Monday, March 07, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Reparations For Jews. None To Blacks.

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) supports Congressional legislation to study slavery reparations. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders flat out opposes even the study of reparations for descendants of Black slaves. Not so long ago, Sanders supported reparations for Jews, their survivors and their descendants.
On March 17, 2011, Sanders co-sponsored the Holocaust Rail Justice Act.  The purpose of the Act was to allow payment of reparations or restitution to Jewish Nazi concentration camp survivors and/or their heirs and survivors. (source)
On November 20, 1989, John Conyers -- a Black Democratic member of Congress from Detroit -- first introduced the Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act.
Rep. Conyers has tweeked the bill and re-introduced it every year since 1989. The "Reparations Act" would establish a federal commission to review the institution of slavery, the resulting racial and economic discrimination against African Americans, and the impact of these forces on African Americans who are living today. The bill would also acknowledge the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and make recommendations to help correct the residual effects of these acts.
Bernie Sanders joined Congress on January 3, 1991. He has been a member of the Congress ever since. He has never co-signed or supported reparations for Blacks. Sanders made this point clear in January, 2016. He was asked if he supported reparations for slavery and responded no. (source)
At a debate last night in Flint, Sanders said he is very proud to be Jewish and being Jewish is so much of what he is.
The Huffington Post quoted Sanders saying this:
"Look, my father's family was wiped out by Hitler in the Holocaust," he continued. "I know about what crazy and radical and extremist politics mean. I learned that lesson as a tiny, tiny child when my mother would take me shopping and we would see people working in stores who had numbers on their arms because they were in Hitler's concentration camp. I am very proud of being Jewish and that's an essential part of who I am as a human being."
Last month, The New York Times published a story titled "Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn't Like to Talk About It". This is from the story:
As important to Mr. Sanders's outlook was the Holocaust's impact on his family. Three of his father's siblings -- two brothers and a sister -- were slaughtered by the Germans, and other relatives perished.
 Mr. Sanders was forever mindful, as he once said, that the appointment of Hitler as Germany's chancellor in 1933 "ended up killing 50 million people around the world," six million of them Jews.
"Bernie learned that politics is a very serious matter," Larry Sanders said.
Who can fault Bernie Sanders for supporting reparations for his fellow Jews?


Sander has been in Congress for 30 years. Now that he's running for president, he has decided to declare himself a Democrat. He has courted Black voters -- the Democrats' most loyal voters -- by telling us he's our friend and he's on our side.
Sanders and his supporters have basically asked Blacks to ignore his vote in favor of the 1994 Crime Bill (that once passed became the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act) which is widely credited with accelerating the mass incarceration of Black people, or at least give him a pass. The vast majority of Black voters have opted for Hillary Clinton.
The people of Michigan, including those who live in Mr. Conyers' district, get to vote tomorrow. On the issue of reparations, it is fair for Blacks to ask: if Bernie Sanders is indeed our friend, why has he used his position of power in Congress to help his fellow Jews get reparations while steadfastly opposing even the study of reparations for us.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Biased White Media Ignoring Sittenfeld Date Rape Drug Scandal.

Alexander Paul George "P.G." Sittenfeld hugged up with Franki Butler -Kidd
Why hasn't the white media asked Cincinnati Councilmemember and U.S. Senate Candidate P.G. SITTENFELD about the time he was questioned by Cincinnati police about slipping DATE RAPE DRUGS into at least one woman's drink?

Former Sittenfeld volunteer Franki Butler-Kidd had the guts to publicly ask what everyone (except the lazy white media) is talking about: Sittenfeld being accused of doing the same thing as Bill Cosby. Republicans know all about this scandal. This information would be used to destroy Sittenfeld if he somehow managed to prevail in the primary against Kelli Prather and Ted Strickland.

Head honchos at Cincinnati's only daily local newspaper, The Cincinnati Enquirer, won't even allow the question to be asked on their website or discussed on social media pages they control. This is a great example of White Privilege. It's OK to talk about Cosby, but not OK to talk about accusations against Sittenfeld. (There's a link to Franki's blog entry but you have to read closely and read between the lines since she's so damned nice to people -- even when the person she's writing about is a slick-talking white boy accused of taking advantage of vulnerable unsuspecting women.) It's not OK to question if Sittenfeld used his position of power on Council to stop the cops from bringing criminal charges against him.

The Cincinnati Black Blog will join with others and keep asking questions until we find the truth.

• An accusation was made against Sittenfeld or it wasn't.
• The cops questioned Sittenfeld or they didn't.
• There's an investigation (opened or closed) or there isn't.

Link to Franki Butler-Kidd's blog.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coroner: Trepierre Hummons SHOT IN THE BACK!!!

