Thursday, March 19, 2015

Report: CPD Helping Smitherman Cover Up Family Abuse

In the email posted above, Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black denied a report published on our founder and editor's personal Facebook page stating the Cincinnati Police Department responded to a call for help received early this morning from someone inside the home of Councilmember Christopher Smitherman (known on this blog as The Sillyman). Or did he?

Multiple sources have told The Cincinnati Black Blog that police responded to The Sillyman's residence early this morning.  They have given us an approximate response time: between midnight and 2 a.m.  They tell us this morning's call was domestic violence-related.  They tell us there have been several previous incidents of family violence.  In all instances, our sources tell us the cops avoid writing any official report, they destroy records, and they shield The Sillyman.

Why Mr. Black or CPD do this? Well, The Sillyman is not just any ordinary Councilmember (already a position of power). He heads Council's powerful Law & Public Safety Committee. In a real sense, The Sillyman IS THE CHIEF OF POLICE'S BOSS. In the last few years, the city has fired the city manager, the city's top lawyer, and the city prosecutor.  The Sillyman is a vindictive twerp. Think about what he'd do if this story had come out as soon as it happened. Think of the retribution that would've occurred if he had been arrested and plastered on TV screens this morning during a court arraignment.

We trust our confidential news sources and have agreed to protect their identities.  We do this because we want them to speak freely and because they only agreed to speak if we agreed to shield them.  Our sources are, understandably, afraid of retaliation from The Sillyman, Mr. Black, Mayor John Cranley, and Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell.

We believe Mr. Black AND our sources may all be telling the truth.

Let's examine Mr. Black's statement:
Contrary to the statements expressed in your March 19th e-mail (below), the Cincinnati Police Department has confirmed that it has not received any domestic violence-related calls for service to the Lenox Place home of Councilmember Smitherman at any time during the Smitherman family's residence at that location, including no calls from early this morning. Your allegations of a domestic violence report at the Smitherman residence, this morning or in the past, are simply incorrect.
Upon close consultation with the Cincinnati Police Department, it is my understanding that the only responsive police records of any kind during the last five years regarding that address relate to the following: a 2011 police run for a reported burglary at the home, two police calls related to suspicious vehicles near the residence, and one police call related to a home alarm malfunction at the Lenox Place residence. Those are the only times that CPD have been called to the home for any purpose. Per the City's legal obligations under the Public Records Act, we will initiate a search for any records responsive to police runs at the specified address and will provide any such records to you within a reasonable period of time. We will let you know if there are any costs associated with a response to your request.
Mr. Black is good. What if the call for service early this morning was domestic-violence related but the cops, working with The Sillyman, decided to classify it as something else? What if they received a call and heard someone with an afro hollering and screaming in the background but when they arrived decided to classify the threats and yelling as loud noise that didn't warrant an official report?

Who says there was an official "call for service"? Over the years we have reported on the shaky relationship between The Sillyman and his humble, lovely (inside and out), devoted wife Pamela Smitherman.  Poor Pam has endured more grieve, abuse, and disrespect from The Sillyman than any woman should have to bear.  She's an Angel who hooked up with a Devil. So, we have been told The Sillyman has cautioned her over the years to NEVER CALL 911 for help or else she'll pay a price. We understand that the children have also been trained to keep abuse secret. We admit that our sources were not able to tell us how CPD was alerted to trouble at The Sillyman's residence, but we do believe they are correct when they report that CPD personnel responded to the home.

There may be no official reports but there are records (at least until they are destroyed). There's a record of radio traffic. There's a record of telephone calls, text messages, electronic communications.  But slick cops and crooked politicians who want to protect their image/brand are devilish enough to leave the address blank, or put a neighbor's address in the record to throw anyone off who is looking for records from The Sillyman's home.  This is a little trick cops use all the time.  When a call comes in, you'll hear the dispatch cop talk in code to the cop in the field (or the other way around). They'll say something like "this is a sensitive situation, would you please call me on my private number."  They do this to avoid having whatever they are trying to keep secret from being revealed at a later date.

