Thursday, November 20, 2014

Judge Ethna Cooper's Son In Federal Prison For Child Pornography

Peter Bennert Cooper
The lazy lowdown dirty racist bastards in the pathetic, worthless, corporate-owned media in Cincinnati never hesitate to report negative stories about Black people, especially when the Black people hold positions of power, but they won't tell you, the people, about Peter Bennert Cooper who got busted uploading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY from an internet account inside the home of his mother, Republican Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Ethna Marie Cooper, and is currently locked away for five (5) years in Elkton Federal Prison in Lisbon, Ohio.  According to a court document filed by Hal Roger Arenstein, Peter Cooper "continues to be involved in an arduous regiment of treatment for substance abuse and sexual/behavior therapy." Substance abuse and sexual misbehavior. That's the nice way to describe it.

The same unethical and biased white media that refuses to publish the name of the jury foreman who lied under oath and committed perjury in the sham trial of Judge Tracie Hunter (that woman's name is Sandra L. Kirkham) also won't tell you that Judge Ethna Cooper's son was represented in federal court by Robert Scott Croswell III -- the Chris Farley look-alike and appointed special prosecutor in the Hunter case.

Judge Ethna Cooper is the court's administrative and presiding judge. Brad Seitz, is the son of powerful Republican State Senator William John Seitz III (most people just call him Bill Seitz).  The Republican judges appointed Brad Seitz to be the court's Jury Coordinator.  (Talk about nepotism.)  Sandy Kirkham's family gave money to Brad Seitz's father. They also gave money to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Theodore Deters (known on this blog as Dirty Joe Deters). Then, somehow, out of 800,000 people in Hamilton County, this woman somehow got picked to be on Judge Hunter's jury and to be the jury foreperson.

The Cincinnati Black Blog's founder and publisher, Nathaniel Livingston, Jr., has asked to inspect and copy all juror questionnaires from the Hunter trial. The responsibility for administering the jury system is vested in Brad Seitz under the supervision of Judge Cooper and the court's administrator Patrick Xavier Dressing.  Seitz, Dressing, Cooper, and Judge Norbert Nadel (known on this blog as The Devil In A Blue Dress) have all denied his request.  He is preparing a lawsuit to be filed against them all.

[Important side note: you, our faithful readers, know an awful lot of white folks have talked trash about Judge Hunter denying them access to her courtroom, and public court records, but white judges have no problem denying the Black Press access to court records.  You haven't heard a peep from the white media about this.  They certainly aren't fighting to give the people and the press any information they believe may be damaging to the greater white community.]

Supervising Brad Seitz isn't Judge Cooper's only duty (then again she apparently couldn't supervise her own son to keep him from using illegal substances and/or uploading child pornography from insider her home, using her internet account, so how could she be expected to handle her official court duties).  She is also responsible for administering the oath to grand jurors, instructing them on their duties and the law governing their service, and questioning grand jurors about their eligibility for jury duty.

The Cincinnati Black Blog seeks to find out what role, if any, Judge Cooper played in the grand jury that indicted Judge Hunter. Did she instruct them on their duties? Explain the law governing their service?  Tell them they weren't there to be a rubber stamp?  We realize Sandy Kirkham wasn't on the grand jury, but she was still supposed to be questioned about her eligibility to serve on a jury.  She should've disclosed monetary contributions given by her family to Dirty Joe and the jury coordinator's father.  We want to know if Judge Cooper participated in a conspiracy to bring bogus charges against Judge Hunter or if she looked the other way as Judge Hunter was railroaded.  We want to know if she did any of these things in exchange for keeping the story about her son quiet or to keep herself from being indicted or for some other reason.  We want to know everything that happened and why. When we find out we won't let pressure or threats stop us from reporting our findings.

We've talked to people who know Judge Cooper.  They've all told us she's a really nice white lady who loves her son.  She wants her son to have a future when he gets out of prison.  Before he went to prison, she tried to get the federal judge to let him take classes at Xavier University and assured the judge he wouldn't be around any minor children.  Judge Cooper didn't want her son's name and picture plastered all over local newspapers and broadcast on TV stations.