Trepierre Hummons. (Photo Credit: Sylvia Hinkston.)
Trepierre Hummons was SHOT IN THE BACK!!!

That's what professional forensic pathologists in the coroner's office concluded in the official autopsy report. The Cincinnati Black Blog has obtained a copy of that autopsy from Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Lakshmi K. Sammarco.

In this exclusive report, we highlight the coroner's shocking diagnoses and cause of death.

- Mr. Hummons died from two gunshot wounds to the torso.

-  The 1st gunshot entered Hummons' right upper abdominal quadrant. The path of the gunshot was anterior (FRONT) to posterior (BACK).

- The 2nd gunshot entered his left medial lumbar back. The path of this gunshot was posterior (BACK) to anterior (FRONT).
We hate reporting this information but we have an obligation to share hard truths. The truth here is: Mr. Hummons was shot in the back.

We have questions:

1. Who shot him in the back?

2. Why was he shot in the back?

3. How does anyone get away with shooting someone in the back and not being charged with a crime? (Even in the Wild Wild West it was never OK for law enforcement to shoot the bad guy IN THE BACK.)

4. Why did city and county employees delay giving him medical attention?

Look, the lazy, local, white, racist, old, boring, dinosaur, obsolete media isn't interested in telling you the truth. They didn't bother questioning the version of events given by Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters (known on this blog as Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters).

We, on the other hand, believe you, our faithful readers, deserve to have information so you can make your own determination. To assist you in making an informed decision, we pledge to upload a full copy of Mr. Hummons' autopsy report for your review.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Former Prosecutor: NO CRIME To Use County Funds For Lawsuit Costs (If You Are White & Republican)

Michael Kurt Allen aka Horn Dog #81
As this story proves, back in 1999 then-Prosecutor Michael K. Allen (aka Mike Allen or Horn Dog #81) said using Hamilton County funds to pay court filing fees was NO CRIME.

Then Sheriff Simon L. Leis, Jr. had used county funds to file more than 40 lawsuits. Ohio law explicitly prohibits a sheriff from practicing law.

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:
While THE SHERIFF'S ACTIONS ARE NOT A CRIME, Mr. Allen said, they could lead to disciplinary action against him or the attorneys in his office. "I think they put their license to practice law in jeopardy," Mr. Allen said.
Although Allen/Horn Dog #81 was run out of office during a sex scandal involving his subordinate Rebecca Lynn Collins and is a laughingstock and disgrace among most normal people in Hamilton County, he is still accepted by ultra-right wing nuts. Allen is a paid media "legal analyst" for iHeartMedia's Hate Radio 700WLW and Fox 19 (WXIX-TV).

Allen Does A Flip Flop

Judge Tracie M. Hunter is accused of doing exactly what Leis did in 1999: she allegedly used county funds to pay court filing fees. (No Ohio law prohibited Judge Hunter from practicing law.)

Now that the person accused of using county funds to pay court filing fees is a Black Democrat, Allen has reversed his position. He now says using county funds to pay court filing fees is a crime.

Here's a link to Enquirer story:

Was Hunter Lawyer Sirkin Napping When Enquirer Called?

Hunter Attorney Lou Sirkin?
Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie M. Hunter is in the fight of her life!!! She is waging an epic battle against the powerful and corrupt Ohio Republican Party. She's been desperately seeking state and national media coverage.

Imagine our surprise when we read Kevin Grasha's story in The Cincinnati Enquirer and learned that Hunter's all-white legal team could not be reached for comment.
(Hunter's) attorneys, Louis Sirkin and Jennifer Branch, both veteran civil rights attorneys, did not return messages seeking comment.
Judge Hunter's primary enemies are Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters (forever known on this blog as Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters); Deters' hand-picked Special Prosecutors Merlyn "The Evil Magician" Shiverdecker and Chris Farley look-alike Robert Scott Croswell II; and Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor. These evildoers aren't playing around.

Judge Hunter picked 75 year old Lou Sirkin (real name Henry Louis Sirkin) to lead her legal team. Bird-brained Jennifer Branch (sidekick to Ambulance Al Gerhardstein, whose real name is Alphonse Adam Gerhardstein) was added to the team to do legal research and writing.

In "No Pre-Trial Motions From Hunter's All-White Defense Team" we criticized Sirkin/Branch for failing to timely file pre-trial motions. Now, on the eve of one of the most important hearings in Judge Hunter's life, her white lawyers won't talk to the white newspaper. I thought that was one reason to have white lawyers -- they could relate to the white community and the white press.