Knowing this, a public records request was sent to the city this morning. In it, the city was cautioned to preserve all records and asked to turn over not just CPD records but also telephone records. Who would The Sillyman call to help him cover up a run to his home? Maybe Mayor Cranley. Maybe Mr. Black. Maybe Chief Blackwell. We want all of their records so we can see who was awake and who was talking/texting/communicating.

There's a chance that CPD is misleading Mr. Black. We like to keep it 100% truthful here at The Cincinnati Black Blog. Mr. Black is still relatively new to his job. He doesn't know all the CPD "fixers". Assuming Mr. Black didn't receive a call from The Sillyman or someone on his behalf, the cops may very well have told him they've had that limited number of interactions with the Smithermans. Unless or until he receives evidence that CPD is lying to him, why shouldn't he trust them?

We want Mr. Black to do what he promised in his responsive email: search the records for ANY police runs. Are supervisor responses classified as "runs"? If not, we want him to find out where all supervisors were during the period of time in question. If he asks the right questions, he may find that he has been misled and lied to. (We hope Chief Blackwell isn't lying to him. There's already an effort to get him fired. This would be all the ammunition they need.)  If Mr. Black gets the records, we are confident that the truth will vindicate our sources.

The city shouldn't be helping Smitherman cover up his explosive episodes of family abuse.  You, our faithful readers, depend on us to report these stories and follow our leads. We will keep doing the work. We won't let you down. We are praying for Pamela and the kids.

Leis Did More Wrong Than Hunter But Wasn't Charged

Livingston Complaint Leis 03192015 Final Draft

Race Matters. White Skin Has Privildges. Just ask Simon Lawrence Leis, Jr. Or Judge Tracie Hunter. Leis -- a former Hamilton County prosecutor, judge, and sheriff -- was caught breaking the law back in 1999. He filed lawsuits against the Democratic National Committee and 41 other people, costing the county hundreds of dollars. (See, "Bennett and Singleton Throwing Hunter Case?") Because Leis was sheriff at the time he filed the lawsuits, he was prohibited from practicing law or representing the county. Because he has white skin and a penis, he wasn't punished for his crimes. Right now, Joseph T. Deters is selectively, maliciously, vindictively, and aggressively prosecuting Judge Hunter. For what? Allegedly doing some of the same things Leis did -- using county funds to pay for legal filings. But Leis was never prosecuted. Even though Deters and Michael K. Allen know he broke the law. I've drafted this grievance/complaint. I'm going to sleep on it. I may file it with the Ohio Supreme Court's Office of Disciplinary Counsel in the morning.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bennett and Singleton Throwing Hunter Case?

If Judge Tracie Hunter's criminal case has larger implications in the ongoing war between black liberation versus white supremacy, Black people are doomed!!!

1. Tracie's lawyers -- Clyde Bennett II and David Singleton -- have failed to file an Affidavit of Disqualification to get Judge Patrick Dinkelacker (rhymes with Cracka) off her case, even though the client has publicly stated she believes he is biased. Don't take our word for it. Go to the Ohio Supreme Court's website and look it up.

2. Judge Hunter's lawyers haven't filed a single subpoena for witnesses or documents. The prosecutors filed their subpoenas over a month ago. Anyone can check the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts website and verify this is true.

3. Tracie's legal team hasn't filed a single pre-trial motion! OUTSIDE the courtroom the Black community has heard all this noise about Prosecutorial Misconduct but no motion has been filed to establish this. There is no hearing to take witness testimony and other evidence INSIDE the courtroom. Why? Because Hunter's lawyers haven't asked for a hearing.

4. This is fact. Judge Simon L. Leis, Jr. used more than $1,000 of county money to FILE AND PROSECUTE OVER 40 LAWSUITS when he was sheriff. (Leis may have used a county-issued credit card. The Cincinnati Black Blog is investigating.) Ohio law prohibits a lawyer serving as sheriff from practicing law. Deters and then-prosecutor Mike Allen knew about Leis' illegal activities but did nothing about them. Deters and Allen never snitched on Leis, or indicted him, or had the court appoint a special prosecutor on him. NO ONE ON TRACIE'S LEGAL TEAM has collected the records to prove this and used this and other events to establish illegal malicious prosecution.