Some people say Judge Cooper felt about her son the same way Judge Hunter felt about Black kids appearing before her in Juvenile Court.  But the evil, black-hearted devils in the media, especially Margaret Buchanan, Carolyn Washburn, and Kimball Perry from The Cincinnati Enquirer and Richard A. BoehneJeff Jeff Brogan and Alex Bongiorno from Scripps/WCPO-TV (Channel 9) were hellbent on trying to ruin Black kids for engaging in a little fist fight.  They were so determined to cover the case and sensationalize the story, they defied Judge Hunter's orders, violated the court rules, and even sued the judge.  Of course, they say race has nothing to do with their decisions.  To them, nothing is ever about race.  But if race had nothing to do with their coverage of that story, and it has nothing to do with their constant barrage of negative stories on Black people, why haven't they told this true story?

That said, we are greatly concerned about Judge Cooper.  We are concerned Judge Cooper may be susceptible to threats from Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Theodore Deters (known on this blog as Dirty Joe Deters) and his gang of thugs, which includes Scott Croswell, Merlyn D(ickhead) Shiverdecker (aka Merlyn The Evil Magician) and several people working for the local media.  This once good woman may now be a GOP stooge...a patsy...a bag lady who handles their dirty work, assists with their schemes, and covers up their crimes.
  • How is it that child pornography was uploaded from inside Judge Cooper's home, from an internet account she pays for, but she didn't get charged with a crime?
  • How come none of her property was seized or forfeited?
  • How is it that the law & order Republican Party didn't distance themselves from Judge Cooper -- a woman who had child pornography and apparently illegal drugs inside her home?  We are reviewing campaign finance reports and want to know if GOP heavy weights continued to fund her campaign and where she donated money to.
  • How is it that even after this crime took place (Peter Bennert Cooper was arrested on 10/09/2011 and charged with ARSON & UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION) the Democratic Party bosses Tim Burke and Caleb Faux fielded no candidate to run against Judge Cooper?
  • What kind of favors does she owe Dirty Joe, Croswell, and the gang?
  • What does she owe Judge Penelope Ruth Cunningham and her husband William Daniel Cunningham?  How is it that Bill Cunningham or Willie -- 700WLW's chief hatemonger -- can talk about dysfunction in the Black community for hours every day and blame poor Black parents for their children's shortcomings but he has yet to speak on Judge Cooper's parenting skills. (Judge Cooper sent Peter Cooper to one of the best schools in the country.  They're very wealth.)
Judge Nadel has threatened Livingston and falsely accused him of engaging in the unauthorized practice of law -- a crime in Ohio.  The goal of The Devil In A Blue Dress in making these threats was to scare Livingston and stop him from writing about corruption in and around the courthouse.

Before any of you bleeding heart liberals or rage-filled conservatives complain we aren't playing fair, or family members should be off limits, or he's just a kid, we want to remind you of a few things. 1) Judge Hunter's brother, Stephen Hunter, wasn't off limits.  2) We have not forgot that Wende Morris Cross was in line to become a U.S. Magistrate Judge but that appointment was scuttled when investigators discovered she was married to Marcus Timothy Cross -- a convicted felon. 3) The kids from North College Hill who were involved in a little fist fight were just kids but they were tarnished. 4) White kids and young adults in Cincinnati/Hamilton County are always getting a break. When is Dirty Joe going to charge the Joseph Poynter with a crime. Little Joe is the white kid who took a loaded gun into La Salle High School and fired it.  From what we know, Dirty Joe has still not charged Little Joe with a crime.  Black people are catching Hell.  Black family members are brought into it all the time. Its not right or fair but the white media does it all the time and we won't stop it until they do. In fact, Republicans spend time coming up with parental responsibility laws to punish Black parents. Republicans push laws that throw mothers out of their homes if their children get caught breaking the law.  Republicans are always pushing to blame parents for the sins of their children.  Judge Cooper is an official part of that system.  She takes money from that system.  She has refused to do the right and lawful and honorable thing and give all people full and unfettered access to the courts and the people's records located at the court.  We want those juror questionnaires and we want justice!