The Cincinnati Black Blog previously wrote this about Sirkin:
Lou Sirkin is 75 years old. Yes, you read that right ... he's Seventy Five Years Old. SEVENTY FIVE YEARS OLD!!!
Is Sirkin the (old) man for the job? Does he understand that this isn't just any old criminal defense case? Does he understand the Constitutional issues at play? And if he does, is he prepared to fight to get Judge Hunter found not guilty but also to use the case to make case law? We are not convinced that Sirkin is qualified or mentally prepared to handle this case. He's an Old white man. He's comfortable. He's not aggressive. He's not interested in being creative. He has no fight in him. 
Maybe Sirkin couldn't be reached by the media because he was doing what 75 year OLD men do: TAKING A LONG NAP.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac Next Black Fall Guy?

Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) flunky and Cincinnati interim police chief Eliot Isaac will be appointed the city's next permanent chief later today.

When that happens, Isaac will be on a short list of Black leaders (or leading Blacks, depending on how you view things) targeted for failure.

The arguments against Isaac are already circulating.

  • He's Morbidly Obese.
  • His negotiated salary is Too High.
  • He didn't COMPETE for the job.
  • He's NOT out in the community like fired chief and crackhead Jeffrey Blackwell.
  • He's a Fluny and a Patsy for the FOP.
  • He's a "yes man" who can't stand up to Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, City Manager Harry Black (known on this blog as Harry BlackFACE), or Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Theodore Deters (forever known here as Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters).
  • He doesn't live in the city.

Failed candidate for Ohio Lieutenant Governor and longtime hatemonger Phil Heimlich has roasted Isaac over his weight issues. He's not alone. Several hosts on White Hate Radio 700WLW have joined in the attacks on Isaac. Heimlich and Hate Radio say their attacks on Isaac have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE. To them, it never does. They just always happen to attack Black people in prominent positions, especially when the Black person is chief of police -- a position they are used to being occupied by white men.

They said their opposition to former chief James Craig had nothing to do with his race; it was all about his refusal to take the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission test. (We wrote about this situation here. We teased good, old, Hollywood Craig here.)

Blackwell's enemies said their opposition was based on him spending too much time in the community when compared to the amount of time he spent with the cops (many of whom have fled the city and only enter it to go to work and make money). At the end of his tenure, they trumped up some charges and accused Blackwell of being mean to some cops.

White hatemongers aren't alone in criticizing Isaac's weight.

Adonica Jones Parks is a member of a Facebook discussion group called "Greater Cincinnati Politics". She describes herself as "a recovering obese person" who is now into fitness and understands the weight struggle. In the group, she questions why is it a problem for asking that the top cop be fit to perform and be in the community?

Matt Woods is also a member of the Facebook group. He claims he was in the Ohio National Guard and wrote: "I'm sorry but shouldn't our law enforcement have physical fitness standards? How can the subordinates respect their leader and strive for physical excellence when their leader is morbidly obese?"

Black Cincinnati keeps watching and DOING NOTHING as Blacks in leadership positions get judged guilty in the court of public opinion, then get DESTROYED. Blackwell, Craig, Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie M. Hunter, business owner Liz Rogers, and recently fired Radio One Cincinnati - WDBZ program director and talk show host Jeri Tolliver are prime examples.

It's as if Blacks are powerless to fight back against the attack machine. Stereotypes turn into memes. Memes turn into beliefs. Beliefs turn into truths. Even though millions of Blacks "worked" for free as slaves for hundreds of years, Blacks are still seen as lazy. Isaac is fat, so he has to be lazy, right? And most cops are fat doughnut eating jerks anyway, right? So, Isaac is a fat, doughnut-eating, lazy jerk, right? With no one to fight back against that narrative, the narrative will eventually prevail.

There is some good news for Isaac. First, we believe in keeping it 100% real with you, our faithful readers, at all times. Isaac was sent to school, quickly promoted through the executive ranks, used to take down Blackwell, and given the top job, in large part, because he's Black. They would have a hard time firing him, at least before the election. Second, the attack machine is already focused on other Blacks in prominent positions, It'll probably take a while for them to focus on him.

The Cincinnati Black Blog believes these Blacks are on the list of targeted Blacks in prominent positions:

  1. Cincinnati Park Board Director Willie Carden - Carden failed to convince Black people to vote for Issue 22. Cranley was counting on the money from the increased property taxes. The voters stopped his slush fund and somebody has to pay for that. During the campaign, all sorts of questions were raised about the financial management of the parks. State Auditor Dave Yost is on Carden's ass. (See, this.) People are still questioning Carden's residency. In the end, this probably won't end good for Carden.
  2. Cincinnati NAACP president Robert Richardson, Sr. - Christopher Smitherman (aka Chris Smitherman or The Sillyman), and his band of brain-dead followers called The Smithereens, are primarily responsible for the campaign to undermine Mr. Richardson. They've dispatched James E. Clingman (aka Jim Clingman or The Conman) to write silly newspaper columns attacking Mr. Richardson and questioning the NAACP election process. They've got other Smithereens pursuing frivolous complaints against Mr. Richardson in the Ohio Elections Commission. They've created fake profiles on Facebook and used the accounts to level accusations against Mr. Richardson. The old, lazy, local, dinosaur, white, racist, traditional media continues to assist The Sillyman and his Smithereens by writing "news" articles advancing the frivolous charges. Mr. Richardson and his team apparently haven't learned the lessons from Craig, Blackwell, Rogers, and Tolliver. They haven't adequately responded to any of the charges.
  3. Harry BlackFACE - He might feel safe because he's doing Cranley's dirty work but how long before some of those dirty deeds come to light and they need him to fall on his sword?
  4. Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Ted N. Berry - Not long ago he committed the cardinal sin of cursing at a white man. The Black community's enemies haven't forgotten.  

(Note: We are working on a nickname for Chief Isaac. Our leading suggestions are Fat Albert Eliot Isaac and Mr. Potato Head Eliot Isaac. We will let you know when we settle on one.)

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Judge Hunter To Dinkelacker The DRINKing Slacker: Judicial Immunity Biotch

Judge Hunter's White Lawyers Have FINALLY Started Working 

The Cincinnati Black Blog has done a better job of chronicling the ongoing Persecution of Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie M. Hunter by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters (known on this blog as Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters) and his gang of Special Prosecutors than any other media source.

Last month, we raised questions about the shitty job being done by Judge Hunter's all-white legal team -- 75 year old Lou Sirkin (real name Henry Louis Sirkin) and airhead Jennifer Lynn Branch (a partner with Alphonse Adam Gerhardstein who is known on this blog as "Ambulance Al"). Here's what we wrote in "No Pre-Trial Motions From Hunter's All-White Defense Team".)

"Since taking over Hunter's case, the all-white Sirkin/Branch team has done absolutely no outreach to the African American community. Even worse, according to the official Hamilton County Clerk of Courts' website (, the legal team hasn't filed a single pre-trial motion!!!
That blog entry was published on Nov 14. Hunter's lawyers got the message. Thirteen days later, on Nov 27, they filed their first substantive pleadings. Five pleading were filed that day.

Less than a week later, on Dec 3, Hunter's lawyers filed 2 more pleadings and issued 6 subpoenas. In addition, Branch came out of hiding and appeared on "The Nathan Ivey Show". (As far as we know, Old Man Sirkin still hasn't awakened from his long slumber or ventured out to mingle with the dark-skinned people of the city -- the ones who may be potential jurors.)

Here's a list of pleadings (titles taken from the Clerk's website).

  • Motion to Dismiss Charges on the Grounds that Judge Tracie M. Hunter is Judicially Immune from Prosecution and Memorandum in Support.
  • Defendant's Memorandum in Opposition to the State's Motion for Special Preliminary Jury Instruction Re: Duty to Represent County Officials.
  • Defendant's Motion to Disclose Transcript of Grand Jury Proceedings.
  • Defendant's Request for Discovery and Inspection.
  • Defendant's Motion for Ruling on Prior Defense Pretrial Motions.
  • Defendant's Motion for Jury Questionnaire and Memorandum In Support.
  • Defendant's Memorandum In Response to State's Motion for Special Preliminary Jury Instructions Re: Filing Appeals.

The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly.

There's nothing special about most of the motions and memoranda. They mostly use standard, boiler-plate language and could've been prepared by 1st year paralegal student. They don't even look good.

In the motion for a ruling on all prior pretrial motions, Sirkin/Branch are asking Judge Patrick Dinkelacker to reconsider the arguments made by Hunter's former attorney Clyde Bennett II, let them make their own arguments, and rule independently on all the motions filed by Mr. Bennett. Here is the full text of the motion. (We are uploading a copy Hunter's legal pleadings to our Scribd site.)
Defendant is facing a re-trial on 9 charges previously tried by the former judge assigned to the case. Defendant respectfully requests that this Court consider, hear argument, and rule independently on the prior defense motions, including all motions to dismiss, all motions in limine, and motions and supplemental motions for change of venue. A judge is empowered to reconsider a motion ruled on by another judge who is a peer, whereas a trial judge must adhere to the prior rulings of a reviewing court. Nolan v. Nolan (1984), 11 Ohio St.3d 1, 3, 11 OBR 1, 2-3, 462 N.E.2d 410, 412; Poluse v. Youngstown, 135 Ohio App. 3d 720, 725, 735 N.E.2d 505, 508 (1999); Murphy v. Murphy, 2014-Ohio-656, 2104 WL 787151 (1st District 2014)("a trial court always has the inherent power to correct prior errors or reconsider an interlocutory order entered in the same case"); Progressive Preferred Ins. Co. v. Hammerlein Helton Ins., 170 Ohio App. 3d 154 (1st Dist. 2006)(affirming second trial judges' (sic) decision to deny second summary judgment motion that first trial judge had granted).
It's a good idea to have Dinkelacker (or as he's known on this blog "The DRINKing Slacker" since he HIT A WOMAN WITH HIS CAR AND KILLED HER and he may have been DRUNK while driving, and he is known to attend Parties with Prostitutes) review all of Judge Norbert Nadel's bizarre and downright crazy rulings. We don't refer to Nadel on this blog as "The Devil In A Blue Dress" just because he liked to prance around his courtroom in a blue robe, or because this never married man may have worn blue dresses, ladies pink underwear, and high heels when he was at home. We call him The Devil In A Blue Dress to signify he's both evil and a queer -- meaning strange or having oddball qualities.