5. Numerous legal minds believe there are federal Constitutional issues at play. The 100,000 voters have a right to have their votes counted and their chosen person serve. No action has been taken to get this matter before the federal court.... Also, Judge Hunter has a 15th Amendment right to serve in elective office without being removed on the basis of her race, which is what seems to have happened. But this hasn't been established inside a courtroom. The lawyers representing the Black community are failing.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Legal Malpractice from David Singleton and Clyde Bennett II?

Since David Singleton and Clyde Bennett II ignored my warnings, I spent yesterday drafting a letter to David's financial backers and Clyde's malpractice insurer.

This isn't personal, it's professional and political.

The issues are: has their failure to file an Affidavit of Disqualification with the Clerk of the Ohio Supreme Court to get either Judges Norbert Nadel (known on this blog as The Devil In A Blue Dress) or Patrick Dinkelacker (rhymes with Slacker) off Judge Tracie Hunter's case possible legal malpractice? 

The secondary issue is: has their inaction, insistence on handling Hunter's case like a typical dope boy's case (delay, wait until last minute to file documents, etc.), and overall determination to remain on Colored People Time (CPT), caused Hunter to be ineligible for re-election in 2016 (unable to meet filing deadlines, start raising money, etc.), thus harming her, the Democratic Party, the Black community, and over 100,000 people who voted for her? Are they outmatched, ill-prepared, and politically incompetent?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Flashback: Judge Dinkelacker At Prostitute Party

Was Dinkelacker Drunk When He Killed A Woman?

Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Patrick Dinkelacker (rhymes with slacker and cracker) was at a party with strippers and prostitutes. Dinkelacker's buddies got mad at the service provided by the hookers, tried to cheat them out of their money, called the cops and had them arrested.

Again, DINKELACKER WAS AT THE PARTY. These guys were his friends. Instead of randomly assigning the case to a judge who wasn't at the party, Dinkelacker took the case and tried to fix it. Of course, Dinkelacker found one of the women guilty of doing what his buddies claimed. BUT the higher court reviewed the evidence and found her INNOCENT.

The court in Cincinnati/Hamilton County is corrupt. So is the Ohio Supreme Court. They highest court in the state never disciplined Dinkelacker.

Thankfully, one of the women fought back. She made a record. That's how we know what Dinkelacker did. (The Cincinnati Black Blog is working to upload the original court documents.)

Below is a story from the pro-Dinkelacker Cincinnati Enquirer. As you read the story ask yourself how does a guy who attends prostitute parties, allegedly drives while drunk (uses his position to avoid criminal charges), and fixes cases for his buddies, have the character necessary to sit on the bench?

The judge deciding the fate of a Sharonville exotic dancer charged with promoting prostitution refused to remove himself from the case Monday.
Melissa Kelly's attorneys filed a motion Friday asking Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker to recuse himself because he attended a 1995 bachelor's party in which Ms. Kelly's dancers performed.

Judge Dinkelacker left the party before the dancers appeared. Both sides were to argue the case this morning, but the judge announced his decision late Monday.

Ms. Kelly's next court appearance is Dec. 4, when Judge Dinkelacker is expected to dismiss the case or decide her guilt.

In the four-page decision released Monday, the judge argued that he made no prejudiced decisions or orders during the case.

''All courts must abide by their oath to serve justice even when untrue and fundamentally unfair innuendoes are cast toward a judge. Courts, to show the citizens of their jurisdictions that justice will prevail even when such accusations are rendered, must not take the easy way out and step aside,'' Judge Dinkelacker wrote. '' . . . There is not one scintilla of evidence or proof that this court made any ruling as 'an effort to protect his friends.' ''

Ms. Kelly said the ruling ''makes me sick.''
''This is probably the biggest case of cover-up that I could ever imagine,'' she said, saying the judge's friendship with her past and present customers demands he step down. 

''They're railroading me. They all stick together.''Ms. Kelly, 28, who owns Brittany's Playmates in Sharonville, was indicted in June on three counts of promoting prostitution after police say two dancers engaged in oral sex at a party arranged by undercover officers.

Ms. Kelly's attorneys asked that her case be dismissed after the two dancers were found not guilty.

The Cincinnati Black Blog will never forget what Dinkelacker did!!! We won't stop exposing this creep.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hunter Playing Games?

