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Analysis Judge Tracie Hunter Trial Day 6

An Angry Red-Faced Red-Headed Kathy PRIDEmore
Here's The Cincinnati Black Blog's analysis of Day 6 in Judge Tracie Hunter's trial.

The only witness was Katherine Elizabeth Pridemore, a white female Hamilton County prosecuting attoney. She testified that she LIVED & BREATHED Judge Hunter. She was obsessed!!! She claims someone at the Ohio Supreme Court told her to WATCH Judge Hunter. She kept a 500+ page dossier on the judge. Just Nuts!!!

PRIDEmore's testimony demonstrated for the jury exactly what Judge Hunter had to deal with -- a bunch of supposed professionals who took every opportunity to disrespect the elected judge. There's racism at play here. PRIDEmore was a classic example of a white person in an underling position who thinks they should be in charge. On the stand, she yelled and screamed at Clyde Bennett. She pointed and wagged her finger at Judge Hunter. She refused to refer to Tracie Hunter as "judge" and instead referred to her as "your client" and "her" and "she". PRIDEmore came off as a bubblehead. She didn't know the court rules, or the process, but still believed that she was superior to Judge Hunter. It's White Supremacy.

It's well known that the whites started claiming Judge Hunter was incompetent and literally crazy. They convinced themselves of this even as Judge Hunter kicked their asses all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and had several of their frivolous lawsuits decided in her favor by the Ohio Supreme Court. Indeed, the only cases she lost were those where Dirty Joe Deters and his peons said Judge Hunter couldn't represent herself or hire her own legal representative, then they threw the cases. In one case, they didn't file an answer.

Instead of PRIDEmore and her gang respecting the judge and trying to work with her, they refused to follow Judge Hunter's orders. They thought they could make her bow down and let them run her court. (This happens in a lot of courtrooms.) The Cincinnati Black Blog has video of a prosecutor wilding out in Judge Hunter's courtroom. Judge Hunter had to find some of these morons in contempt of court.