It's a bad idea to do a motion like this without taking time to re-file the motions. Each and Every One of Them. They should have re-filed the motions and put the arguments in their own words. Also, Judge Hunter signed and filed several motions on her own. Crazy Nadel had the ability to consider the motions, allow argument on them, and issue rulings but he refused to do so since Hunter had legal representation and her defense attorney didn't sign and file them. Even if The DRINKing Slacker grants this motion, the motions filed by Hunter still won't be resolved. Judge Hunter is facing a long stint in state prison. She should have each and every one of her arguments and defenses fully presented.

This motion demonstrates a LAZINESS and SLOPPINESS from Sirkin and Branch. Had a team of Black lawyers done something like this, we believe everyone in the legal profession would be saying negative things about them. Sirkin and Branch need to WAKE UP and GET BUSY working this case.

While we are discouraged by the relatively weak motion for a ruling on all prior pretrial motions, we are excited by the motion to dismiss the charges based on judicial immunity. We've been listening to Judge Hunter. She has been screaming about her judicial immunity. We think she is right. With all due respect, Mr. Bennett just couldn't wrap his mind around the concept that judges are immune from prosecution for things done, or alleged to have been done, when a judge is acting in their judicial capacity. Because he didn't understand it, he couldn't argue it. He didn't believe it. It showed.

The text of the motion is too much for us to present here. We've uploaded a full copy of the motion for you, our faithful readers, who opt to view it.

Judge Hunter Can't Be Prosecuted Criminally For Judicial Acts

The Persecution of Judge Hunter is a Farce. We are amazed that it has been allowed to proceed this long.

We have always maintained that Judge Hunter's case isn't some ordinary case where a lawyer can sleepwalk through the pretrial portion of the case and then save the day with his expert trial skills. Yes, at its core, we are watching a criminal trial. And, yes, we acknowledge that in the end, if the defense attorney can't get the charges thrown out during pretrial, they have an obligation to focus on convincing at least one juror that reasonable doubt exists and they should hold firm and find the defendant not guilty. We understand how things work in an ordinary trial.

We fault Mr. Bennett for failing to understand that Judge Hunter's case is no ordinary case, it is extraordinary in every way. The case required more effort during the pretrial than Bennett gave. We don't know if that's because Bennett wanted to be a show off during trial or because he wasn't capable of framing an adequate defense.

Judge Hunter's white lawyers are no smarter than Bennett. In fact they're lazier. But they seem to understand, at least somewhat, that substantive breaking ground arguments must be presented. If the state courts don't do the right thing, the groundwork should be laid to take this case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Again, no disrespect to Bennett, but none of his motions and arguments had the stuff to get to the highest court in the land. He didn't get the severity of the case. It showed.

Sirkin/Branch admit in their motion that judicial immunity under Ohio law has been applied only where judges have been sued civilly. They are asking The DRINKing Slacker to follow case law from other jurisdictions and rule that judges are immune from criminal prosecution for judicial acts. Now, that's an argument that may survive to the SCOTUS.

The 15th Amendment Provides Black Judges Like Hunter A Right To Hold Office

While we credit Sirkin/Branch for actually listening to their client and arguing the points she has presented, like judicial immunity, no matter how foreign the ideas may be to local lawyers and judges, We Remain Utterly Disgusted That These White Self-Declared Constitutional Experts won't invoke Judge Hunter's 15th Amendment Right To Hold Office.

Just as most legal professionals are unfamiliar with the concept of judicial immunity from criminal prosecution for judicial acts, they also aren't informed on the Black elected officials' 15th Amendment right to hold office.

In preparation for this blog entry, The Cincinnati Black Blog reached out and interviewed several self-declared Constitutional attorneys. Every one of them denied any right to hold office exists and they said they couldn't envision themselves ever making an argument based on 15th Amendment right -- that they don't believe exists.