Without White Privilege everyone would know about Peter Bennert Cooper. Part of our job is to level the playing field.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tracie Hunter Juror Sandra Kirkham's Letter To Editor

Hunter Jury Foreperson Sandra L. Kirkham (aka Sandy Phillips Kirkham)
Damage from abuse can linger for a lifetime

Regarding the article "Abuse victims lose 'look-back'" (March 29): Thirty-four years ago, at age 17, I was sexually abused by my minister. I was not his first victim, nor his last. After his actions were discovered he moved to another church. His sexual abuse continued as he moved from church to church, even as his supervisors were aware of his past. He is currently a minister.

Being abused by someone you trust so completely in a place that should be the safest place on Earth has a lifelong impact. I never talked to anyone about what he did to me until two (years) ago when I found the courage to confront him.

Without the "look back" provision, these abusers who still remain within the church are free to repeat their behavior. The actions of the legislature are disappointing, but the failure of church leaders to remove these known and suspected abusers is appalling.

Sandy Kirkham
Anderson Township
(April 2, 2006)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sandy Kirkham Bought Seat On Hunter Jury

How did Sandra L. Kirkham (aka Sandy Phillips Kirkham) get on the jury for Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter? How did she become jury foreperson?

If you think that's a simple question, you might be surprised to learn what The Cincinnati Black Blog found.

Sandy Kirkham and her husband, William Kirkham, gave money to the jury coordinator's family and more money to Republican Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Theodore Deters (known on this blog as "Dirty Joe" Deters).
  • On 10/1/2010, Sandy Kirkham gave $250 to Republican State Senator William J. Seitz. (source)
  • On 2/10/2012, William Kirkham gave $250 to Dirty Joe Deters. 
Earlier today, Judge Hunter's attorney, Clyde Bennett II, filed a motion for a new trial based on misconduct by Sandy Kirkham.  Dyer v. Calderon is quoted in the motion. That case says:
The individual who lies in order to improve his chances of serving has too much of a stake in the matter to be considered indifferent.  Whether the desire to serve is motivated by an overactive sense of civic duty, by a desire to avenge past wrongs, by the hope of writing a memoir or by some other unknown motive, this excess of zeal introduces the kind of unpredictable factor into the jury room that the doctrine of implied bias is meant to keep out."
Kirkham lied on her juror questionnaire and during voir dire. She was asked if she has been a victim of crime. She did not answer affirmatively. But documents have been found showing she claims to have been raped by her minister. Did Sandy Kirkham lie in order to improve her chances of serving on the jury? Was her desire motivated by an overactive sense of civic duty? Did she seek to avenge past wrongs, like punishing Judge Hunter, a church leader, minister, and pastor, for sins committed by a minister against her? These things will be decided by Judge Norbert Nadel (referred to on this blog as The Devil In A Blue Dress).

The focus of this blog entry is the money that changed hands from the Kirkhams to Sen. Seitz and Dirty Joe Deters.

Normally, during voir dire, prospective jurors are asked if they know anyone involved in the case or working at the courthouse. Prospective jurors are precluded from serving on a jury if they know someone involved in the case or if they have connections to anyone involved in the case.

Did Sandy Kirkham disclose her financial contribution to Sen. Seitz?

Here's why the donation is relevant.  Sen. Seitz has a son named Brad Seitz.  Brad is employed as Hamilton County's Jury Coordinator.  The Jury Coordinator is intimately involved in forming the jury pool.  In Judge Hunter's case, Brad Seitz has refused to make all juror questionnaires available to inspection and copying.  The $250 donation from Sandy Kirkham went to the Jury Coordinator's father.

Brad Seitz had a duty to inform Judge Nadel and both parties of the political contribution.  Sandy Kirkham also had a duty to notify the court and attorneys that she'd given money to Brad Seitz's father.

The Cincinnati Black Blog realizes we have many detractors, especially in the lazy, white, racially-biased local media.  We know that even among you, our faithful readers, there are some skeptics. Before you dismiss this news as irrelevant or immaterial, consider this.... The U.S. Census estimates there are over 800,000 people in Hamilton County.  To be eligible for jury duty, one must be a registered voter. Sen. Seitz and Dirty Joe Deters have less than 1000 different campaign contributors.  What are the changes that out of over 800K people, the person selected to be on the jury as foreperson happened to be one of the people who gave money to the Jury Coordinator's father and her husband gave money to vindictive Dirty Joe Deters? What's the probability of that happening?