From Ms. Vanessa Jones Enoch @venoch:
  • Defense Attorney Bennett said the media is taking pictures and broadcasting him and Judge Hunter's notes.
  • Juror #2 (whilte female) called in sick. Judge Nadel excused her from the rest of the trial.
  • Prosecutions next witness called. Katherine (Katy Criden) is Chief/Team Leader Prosecutors Office.
  • Ohio Supreme Court directed Criden to watch Judge Hunter's docket.
  • Correction...witnesses name is Catherine Pridemore. She works for Joe Deters office. In office for two months and was investigating Hunter.
  • Pridemore said Sup. Ct. had her watching Hunter. If complaint is filed parties are notified. If no complaint filed, why were they watching
  • This witness is very hostile and stand-offish. Pridemore was only working for prosecutor for 2 months, yet she was a proclaimed expert.
  • Pridemore says Judge Hunter was trying to stop her from appealing, then admits that they appealed all the way to the Supreme Ct.
  • Referring to Judge Hunter as "Your Client and her". Obviously very hostile for someone new to her role. Very disrespectful to Judge Hunter
  • Pridemore is arguing with Attorney Bennett and refuses to answer the questions. She is very nasty and sarcastic towards attorney Bennett.
  • Streaming live. Katy Pridemore, a hostile witness testifying. She has proven Prosecutors office personal vendetta.
  • Prosecutor Crosswell is attempting to enter new evidence that is hearsay.
From Nathaniel Livingston, Jr. @NathanielLiving:
  • - Jealous white woman from Deters office going crazy on stand.
  • Catherine: doesn't know the law or the rules. Clyde hands her the rulebook.
  • Deters put Catherine in charge of Juv Ct prosecutor's office.
  • Catherine acting completely unprofessional.
  • Catherine has no direct knowledge that Judge backdated any documents.
  • Catherine: backdating stopped us from appealing even though we actually did appeal.
  • - Birthers? Catherine Pridemore says she's not political and doesn't know if Judge Hunter won election?
  • - Catheine Pridemore isn't into politics. Would someone find out how much $$$ she gave to John William.
  • Catherine Pridemore says she has a 500+ page doc re Judge. Why wasn't it turned over to defense in discovery?
  • Catherine Pridemore coming off as a BIG DUMMY who doesn't know how Juv Ct work & was sent by Deters to watch Judge Hunter.
  • Catherine Pridemore Real Arrogant. Seems to think because she's a white lawyer she's on equal level with elected judge.
  • Pridemore: 2 Judges are in charge of Juv Ct. What about the independently elected Clerk of Courts? Court Administrator?
  • Catherine Pridemore: Deters' chief prosecutor in Juv Ct didn't look at any of John Williams' case to see if they were backdated? #TracieHunter
From Mrs. Cheri Franklin-Scott:
  • In court for the and the side line conversations from the mainstream media is hilarious lol. The obsession is real
  • Alternate Juror #2 called in sick today all other alternate jurors will move up a seat.
  • Bennett: Just reported that Mainstream Media is taking pictures of their notes and making them public. Nadel: That better not happen will be held in contempt if it happens again. Must be those high cameras
  • Catherine Cridden is up testifying now. She work for the Prosecutors Office.
  • Catherine Crittenden is the correct spelling of the witness testifying. She is giving a overview of her qualifications and job duties.
  • Croswell: is asking witness about a juvenile case regarding a minor being bind over to adult court. Bennett objected to the question because he could not see the relevance to case. Judge Nadel allowed the witness to continue with her answer.
  • Testifying about 527b where police evidence was not turned over as evidence.
  • On July 23rd, the state was ready to do a bind over on the juvenile court but did not because the state did not turn over the information for evidence from 527B
  • 527B is the police report in Juvenile Cases.
  • Croswell: is asking Crittenden about her checking the journal. She stated that she continued to check the journal.
  • Croswell gives Crittenden an exhibit it is a journal for a Juvenile case. She stated that she printed the journal because Judge Hunter had not filed the case yet.
  • Crittenden is explaining the wrap sheet for juvenile case and all of the journal entries regarding that particular case.
  • It appears as if the journal shows a continuing of the particular juvenile case. She does not have a July 23rd entry.
  • Crittenden: Journals are supposed to tell what is happening with a case with dates.
  • Croswell: You have been watching court cases when you arrived to the Juvenile Court. Did Judge Hunter know that you were watching her docket
  • Crittenden: No she was not aware
  • Crittenden: She stated that she noted there was an entry on the docket for July 23rd. She was not able to print it on August 22nd.
  • Crittenden is looking at another document about where she file a motion for audio visual evidence.
  • Crittenden: stated that she thought she was going to loose her appeal because she did not have the July 23rd entry.
  • Crittenden is now talking about another juvenile case regarding backdating of the case.
  • Sorry for the error could not hear the witness last name so will refer to her as Catherine
  • Croswell is asking Catherine is she was personally misled by Judge Hunter. She stated yes.
  • The court is breaking for a small break. Juror has to go to the bathroom
  • The Witness is Catherine Pridemore not Crittenden
  • Clyde Bennett will cross-examine the witness when the court returns from a 10 minute recess
  • Bennett is now cross-examining the witness.
  • Bennett: asked if Catherine was aware of backdating of cases before Judge Hunter arrived. She was not aware of that.
  • Catherine states: It was a particular case that led her to review the backdate of cases. She stated that the Ohio Supreme Court instructed her to monitor certain cases.
  • Bennett: is entering a document
  • Catherine: a three page document signed by Judge Hunter for July 2013. He is asking if she know if Exhibit OO was back dated. Catherine: No
  • Bennett: Are you sure they gave you the document on that date?
  • He is asking Catherine do you know who backdated the case dated July 2nd or July 3rd. Catherine stated she did not know.
  • Bennett: you do not know who is recording that information or who is transcribing the entry do you? Catherine: No Bennett: so you don't know if Judge Hunter signed that document do you.
  • Bennett: If I told you Lisa Miller backdated that document can you dispute that. Catherine: No and nor do I care.
  • Bennett: giving Catherine another document dated for Feb. 3rd, 2013. Bennett if I told you that Lisa Miller backdated the document for Feb 2nd can you dispute that. Catherine: No
  • Bennett: when you testified that you thought that your case was trampled due to the dates to appeal, I am asking you to testify about that.
  • Catherine is now reading a document that was created on a date after the document was created. Catherine stated that she does not know about the other documents entered into evidence but only the one for July 23rd. Bennett: asked if the software ProWare investigate.
  • Bennett: the creation of a judicial entry, someone has to listen to the case and then go into the system and report the case in the courtroom and enter it into the system. Catherine said yes she has seen this done before. Bennett: what happens if this is not done.