Well, Branch and Ambulance Al found a Constitutional right to GAY MARRIAGE even though this was certainly never envisioned by the framers of the Constitution and despite the fact that this right had never been established after 200 years of judicial rulings. Gay Marriage was NOT in the Constitution but Branch found a way to get it covered.

Section 1 of the 15th Amendment reads:
The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
Gays were NOT mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, but Branch found a way to have the SCOTUS find gay marriage in there. Black people ARE SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the 15th Amendment, but Branch can't bring herself to fight just as hard for the rights of Black people as she did for the gays.

The right to hold office has actually been mentioned, but not ruled upon, by the SCOTUS. Branch and Sirkin should fight just as hard for Hunter and Black people as Branch and Ambulance Al did for the gays.

This comes from a fairly famous U.S. Supreme Court case:
The 41st Congress readmitted the remaining three States of the Confederacy. The admitting act in each case recited good-faith ratification of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, and imposed the fundamental conditions that the States should not restrict the elective franchise and "that it shall never be lawful for the said State to deprive any citizen of the United States, on account of his race, color, or previous condition of servitude, OF THE RIGHT TO HOLD OFFICE under the constitution and laws of said State." Act of Jan. 26, 1870, c. 10, 16 Stat. 62, 63 (Virginia); Act of Feb. 23, 1870, c. 19, 16 Stat. 67, 68 (Mississippi); Act of Mar. 30, 1870, c. 39, 16 Stat. 80, 81 (Texas).
Judge Hunter has been denied her Right to Hold Office on account of her race and color. This violates her 14th AND 15th Amendment rights. Just as Bennett couldn't see that Judge Hunter has judicial immunity and therefore didn't argue this; Sirkin/Branch are too thick headed and closed-minded to see that Black office holders have certain Constitutional rights that must forever be defended. It shall NEVER be lawful for Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters or some white woman named Maureen O'Connor to deprive Tracie Hunter or any other Black person of their right to hold office on account of their race or color. Yet, that's exactly what Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice O'Connor and Deters have done. This issue should be argued all the way to the SCOTUS if necessary.

There are several other state and federal Constitutional arguments that haven't been made by Sirkin/Branch.

We pledge to continue providing original reporting and expert analysis of Judge Hunter's case. Meanwhile, we believe Judge Hunter should require her legal team to GET UP OFF THEIR LAZY WHITE ASSES AND ARGUE ALL THESE POINTS. It's her ass on the line. We don't want to see her on that bus to Marysville Prison for Women.

U.S. Bank Joins Attack On Judge Hunter. FORECLOSURE Filed.

Mark N. DIErks
On behalf of U.S. Bank National Association, Hired Hitman and Longtime Republican Mark Nathaniel Dierks (the white man pictured above) has joined in the legal attacks against Elected Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie M. Hunter and sued her. They seek to Foreclose on Judge Hunter's home and leave her homeless!!!

About a year ago, U.S. Bank agreed to pay the United States government $200 Million (TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS) to settle allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by knowingly originating and underwriting mortgage loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that did not meet applicable requirements (source). In English, U.S. Bank defrauded the government!!! Now, they are joining in a white racist attack on Judge Hunter.

The foreclosure case has been assigned to Judge Patrick T. Dinkelacker. A hearing is scheduled on Thursday (12/10/15) in Dinkelacker's courtroom. (Dink-e-lacker is known on this blog as The DRINKing Slacker because he since he HIT A WOMAN WITH HIS CAR AND KILLED HER and he may have been DRUNK. Plus, he is known to attend Parties with Prostitutes. See, this for more information.)

Mark Dierks is a registered Republican from Clermont County. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Theodore Deters hand-picked Merlyn Shiverdecker (forever known on this blog as Merlyn "The Evil Magician") and Robert Scott Croswell II to be Special Prosecutors to Persecute Judge Hunter and pursue frivolous criminal charges lodged against her. Well, Croswell used to be a Clermont County Commissioner. There's almost no chance that there isn't a relationship and connection between Croswell and Dierks.

Here at The Cincinnati Black Blog we know you, our faithful readers, expect us to call a spade a spade. We tell the unvarnished truth. We don't sugarcoat things. And we connect the dots, giving you news and analysis that the lazy, local, white, racist, old, dinosaur, so-called mainstream media won't and can't do -- all from a reasonable pro-Black perspective.

The Enemy Comes To Steal, Kill and Destroy!

Our reasoned analysis demonstrates Judge Hunter is being attacked by a pack of white racist blood-thirsty dogs. These beasts are evil and determined. Think about what they are doing to Judge Hunter. She graduated from college and law school. She won a countywide election. They want to take away her ability to earn a living practicing law. They want to prevent her from serving in the office she was elected to. They want to turn her into a felon. They want to send her to prison. And they want to make her homeless. In actuality, They Want To Steal Everything She Has, Kill her very Spirit and so plague her mind that she'll curse God and kill herself. They want to Destroy Her.