Norbert Nadel has messed Judge Hunter's case up. He's an old, incompetent fool. But these errors were done deliberately.  They fixed the jury and did everything possible to deny Judge Hunter a fair trial. Judge Nadel should grant Judge Hunter a new trial and immediately thereafter recuse himself and have no further involvement.  The Ohio Supreme Court should appoint a visiting judge to the case.

Read Hunter's Motion for New Trial Based On Juror Misconduct

Read the motion filed by Judge Tracie Hunter today requesting a new trial based on misconduct of jury foreperson Sandra Kirkham (we've settled on referring to her on this blog as Sandy KKKirkham).

Vanessa Jones Enoch says this: "Sandra Kirkham lied on her juror questionnaire and had a personal vendetta against pastors, after being raped by a pastor.  She also donated money to Joe Deters and to the jury commissioners father. Was Judge Hunter framed"

We'll have much more on this....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Judge Heather Russell Held Blacks Captive

Heather Russell

Yesterday (11/10/14), Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Heather Stein Russell presided over a hearing/trial of Cincinnati NAACP president Ishton Morton. Before the day was over, Judge Russell held approximately 15 citizens hostage in her courtroom, forced them to identify themselves, and threatened to arrest them.


Tashima Taylor is an elected member of the NAACP's executive committee. About a year ago, Ishton denied her access to an NAACP meeting and allegedly PUSHED HER DOWN A FLIGHT OF ICE-COVERED STEPS. The incident was investigated by the Cincinnati Police Department who found credible evidence existed and filed criminal charges. The case is being handled by the City's prosecutor. 

Morton is represented by Christopher P Finney. The NAACP's executive committee voted to take money from membership dues and use it to pay Finney. Finney also represents former NAACP president Christopher Smitherman (forever known on this blog as Chris The Sillyman) in a legal battle against Robert Richardson, Jr. and Radio One Cincinnati (The Wiz, The Buzz, Old School).

Smitherman/Finney have tried to link Richardson and Radio One to a commercial ad that ran during last year's Cincinnati City Council election. In the commercial, Smitherman is heard singing the National Negro Anthem (Lift Every Voice And Sing) while a Radio One employee describes a number of anti-Black things Smitherman has done.

Richardson wasn't at the meeting where Ishton pushed Taylor down the stairs but Finney issued him a subpoena anyway. Finney and Smitherman want to use Ishton's criminal trial and Richardson's testimony to gain evidence in their ongoing civil case against Richardson and Radio One. (The case has been proceeding through the Ohio Elections Commission.) Richardson apparently didn't do anything to get the subpoena thrown out or quashed. (See, "NAACP Lawyer Issues Over A Dozen Subpoenas In Prez's Assault Case.")

Judge Russell Locks Courtroom

Finney (or one of his attorneys) noticed that Richardson wasn't present for the hearing and asked Judge Russell to issue a BENCH WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST. They wanted the judge to send a sheriff to physically arrest Richardson and haul him into court.

Somehow, Richardson learned about what was happening and called the courtroom to verify the information.

Judge Russell went nuts!!! She became determined to find out how Richardson found out about the plot they were hatching to get him arrested.

So she ordered her bailiff to go out into the hallway and tell everyone, including member of the public who were there observing and who weren't under subpoena, from leaving the courthouse. They were told they couldn't go to the bathroom, couldn't make phone calls, couldn't go put money in the parking meter. They were held captive by Judge Russell, her bailiff, and the sheriff.

About a dozen non-subpoenaed citizens were there observing the proceedings. Among them were Joe Mallory and Dwight Patton. Mr. Mallory called 1230am WDBZ The Buzz today and confirmed this actually happened.

The Threat

Before she released the captives, Judge Russell apparently told them they better not say anything about what she did or they'd be subject to arrest!

White Media Ignores Misconduct By White Judges

Imagine the reaction if Judge Tracie Marie Hunter had done something so brazen and bizarre -- holding people captive; threatening them with arrest if they didn't want to be held captive or told on her; attempting to criminalize American citizens for calling someone and telling them their presence is required in court.

People are scared when they hear about stuff like this. It has a chilling effect on the public and makes them afraid to go observe public trials. It also makes them wonder why the supposedly unbiased mainstream media fails to report about what's happening in the courthouse every day, especially when they've been so obsessed with Judge Hunter.