  • Catherine: stated that Judge Hunter liked to write her own opinions.
  • Catherine also stated that there is another court staff that enters that judicial entry. Bennett named two employees in Judge Hunter court room who could enter judicial entries.
  • Bennett: is asking Catherine how long Lisa Miller was working in the courts before working with Judge Hunter. Catherine: does not know.
  • Catherine: it appears that Lisa Miller could not or not allowed to type judicial entries so she can not attest to if she can type effective
  • Bennett: Judge Hunter does not have to give you or the defense judicial entries by law. It comes from the court staff.
  • Catherine arrived in June 2013 and only been there about a month when the issue with backdating came up.
  • Catherine was only in the position for a few weeks and still trying to learn the job duties of the court.
  • Bennett is now asking about the juvenile case that was a bind over and the issue with 527B. The state needed to turn over that info to Judge Hunter.
  • Judge Hunter requested that the info for the 527B.
  • Bennett shows Catherine exhibit that shows that the Juvenile Court must receive the 527B for in camera inspection they ruled in her favor
  • Bennett: is talking about Catherine's request for an appeal when she was in Judge Hunter's Court. She was allowed to appeal.
  • Bennett stated that the 527B was being argued before the July 23rd case, it was argued in the July 3 case as well. Bennett gives Catherine exhibit TT regarding the July 2nd appealed two weeks earlier. Bennett: isn't it true you file a notice of appeal on July 5th. 527B
  • Bennett: when you filed an appeal it was regarding the 527B
  • Bennett had Catherine another exhibit. He ask what does that appear to be.
  • It is a notice of appeal regarding the July 23rd case and it was appealed. Catherine: yes we filed a notice of appeal but we did it incorrectly.
  • Bennett hands Croswell another exhibit to look over. The prosecution is reading it now.
  • Bennett: gives Catherine a 3rd notice of appeal. The case was appealed 3 times
  • Bennett: your appeal was granted. Catherine explains how the court of appeals may throw out an appeal but that did not happen in this case.
  • Exhibit WW an appeal filed on July 5th regarding the 527B
  • Exhibit XX is now entered and given to Catherine.
  • Catherine states that it goes with another document previously entered. It is dated for July 30th
  • Catherine keeps pointing a Judge Hunter and referring to her as she.
  • Catherine stated that the Ohio Supreme Court rule said that if there is an issue with the discovery evidence then it should be turned over the judge.
  • Bennett: is it true that Judge Hunter does not play a role in the judicial entry. Catherine: I do not know
  • Bennett: I asked about the preparation or creation can you dispute it. Catherine: I don't know.
  • Catherine just told Bennett that I am answering your question you just don't like my answer. She keeps pointing her finger at Judge Hunter.
  • Bennett: Do you know if Judge Hunter, Lisa Miller, or Karen will make the date of the judicial entry that is consistent with the entry.
  • Bennett is asking if there is a policy. Catherine does not know if the date of entry comes from procedures. Catherine: stated she did not know.
  • The court transcriptionist just entered into the conversation stating that he can not record the both of them at the same time.
  • Bennett: there is no attempt to mislead anyone if you are doing your job just as Lisa Miller was doing.
  • Croswell objected and Nadel ruled that it was repetitive.
  • Bennett now asking about the journal of query.
  • Catherine: aggressively stated that Judge Hunter trampled on the law and ignored the law in addition pointing her finger
  • Bennett: give me one fact that Judge Hunter backdated the case.
  • Bennett: Did the software Proware say Judge Hunter backdated the case. She signed it.
  • Catherine: I cannot say who backdated the case. Catherine states: Mr. Bennett I have lived and breathe your client.
  • Bennett: can you say if it was Lisa Miller back dated the case can you state it was her. Catherine: no
  • Bennett: is now giving Catherine the Juvenile Rules of Procedure to examine
  • Bennett: Is the court require to act on a rejection during a certain timeframe. Catherine is making a claim that Judge Hunter backdated the court case. Bennett stated, you keep saying that Judge Hunter backdated the case do you know that for a fact?
  • Bennett: is it true that you cannot backdate an objection position. Catherine: she stated she didn't know.
  • We are back from lunch break Bennett is containing his cross-examination of Catherine Pridemore
  • Private attorney's do not have access to the system journal entries.
  • Catherine has practice law for at least 10 to 15 years.
  • Bennett: What is the purpose of the Clerk of Courts?
  • The Clerk of Courts send notice electronically regarding court dates. It serves to give notice.
  • Catherine keep reiterating that she is not trying to be difficult. She does not know how a private a denfense attorney receive cases
  • Bennett: How do private defense attorney's receive information for JCMS System. Catherine stated that she did not know.
  • Croswell is now redirecting.
  • Croswell: Who is in charge of Juvenile Court Catherine: The two Juvenile Judges Judge William and Judge Hunter
  • Croswell: How did your Juvenile court case finally get your appeal.
  • Croswell: is asking about a juvenile case states exhibit that is a case from May 28th from Judge Hunter's Courtroom.
  • Croswell is presenting exhibits (Judicial Entry) signed by Judge Hunter.
  • Croswell is not clear in his line of questioning.
  • Croswell presenting an exhibit to Catherine that Bennett has not seen. Bennett objected. Judge Nadel is looking at it now.
  • It appears to be an email. Judge Nadel ruled that the email is hearsay.
  • Bennett is re-cross examining Catherine.
  • Bennett: is asking Catherine did she do an investigation of all of the 100's of cases and backdating. Catherine stated: No
  • Catherine can not refute or confirm if other cases beside the two she investigated were backdated.
  • Catherine is going on a rant and state she has binder full of information.
  • Bennett: This is what I want you to do is not give me your hate and contempt for Judge Hunter but give me the facts that it was Judge Hunter
  • Catherine still could not give Bennett any facts regarding the issue.
  • Bennett: Who created the Judicial entry? Catherine: keeps stating that Judge Hunter signature was on it.
  • Bennett: What if I told you that Lisa Miller did it. The prosecution objected to the question.
  • Bennett: you don't know if Judge Hunter finished her opinion and gave it to Lisa and Lisa put in the journal entry can you confirm or deny
  • The State of Ohio is calling its next witness.
  • Bennett is putting something on the record regarding evidence that he was not privy to. Croswell confirm that he did not turn over those
  • Exhibits to Bennett. He is asking why Croswell can go over to Juvenile Court to get documents. Bennett is not able to do that.
  • Judge Nadel stated that he will sign the order giving him the right to obtain documents from the Juvenile Court.