If they can do it to Tracie Hunter ... a lawyer ... a politician ... an elected official ... a judge ... a Christian minister and pastor. If they can do it to her what can they do to you?

You Can Help!

Judge Hunter isn't laying down or quitting. She's fighting back. But she needs your support to fight the good fight. There are many ways you can help. Here are two of them.

1. Help Re-elect Judge Hunter - Judge Hunter has announced her intention to run for re-election. She needs campaign volunteers. She needs registered voters to sign her petitions so she can get her name on the ballot. She needs campaign contributions. Unfortunately, Judge Hunter's people aren't the best organized. We don't know where to send you to sign the petition or how to connect you with her volunteer coordinator. On his weekly radio show, Mr. Lewis T. Hilton, Jr. (aka Bishop Bobby Hilton) said there would be a meeting of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the National Action Network. We imagine there will be petitions available for signing there. Also, the Coalition For A Just Hamilton County is supposed to be meeting this Saturday. We don't know the time nor location.

2. Help Support Judge Hunter's Legal Defense - Judge Hunter's friends and supporters have set up a Legal Defense Fund.

Here is their website address:

Monday, December 07, 2015

Make Smitherman Pay For His War On Black Radio

A FEW MORE WORDS ON THE WAR WAGED BY Christopher Smitherman (forever known on this blog as The Sillyman) and his band of merry followers, the Smithereens, on WDBZ and Radio One Cincinnati.

Since our inception, The Cincinnati Black Blog has maintained that Cincinnati doesn't have a real press corp, just a lazy, local, white, racist media filled with a bunch of self-declared journalists who couldn't make a living in a city where they had to do any real reporting.

If Cincinnati had a real press corp, they'd tell people that The Sillyman -- a Cincinnati Councilman and Hamilton County Commission Candidate -- is an egomaniacal politician with a band of loyal thuggish goons working for him.

A real media would explain how The Smithereens conspired together to interfere with free enterprise ... how they targeted WDBZ and Radio One advertisers and demanded they pull commercial advertisements because Radio One accepted money and ran ads critical of The Sillyman (who had been given thousands of dollars in free air time at WDBZ before he was taken off the air by Jeri Tolliver).

One of Cincinnati's pathetic so-called journalists in the dinosaur media could tell the story of what really happened between The Sillyman and how the war started.

In The Beginning There Was Peace...

The Sillyman ran for re-election to City Council in 2005. THE VOTERS REJECTED HIM.

Jeri Tolliver, WDBZ and Radio One gave The Sillyman a FREE show. They placed hardly any limits on the show. Smitherman used his WDBZ show to build back support he'd lost in the Black community. And he used the show to Brutally and Viscously attack his political foes. (The Sillyman attacked too many enemies to name them all, but the list includes then- Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, and former Cincinnati Council Members Jeff Berding and Chris Bortz).

The city had thrown Smitherman into a pit. Jeri Tolliver, Lincoln Ware and WDBZ basically cleaned Smitherman up, gave him a second wind, and brought him back to the Black community. They saved him.

The Sillyman was one of the most hated men in the city at the time. WDBZ took heat for letting Smitherman use their station to vanquish his political rivals. They received hundreds of complaints. They stuck with Smitherman nonetheless.

Smitherman Bit The Hand That Fed Him....

An inquisitive news reporter could research what happened between The Sillyman and WDBZ and tell the people what happened.

Smitherman turned against WDBZ when they told him that after YEARS OF HAVING A FREE show he would either have to buy air time or leave.

Instead of being grateful for thousands of dollars worth of free air time, Smitherman Declared War on WDBZ.

The Buzz Was A Powerful Voice and There Could Only Be One Voice...

The Sillyman led a hostile takeover of the Cincinnati NAACP and ousted Edith Thrower as president.

The Sillyman appointed his longtime friend Robert Richardson, Jr. -- a young Black attorney -- to be the NAACP's local lawyer or "Chair of Legal Redress".

The Sillyman consolidated power inside the NAACP. No one, not even committee chairs, could speak on behalf of the NAACP or their committees.

After questions arose about Smitherman's misuse, mismanagement, and misappropriation of NAACP funds, he removed Richardson from his position.

As an attorney in good standing, Richardson couldn't ignore the theft of NAACP funds or allow himself to be associated with that kind of unethical and possibly criminal conduct occuring within the NAACP.

In a relatively short span of time, The Sillyman had turned the NAACP from an organization fighting for civil rights into his own personal corrupt political machine focused on securing him political power and an ultimate return to Council and higher office.

To get back political power, The Sillyman needed money. The NAACP was turned into a sort of Shakedown Factory.