The Cincinnati Black Blog believes the hearing may have been recorded on video. We have asked for a copy. We have also reached out to individuals who were present for comment. If ethics complaints are filed against Heather Russell, we will report on them.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Enquirer Panicked Over Sandy Kirkham Perjury Investigation

Kimball Perry (Joe Deters' fat, ugly, bald unofficial spokesman on the right)
Why is Kimball Perry, The Cincinnati Enquirer's lead SMEARman, trying to dig up dirt on me, your friendly neighborhood Cincinnati Black Blog founder and publisher?

Why did this Kentucky resident (now known on this blog as Kentucky KKKimball Perry) send an email to Mark Waters, Administrator at the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts' office, asking about a 14 year old misdemeanor conviction involving a public protest to stop Cincinnati Police Officers from killing unarmed Black men? (See, "Enquirer's Kimball Perry Searching For Dirt On Livingston.")

Maybe Kentucky KKKimball Perry is trying to stir up racial animosity? Maybe he's trying to start a riot? Or maybe he thinks that by smearing me he can intimidate me and my associates at The Cincinnati Black Blog into ending our ongoing investigation of Sandra L. Kirkham (aka Sandy Phillips Kirkham and Sandy KKKirkham), the jury foreperson in Judge Tracie Hunter's criminal trial.

When concluded, our investigation will determine if KKKirkham LIED UNDER OATH on her Juror Questionnaire -- an illegal act of Perjury -- to get on the jury. It will reveal if KKKirkham had personal and political reasons for fixing the verdict.

You want answers. We are determined to give them to you.  We believe you deserve to know the truth.


Our investigation and exclusive reports haven't gone unnoticed by the lazy, local, racists, white media. (See, "Livingston Seeks Tracie Hunter Juror Questionnaires," "Prosecute Hunter Juror Sandy Kirkham For PERJURY!!!," "Did Sandy Kirkham Fix Tracie Hunter Jury?" and "Report: Hunter Juror Kirkham Gave Money To Prosecutor.")  They're panicking!

Read the emails exchanged between Kentucky KKKimball Perry and Mark Waters and ask yourself two questions.

1) Did KKKimball ask Waters to BREAK THE LAW and ILLEGALLY provide him and The Enquirer with documents that have been LEGALLY sealed?

2) Is KKKimball engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law on behalf of The Enquirer?

Kentucky KKKimball Perry ends his emails with a quote from George Orwell that reads: "Journalism is printing what someone does not want printed; everything else is public relations."  Unfortunately, Kentucky KKKimball Perry and The Enquirer quit being journalists a long time ago.  They now serve as a public relations arm of the county criminal INjustice system, lead by Dirty Joe Deters.

The white media wants to turn me into a Big Bad Black Boogieman.  They want to smear me. They think that by attacking me they'll save the white woman KKKirkham and prevent you, our faithful readers, from seeing her juror questionnaire.

It Won't Work.

Enquirer's Kimball Perry Searching For Dirt On Livingston

Here's a copy of the email exchange between Cincinnati Enquirer writer Kimball Perry and the Administrator of the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.

Keep reading The Cincinnati Black Blog for context and analysis.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Enquirer Busted LYING About Hunter Prosecution Cost

Don't be fooled by this LIE written by Kimball Sean Perry and published by The Cincinnati Enquirer claiming the Special Prosecutors in Judge Tracie Hunter's case worked for $000.000 or FREE. This is not a typo or simple mistake. Taxpayers know this was a Persecution led by Joesph T. Deters (known on this blog as Dirty Joe Deters) -- a self-proclaimed Fiscal Conservative -- and they are angry about paying for it. Now they want to cover it up. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Declare Mistrial. Juror Says Bennett Was Not Able To Prove Hunter Didn't Do It.

Not the actual Tracie Hunter jury. Maybe close.

In America, people accused of crimes are INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY, not the other way around. That's the law. For all people. Black or white. Loved or despised. Or at least that's SUPPOSED to be the law.

Judge Norbert A. Nadel picked NINE whites and THREE African-Americans to serve on the jury in the trial of Judge Tracie Hunter.