Judge Hunter: Norbert Nadel Must Step Down!

Meryln "The Magician" Shiverdecker and Robert Scott Croswell III
Yesterday, Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter filed a "Motion To Recuse". She seeks to have Norbert Nadel follow the law as decided by the Ohio Supreme Court and voluntarily recuse himself from presiding over her trial.

The white media, led by Kimball Perry, a racist white writer for The Cincinnati Enquirer, is making fun of this motion. They harp on the fact that Judge Hunter, who is a licensed attorney and is acting as her own co-counsel, filed the motion herself instead of having her co-counsel, Clyde Bennett, file it. They also pretend there's no merit to the motion. We disagree BUT WE ARE CONCERNED.

Ohio Revised Code 2701.03 deals with the disqualification of Common Pleas Court judges. Here's what it says:
If a judge of the court of common pleas allegedly is ... related to or has a bias or prejudice for or against a party to a proceeding pending before the court or a party's counsel, or allegedly is disqualified to preside in a proceeding pending before the court, any party to the proceeding or the party's counsel may file an affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the supreme court in accordance with division (B) of this section. (source)

Judge Hunter is a party to the proceeding. Norbert is a judge of the court of common pleas. Judge Hunter believes he has a bias for the prosecution and a prejudice against her.  She also believes he is disqualified to preside in the proceedings for other reasons that are discussed below. Therefore, Judge Hunter may file an affidavit of disqualification.


The Cincinnati Black Blog is concerned that Judge Hunter didn't file an affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the Ohio Supreme Court (at least not that we know of). Instead, she filed a motion asking Norbert to do the right thing. Now, if Norbert were fair, he would've reviewed the motion, researched the law cited, and followed the law. Norbert isn't fair. When, or if, Judge Hunter files an affidavit of disqualification with the clerk of the Ohio Supreme Court, we'll let you know.

[Note: An affidavit of disqualification must be filed at least 7 calendar days before the next hearing. However, I'm sure Judge Hunter, her legal team, and concerned attorneys/paralegals can find numerous cases where that deadline couldn't be met and the party was allowed to have a judge removed. In Judge Hunter's case, because the prosecution held onto discovery until the last minute she had no way of knowing who she'd have to subpoena as witnesses until less than 7 days before trial started.]


Judge Hunter's motion provides that Norbert should disqualify himself for the following reasons.

  1. Other sitting and retired Hamilton County judges are going to be called as witnesses. These judges include: Leslie Ghiz (known on this blog as "Ghizzy Lizzy"), Big Mama Sylvia Hendon (mother-in-law of Joseph T. Deters aka "Dirty Joe" Deters), Penelope Cunningham (wife of 700WLW's Willie Cunningham), Patrick Dinkelacker, Thomas Lipps, and Karla Grady.
  2. Family members of sitting judges are going to be called as witnesses.
  3. Norbert has shown racial bias in the selection of jurors.
  4. Norbert has allowed a WCPO employee to remain on the jury.
  5. Norbert hasn't enforced a separation of witnesses or done anything to restrict material witnesses from watching the proceedings.


Judge Hunter doesn't have a reputation for being an aggressive trial attorney. She is, however, widely regarded as an excellent legal researcher and writer.

Here's the law on points one and two according to her motion.
The Ohio Supreme Court (mistake omitted) has repeatedly held that a sitting judge should not preside in a case involving another judge of the same court. In re Disqualification of Calabrese, 74 Ohio St.3d 1233 (further citation omitted), Chief Justice Moyer held that a Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge could not hear a case involving a Cuyahoga Municipal Court Judge. In re Disqualification of McMonagle, 74 Ohio St.3d 1226 (further citation omitted), Chief Justice Moyer again disqualified a Cuyahoga Common Pleas judge from hearing a case because a sitting judge could not preside over a case where a former judge and a sitting judge would likely be called as witnesses. This rule has even been extended to disqualifying judges from hearing cases involving family members of sitting judges. In re Disqualification of Nugent, 47 Ohio St.3d 601 (further citation omitted); In re Disqualification of Nadel, 47 Ohio St.3d 604 (further citation omitted). Judge Sylvia Hendon is the mother-in-law of complainant Joseph Deters. Both are expected to testify. 
Seems pretty clear cut to us.

One of the knocks on Judge Hunter is she doesn't follow the law and doesn't follow orders from higher courts. Well, if Judge Hunter's case law is accurate, the Ohio Supreme Court has made it abundantly clear (even in one case involving Norbert Nadel) that Norbert cannot preside over Judge Hunter's trial.