Dinkelacker The No Good Cracka!? No.
With a new criminal trial looming for Judge Tracie Hunter we have decided to take a different strategy. Not only will we serve as a counterbalance to the lazy, white, racist, local Cincinnati so-called mainstream media, we will also question the activities of Judge Hunter, her lawyers, and her supporters.

Today, we question why Judge Hunter hasn't filed an affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the supreme court. We wonder if her failure to do so signals she is playing games.

Ohio law outlines the process to have a Common Pleas Court judge removed from a case. Here's Ohio Revised Code 2701.03.
If a judge of the court of common pleas allegedly is interested in a proceeding pending before the court, allegedly is related to or has a bias or prejudice for or against a party to a proceeding pending before the court or a party's counsel, or allegedly otherwise is disqualified to preside in a proceeding pending before the court, any party to the proceeding or the party's counsel may file an affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the supreme court in accordance with division (B) of this section.
Notice what the law says. If you have a felony case and believe the judge has a bias or prejudice against you, or a bias or prejudice in favor of Dirty Joe Deters, or you believe the judge is disqualified to preside over your case, and they don't voluntarily withdraw, and you want them kicked off your case, you have to take specific actions. (Dirty Joe has a divorce case proceeding in Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court. The judges all declined to preside over the case.)

1. You must file something called an affidavit of disqualification. You don't file a motion to recuse. No matter what some of her supporters claim, JUDGE HUNTER HAS NOT FILED AN AFFIDAVIT OF DISQUALIFICATION. (There's no law that says you can't do both. You could file a motion to recuse and hope that an ethical judge reads it and voluntarily steps off the case. But if that doesn't happen and you are serious about wanting the judge off the case, you must follow the law and file the affidavit of disqualification.)

2. You have to file the affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the supreme court. The clerk of the Ohio supreme court maintains a public website. A review of that website shows neither Judge Hunter nor any of her attorneys have filed an affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the supreme court. If Judge Hunter is serious in her belief that none of her colleagues on the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court are qualified to preside over her criminal trial and she truly wants them all to be removed from presiding over it, why hasn't she filed an affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the supreme court?

3. The person filing the affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the supreme court has to file it not less than 7 calendar days before the next hearing. Judge Hunter has a hearing tomorrow  (Wed Jan 21).

It's not too late. Maybe Judge Hunter plans to re-file her motion to recuse (the one Norbert Nadel denied without even holding a hearing on it), demand that Pat Dinkelacker hold an oral evidentiary hearing, and use that hearing to expose some of what's happening in her case. Maybe she trusts that Dinkelacker will do the ethical thing, recuse himself, and rule that no one on the common pleas court can preside over the case. Then, if Dinkelacker doesn't do the right thing, or tries to play them by saying they'll have to wait on his decision, she will file with the supreme court. 

We don't know Judge Hunter's plan or strategy. We do know Judge Hunter should be straightforward and direct with the Black community. Right now, it looks like she may be playing games.

[The Cincinnati Black Blog needs a catchy name for this guy Pat Dinkelacker...we've declined to use "Dinkelacker the no good Cracka" as suggested by one of our faithful readers because it's too long for our tastes and, well, it's a little racist,  plus we've got plenty to work with...remember, a Black woman was killed after being hit by two cars, one of which was driven by Dinkelacker, people say he was drunk, but he wasn't charged with a crime.]

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Want $1000?? Help Stop This BIG White Media Lie!

WANT TO EARN $1000???

Yesterday, Bishop Bobby Hilton said he is so tired of reading a certain lie in the white press he's considering giving $1000 to anyone who can provide proof that the lie is true.

Here's The Big Lie from Kimball Perry and The Cincinnati Enquirer:
Hunter ... was convicted Oct. 14 of having an unlawful interest in a public contract. She used her position as a judge to get documents, including medical and mental information, on a teen inmate punched in the face by Steven Hunter, a juvenile court worker and Hunter's brother. He later gave those documents, which are protected by federal and state privacy laws, to his attorney to help him in the disciplinary process. 
We can all have our own opinions, we can't have our own facts. The Enquirer and Fox 19 have been the main propagandists who've spread this lie far and wide.