During an interview broadcast Monday on 700WLW one of the white female jurors said "Judge Hunter's attorney was not able to prove she didn't do it. That's what we based our decision on." 

Translation: the jurors took the burden of proving Judge Hunter committed a crime away from Special Prosecutors Merlyn "The Evil Magician" Shiverdecker and Robert "Chris Farley Lookalike" Scott Croswell and decided Judge Hunter and her attorney Clyde Bennett II had the burden of proving she didn't commit any crimes.

The Cincinnati Black Blog has said Norbert presides over a Kangaroo KKKourt. That statement has made some people angry. But following a juror's revelation that she and other jurors misunderstood or deliberately ignored the Burden of Proof and therefore wrongfully convicted Judge Hunter of a crime would cause a Legitimate Judge to immediately summon the juror before him to verify the truthfulness of the statement provided to radio hatemonger Bill Cunningham and upon so doing declare a mistrial. [Remember the juror said "we" (plural) based "our" (plural) decision on Bennett not proving Judge Hunter didn't do it. She didn't say "I" (singular) based "my" (singular) decision on Bennett not proving Judge Hunter didn't do it. Words matter.] Norbert is not a Real Judge worthy of respect, he's nothing more than a Devil In A Blue Dress!

The Cincinnati Black Blog continues to independently investigate credible accusations that jurors in the Hunter case engaged in all sorts of misconduct.  The revelations discussed in this blog entry are another example of that misconduct. We will continue reporting our findings.

The Cincinnati Black Blog recently published a report on a HEATED EXCHANGE between the white juror discussed above and an unidentified African-American juror. Following the HEATED EXCHANGE the African-American juror changed their vote.  Before the HEATED EXCHANGE the Black juror voted to find Judge Hunter NOT GUILTY on all charges.  After the HEATED EXCHANGE the Black juror changed their vote to guilty on Count 6 of the indictment. (See, "Caucasian Juror: HEATED EXCHANGE Preceded Hunter Vote.")

The Cincinnati Black Blog has exclusively reported on accusations that Jury Foreperson Sandra L. Kirkham (aka Sandy Phillips Kirkham) LIED UNDER OATH on her Juror Questionnaire -- an illegal act of Perjury -- to get on the jury and there is reason to believe that once on the jury she had personal and political reasons for fixing the verdict.  (See, "Prosecute Hunter Juror Sandy Kirkham For PERJURY!!!" and "Did Sandy Kirkham Fix Tracie Hunter Jury?" and "Report: Hunter Juror Kirkham Gave Money To Prosecutor.")

The Cincinnati Black Blog's publisher has officially requested to inspect and copy all Juror Questionnaires and their responses. He has made it clear that he may commence legal action to force the release of the questionnaires unless he is provided an opportunity to review them by close of business on Thursday. (See, "Livingston Seeks Tracie Hunter Juror Questionnaires.")

The Cincinnati Black Blog has teamed up with citizen journalists and concerned groups all in an effort to give you, our faithful readers, the best coverage possible.

The Struggle Continues....

Caucasian Juror: HEATED EXCHANGE Preceded Hunter Vote

Is Sandy Kirkham Under One Of Those Hoods?
Did Caucasian jurors in the Tracie Hunter case intimidate, coerce, threaten, or otherwise bully African-American jurors? Did a HEATED EXCHANGE occur prior to African-American jurors changing their minds and "agreeing" to vote in favor of finding Judge Hunter guilty of a crime? Did the HEATED EXCHANGE cause the African-American jurors to change their votes?

On Monday, 700WLW broadcasted an interview with a white woman who said she served on the Hunter jury.  The interview was conducted by right-wing hate-monger Bill Cunningham. The white juror admitted she was involved in a "HEATED EXCHANGE" with a Black juror.  Before the HEATED EXCHANGE the African-American jurors wanted to find Judge Hunter NOT GUILTY of all charges. After the HEATED EXCHANGE, the Black jurors joined in voting to find Judge Hunter guilty of a crime.

You, our faithful readers, know The Cincinnati Black Blog is conducting an independent investigation into credible accusations that jurors in the Hunter case engaged in all sorts of misconduct.

