for any purpose. Per the City's legal obligations under the Public Records Act, we will initiate a search for any records responsive to police runs at the specified address and will provide any such records to you within a reasonable period of time. We will let you know if there are any costs associated with a response to your request.
Mr. Black is good. What if the call for service early this morning was domestic-violence related but the cops, working with The Sillyman, decided to classify it as something else? What if they received a call and heard someone with an afro hollering and screaming in the background but when they arrived decided to classify the threats and yelling as loud noise that didn't warrant an official report?

Who says there was an official "call for service"? Over the years we have reported on the shaky relationship between The Sillyman and his humble, lovely (inside and out), devoted wife Pamela Smitherman.  Poor Pam has endured more grieve, abuse, and disrespect from The Sillyman than any woman should have to bear.  She's an Angel who hooked up with a Devil. So, we have been told The Sillyman has cautioned her over the years to NEVER CALL 911 for help or else she'll pay a price. We understand that the children have also been trained to keep abuse secret. We admit that our sources were not able to tell us how CPD was alerted to trouble at The Sillyman's residence, but we do believe they are correct when they report that CPD personnel responded to the home.

There may be no official reports but there are records (at least until they are destroyed). There's a record of radio traffic. There's a record of telephone calls, text messages, electronic communications.  But slick cops and crooked politicians who want to protect their image/brand are devilish enough to leave the address blank, or put a neighbor's address in the record to throw anyone off who is looking for records from The Sillyman's home.  This is a little trick cops use all the time.  When a call comes in, you'll hear the dispatch cop talk in code to the cop in the field (or the other way around). They'll say something like "this is a sensitive situation, would you please call me on my private number."  They do this to avoid having whatever they are trying to keep secret from being revealed at a later date.

Knowing this, a public records request was sent to the city this morning. In it, the city was cautioned to preserve all records and asked to turn over not just CPD records but also telephone records. Who would The Sillyman call to help him cover up a run to his home? Maybe Mayor Cranley. Maybe Mr. Black. Maybe Chief Blackwell. We want all of their records so we can see who was awake and who was talking/texting/communicating.

There's a chance that CPD is misleading Mr. Black. We like to keep it 100% truthful here at The Cincinnati Black Blog. Mr. Black is still relatively new to his job. He doesn't know all the CPD "fixers". Assuming Mr. Black didn't receive a call from The Sillyman or someone on his behalf, the cops may very well have told him they've had that limited number of interactions with the Smithermans. Unless or until he receives evidence that CPD is lying to him, why shouldn't he trust them?

We want Mr. Black to do what he promised in his responsive email: search the records for ANY police runs. Are supervisor responses classified as "runs"? If not, we want him to find out where all supervisors were during the period of time in question. If he asks the right questions, he may find that he has been misled and lied to. (We hope Chief Blackwell isn't lying to him. There's already an effort to get him fired. This would be all the ammunition they need.)  If Mr. Black gets the records, we are confident that the truth will vindicate our sources.

The city shouldn't be helping Smitherman cover up his explosive episodes of family abuse.  You, our faithful readers, depend on us to report these stories and follow our leads. We will keep doing the work. We won't let you down. We are praying for Pamela and the kids.

Leis Did More Wrong Than Hunter But Wasn't Charged

Livingston Complaint Leis 03192015 Final Draft

Race Matters. White Skin Has Privildges. Just ask Simon Lawrence Leis, Jr. Or Judge Tracie Hunter. Leis -- a former Hamilton County prosecutor, judge, and sheriff -- was caught breaking the law back in 1999. He filed lawsuits against the Democratic National Committee and 41 other people, costing the county hundreds of dollars. (See, "Bennett and Singleton Throwing Hunter Case?") Because Leis was sheriff at the time he filed the lawsuits, he was prohibited from practicing law or representing the county. Because he has white skin and a penis, he wasn't punished for his crimes. Right now, Joseph T. Deters is selectively, maliciously, vindictively, and aggressively prosecuting Judge Hunter. For what? Allegedly doing some of the same things Leis did -- using county funds to pay for legal filings. But Leis was never prosecuted. Even though Deters and Michael K. Allen know he broke the law. I've drafted this grievance/complaint. I'm going to sleep on it. I may file it with the Ohio Supreme Court's Office of Disciplinary Counsel in the morning.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bennett and Singleton Throwing Hunter Case?

If Judge Tracie Hunter's criminal case has larger implications in the ongoing war between black liberation versus white supremacy, Black people are doomed!!!

1. Tracie's lawyers -- Clyde Bennett II and David Singleton -- have failed to file an Affidavit of Disqualification to get Judge Patrick Dinkelacker (rhymes with Cracka) off her case, even though the client has publicly stated she believes he is biased. Don't take our word for it. Go to the Ohio Supreme Court's website and look it up.

2. Judge Hunter's lawyers haven't filed a single subpoena for witnesses or documents. The prosecutors filed their subpoenas over a month ago. Anyone can check the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts website and verify this is true.

3. Tracie's legal team hasn't filed a single pre-trial motion! OUTSIDE the courtroom the Black community has heard all this noise about Prosecutorial Misconduct but no motion has been filed to establish this. There is no hearing to take witness testimony and other evidence INSIDE the courtroom. Why? Because Hunter's lawyers haven't asked for a hearing.

4. This is fact. Judge Simon L. Leis, Jr. used more than $1,000 of county money to FILE AND PROSECUTE OVER 40 LAWSUITS when he was sheriff. (Leis may have used a county-issued credit card. The Cincinnati Black Blog is investigating.) Ohio law prohibits a lawyer serving as sheriff from practicing law. Deters and then-prosecutor Mike Allen knew about Leis' illegal activities but did nothing about them. Deters and Allen never snitched on Leis, or indicted him, or had the court appoint a special prosecutor on him. NO ONE ON TRACIE'S LEGAL TEAM has collected the records to prove this and used this and other events to establish illegal malicious prosecution.

5. Numerous legal minds believe there are federal Constitutional issues at play. The 100,000 voters have a right to have their votes counted and their chosen person serve. No action has been taken to get this matter before the federal court.... Also, Judge Hunter has a 15th Amendment right to serve in elective office without being removed on the basis of her race, which is what seems to have happened. But this hasn't been established inside a courtroom. The lawyers representing the Black community are failing.