- Where's the proof Judge Hunter used her position as a judge to get documents, including medical and mental information, on a teen inmate punched in the face by Stephen Hunter?

- What evidence was produced at trial showing Judge Hunter gave her brother a teen's medical and mental information?

- Where's the proof that Stephen received the teen's medical and mental info from Judge Hunter and later gave those documents, which are protected by federal and state privacy laws, to his attorney Janaya Trotter Bratton to help him in his disciplinary proceeding?

I hope Bishop Bobby puts the money up and shuts down the liars JODY BARR and KIMBALL PERRY.

I also hope his reward will cause some people to lose their jobs.

Help end the lies spread by Gannett, The Enquirer,  Carolyn Washburn,  Kimball Perry, and Fox 19.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ohio Supreme Court Ignores Cincy JURY FIXING!!!

Maureen O'Connor / Walter Novak

Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor oversees one of the most corrupt court systems in America! The Cincinnati Black Blog has learned she's looking the other way as juries are fixed in Hamilton County/Cincinnati by the son of a prominent Republican attorney and state senator, who donates large sums of money to Republican judges and the county prosecutor. Jury Fixing may require thousands of jury decisions to be reviewed and cost county taxpayers millions of dollars.

During the sham criminal trial of Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter in Judge Norbert Nadel's Kangaroo KKKourtroom, assistant prosecutor KKKatie PRIDEmore testified under oath that O'Connor (or one of her flunkies) ordered her to watch Judge Hunter. The trial was used to nullify the votes of over 100,000 people and remove Judge Hunter from her duly elected office.

The Republican judges in Hamilton County are running a blatantly illegal jury fixing scheme. Ohio law requires the judges of the Court of Common Pleas to appoint TWO "commissioners of jurors" or Jury Commissioners. They can't be of the same political party -- meaning one has to be a Democrat. They have specific powers and duties related to the selection, drawing, and summoning of jurors. THE JURY COMMISSIONERS ARE THE ONLY ONES AUTHORIZED BY LAW TO SELECT PEOPLE FOR GRAND OR TRIAL JURIES.

In Cincinnati, the judges have ignored the law. Instead of appointing two jury commissioners they've appointed one jury coordinator. There is no such thing in the law as a jury coordinator but that hasn't stop the judges from creating one. (And they claimed Judge Hunter disobeyed the law. She never did anything like this!)

Powerful Republican State Senator Bill Seitz's son, Bradley Seitz is the jury coordinator. Brad has a chat with every prospective juror. He put Sandra L. Kirkham on Judge Hunter's jury. Records show Sandy KKKirkham gave money to Sen. Seitz. Brad doesn't just put his father's campaign contributors on juries, our review of court records shows he routinely stacks juries with Republicans, mostly from the suburbs and townships.

Judge Nadel (known on this blog as The Devil In A Blue Dress) and the other common pleas court judges don't give a damn about the law. They do whatever they want. They don't think anyone can stop them. They've been right thus far. The county prosecutor, Dirty Deadbeat Dad Deters (legal name Joseph Theodore Deters), has done nothing to force the judges to comply with the law. That's probably because he's a Republican and likes having fixed juries packed with Republicans.

Maureen O'Connor and the Ohio Supreme Court have ultimate oversight over the common pleas court but they haven't addressed the jury fixing problem in Hamilton County. To the contrary, Maureen has politicized the courts and used them as a weapon to defeat Democrats the Republicans can't beat at the ballot box. Not only did Maureen personally participate in the railroading of Judge Hunter, since she's been on the court they've executed a War on Women judges whose casualties include former Franklin County/Columbus Domestic Relations Judge Carole H. Squire and Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes.

The Cincinnati Black Blog would be shocked if defense attorneys who've had jury trials in Hamilton County didn't demand new trials for their clients. Such a review might cost the county millions. (We don't expect the worthless Public Pretender, Ray Faller, to seek justice for poor people who were represented by his office and cheated by the judges and "jury coordinator".

Sadly, Democrats in the county -- including party chairman Tim Burke, County Commissioner Todd Portune, and Democratic judges on the common pleas court -- have been silent on this issue of importance to Black people and justice-loving white people. The Cincinnati Black Blog reached out to party big shots for comment. We are still waiting for their responses.