We believe the public has a right to know the details of the HEATED EXCHANGE.  Did the white juror holler at the African-American juror or otherwise berate them?  By HEATED EXCHANGE, does the white juror mean she threatened the African-American juror? Or was there a HEATED EXCHANGE of physical blows or some other highly inappropriate conduct? Some people would call a BEAT DOWN a HEATED EXCHANGE.  Did the African-American juror seek medical treatment following the HEATED EXCHANGE?

What made the white juror believe she could enter into a HEATED EXCHANGE with another juror? Was the HEATED EXCHANGE reported to Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil? If so, we want a copy of the report. Was the HEATED EXCHANGE reported to courthouse security? Was Judge Norbert Nadel or any member of his courtroom staff notified of the HEATED EXCHANGE? Was the HEATED EXCHANGE reported to either or both of the Special Prosecutors Merlyn "The Evil Magician" Shiverdecker or Robert "Chris Farley Lookalike" Scott Croswell? Was the HEATED EXCHANGE reported to Judge Hunter or her attorney, Clyde Bennett II? What, if anything, did the jury foreperson Sandra L. Kirkham (aka Sandy Phillips Kirkham) do about the HEATED EXCHANGE? If the HEATED EXCHANGE was reported to Neil, Nadel, Merlyn, or Croswell what did they do about it?

In the end, the public deserves to know if the Black juror involved in the HEATED EXCHANGE was coerced into casting a guilty vote?  Was the juror intimidated?  Did the HEATED EXCHANGE cause the African-Americans to vote guilty so they could flee from the jury room to safety? Was the jury system corrupted?

We want to know what the Black jurors think about the HEATED EXCHANGE. What caused the HEATED EXCHANGE? How did the HEATED EXCHANGE affect them? Remember, there were NINE white jurors and THREE African-American jurors.  The judge was white.  Both Special Prosecutors were white.  Everyone on Judge Nadel's staff is white.  The deputy sheriffs assigned to secure the courtroom were white.  Almost all of the prosecution witnesses were white.  Cincinnati Enquirer writer Kimball Perry was allowed to sit in the WHITES ONLY section of the courtroom with Judge Nadel's all white staff because he is white.  Not only were the Black jurors surrounded by whites, many of the whites -- the judge, the deputies, the prosecutors, the witnesses, and Kimball -- were openly hostile toward Judge Hunter and the African-American members of the public seated in the courtroom.  For example, one of the white witnesses, Kathy PRIDEmore, screamed and pointed her fingers at Judge Hunter while testifying.  Another example occurred during the trial when Croswell disparagingly referred to the public as the peanut gallery.  The jury saw Croswell hurl this insult at the African-American spectators and didn't see him reprimanded by Judge Nadel.  The point is: African-Americans understand that its dangerous to disobey white people in positions of authority, especially when the African-Americans are outnumbered by whites.  It is not unreasonable to believe that the Black juror involved in the HEATED EXCHANGE (and the Blacks who witnessed the HEATED EXCHANGE) feared for their safety (they were in a locked room) and did what they felt they had to do to leave the jury room alive and unharmed.

The Cincinnati Black Blog has exclusively reported on accusations that Sandy Kirkham LIED UNDER OATH on her Juror Questionnaire -- an illegal act of Perjury -- to get on the jury and fix the verdict.  (See, "Prosecute Hunter Juror Sandy Kirkham For PERJURY!!!" and "Did Sandy Kirkham Fix Tracie Hunter Jury?")  We continue to examine Kirkham's voting record and history of political donations. (See, "Report: Hunter Juror Kirkham Gave Money To Prosecutor.")

That's not all and we aren't done. In furtherance of our mission to provide you with an alternative to the lazy, local, lowdown, dirty, dinosaur media, earlier today we provided you with a copy of an official request to review all Juror Questionnaires and their responses. (See, "Livingston Seeks Tracie Hunter Juror Questionnaires.")  We will take legal action to force the release of the questionnaires unless we are provided an opportunity to inspect and copy the questionnaires by close of business on Thursday.

We want you to know that in addition to our independent investigation, we have agreed to collaborate with other citizen journalists and concerned groups as needed.  We believe that by working in conjunction with others and pooling our resources, we will provide you with an even better product.  That's our hope.

There are many questions about the trial and jury deliberations. We are asking questions and seeking answers.