Here's a short list of what Richardson faced.

• NAACP rules prohibited using NAACP money to pay Smitherman or other officers a salary. To get around this, Smitherman stacked his Executive Committee with loyalist and had them vote to pay him a monthly stipend (a salary using another name). The NAACP also paid for Smitherman's cell phone -- which he used to conduct personal, business, and political calls.

• NAACP funds were used to pay a salary to Michelle Edwards -- Smitherman's chief Council aide and dear, long-time, close, intimate, affectionate, "just friend".

• The Sillyman's Partner-in-Crime, James E. Clingman (aka Jim Clingman or The Conman) became an NAACP vice president. Federal and state laws prohibit officers of non-profit organizations like the NAACP from taking money from the organization or from steering money to their family members. Despite this, The Sillyman and The Conman took NAACP money and used it to pay for Kiah Clingman's college tuition. Kiah is The Conman's daughter.

• The NAACP was being used to get contracts for Smitherman's brother, Albert Smitherman, and his company, Jostin Construction (sometimes referred to as Jostin Concrete).

• The NAACP led an assault on the Cincinnati Public Schools and threatened to oppose a school levy. The Smithereens only relented when CPS agreed to give contracts to prominent Smithereens, including former City Councilman & NAACP officer Sam Malone. (The Sillyman's wife, Pamela Smitherman, is now employed by CPS.)

Corruption was rampant at the NAACP, so Richardson agreed to leave his position.

At some point in time, Smitherman's ex-friend turned arch-nemesis Rob Richardson, Jr. bought a weekly show on WDBZ and became part of The Buzz family.

Richardson began using his platform to challenge Smitherman, his mismanagement of the NAACP, and his alliance with a local GOP Tea Party Group. Hearing these things, The Sillyman escalated his war on WDBZ. He Ordered NAACP members to stop calling WDBZ. Out of frustration, he blurted out at meetings: The Buzz (WDBZ) is Not The NAACP.


The war between The Sillyman vs WDBZ/Richardson exploded when Radio One (it wasn't just WDBZ) legally accepted money from an organized labor group. (Note: Jeri Tolliver never ran the sales department. She wasn't responsible for accepting the ads.)

The union ran a paid political ads on WDBZ, WIZF (The Wiz 101.1) and WOSL (Old School 100.3). These humorous and informative ads outlined Smitherman's voting record, then they encouraged listeners to Vote for Anybody But Smitherman.

The Sillyman blamed the Richardson family, Jeri Tolliver, and Radio One for the ads that ran against him. He fired up his Smithereens and encouraged them to help him fight back. They did.

They petitioned the University of Cincinnati to remove Rob Richardson, Jr. from the UC Board of Trustees.

They filed frivolous complaints with the Ohio Elections Commission.

They targeted Radio One advertisers.

Radio One Advertisers Bail Out Under Pressure...

Led by prominent white Smithereen Charles Kromer (whose radio name is "Chuck"), they compiled a list of advertisers, contacted them, and urged them to pull all ads from Radio One and especially WDBZ.

Queen City Sausage is one advertiser who bowed to pressure from the Smithereens.

Call To Action...

The Smithereens are a bunch of bullies. The couldn't do what they do if people fought back. We have a few suggestions on how people can help Stop Smitherman and The Smithereens.

The Federal Communications Commission requires every radio station to maintain a "Public Inspection File". Surely, Radio One's local and national files contain copies of some of the threatening complaint letters/emails sent to advertisers.

The Cincinnati Black Blog encourages you, our faithful readers, to go inspect those files.

Also, some of the targeted advertisers might be willing to talk or even share some of the letters and emails they've received.

The Smithereens targeted some publicly traded companies. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) requires public companies to disclose certain information. If some of the Smithereen's complaint communications contained lawsuit threats, those communications may have been reported to the SEC and they may be publicly available. [Pay Attention! Radio One is a publicly traded company too.]

We have attempted to determine if the Smithereens threatened to take legal action against Radio One. If so, those threats may also be available.

Spread The Word...

The Sillyman is an announced Republican Hamilton County Commission candidate. That means he needs as many votes as possible. You have the power to register to vote and Vote For Anybody But Smitherman. You also have the ability to share this information with your friends and family member. Let them know that the same guy who worked overtime to destroy the only Black-owned restaurant on The Banks (Liz Rogers' Mahogany's) also did his best to bolster the city's white hate radio stations and destroy Radio One Cincinnati.

For your entertainment, here's a link ( to the political campaign commercial that played on Radio One stations. This commercial ad drove Smitherman over the edge. He's always bordered on being crazy but no one can deny that he's been nuts since this commercial aired.

Get Ready To Help #StopSmitherman... is Coming Soon.