Here's the law on point three.
[The] court must disqualify itself because he has shown his bias by failing to follow the law as set forth in Kentucky v. Batson, 476 U.S. 79 (further citation omitted). During voir dire, the court repeatedly permitted the state to exclude African-American jurors based on race. The court also demonstrated bias by failing to excuse multiple Caucasian jurors who indicated they "were not sure" that they could disregard the extensive pre-trial media coverage in deciding the case.
The trial court's rulings and failure to eliminate any jurors for cause, except African-Americans, clearly violate the law and establish that he is biased and must recuse himself.
 Judge Hunter provides facts and argument to support points four and five.
The Judge additionally failed to excuse a juror employed by a major media outlet that sued Judge Hunter and excessively covered Judge Hunter. Extensive trial testimony regarding such lawsuit has been and shall continue to be provided by witnesses during trial.
The trial is being broadcast live globally without judicial restriction. Material witnesses expected to testify in this case have been allowed to watch the proceedings without restriction, advisement or admonishment. The jury has not been sequestered. 

We don't believe Judge Hunter hurt herself by filing the motion. Reminding Norbert of the law and asking him to voluntarily recuse himself rather than be forcibly removed by the Ohio Supreme Court could be seen as a professional courtesy. If she hasn't already done so, we trust that Judge Hunter will file an affidavit of disqualification with the Ohio Supreme Court. We would expect it to include sworn statements from the judge, her attorney, the appropriate person/people who can verify what's in the transcript from jury selection (which we are sure the defense has obtained), and even more law on all points.

Here's a link to Judge Hunter's Motion To Recuse.

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Analysis Judge Tracie Hunter Trial Day 5

For more than 10 years, The Cincinnati Black Blog has provided you, our faithful readers, with countless examples proving the white media in Cincinnati is biased and lazy. Since we first started providing original reporting on this blog, the white media has worsened.  Many, if not most, of the local "journalists" are in a clique. It's a nasty, incestuous culture that conspires together and decides what the truth is. Once decided, they peddle their version of truth to a gullible public.

Here's how it's working in the criminal trial of Judge Tracie Hunter. Powerful white Republican politicians (most of them sinful heathens) have crafted a story designed to de-legitimize and disenfranchise Judge Tracie. Who's involved in this conspiracy?

  • Joseph T. Deters (known on this blog as "Dirty Joe" Deters)
  • Judge Sylvia Hendon
  • Judge John Williams
  • Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou
  • Hamilton County Public Defender Ray Faller
  • Juvenile Court Administrator Curtis Kissinger
  • Clear Channel Radio - Cincinnati
  • WCPO
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Kimball Perry

Dozens of white people have taken reports filed by Kimball as The Gospel Truth.

If The Enquirer publishes it ... it' truth.

If Kimball tweets it ... it's true.

Nevermind that Kimball, The Enquirer, and WCPO have all made themselves part of the story by suing Judge Tracie, disrespecting her, and demanding she honor the status quo by ignoring court rules and letting them control her and her courtroom. They expect White Privilege.

So, since the trial started dozens of white people (and a few DNegros) have signed up to get Kimball's slanted view of events. It would be easy to dismiss them as a bunch of dummies, but doing so would miss a bigger point. Coverage of Judge Tracie demonstrates why the city is so divided. White people started a fight with Judge Tracie. Then they spent years calling her crazy, lying about her job performance, and trying to sabotage her. She fought back. Now they've got a feckless indictment and a kangaroo court proceeding. But white people don't know what's going on.  All they know is what they've been told by other white people.

The Cincinnati Black Blog is here to Tell The Truth. Our hope is this will bring people together. We have decided to provide the other side of the story.

For now, we intend to provide daily analysis of the trial.

I'll be personally covering the trial (I'm subpoenaed to testify as a witness too) just as soon as I can wrap up some business in Toledo and make it down to Cincinnati. Until then, I'll be re-publishing (for as long as I have their permission) first-hand reports from Vanessa Jones Enoch, Cheri Franklin-Scott, and Bishop Bobby Hilton. With help from staff, we'll be analyzing reports provided by the white press.

Prologue done. Let's do it.

From Mrs. Scott @chscott_77:

  • Faller testifying about 's request for an audit. Judge Hunter wrote a letter to Judge John Williams requesting an independent
  • believed that the audit would show that the majority of cases were being incorrectly reported to the Supreme Court
  • Constance Murdock acknowledge that Judge John Williams made errors on reports sent to the Ohio Supreme Court in an email to
  • The Ohio Supreme Court was concerned about the inaccurate monthly reports sent to them.
  • Faller is reading the email from regarding her staff and her working after hours to complete cases that were riddled with error
  • Croswell: How many complaints did you file against Judge Williams. Faller: None
  • Complaints were filed for Judge Hunter having 79 cases out of time. Judge John Williams had 103 cases out of time without complaints.
  • Hamilton County Juvenile Court had problems with backlog for at least seven years. Judge Hunter was not on the bench during this time.
  • Some of those cases were pending before Judge Hunter arrived on the bench and some of those cases were continued by Judges before her.
  • Judge Williams signed off on some of those cases that were continued.
  • How many times have Judge Nadel Sustained the Objections for the prosecution today? Yesterday he sustained them 9 times for the prosecution
  • The objections were overruled for the defense about 8 times with only 1 objections sustained
  • Bennett is now up for cross examination asking Faller about Prokids
  • Bennett asking Faller is he has ever been sued by the Prosecution office
  • Faller stated that it would be a conflict if the Prosecution Office represent and sue Judge Hunter at the same time.
  • Prosecutors Office was charged with suing Judge Hunter on behalf of the BOE and then charge with representing her when writs were file against her by and
  • Bennett: is talking about attorney client privileges
  • Bennett is now asking Faller about the terms of Judge Hunters Court issued credit card.
  • Bennett: You do not know if the juvenile sat in jail because of Judge Hunter.
  • Bennett: What happens when a juvenile if bound over to adult court?
  • Bennett: If you don't know what happens when a Juvenile is bound over to adult court why would you make that statement to the jury?
  • The statement appears to be Faller stating that Judge Hunter was at fault.
  • Bennett is not providing a timeline on backlog of cases. Many occurring 14 years before taking the bench.
  • One case transpired for 8 years and another case 3 or 4 years transpired before Judge Hunter took the bench
  • The Ohio Supreme Court acknowledge that Backlog of cases was a problem for the Juvenile court for years.
  • Judge Hunter did agree to meet with Faller. The letter does not talk about all the problems.
  • Faller understood the letter as wanting to talk about all the problems
  • Faller never told Judge Hunter about the cases he was talking about.
  • Faller is reading a letter from Judge Hunter dated for August 9th asking about the 13 cases that was sent however, Judge Hunter learned
  • Bennett: Show me the email where you respond back to Judge Hunter regarding the 13 cases. Faller: there is no email
  • Bennett: Why would you file a complaint when you did not notify Judge Hunter of the 13 cases.
  • udge Hunter email clearly asked for input on the 13 cases that was delayed. Faller said she did not seem interested enough. Bennett: she wrote a two page email asking about the 13 cases.
  • Bennett: if you file a lawsuit regarding the 13 cases would you want to explain the 13 cases with Judge Hunter before filing a lawsuit
  • Bennett: Faller did you impose a statue of limitation stating if you do not file on this particular date, you will be sued on this date.
  • Faller said he must admit that he never put the 13 cases in the email. Bennett: You never communicated to Judge Hunter about the 13 cases.
  • Faller is reading a document regarding decisions made by several entities
  • Faller: If I was wrong in my allegations then it should be responded to in court
  • Bennett: Lets say you became the Judge in May 2012, the case has been pending since 1998 would you want to know the totality of the case?
  • Faller: You should trust the judgement of the attorney
  • Judge Hunter responded to Fallers delay because she wanted to review the case in its entirety.
  • Faller: would want to know as the Hamilton County Defender what the case is a problem.
  • Bennett: gives Faller a document regarding the caseload per Judge.
  • #14,000 cases in Hamilton County Juvenile Court
  • Hamilton County Juvenile Court has one of the highest caseload in all Ohio counties
  • Bennett: No answers where filed in response of the writs filed against Judge Hunter. Faller: confirms this as a yes. Bennett: who represent Judge Hunter regarding the complaints filed against her. Faller is now answering the question regarding there was no answers in response to the complaints. Faller stated that he gave Judge Williams the same deadline and he responded to the request.
  • Bennett: Is it true that Judge Hunter requested a meeting with you to discuss the lawsuit issues. Faller states that it was other court issues that Judge Hunter wanted to discuss.
  • Bennett: How many Magistrates were helping Judge John Williams and Judge Tracie Hunter to decide to cases. Faller: does not know this info
  • Faller is reading cases where he filed complaints against Judge Hunter
  • Reading another case document that was file in 2003
  • Then 10 years later you filed a writ against Judge Hunter. The case lingered in the system for 10 years.
  • Faller: its not about how old the case is, its the issue before the Judge.
  • Bennett: Is it true that the case was in the court of appeals and that Judge Hunter did not have jurisdiction over the case.
  • Another complaint regarding a juvenile case where Judge Hunter had already made a decision. Faller: If we were wrong we were wrong.
  • Croswell up again
  • Croswell is now talking about the two attorneys who were charged with representing Judge Hunter but did not file an answer on behalf of Judge Hunter but charged the taxpayers at least $50,000
  • Bennett will cross examine Faller again!
  • Bennett asking Faller do he know when Judge Hunter was removed from the bench.
  • Faller excused by Judge Nadel
  • Court will resume tomorrow morning.

From Ms. Enoch @venoch:

  • Ray Fallor, Public Defender has been sued twice for discrimination.
  • Judges in Hamilton County have a caseload of 14500 per judge. More than any other courts in Ohio.
  • Judge Hunter was not afforded a Court Administrator as Judge Williams was afforded.
  • Public Defender only concerned about cases on appeal in Hunters office. Ignored cases nearing time not in her office. She was a new judge.
  • The witch hunt started early. Almost as soon as she took the bench.
  • Faller never filed any cases against Judge John Williams. Only filed against Judge Hunter, first black and democrat in courts 110 years.
  • As a Guardian Ad Litem and from employment with Pro Kids, Judge Hunter would have been sensitive to the needs of children and families.
  • Attorney Bennett caught Judge Hunters cold. Join me in blessing them both.
  • Yikes! The case that Judge Hunter was accused of having out of time was originally a bind over for which Judge Hunter had no jurisdiction.
  • The clock was ticking, but didn't cover cases on appeal. There is no timelines for cases on appeal. Judge Hunter ruled judiciously!
  • The cases they accused Judge Hunter of being out of time on was filed in 1998 and 2005. Judge Hunter took the bench in 2012. No harm caused.
  • This case is a travesty of justice! Faller said that it isn't humanly possible for someone to handle a caseload that large.
  • This was indeed a witch hunt! They were out to get from the beginning!
  • Attorney Bennett just presented evidence proving that Judge Hunter had over 14,000 cases.
  • Today, Judge Nadel refused a written motion to recuse himself from the case as several Judges will testify and he is her peer & cannot rule.
  • Per Faller: Judge Hunter was not informed of which cases were alleged out of time & the county was responsible for paying court filing fees.
  • Hamilton County Public Defenders Office engaged in tactics to keep Judge Hunter from responding. They sued her for cases that were ruled on.
  • Faller says Judge Hunter was polite. They still sued her and not Judge Williams.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Counter-Analysis of Week 1 in Judge Tracie Hunter Trial

Judge Nadel Lets Cincinnati Enquirer Writer Kimball Perry Run Wild
(Photo courtesy Black Press)

Is Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Norbert Nadel a homosexual? Does Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph T. Deters (aka "Dirty Joe" Deters) have pictures of Norbert wearing pink panties and high heels? Do they have even more damaging information on him? There's a reason Norbert acts like a puppet for Dirty Joe.


The love of money is the root of all evil.  The Evil Ones want control of the $30 Million Juvenile Court budget.  But, is there more to this fight than the love and control of millions of dollars?

Judge Tracie Marie Hunter is a servant of God. Is that why the devil's most powerful, sinful, racist, white minions in Hamilton County are attacking her? Homosexuality is a still a sin. You, our faithful readers, already know that Joe Deters HAS WALKED OUT ON HIS WIFE, Melissa Deters, and their family. We hear he couldn't stop breaking one of God's Big 10 COMMANDMENS, just like Michael K. Allen. Melissa's mom, Sylvia Hendon, is pissed.

If you wanted to railroad a Godly woman, wouldn't you send the most devilish people to handle the dirty work.


How did Kentucky resident and Cincinnati Enquirer writer Kimball Perry summarize the first week of Judge Hunter's trial?
The accused criminal has called the judge unfair and asked him to step down.
Accused criminal?! I'm sure The Enquirer, and their parent corporation Gannett, would claim there's no bias in this description. Now that he's indicted, I'm also sure you can find stories in USA Today or The Enquirer referring to Texas Gov. Rick Perry as the "accused criminal". No.

Before he was convicted, I'm sure The Enquirer referred to former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell as an accused criminal. No.

Well, Dirty Joe has been investigated by numerous grand juries. Surely there are stories referring to him as an accused criminal, right? No.

Well, what about the people in Deters' office who got indicted and convicted of crimes? You know, people like Matt Borges (the current  He was convicted of engaging in POLITICAL CORRUPTION while working for Deters and the Hamilton County Republican Party. We can find some Enquirer stories referring to him as an accused criminal or convicted criminal, can't we? We think our Google machine is broke!!! It sent us to The Cleveland Plain Dealer. (source)
In 2004, Borges, a longtime political operative, pleased GUILTY in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court to a misdemeanor count of UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A PUBLIC OFFICE for giving PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT to certain brokers who CONTRIBUTED TO REPUBLICAN OHIO TREASURER JOE DETERS' re-election campaign.
Our sources tell us Norbert has been contributing to Deters' re-election for years. Is that why they hand-picked Norbert to handle Judge Hunter's case? By paying off Deters, is that why everyone pretends that in ultra-conservative Hamilton County, the GOP doesn't know or care about Norbert's sinful lifestyle? (Norbert couldn't get a job as a federal law clerk or working for a federal law enforcement agency because he couldn't pass the background check. His secret lifestyle would make him subject to outing.)

The accused criminal has called the judge unfair and asked him to step down. Her lawyer has tried to put the county prosecutor figuratively on trial.
Forget about the past, even pre-trial, and look at Norbert's actions last week.

Our sources tell us Norbert kicked Black people off the jury for no reason but HE ALLOWED AT LEAST 4 WHITE PEOPLE TO REMAIN ON THE JURY EVEN AFTER THEY TOLD HIM THEY COULDN'T BE FAIR.

Our sources also tell us Norbert has a WHITES ONLY section of the courtroom.  The Black Press is forced to SIT IN THE BACK of the bus, uh, courtroom, while a white guy sits with Norbert's all-white staff.  (In the interest of full disclosure, Norbert reportedly claimed the reason he made exceptions for the white reporter is because he doesn't have a camera. The picture above shows Kimball -- the fat white guy wearing the white shirt -- sticking a camera inches away from a Black man's face. To her credit, Judge Tracie put an end to this sort of disorderly, disruptive, rude, and unprofessional conduct in her courtroom.)

When Kimball Perry writes that Judge Hunter called Norbert unfair, we think the evidence shows she is justified. He is unfair!!! She's supposed to speak the truth and shame the devil.


White people stick together. Kimball wrote:
Emotions continue to rise on both sides and it's likely to increase as Judge Tracie Hunter's trial enters its second week.
This boy, Kimball Perry, picked sides a long time ago. He's on the white side! That surprises no one. He pretends he's against Judge Tracie because she falsely accused another white guy at The Enquirer of doing something or other. The truth is he's a white racist. White people follow Kimball's every word and believe he tells the truth. He's their leader. We've seen him in action. We know what he's trying to do. He's trying to get white people angry. Then, if justice prevails and Judge Tracie is found NOT GUILTY, he wants to see something done to her. It's a variation on what white people have done to President Barack Obama--except Judge Tracie doesn't have Secret Service protection and she isn't always safe. They couldn't beat President Obama at the ballot box in 2008 or in 2012 (even after they "unskewed" the polls) so they set out to sue him, undermine him, and work against him. This is what they did to Judge Tracie --used the Board of Elections to keep her off the bench; use the county-funded public defender's office to sue her; used WCPO and The Enquirer to sue her; had the court administrator work against her.  At times, The Enquirer and other white media have led the attacks on Judge Tracie. At other times, they've followed Dirty Joe's orders. They want to put her in her place. The Devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Judge Tracie protected kids. They want the kids and now they want her for protecting them.

Leading up to the trial, Hunter and her attorney, Clyde Bennett II, repeatedly said she couldn't get a fair trial in Hamilton County becasue of pretrial publicity. It took less than two days for both sides to agree upon 12 jurors and six alternates to decide Hunter's fate.
Much of the biased pretrial publicity came from Kimball Perry and The Enquirer. Sure, 700WLW and the Clear Channel radio stations did their part to poison the atmosphere and taint the jury pool.  The white media worked hand-in-hand with Dirty Joe and the Hamilton County Republican Party's figurehead leader Alex Triantafilou (Dirty Joe runs the courthouse AND the GOP).  Our sources tell us Norbert kicked Black people off the jury if they listened to the city's only black talk radio station (1230am The Buzz) but allowed whites who listen to the white talk radio stations to remain. With so much negative pretrial publicity in the white media -- people called Judge Tracie every name in the book, attacked her character, accused her of incompetence -- why else, besides bias, would Norbert allow the white talk radio listeners to remain on the jury.

Kimball is lying when he claims both sides agreed upon the jury. If you weren't there, or you weren't following the trial, or you don't know how these things work, you would have no reason to doubt Kimball's words. Here's what really happened: Norbert worked with Dirty Joe to stack the jury with people predisposed to convict Judge Tracie. He has run a Kangaroo Court. Both sides did not agree on the jury. Norbert worked with Dirty Joe to pick a jury he believes will ignore the facts and evidence and convict.

Immediately before the jury was to start hearing the evidence, Hunter walked to a microphone and asked ... Norbert ... to step down as the judge presiding over her case, a practice usually carried out by the accused's attorney.
Sillyness! Even casual observers (not brainwashed people who only get their information from The Enquirer or right-wing hate radio) know that Judge Hunter is an attorney who is acting as her own co-counsel. So, it makes perfect sense for Judge Hunter to make the motion.

There's a process to have a Common Pleas Court judge recuse himself from a trial. The process involves filing a written motion. (It's been a while since I worked in a law firm, but if memory serves me correct I think there has to be a sworn affidavit.)  It is my understanding that such a written motion was previously filed. Norbert refused to step down when the motion was presented and advised Judge Tracie and her co-counsel to renew the motion if they saw him doing biased things or things that gave the appearance that he was doing biased things.  He refused to let someone unconnected to Dirty Joe handle the case. After watching Norbert show favoritism to whites and prejudice to Blacks during jury selection, it was important for someone on the defense team to renew the motion. Now, if Norbert's bias becomes an issue on appeal, the court can't claim the issue wasn't raised while the case was in pretrial and again while it was at the trial level. Judge Hunter's team put forward a written motion (we think) then followed up at the appropriate time with a new oral motion.

The rest of Kimball's story is more spin.

The Black Press is covering the trial. Black journalists are present in the courtroom. The Cincinnati Black Blog has offered to publish the other side of the story. This is desperately needed.